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2012-08-10 LisaBLee • Our Children


Start: 12:18:05
End: 13:34:38
Chatters: alt, keli1, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon, alt & vkn How are you both doing this fine day? :}

vkn: Good afternoon alt and Seventies

Seventies: Its dark and rainy... this weather is something special. :?

vkn: Doing well. Anxious to get beta testing going on Precious Photos

Seventies: I linked a photo to the page just a few minutes ago, vkn I don't have any here on my work computer to upload. I'll try again this evening.

vkn: Was not able to do the Lisa Lee show last evening. How did it go? Thanx Seventies

Seventies: not good. The power went out during the show...

vkn: oops no power is a bummer was that your local power or the blog radio power?

Seventies: It was Bernice's local power. Storms from VA to NY last night.

alt: vkn, I'l put up some more photos this PM .... gald ro help with the beta testing.... wishing the new version of PP the best!!!!

Seventies: It was terrible. The lightening was bad.

alt: I was in on the show when the power went out... didn't listen until this mornig, but I thought it was a good show.. Lisa is a "good" interview

vkn: Thanx alt for more pics

Seventies: She is alt. vkn is Precious Photos where BJ gets the images she posts on Facebook?

vkn: No seventies she has a privately donated collection

Seventies: okay

alt: in response to the PP instructions on AfriGeneas, should we ask the question about the types of photos you would like to see and if there is any time period for the photos? Example, you don't want 'recent' photos to be uploaded, but are looking for for photos with more of an historical and/or family history theme.

Seventies: okay nice. great vkn. :) I'm going to load recent photos, from the 1950's, 1940's

vkn: You are on point alt

alt: those aren't 'recent' Seventies LOL I was thinking more in terms of within the last years or so.

vkn: Now if you think it is a good idea we can turn photo on in all of the forums and users can have their own private gallery. I am hesitant to do so BUT what say thee

Seventies: I was thinking in terms of the last 100 years... lol No I think it should be one central location for the site.

alt: like you don't want to see photos of my great-grandkids on PP LOL LOL LOL

Seventies: lol *laughing so hard can't breathe* okay alt. You're a riot!

vkn: Guess we need to define vintage lol BUT who reads instructions anyway lol

alt: right vkn....

Seventies: I just try to think about privacy...

alt: not me, unless all else fails LOL LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: How about nothing of actual living people? Or those who have passed in the last 10- 15 years.

vkn: I would say from 1950 backwards

Seventies: lol alt

alt: I would say living folks are okay Seventies, like a photo of someone when they were a child and they are living, in their "senior" years.

Seventies: Hi keli1

vkn: All posting will prolly go to moderation prior to publishing as a safeguard

keli1: hello lunch bunch!

Seventies: Okay...

alt: Hello keli1, how are ya?

keli1: doing okay....and you?

Seventies: would my baby photo be okay to post? lol

vkn: Howdy Keli1

alt: that's good vkn, a look over to see if the photos are "appropriate"

vkn: PUHLEEZE Seventies lol

Seventies: lol

vkn: Yes alt

alt: only if you are in the "bare" and on a "bear skin" rug Seventies

keli1: it was a good session last night on blogtalk radio

Seventies: lol Oh they had LONG stopped doing those photos when I came along..

vkn: watch it alt lol lol lol bottoms up lol

alt: I enjoyed the show keli1, many, many very good points brought out on just what a professional genealogist is, or should be.

Seventies: I agree.

vkn: I will listen later

Seventies: I also think that Lisa gave a good 'litmus test' on what a pro is and how to know if you are ready to take the next step from hobby to professional.

alt: I thought they handled the issue of "speakers/presenters" very well .... pay your dues at the local level first, and hone your skill set before tackling the larger venues.

Seventies: Right...

vkn: So audience participation was high last night?

alt: yes Seventies, hobbyist vs professional was right on the money.

Seventies: Pretty large number of people logged in. As usual lots of guests... probably a lot of people.. lol .. looking for material to take credit for. lol

keli1: yes I think she shared some good things, but most important the need for mentors

vkn: and keli1 an editorial board to edit grammar if not content

alt: and I especially enjoyed the comment about not needing certification, or accreditation letters behind your name to be a professional, even tho' they do help in rounding out your resume. very good point on mentorship keli1

Seventies: Right alt. All in all what I listened to was very informative

vkn: ....well if resume rounding is a goal/expectation

keli1: I agree on the certification, that is a personal choice

vkn: Lisa has MUCH to offer

Seventies: she does But in her case, I think it was a business decision. But that was the right fit for her. IMO

keli1: it was right for her, as well as others

alt: I like Lisa for her "brutal' honesty, she isn't afraid to say what is on her mind and not be offensive when she states her opinion.

vkn: Agreed

alt: Seventies, she found a 'niche' for you.... A specialty if AA research on resources for those looking to research their families in MS. go for it!!!!!! if=in

Seventies: alt, I'm working steadily on it :}

alt: good Seventies !!!!!

Seventies: alt, I would categorize myself as a 'hobbyist' though.

vkn: Yes seventies and are you hooked up with LRudd ?

Seventies: You know I really need to check my FB page... I don't think so though.

alt: I think of myself as a hobbyist too Seventies, but a "seasoned' hobbyist with something to offer and one who loves to share.

Seventies: I would really like my genealogy buddies to join me on my new and improved FB page though :} alt I like to share too, but what I'm worried about though is people who take advantage. It only takes one person to ruin that sharing feeling. KNow what I mean?

alt: an her thoughts on the development of a business plan is a requirement if you are into it for the money.

Seventies: I recently had an issue with that. Instead of the person coming to me respectfully, they just you know took my stuff and none of its benefitting our family. That's what made me a little mad. Absolutely alt. That's essential...

vkn: The money is from slim to none but even so one must have a business plan

alt: no I don't Seventies, sharing is sharing and in my mind it is a responsibility ... 15-20 years ago before illness slowed me down I had developed my business plan with where I wanted to be in 5 -10-15 year increments and what I had to do to accomplishe those levels.

vkn: Its almost gotta be free seventies if its public, in my view

keli1: i help with business plan's, also Art did you fulfill it?

Seventies: how so vkn? Oh nevermind... I understand what you're saying.

keli1: not just for money, it can be used to keep you on track with your research

vkn: ok neverminding by request lol

Seventies: lol the part that you should 'pay for' or credit is the person's work to for example transcribe or analyze the records.

alt: I remember the original business cards "Genealy By Art" and placing them in all of the places Lisa mentioned.

Seventies: I just give my 'business cards' out. Always willing to lend a helping hand where I can.

alt: vkn, you see that email address @prodigy,net LOL LOL LOL

vkn: 'Red Hook' suggests Spike Lee's star may be fading says the Griot headline today and who may I ask is 'Red Hook' Yes alt I still have that in my address book

alt: that was my question too vkn ... who is 'Red Hook'? no keli1.... I never got off the ground with being a "pro"

keli1: fading to where?

vkn: I see the ASLAH [acronym misspelling] is screaming for participants. Are you going Keli1

alt: how old is Spike Lee? ... is he over 50?

keli1: I dont think he is 50 yes i am going and presenting

vkn: about 55 I would say

keli1: Spike was born in 57, so he is 55, my bad!

vkn: The Lee family has republished a book written by grandfather and accepting donations to be used to restore the Snow Hill campus book original published about 1895

keli1: really is that in NY or Atlanta?

vkn: Atlanta

alt: I think that may be a reason for 'Red Hook' and the fading Spike Lee.... much of the younger generation has no respect for anyone or anything from a generation older than them.. It is not as fashinable to respect your elders as it was in the past .. it's 'knock anything older than you' course that's just my opinion

vkn: Actually by the Snow Hill Press which is prolly located in Snow Hill AL

Seventies: back... :} alt.. now you know that's not necessarily true. :(

alt: Snow Hill ... vkn wasn't Bennie McRae's mother a teacher at Snow Hill in Alabama?

Seventies: Snow Hill, AL. What county is that in?

alt: unfortunately I believe it to be true Seventies

vkn: Well alt I think we elders did not do the best job in passing the value system

Seventies: Right, there is not structured right of passage. Perhaps the younger generation feels the need to create their own R.O.P.

alt: NOt that may be part of the problem vkn... us older folk are not entirely 'blameless' in the matter. not=now

Seventies: Unfortunately, I think the older generation was so preoccupied in just making it themselves.

vkn: We wanted children not to suffer as we did so worked to make their way easier

keli1: that is true vkn!

Seventies: It all boils down to what do you value in your culture and in your life. My last word on it.

alt: exactly vkn.. a lot of the problem unfortunately can be blamed on integration and OUR upward mobility.

vkn: Well seventies I think the older generation was "selfless" and failed to reveal the difficulties

Seventies: Again, its all about values. For example, I am of the opinion that one of the worst things my parents did was trust my education as a child to caucasians. I see that I have to work doubly hard by staying on top of my children's HS guidance counselors. I am ALL for HBCUs, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. I'm being candid on that because after my classmates and upper and lower aged group friends got together and discussed, we got a BUM education and were driven downward and not encouraged to attend or even think about going to college. I've been drilling my kids since they were 5.

vkn: I recall when TIME magazine wrote an entire issue to HBCUs as "Educational Disaster" areas

alt: my 'kids' are in the 50's with children and in some case grandchildren of their own Seventies ... and each generation has had problems unique to their generation.... I was doing the same thing you are doing with your children back in the 1960's & 1970's.

keli1: what do you mean a bum education,

Seventies: Ignoring black kids in the classroom (experienced this), placing them in non-challenging courses, My parents had NO idea. Partially their own fault. They didn't grow up around white people and didn't go to school with whites.

keli1: I believe that education is the key...Gates said one time, those educated got free or something like that, the others didn't, I am still after my freedom for my ancestors

alt: that was happening when I was a student fro the 1940's forward Seventies ..

Seventies: A lot of our black boys were not encouraged to go to college, but signed up for the ASVAB. Look keli1 I get that, but the teachers have to CARE first.

keli1: that is too bad and sad, i recently talked to a young grandmother, who has an 18 yr old, military might be her option and survival mode

Seventies: I think as a black parent, I have a unique perspective on how education is viewed. They never consider my view and I know LOTS of migration children who feel that way.

keli1: if she stays, another baby will come and she will remain in an abusive relation..

alt: nothing new Seventies. and the thing about being taught by black educators, what about folks like me who never saw a black teacher until college.... my HS graduating class had 5 blacks out of 250 graduates.

keli1: that is true!

vkn: Many of the Black teachers wanted to "spare disapointment to Black children and therefore failed to encourage science and math. BU at the same time encouraged conjugating the verb 'to be' lol alt I never saw a white teacher until college lol

Seventies: And also from this perspective working at a college, our kids are just not being prepared. Schools are being evaluated on the financial ability of the families who live in their county or school districts. that's anothe issue that irks me.

vkn: disapointed- disapointment

alt: see vkn,,, where one is at a particular point in their life and the circumstances around their growing up vary so much.

Seventies: The financial ability of these families to send their children to 4 yr universities and colleges. Its a complex, complex system that has no uniformity at all.

vkn: indeed it varies

Seventies: It allows people to be discriminated against... MORE. :/ well OUR people. Ok that's my spiel... lol

vkn: spiel away seventies lol

alt: Seventies, my biggest disappointment, if you can call it that, is that my 4 children, all who went to college, none went to, or graduated from an HBCU... and I didn't push the issue.... the thing was they are going to college, someone's college, somewhere.

Seventies: I mean honestly, if people love their children like they are supposed to they wouldn't tolerate this mess.

vkn: spiel a way home we not got long to stay here

Seventies: lol vkn okay I would love to chat longer, but the man got me on the clock.. lol See you all next week. Be good alt and vkn and keli1

alt: bless you Seventies

vkn: Good conversation

alt: yes vkn, very good

vkn: I will call you about content for jump drive alt

alt: points to the fact of we all may be black, but we come from so many varied experiences in life.

vkn: Take all care Keli and alt

alt: you too

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