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2012-11-08 BBenn Radio • DNA


Start: 12:05:16
End: 13:07:25
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vicjorob, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon/morning Daviss

Daviss: Good afternoon to you Seventies!!

Seventies: Had your coffee yet??

Daviss: I will if you give me about 30 seconds :o

Seventies: My goodness.. its after 10! lol

Daviss: lol and???? so the answer is yes

Seventies: lol Did you see my FB status? lol

Daviss: did you see where my Ms friend broke one of her brickwalls Hello alt looking now at status seventies

alt: hello ladies, Seventies 'splain yo absence for yesterday!!!!!

Daviss: lol @ alt

alt: Seventies, I do hope you are all right, okay and all of that stuff.

Seventies: oh hey alt... lol

Daviss: are you trying to say alt that the one or two nerves you have left that seventies did not pull on it yesterday lol you know I have a bar of soap with her name on it

alt: yep, I was disappointed in not 'seeing' her yesterday.

Daviss: awwww no more hookey for you seventies and only limited MT'ing

Seventies: lol you know I am being thrown for a curve here at work.. lol

Daviss: heyyyy vicjorob!

alt: hopefully I can remember to listen to Bernic'e show tonite... the title sounds interesting and I have some of that 'stuff' in my tree. hello vicjorob

Daviss: yes, I thought of you alt when she announced the show

vicjorob: Hey Daviss! Long time. Pleasrue meeting you in Utah! Hi Art

Daviss: same here vicjorob!!

vicjorob: Alt-wgat is the title of Bernice's show tonight? Valencia!

Daviss: hello there vkn!

alt: Father's of Conscience.. bout inter-racial families/children in the antebellum period

vicjorob: Seventies - Hi. Didn't see you there.

alt: hello vkn, how be's ya today?

vicjorob: alt - Sounds like a great topic.

vkn: good afternoon vicjorob daviss alt seventies bees good alt

Seventies: okay I'm in convo with my boss and co-worker. brb

Daviss: ok seventies Well vicjorob, were you successful in Utah

vicjorob: Yes, I think so. Mind you I did not do any research but got to spend quality time with family.

vkn: vicjorob a great topic and sounds like extensive research and fits in with research alt is doing. The term of conscience is a great one

vicjorob: o met some great folks. Can't get any more successful than that.

Daviss: thats right you have family there....

vicjorob: vkn -- so true.

alt: right on vicjorob , the 'networking' and meeting new folks is usually the highlight of my Conference experiences.

vicjorob: Oh, almost forgot. Looks like I found someone in Chicago who may know one of the daughters of my grandmother's cousin. That was just from doing table talk

vkn: Wow and congrats

Daviss: oh really vicjorob, was that someone in the Chicago group?

Seventies: okay I'm back. hi vicjorob and vkn

vkn: heyyy seventies

vicjorob: Yes, the person from the Chicago contingent thinks that one of her sisters-in-law or cousins-in law may have been the daughter of Norma Potts Pryor who allegedly died when her children were young. If I can find this woman, I hopefully will be able to bring this branch into the family treee. Hey Selma!

Seventies: Family from Mississippi vicjorob

Daviss: Hello Selma!!

Selma: Good Thursday afternoon folks

vkn: Howdy Selma

alt: hello Ms Selma

Seventies: Hi Selma

vicjorob: Seventies - not sure what you are asking

Seventies: Is your family in Chicago originally from Mississippi? Hi Selma

vicjorob: Seventies Oh, no. The Potts were from Williamsburg area of Virginia, then one generation in Zanesville OH

Seventies: okay.

Selma: When did they leave Williamsburg area vicjorob?

vkn: vicjorob many apologies on behalf of the family search .org people that the filming we were trying to arrange of you and AYW did not get scheduled. We will continue the attempt

Seventies: reading back on the chat here... lol alt. If you must know, I was eating Thanksgiving lunch with my co-workers. Food? Chat? Food won out... lol

Selma: soon

alt: okay Seventies, thanks for the 'splaination LOL

vkn: Early thanxgiving means xmas soon

Seventies: Yes lots of schedule conflicts. We have to include our Director in all of our functions...

Selma: Xmas is tomorrow vkn....if you go in the stores thats all they are displaying

vicjorob: Selma - George Westover Potts b1857 (son of Ellen Westover Green, grandson of Mourning Westover) graduated Hampton in 1878, taught in Bear Quarter Norfolk, lived in Williamsburg in 1880, worked as US Commissioner of Revenue in Yorktown, and married Margarant Gant about 1884 in Zanesville.

vkn: I hear that selma

alt: Seventies, have you had your 'diversity' program?

Daviss: vkn can you help with this: see last paragraph in post

Seventies: yes. Did you see my pics on facebook?

Selma: Wow...interesting vicjorob

Seventies: nice vicjorob... any writeups in historical docs on him?

vicjorob: vkn - no worries. We had a bit of an equipment problem so next time. My sister taped it with her phone though.

alt: nope Seventies , can't recall seing any photos.

Seventies: ok I'll tag you in them.

Daviss: vkn I will also send you the link via email

vkn: I just read it without getting kicked daviss

vicjorob: Seventies - He will be the subject of my next blog post. I have some historical documents (i.e., Hampton, marriage, mother's marriage certificate, census records) but nothing really significant. I hope to make him the subject of a more intensive search.

vkn: Will fix by posting to PPII

Seventies: okay vicjorob. Is everyone from VA to MA alright?

Selma: Any mention of him in the Southern Workman vic..think that is the title of the newpaper

vicjorob: Seventies - VA and the DC metro area is fine.

Seventies: okay good.

vicjorob: Selma -- haven't found it but then again I have not done a thorough search of the material from that area.

vkn: Daviss I will need a reminder from you

Seventies: Those who signed up for "Roots Revealed: Going Deeper with 23andMe" don't forget that it will be next Wednesday 14 November.

Daviss: I just sent you email vkn.... It was good to see the post. She and i were classmates both going for our BSBM I have often wondered where she was many moons ago

vkn: Relationship is the key daviss

Daviss: Happy that her wall tumbled and she gave many kudos to AfriGeneas

vkn: Seventies can you post to calendar or is it a preregistration

Seventies: It was a pre-reg. AAGHS Northern CA is sponsoring.. But I will add a reminder.

alt: Selma, how is ProfDru doing? haven't seen/heard much from her lately.

Seventies: I'm not sure if the course is filled yet.

vicjorob: alt - I have gotten my results for mtDNA from both 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA, as well as my authosomal.

Seventies: I tried to invite some of my matches from 23andme and well I can't even e-mail the people.. lol

Selma: She is Ok..spoke with her a couple of days ago..really busy at work

Daviss: I do believe that I posted to Calendar already vkn

vicjorob: I've testing my father for his mtDNA and yDNA, as well as my mother's brother to get that line.

Seventies: vkn its already on the calendar

alt: wonderful vicjorob.... notice any matches that show up on both?

vkn: Selma and Alt I think ProfDru is presenting in the Atlanta area this weekend at the Holly Hansen event in Gwinnett County

Seventies: Daviss I see you're on top of the calendar.. :)

alt: okay Selma, please tell her she has been on my mind when you get a chance.

Selma: Yes that oo Yes that too vkn

vkn: Thankee Seventies & Daviss

vicjorob: I have hardly any matches from my mtDNA. I have a bunch for the autosomal but no real clues. However, I ran into someone at the SLC summit who may be related many generations back.

alt: good work on expanding your family with DNA testing vicjorob

Seventies: Well my grandfather had a 3rd cousin match on 23 and me from VA and NC...

vicjorob: THe Dutch ancestry of my maternal grandfather was a bit of a surprise as his father was supposed to be from India. It adds credence to the Dutchmen in India.

Seventies: The family is from Mississipppi via Virginia..

vicjorob: Seventies - that is so cool. Did they get a chance to meet?

alt: that's true for me too vicjorob, most of my matches on both are beyond my genealogical paper trail. 4th, 5th cousins etc.

Seventies: No..

vicjorob: alt - 4th cousins I can get but heaven help trying to find the ancestors of my 3rd great grandparents. I meant to say connections to my 3rd and 4th great grandparents

Seventies: I think my most surprising match was Tunisian/North African. I suppose that the person who matched me the closest was a Tunisian woman who lived in France, who sent me the nastiest message.

vicjorob: Seventies -- not nice at all!

Seventies: Yes she told me that North Africans are Arab and not Black... I was taken aback...

Daviss: seventies where was this match done?

Seventies: Good thing I know the history of Africa... I just laughed it off. It was with 23andme Daviss.

vicjorob: alt - My closest matches for mtDNA seem to be from Cape Verde Islands and Guinea Bissau

Seventies: What ethnic group vicjorob?

alt: Seventies, some of those matches confuse me..... is it the person being tested was from that area or the person we match had ancestors from that area that MAY connect to our families?

vicjorob: Not sure. Still trying to figure out all the info I've gotten from 23andMe and FamilyTree and Ancestry. What I did find out is that my father's paternal line shows no white father along the y-chromosome. He tested as E1b1a, the most common haplogroup for African-American men. I haven't told him yet.

alt: fro me, I still don't have any specific location for my african ancestry, only a 'tribal/clan' statement of Mandenka.

vicjorob: Figured I would put it together as a Xmas gift

vkn: What a great gift vicjorob

vicjorob: alt - which provider gave that?

alt: FTDNA & Dr. McDonald thru his 3rd party testing of my 'raw data' on Gedmatch.

Seventies: Well in my experience, African Ancestry is still the best... my grandad tested in E1b1a8a and African Ancestry has him as Nuna Burkina Faso

vicjorob: alt Okay. Was this autosomal or yDNA? Seventies - ooh, so close to my father.

Seventies: Right.. my point exactly... he may be from Ghana...

alt: individual experience Seventies, if one has have non-African haplogroups African Ancestry can't help them.

vkn: Heavy stuff seventies from where I sit with my minimal knowledge of the dna biz

Seventies: Or descended from some ethnic group in Ghana.

vicjorob: Seventies - do you think they will take data from other providers, for a fee perhaps?

Seventies: African Ancestry does, but it costs nearly as much as taking their test.

alt: vicjorob, my results are from autosomal testing..... I can't get to Africa with Y or mt DNA testing.

Seventies: Right, African Ancestry is not for everyone, sad to say. I really wish it were.

Daviss: me too seventies because it leaves so many AA's out

Seventies: But does it really??

Daviss: in my family anyway lol

Seventies: You would think that the other DNA testing companies would have a great sampling of European genetics... but it seems as if they are trying to get it. 23andme included.

alt: yes Seventies , since they only do autosomal on African haplogroups.

Daviss: I have 3 cousins that it leaves out

Seventies: Well Daviss, if we're related YOU must be Nuna as well. So there goes your answer! Now quit spending money on those genetic tests! lol

vicjorob: Seventies - lol

Daviss: that is on one Theodore line lol he is E1b181a and so was my x hubby

alt: throwing gasoline on the fire LOL .... Seventies, what if you and Daviss are related thru your European ancestry LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol alt

Seventies: I don't have any European Ancestry.. lol

alt: you don't?????????

Seventies: None that I claim.. lol

vicjorob: alt She just hasn't found any yet

alt: your autosomal DNA is 100% African?

Seventies: Nope.. and that's the story I'm sticking to. lol

alt: I want the facts, not a story LOL

vicjorob: My autosomal is 52% African, 42% European, 6% Asian. Can't get any more mutt than that.

Seventies: My maternal grandfather has 14% European.

alt: your's in near mine vicjorob just reverse the Euro & African

Seventies: But I think part of that comes from the Tunisian (Jewish) ancestry. And having said that, I still think that Mtdna came from an African woman. Black African woman

alt: okay Seventies, I'll leave it alone

vicjorob: The European can easily be parts of Northern Africa/Middle East while some parts of African can be Middle East, etc. It is important that we verify how each testing company defines the boundaries.

Seventies: right...

alt: very true vicjorob .....

Daviss: 63 32 and 4 for me

vkn: Good point in relation to how testing companies define boundaries vicjorob

vicjorob: Lively discussion. Unfortunately have to go back to work. Gotta sign in on a webinar on Toxic contaminants. Take care all.

alt: take care vicjorob

vkn: u 2 take care vicjorob

Seventies: OK everyone. I have to get going too. Gotta figure out what's going on here at work.

Daviss: 66 29 and 5 for bro

Selma: OOps

Seventies: Daviss, alt, Selma and vkn. Be blessed and be good..

alt: take care Seventies .. thought you were the HNIC

Daviss: lol too late

Selma: Got on the phone forgot about the chat..

Daviss: heyyyyy!! lol

alt: yep, just trying to 'jab' Seventies one more time thanks Selma, we now know where we fit in your scheme of things

Daviss: I guess I will "try" and get a new blog up soon

Selma: So sorry..talking to my Mom..she was looking out at the snow in NJ.. LOL My Mom comes before everyone alt.. LOL

alt: enjoyed your last one Daviss bout your trip back home from Okla. you'd better keep it that way too Selma!!!!!!

Daviss: you made me think about reconstruction yesterday alt gonna do one I think about someone in my county one of the legislators I think if it will work

alt: Daviss, I remember the area around Tinker and Altus quite well from my working days...... love me some OK City, El Reno, Ponca City, etc.

vkn: Selma Mom is ALWAYS numbo one-o

Daviss: I had love jones in Altus lol

Selma: Folks I have to run.. Have a great day

alt: I was in between wives and single when I was going to OK so you know I LOVED that area.

Daviss: lol lol lol

vkn: See yall tonite in Blog Radio Good sharing alt

Daviss: alt do you have a picture of yourself in uniform

alt: thanks vkn .. hope to see you tonite

Daviss: ok vkn cya

vkn: Watch it alt lol

alt: nope, but I was a civilian then Daviss

Daviss: oh I see lol

alt: outa here Daviss.. I'll get the lights & chairs

Daviss: ok alt bye

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