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2012-10-06 IBGS • Mentor@ AfriGeneas


Start: 21:06:45
End: 22:34:52
Chatters: Daviss, sadonya, vkn

vkn: Checking this non discussion

Daviss: hello there sadonya

sadonya: hey there

Daviss: slow night lol how are you feeling

sadonya: did you read about the African forts good and you?

Daviss: I am trying to hang in for an ole lady

sadonya: lol we never admit we old

Daviss: I can't wait to head to Utah for the Summit. I am trying to figure out what and how to research

sadonya: I am trying to get the money together to go want to take an extra day

Daviss: I have found so few records for Harrison County texas online so I hope I can get something there

sadonya: that would be nice

Daviss: Did you register

sadonya: no not sure I can go not interested in the classes

Daviss: Oh ok..So your surgery is ok

sadonya: oh yeah will Afrigeneas have a table

Daviss: oh really...What do you like when you go..networking

sadonya: answering questions and helping others

Daviss: I hear ya Sadonya.. I am hoping to interact with some texans lol They don't have to be long and tall either lol

sadonya: I have a Texas mystery also is your computer windows or mac?

Daviss: I see so few people that research there..Mostly from Ala, Ms, Ark and Vas sorry Sadonya there were gunshots about 6 and my grand was outside

sadonya: are they all okay?

Daviss: yes, they were outside playing football I yelled to him and his lil friend to hit the dirt

sadonya: that is so fearful

Daviss: yep, not sure where it was coming from but it sure tees me off I am really p'od I had just told grand that he could stay out 5 more mins ok now what is your texas mystery?

sadonya: Jack Clark was born in 1861 not sure where found him in 1880 in Red River county, TX but not before then

Daviss: ok let me pull up my census is there another name for jack mabe james My Uncle Jack real name was james

sadonya: no Jack or Jackson a grandson and great grandson and gg grandson were named after him

Daviss: hmmmm do you know who his parents are

sadonya: no in 1880 he is living with a family not related to him the story is he is the son of a white doctor maybe Jake Clark but I do not have proof

Daviss: I see.

sadonya: I am thinking he may have been Jack Herman Clark since Jack Herman is the name passed down

Daviss: He is 19 in 1880

sadonya: yes

Daviss: so around 9 in 70

sadonya: I found one in 1870 that might be him but no proof Grimes Co

Daviss: he is living with Ed Hughes. i wonder if that is the same Ed Hughes that 3rd is related to Grimes is further down...My family is from grimes lol they were even in harrison county

sadonya: 3rd had folks from SC

Daviss: which is close

sadonya: oh okay

Daviss: yep and also in HC also I am looking at that Hailey hmmm

sadonya: which Hailey?

Daviss: the first one at the top I am looking for a Cuba Hailey that I only saw once and that was in 1900 There is a jackson clark in 1870 but he is 20 living in marion County there is a 3 yr old Carolyn living with him does that ring a bell

sadonya: no no Carolyns in the family

Daviss: what about a Samuel There is a Carolyn and Samuel living with a Clark family(white) in Red River 1870 Clarksville

sadonya: I just found Ed Hughes in 1870 in Harrison County so I guess the one in Grimes is correct they moved to Red River co

Daviss: looking for them now in Grimes I dont see them sadonya in Grimes

sadonya: William and Lorena Clark

Daviss: oh ok

sadonya: and a bunch of kids Jack is 10

Daviss: ok I see them now there are Clarks at the end of the next page I see John and Mary Grant (white) I better head out Sadonya... I will keep looking at this

sadonya: have a good one

Daviss: You too glad you are feeling better

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