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2012-04-22 Finding Your Roots


Start: 20:08:48
End: 20:53:13
Chatters: bbenn, evpace, keli1, Nadasue, Selma

evpace: Hmmmmmmm

keli1: hello evpace!

evpace: Hello we are faithful.

Selma: Good evening evpace and keli..yes we are the faithful.. LOL

evpace: Selma welcome My computer is acting-up.

Selma: Time for a new one evpace.. Good evening Nadasue

Nadasue: Howdy all Hey neighbor

evpace: Howdy.

Nadasue: :)

evpace: WB vkn? Wow they are lucky to have extensive records.

Nadasue: wow beetles not butterflies so close

keli1: hello back to you

Nadasue: Just finished teaching my students about that

keli1: how ya doing down there Selma?

Selma: trying to keep is raining all day and the temperature dropped

keli1: yea it has been that way up her as well, in hte 50s

evpace: Turn om the heat in that mansion Selma.

Selma: LOL.. my heat is on.

keli1: yea we had the fireplace on

Nadasue: so is mine

Selma: We need the rain so I ain't complaing

Nadasue: Hi Bernice :)

evpace: Elevate it. Put your sweats in the dryer on heat and wear. Love it.

keli1: Hi Bernice!

bbenn: Hello Nadasue, evpace, keli1 and Selma!

Selma: Evening bbenn

evpace: hi bbenn.

bbenn: I signed in earlier and did not see anyone!

keli1: I wish I had the time to do research that they have a team to do the research

Nadasue: I am eligible for DAR through a number of ancestors... not interested at this time though

keli1: as a member you will get more info so there is a benefit

bbenn: My DNA cousins have identified seven patriots and they are members of DAR.

Nadasue: Same here

bbenn: keli1 - ready for NGS?

keli1: yea I am ready, I need to leave my presentation alone, lol are you going?

bbenn: no, I will be in my hometown.

keli1: tomorrow night I am heading to Florida to see my daughter, then VA Beach, then Ohio here I come

evpace: Some AAHGS members are eligible and a few joined. What DNA product did you use bbenn?

keli1: what is your hometown? NOLO

bbenn: 23andme, FTDNA and African Ancestry. yes..NOLA

evpace: Did they concur?

bbenn: YES what is the religion? I missed it.

keli1: I don't know how to spell it, but it is sweden borgion?

bbenn: Thanks

keli1: borgen

Selma: Interesting

keli1: I had never heard of them...I was excited about my melungeons knowledge okay wonder if they are related

bbenn: got to run!

keli1: 100%

Selma: Really interesting

keli1: oh why 4 women, like "the real eve"

Nadasue: Guess I've missed 1/2 the show... got a call from my daughter. Will try to catch up online. Nite all

Selma: Nite keli..

keli1: well Selma, it was very interesting, night

Selma: Yes it was..I enjoy hearing everyone's story

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