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2012-05-19 SatNiteChat


Start: 21:19:49
End: 23:26:16
Chatters: bearnut2, Daviss, deannie, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hello there Seventies!!!!

Seventies: Hi Daviss! I don't think much of anyone will be in here tonight.

Daviss: How are you?

Seventies: Ah doing pretty fair. How are you doing? Daviss.... lol

Daviss: quit laughing how come you think noone will be here tonight

Seventies: You need to ask for pro-rated service...

Daviss: I guess but the strange thing is that its just here in chat

Seventies: Its already 925 lol lol lol

Daviss: copy cat lol lol hi vkn

Seventies: Well I think its you-know-who doing you-know-what lol

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy cool Kids

Seventies: Hi vkn

Daviss: how's it going vkn?

vkn: Hope yall be doing good and well

Seventies: doing pretty fair.

vkn: Its going daviss

Daviss: I am well vkn as I think on it

Seventies: sound like we are all having the blahs.. lol Hi Selma

Daviss: heyyy Selma!

vkn: No blahs here lol

Selma: Good evening everyone Daviss, seventies and vkn.

Seventies: good to hear vkn

vkn: owdy doody Selma

Seventies: Has anyone been looking for the descendants of their ancestors family members?

Daviss: I went and sighed up at the new Salvation Army Center..

vkn: Selma did you get an email from me 'bout Freed Children in VA

Selma: Signed up for what Daviss?

deannie: Evening

Seventies: Hi deannie

Daviss: to utilize the facilities: equiptment room etc etc etc

vkn: Howdy deannie how are you doing ?

Daviss: I need to exercise and this Wii is not geting it for me

deannie: Great.....and you

Seventies: Is that like the YMCA Daviss?

Selma: Yes, vkn, thanks..I was gonna email you. Interestedly enough this AM I was looking at a school census from Nelson County Va 1872...

Daviss: Heyy deannie

Selma: Good for you Daviss...

vkn: Not bad deannie

Selma: Do they have a pool..I love water aerobics..not to tuff on the joints

Seventies: brb

Daviss: yes Seventies it is. I had a deal there also but I stopped going but paid every month for about 3 yrs lol

Seventies: smh I don't know whether I should laugh or shake my head... lol

Daviss: Yes they have two pools in this one

vkn: bad bad daviss

Selma: See if they hav have have the water aerobics class sposored by the Arthritis Foundation

Daviss: they have a pool just for that Selma also

Selma: Evening deannie.. I printed out the articles vkn

deannie: ditto on water aerobic

vkn: okies give us feedback selma

Selma: You mean Now..can I do it inthe AM

Daviss: I know I need to stop being such a fool like paying for my net, cable, utilities Tele and all that stuff at my house or get up off my duff and go home permanently

Selma: Is there a reason you haven't gone home?

Seventies: Well Daviss....

Daviss: no, no reason just looking at the kids in the face daily lol

vkn: you gots lottsa loose change daviss lol

Daviss: main reason I need to go home lol

Seventies: I'm sure your neighbors miss you lots. :}

Daviss: lol lol

Selma: The little darlins can come and visit.. LOL

vkn: deannie what's new with your researcg

Seventies: Ok brb

vkn: research

Daviss: yeah yeah I know {sigh}

deannie: Nothing I'm still going over the information I located in Jackson.....My cousin turn 98 this year

Daviss: have you found anything new deannie in your goodies

Selma: VKn..I did take a look in the FB records for the name of the teacher who wrote the article, but didn't see

deannie: Yes....the marriage license for my ggrandmother sister that gives me her married name

Daviss: Wonderful deannie, now a new name to research

vkn: oh okay she wrote several selma but no info on her as yet

Daviss: what was that surname deannie?

Selma: Interesting vkn

deannie: the maiden or the marriage...this gives me time to get it

Selma: I would like to know where she was teaching

Daviss: both do you know the name of the article Selma

vkn: I am still reading and hope to get more clues

Selma: Yes Daviss...but the person does not specify where she was at least not in this article, just that she was in Virginia

Daviss: oic, mabe if googled

Selma: Article appeared in 1870

Daviss: oh wow

Selma: Oh hadn't thought of that

Daviss: May get lucky Wonderf if it was Nanny Burroughs

Selma: Just went there..couple of hits..good idea Daviss

Daviss: thx selma deannie how is Marlene

deannie: Sorry it take so long....the maiden name is Hyder/Hider married name is Appleton from Claiborne county, ms

Seventies: ok gotta run. See you all later. Best of luck in your searches.

Daviss: both odd names deannie

deannie: Marlene is fine....she putting together a book

Daviss: say hey for me will ya

deannie: when I was talking to a great cousin she informed that my gggrandfather loved women...and that he had other children and so of family still lives in Port Gibson.... I will

Daviss: we had a couple more new people at our Gen meeting today but the two new ones from last week did not come deannie that happens lots.. In fact in our meeting today one of the ladies spoke on that

vkn: What follow up do you do with the newbies daviss

Daviss: well we take email and snail and send the next months agenda

deannie: I have not get to it yet but my cousin give me a phone book.....and I have a book of stamp lol

vkn: Gotta try and keep them hooked

Daviss: reminder is close to the date so it will fremain fresh on their maind fremain = remain

deannie: I will

vkn: Heyyyyyyyy bearnut

bearnut2: heyyyyy ya'll!

Daviss: Hello bearnut cuzzz

bearnut2: Hey cuzz'n davis

vkn: so what is new bearnut

bearnut2: Hey vkn just met jhonora today!

Daviss: not sure what else to do vkn

bearnut2: he spoke to our AA genealogy group

Daviss: Thats right bearnut he was in your neck of the woods

vkn: Just a followup phone call daviss Just a followup phone call daviss People are starved for conversation

Daviss: How was it bearnut2 and what was the topic?

bearnut2: very good Daviss--he talked about Creole culture

Daviss: hmmmm vkn

bearnut2: it was very interesting

vkn: bearnut you were in NOLA ?

Daviss: interesting bearnut

bearnut2: nope vkn, he was in St. Louis

vkn: ahhhhhh okies

Daviss: wb deannie

vkn: oopsie deannie

bearnut2: wb deannie

Daviss: one of the newbies today has a La connect

vkn: Interesting query alt is raising about polley ancestral chart

Daviss: I have not read it yet vkn

bearnut2: I haven't seen that vkn

vkn: Just no clear link for Legend

Daviss: bearnut2 I sent off an inquiry fri to 23&Me to see when and if they will reopen the freebie again. I sure hope so

bearnut2: Me too cuz! I have a couple of folks on my dad's side that want to test

Selma: Folks..time for me to bid you all a Good Night.. See you all tomorrow

Daviss: I gave them plenty of warnings before but they did not heed

bearnut2: bye Selma!

Daviss: now that they closed it they want to spit Grrrrrrr

bearnut2: oh I know. They wait til its too late and then decide they want in!

Daviss: yep vkn on the Legend thing mabey one of those folks that helped on the shows will respond maybe show him where that link came from

vkn: would be great if they would do so daviss

deannie: I have to college daughter was to go a friend at 9 o clock...not car lol

Daviss: ok deannie take care

deannie: have a great evening

bearnut2: have a good nite deannie

Daviss: nite

vkn: see y'all 2morry

bearnut2: nite vkn

Daviss: If you get a heads up hollar at me bearnut and i will do the same nite vkn

bearnut2: ok will do Daviss you outta here too?

Daviss: hopefully I will get answer by wednesday

bearnut2: Hey Seventies!

Seventies: goodness... Hi bearnut2

Daviss: I thought you went nite nite seventies :?

Seventies: No.. not nitey nite, just left to watch my show.. lol

bearnut2: which show is that?

Daviss: what show was that

Seventies: Grimm on hulu

bearnut2: Omg i love Grimm! But I'm so far behind--I need to get watching

Seventies: I don't catch it on Fridays but have been keeping up online.

Daviss: I have not heard of that show

bearnut2: I dvr it

Daviss: oops I am not saying a word seventies lol

Seventies: Oh its a unique adapation of the Grimm fairytales.. very unique. grat concept... mariah... lol

bearnut2: yeah you gotta check it out Daviss

Seventies: You can go online to at any time and watch for free. You too bearnut2

Daviss: yep seventies, she knows I know you lol

bearnut2: Between Grimm and Once upon a Time they've got the fairytales covered!

Seventies: I am not too crazy about Once upon a time.

bearnut2: We (my bro, sis and nephews and I) watch it as a family on Sunday

Seventies: Oh wow TV together with the family. how rare!

Daviss: nice idea bearnut2

Seventies: not much is family oriented these days on tv Well I have one mor piece of this expensive Godiva chocolate left...

bearnut2: I know--we also like Leverage Enjoy it!

Seventies: Never heard of that.

Daviss: question bearnut2.what do they mean on 23 and me when they say down load triangulation and then match others

Seventies: Ha they had a 4 piece for $10! I was like 'h3ll naw Daviss, how do you find matches on Gedmatch? I haven't been able to access any of the public information and do a comparison. Its frustrating.

bearnut2: Daviss--where did you see that?

Daviss: when you first went in did you put yes or no so that others can see you

Seventies: Yes

bearnut2: Leverage is on cable--I think it still comes on--we haven't watched in a while since OUAT has been on

Seventies: I entered it as public OK does anyone have BounceTV?

bearnut2: no

Daviss: then everone that you match with and they registered with Gedmatch will be under you

Seventies: This is what I get: ERROR: unable to retrieve data for GEDCOM M092910

Daviss: hold on a min bearnut2 let me go in real quick

Seventies: That is my kit #

Daviss: something must be entered wrong. I had a haplogroup that was Eibia8'a in it it was like that on 23

Seventies: yes I'm not getting anything...

Daviss: I got my m number but it would not take the rest I then had to take out that apostrophe and it took

bearnut2: Seventies--click on Compare FTDNA or 23andme results to all raw DNA results in our public database

Seventies: OK

Daviss: I had that same error until I fixed that

bearnut2: Its under utilities for use with dna test results You were entering under the Gedcom area--which you would have to upload a gedcom from your genealogy program first

Seventies: ok Thanks bearnut2... Got some info.

Daviss: ok what does it mean bearnut when you click on T if one exists

Seventies: Some of these are the same people from 23andme.

Daviss: How does it exist yes and some are from FTDNA seventies

Seventies: yeeessssss

Daviss: It will have a F and 23 will have M

Seventies: Ah okay

Daviss: I have someone with a C dunno what that means

bearnut2: T=Triangulation--It shows you other people who match a person you match.

Daviss: oh ok so its nothing I have to download then

Seventies: ok

bearnut2: C=combined (combo F and M)

Daviss: oh lol see seventies what we learn

Seventies: lol

bearnut2: lol

Daviss: very interesting

Seventies: OK so Largest cM, what does that mean?

bearnut2: no you don't have to download

Daviss: so if you and my brother match should I see you

bearnut2: That is the largest segment you share with a person--sometimes its the only segment you share with that person but sometimes not

Seventies: Someone on here says 32.5 cM for me.

Daviss: and then compare you with a lower number 32.5 isnt that high is that segments lol I wonder if thats me you match lol lol lol

bearnut2: 32.5 centimorgans is pretty good

Seventies: Ok that is under the "Autosomal" column So about how close of a relation might that be?

Daviss: you can tell that by scrolling down to the end is that on one chromosome seventies '

Seventies: Clicked on the A button to find out... I think? $hit, I don't know.. lol

bearnut2: The Gen column tells you the genetic distance

Seventies: ok 4.4 generations. Probably another relation from up south...

Daviss: up south not down

Seventies: yes not down, but up...

bearnut2: so between me and my mom and me and my dad are 1, me and my grandma and me and my great aunts/uncles are 1.5, etc

Seventies: Thank you for the help bearnut2 oh then that's quite a distance... BTW We are not related.... (

bearnut2: you're welcome! who's not related?

Seventies: But we do share some X Dna. You showed up on my list

bearnut2: oh wow really?

Seventies: Yep 0 autosomal 2.3 X DNA

Daviss: hmmmm

Seventies: and 3.4 total

Daviss: who bearnut2 showed up

Seventies: Same on both of your kits Yes as a match on the X DNA colums

Daviss: male line is that your dads or rather your grandads

bearnut2: I don't see me on yours...

Seventies: If you click on the e-mail address sorting alphabetically you will be near the top I will be near the middle as familygriot

Daviss: get that fixed seventies at oops gedmatch2

Seventies: get what fixed?

Daviss: that error

Seventies: oh okay will do thanks Daviss

bearnut2: LMAO! I never knew to sort on email! You taught me something new! Thanks

Seventies: lol no problem Do you see me? we were probably kin back in the motherland... :}

bearnut2: Thats my grandma and her sister

Daviss: that or up south lol

Seventies: oh okay Daviss, we haven't been here that long... lol

bearnut2: Yep!

Daviss: you haven't lol

Seventies: lol

Daviss: my kids think I came on a covered wagon lol

bearnut2: lol

Seventies: Daviss, I still don't see you in my family tree. . . what's up with that? lol

Daviss: you need to shake it more and that means leave Mariah alone

Seventies: Ha My son told me yesterday that I was born in the Stone Age.. and I told him he was born in the Bronze age... lol

Daviss: lol where are you and bearnut2 that you see email addy's is that on 23

Seventies: No on Gedmatch

Daviss: ok let me look ok so you click on email and get what now?

Seventies: Then I have a Boyd and a Moore matching on the Autosomal side...which is hilarious because these are both surnames associated with this side of my family. At the top, you click on the blue arrow under E-mail and it will sort the results by e-mail address.

Daviss: oops ok now i see thxs I have several underages so i left them blank

Seventies: ok

Daviss: I suppose I could put my email address in since I am managing it

Seventies: You could. Now Daviss remember I was telling you about the 23 and me genetic match results for 3rd cousin... its more like 3.5 cousins

Daviss: Are your Boyds from Tn yes I remember Seventies

Seventies: Who knows. I just know that they were in Louisiana at one point and also in MS.

bearnut2: I use my email for all of mine except one cousin who will manage his own profile somedya someday

Seventies: Perkins and Adel Boyd

Daviss: ok mabe thats what I will do mabe put in my one brothers and let him get the email.. LOL he will only forward it to me

Seventies: lol

Daviss: Thats the one on FB seventies where we rag each other all the time lol

Seventies: Oh okay.. lol Daviss, you know the Knicks made the playoffs and I didn't even know it. lol

Daviss: ;)

Seventies: I need to get out more. lol

Daviss: and you had the nerve to ask what will you do tomorrow lol

Seventies: I need to get my bus tickets... Kevin Carter and I show up on 23andme as only sharing .37% on one segment... he also shows up on GedMatch

Daviss: as the same amount

Seventies: 23andme shows more genetic commonality Just a smidgeon

Daviss: Did you take ancestry up on their offer bearnut2

bearnut2: just looked closer-- the 1.5 gens are my mom's siblings--my paternal grandma's siblings are 1.9 and 2 gen--and my maternal grandmas brother is 2.2 gen. One of my 2nd cousin 2x removed shows 4.7 gen and the other doesn't show up at all cuz we share no dna.

Seventies: ok

bearnut2: They haven't sent me an offer yet Daviss. i'm still waiting

Daviss: its open now isn't it

bearnut2: Nope--they have to send you an invitation still

Daviss: ahhh ok

bearnut2: Whats your email davis?


bearnut2: Looking for you in the list...

Daviss: all the others are not listed just mine

bearnut2: ah--ok scratch that

Daviss: you need the m numbers lol

bearnut2: Don't forget to try out the ancestry painting and admixture tools

Daviss: yes, I have done those

Seventies: ok my people its 11 pm EST and I want to be able to get up at 530am to commune with mother nature. Have a great day.

bearnut2: There is a new one today though not sure how helpful for us black folks nite Seventies! I think I'll see if maybe we can get the guy who was running the African American Project to add his stuff to gedmatch

Daviss: that would be really nice bearnut mabe this dna stuff can work out for us afterall Mel sure has a handle

bearnut2: I sure hope so! Yes he has been very fortunate too to be able to make the paper trail connections so quickly. I'm thiiiiis close with several folks but so far, nada.

Daviss: If I could get one brick to fall mabe I can see beyond a person or two oh bearnut2 you wrote something that explained to people on 23 and me why they should respond

bearnut2: I know! I've got you and Art but I still don't have that paper trail!

Daviss: I lost my email addy that I copied it on and now I cant find it

bearnut2: yeah, I send the link to all my RF invites

Daviss: do you happen to have it handy

bearnut2: Let me find the link brb

Daviss: mabe i need something like that because I dont get any replies all my M numbers come from people frustrated like me on FB hoping we are related lol lol


Daviss: oops it wont let me

bearnut2: lol My response rate has actually been very good since I started using it.

Daviss: can you email it to me for some reason I cant get it here not even with copy and paste I tell you bearnut2 it is a great read.. It makes people think I did ask your permission to use it before and lost it

bearnut2: ok I sent it

Daviss: much thanks cuz

bearnut2: I remember--a couple of folks have asked and I don't mind cuz the more folks we can get to share, the better

Daviss: thats the truth

bearnut2: well, guess I'd better get off here and start thinking about bed

Daviss: my granddaughter has someone that is 2.85 with quite a few segments

bearnut2: WOW! that is awesome

Daviss: I think it may be a half sister or something but she will not answer

bearnut2: I'd love to find someone that close no, 2.85 is too low for a half sister, more like a 2nd cousin

Daviss: oh ok but still

bearnut2: its definitely a good match to a "stranger"

Daviss: yep

bearnut2: I told you we have two NPE's on my dads side that we just discovered through testing, didn't I ?

Daviss: even if these people would answer and just say I dont want to share that would be something

bearnut2: true dat

Daviss: No, you didn't

bearnut2: yeah, my grandma's first cousin showed up as a 5th cousin to her and her siblings...

Daviss: ok but you can change the designation to known right

bearnut2: and my dad's 2nd cousin shares no dna with him

Daviss: oops thinking something else

bearnut2: I probably could change it to "known" but they don't share enough dna to BE 1st cousins...

Daviss: right thats true do you use 1st and 2nd with the 1x removed

bearnut2: I was able to hunt up another cousin online--he was named after his father, which was an uncommon name so he was pretty easy to find. He should be a (double)2nd cousin to both my grandma and her first cousin. He matches my grandma and her siblings but not the other cousin. not sure I understand your question... so I know that my grandma's line is correct...

Daviss: when you change your designations to know. they have a 1st cousin 1, 2 or 3 times removed I think

bearnut2: For my granddad's cousin I don't know what to do--cousins are scarce on that side so I'm hoping to figure out someone and hope they continue RITF right--my dad's 2nd cousin that he doesn't match is my granddad's 1st cousin 1x removed

Daviss: I have a 1st cousin his daughter would be my 1st cousin once removed and her daughter would be 1st cousin 2x s

bearnut2: All the folks I'm referring to are in the same generation, so no removeds

Daviss: oh ok Will I see you in Utah in Oct?

bearnut2: Probably not, unless I hit the lottery. I'm taking a research trip to FL this summer which will probably greatly deplete my bank account and my AA genealogy society is committed to go to Chicago that same weekend as Utah.

Daviss: Ok makes sense

bearnut2: I'd love to go again though! I've been twice before for week long research trips. Once during my "wild carefree" days, I even stayed in a Hostel! lol

Daviss: I have not ever been..I am anxious to go but need to figure out what I need to look for in that vast place LOL thats cute bearnut2

bearnut2: Definitely make a plan! That place is overwhelming if you in blind! if you go in

Daviss: I will need to get on that and soon

bearnut2: do have a couple of months... ;)

Daviss: lol lol lol so what cha saying...

bearnut2: lol can you tell I'm a PRO-crastinator!?

Daviss: hahahahaha just for that i'am gonna go buy us a lottery ticket

bearnut2: yes! :D but you'll have to buy it for Wed--its too late today

Daviss: right !

bearnut2: ok--I'm gonna go play with my ancestry finder spreadsheet and upload a gedcome to 23andme...

Daviss: ok my dear cuz talk later

bearnut2: ttfn cuz--mwah!

Daviss: have a good one

bearnut2: u 2

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