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2012-08-20 Ohio Birth Index file 1908-1964


Start: 12:06:23
End: 13:00:12
Chatters: alt, bbenn, deannie, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt. How are you doing today?

alt: Hi Seventies

Seventies: You're here! :}

alt: I'm doing fine, how bout you?

Seventies: Doing good. Hi bbenn

alt: good day bbenn, how are ya?

bbenn: Hello alt and Seventies! Taking a quick break...

Seventies: I got a post on my FB page from the Natchez Democrat inviting me to check out their obituaries.. and that's what I'm doing! :}

alt: BIG news on for Ohio folks ... Ohio Birth Index 1908-1964 was just uploaded WOW!!!!!!!

bbenn: That's wonderful!

Seventies: OK I'll take a look at that alat! deannie, what is the name of your genealogy group there in Chicago?

deannie: How has everyone been

Seventies: Doing good? How are you and your baby girl? :}

alt: bbenn< so far found my mother, myself & 3 of my children...... the index doesn't seem to be complete as yet

bbenn: At least it is a beginning...

Seventies: hello vkn

bbenn: Hi vkn!

vkn: Howdy to all

bbenn: vkn, do you have access to Obits?

alt: yep, first time I've seen a birth index that is that recent online

vkn: Yes

alt: Hello vkn

bbenn: Looking for an obit for Benjmain H. Goode who died in Washington, DC in 1964 and is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

vkn: alt how large is the Art Thomas file. Would like to add to thumb drive

deannie: Afro American Genealogical and Historical of Society of Chicago (

alt: not sure vkn .... the file.... like the roots magic database or what you see on Tribal Pages?

Seventies: thanks deannie. There is someone on Afrigeneas who is hollering about getting a genealogical society in MS and they don't even live there. :?

bbenn: typo - Benjamin H. Goode

Seventies: I will refer this site and org to them. Thanks deannie

bbenn: lol lol

deannie: count me in....I have been looking for a society there myself...I just joined the Mississippi Historial Society but I am looking for a African American group. I have a cousin in Mississippi looking also

Seventies: Well remember that guy who wanted to start one in MS a few years back??

deannie: give me them my email also

vkn: bbenn will send after today still working FGS

Seventies: He posted here, but never responded back me or anyone else that I'm aware of.

bbenn: Anybody heading to Birmingham for the Federation meeting?

deannie: I have email....several people on the internet to no lock

bbenn: Thanks, vkn.

alt: vkn... the gedcom file for the Tribal Pages website is 8.12 mb.. is that what you need?

bbenn: Breaking news in Silver Spring..a big bus has just crashed into a house!

Seventies: oh wow...

deannie: Ditto

bbenn: You should see the bus is in the living room...

vkn: Yes can you send to with cc to vkn alt

Seventies: deannie, the focus of your group is mainly MS, right?

Selma: Good Monday afternoon alt, bbenn, deannie, seventies and vkn awful

vkn: howdy selma

alt: Hello Selma, how you doing?

Selma: I have CNN on..but no report so far

Seventies: brb

deannie: No. we do all states...but we has studing groups for different states. Shelia Smith is chairperson for the Mississippi Group

bbenn: only the bus driver was injured..might not be on CNN yet because it is local news. Sorry to deviate from the discussion.

vkn: alt the section you posted to the AfriGeneasTalking site is that from the same Gedcom or?

Selma: No FGS trip for me bbenn..only AAHGS in NC..then local stuff

bbenn: I am not heading to FGS because I have the Southern showcase in Edgefield in September and the Summit in October. I have to watch the dollars.

Selma: I understand that...thats why I am not going to Summit in SLC.. lol

alt: not sure vkn.... I'll have to take a look ..... what is your deadline for geting material to BJ?

vkn: My dollars are watching me and shaking head tsk tsk tsk

bbenn: lol lol lol lol

Seventies: Thanks deannie

vkn: Yesterday Alt lol

alt: Oops vkn LOL

vkn: Oops is right but we be Black lol

Seventies: Just FB'd and Tweeted the link deannie

bbenn: Hey, the new AAHGS President is on my show September 13.

Selma: Oh great...Tamela is great

vkn: Anyone using Genealogy Tools site for learning new techie stuff

bbenn: Love her topic - "From the Cradle to the Grave"

alt: I'm not sure you want the gedcom file ... it's just names, dates & locations .... no real "meat" to the information .... the Tribal Pages website gets you much more information, with photos & stories, etc.

deannie: I do not how to Tweeted by daughter was going to show this summer...but she did not come I will try to learn 8)

vkn: by Ben Sayer and he has videos for everything available

Seventies: :}

Selma: She stole that..I used that as the title to a presentation I have at an AAHGS conference..gonna get her...LOL

deannie: how=know

Seventies: LOL Selma

bbenn: Stole, old dear;)

Selma: Just joshing bbenn...

bbenn: lol lol

Seventies: vkn I hadn't used it. But right now I'm enjoying my trial of Adobe's CS6 suite.

deannie: I typed that messege so fast please forgive me

vkn: How to Add a Migration Map to a Book in Family Tree Maker

Seventies: I'm just trying to keep up with y'all lol It's coming fast and furious today!

Selma: You know it is too much for me seventies..

Seventies: lol

alt: the gen software packages of today are awesome with their 'bells & whistles'"

Seventies: true

alt: maps, timelines, where were your folks when certain events happened, etc.

Seventies: Today, I found the obit of a cousin's mother I met last summer.

bbenn: Love those obits!

Seventies: Also some family descendants. I'm hitting some paydirt lately.

deannie: Great

bbenn: Hubby had a box full of obits from his grandmother. Oldest person was born in 1856.

alt: tirbal pages just added family trees with photos as one of their features.. and the DNA sites are now allowing for gedcoms to be placed with your accounts ... fantastic things are happening

Seventies: I really love the Natchez Democrat Obit section. I also went to a funeral this weekend. Saw lots of people I hadn't seen in years.

vkn: The URL re migration map

Seventies: vkn, isn't there a similar feature on ancestry??

bbenn: I wonder if the map is available on MacFamilyTree?

vkn: Not sure seventies

Seventies: Perhaps they were testing out this feature online before putting it on the software.

alt: and many funeral homes are archiving the funeral programs of the customers... one funeral home here has 10 years worth of programs .... online.

vkn: I an using Reunion 10 bbenn

Seventies: alt I see a new funeral home in Natchez who is doing that.

vkn: You mean mac family tree out of Germany bbenn

alt: Seventies, if you have the full version of Roots Magic 5 check out their 'mapping & migration' features

bbenn: No, I exported my familytreemaker data to Mac as in Macintosh Computer to the new Mac genealogy database.

Seventies: okay

vkn: okies

Seventies: I still have a copy of FTM for mac that I want to give away...

vkn: that is 10

Seventies: I can't even use it because I don't have a mac.

vkn: No thanx seventies lol

Seventies: lol Well I mean I don't know many people who have mac.

alt: Selma.. I was just telling the folks that Ancestry just put up an Ohio Birth Index file 1908-1964 ... 8 million records ... including me and my family LOL LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Wow alt..lucky you..again.. LOL

Seventies: alt, I glanced over it but can't find either Welcome Bowman Sr. or Jr.

vkn: wow alt I will have to check that out for my Cuyahoga peeps

Selma: I love that name "Welcome"..that is the name of one of Jarrin's relatives

Seventies: dates are 1908 to 1964

alt: were they born in Ohio Seventies? if so, try the county and just last name.

Seventies: Selma, its such a quirky name.. This is that WVA/OH family. Welcome was born about 1925-1930

vkn: I love the name Pink/Pant selma many of my Hendrix men bear that name oops Pink/Pank

Seventies: I know a Pink. He's about 35... I was like he's definitely named after someone in the family.

Selma: Haven't seen that name vkn

bbenn: I also have a Pink in the family.

vkn: We may be kin seventies lol and B.J. has a Pank in her tree

Selma: Jarrin's Welcome was a Physician here in NNews in the early 1900's..the family was originally "free" in the 1800's and migrated out

vkn: hmmm

alt: Seventies is this Akron, Oh?

Selma: She couldn't understand why he had come here to practice..but this area had the Shipyard which employed 1000's

Seventies: Oberlin, OH

deannie: I am at work and I to find some paperwork

vkn: and I think PANK is a southern corruption of PINK

alt: Seventies, try bowman in Lorain County. me too vkn pink=pank

Selma: Like Punch/Bunch.. LOL

Seventies: lol

vkn: lol

alt: yep Selma

Seventies: alt, Welcome Sr. Was born in Fitch(ville),OH Before 1900

alt: this birth index is 1908-1964... so he wouldn't be there

bbenn: Have a great day everyone! Got to go...

alt: take care

Seventies: I have his baptism record, death record and birth record Welcome Sr. Welcome Jr. was definitely born after 1908 All from ancestry.

Selma: Ancestry has taken over the world..

vkn: lol as the elephant in da room selma

alt: they're trying Selma .. along with FamilySearch

Seventies: lol I guess they have "Pinky and the Brain" working at the headquarters

Selma: Yep..

vkn: That is why they are seeking to go private alt

Seventies: Its from a cartoon.. lol

alt: okay vkn

Selma: I was wondering seventies.. lOL

Seventies: I just read this AM that they bought Their signature line is this. Pinky "Brain what will we do today?" Brain "Take over the world"...

Selma: Thank you for the explanation.. lOL

Seventies: No problem! :}

Selma: LOL

alt: as long as my subscription stays at 155.00 I don't care who owns them, or they own, it's one of the better genealogy bargins on the 'Net .. of course that IMHO LOL LOL

Selma: Well folks..time for this "Brain" to go take over the world

alt: after the "nap" LOL

Selma: No no nap today..

Seventies: lol lol

Selma: I will get you for that alt.. LOL

alt: hehehehehehe

Selma: Have a great day folks... Bye

alt: let me do some more birth index searching ... laters y'all

Seventies: The problem with the ancestry takeovers is that you are still having to pay subscription fees for those services they bought up. Okay I guess I need to get back to Bye y'all

alt: bye

vkn: Bye Deannie

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