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2011-12-16 Updating Database


Start: 12:03:19
End: 13:03:02
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, Family Griot, Selma, vicjorob, vkn

Family Griot: hello alt

alt: hey Family Griot is this gonna be your screen name?

Family Griot: I think so...

alt: okay

Family Griot: Trying to migrate away from my personal stuff as Seventies Soulchild Trying to brand myself.

alt: okay okay .. again :)

Family Griot: how are you doing today. Good morning Daviss

Daviss: hello alt and family Griot!

alt: hi Daviss. ready this Browns whupping you got coming this weekend?

Family Griot: Smh starting with poor Daviss already... lol

Daviss: ROFLMBAO!!! alt alt started a joke early family Griot lol

Family Griot: lol exactly

Daviss: hehehehe

Family Griot: Daviss have you seen the new Texas death records on family search?

Daviss: yep

Family Griot: oh

alt: you gotta have a dream, or how you gonna have a dream come true.... so sings Nancy Wilson LOL

Daviss: :o

Family Griot: lol

alt: Browns whupping Cardinals

Daviss: I would like to ask a football question though

alt: Hello Aywalton

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

Family Griot: Hello AYWalton

Daviss: Hello AYWalton

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Daviss, Family Griot. (aka SoulChile!) Hope you are all well.

Daviss: Why is Tebow so popular

AYWalton: is Tebow popular?

Family Griot: That's not really a footbal question. lol

Daviss: well in a way it is

alt: called the "Great White Hope" of football Daviss

AYWalton: Daviss that is the first time I have seen the word typed out. I hear folks mention it and never knew what it was or how it was spelled. So it's clearly not in my sphere of life.

Daviss: I may have spelled it wrong

AYWalton: so is Tebow a person, place or thing?

Family Griot: Like I said not a football question.. lol

Daviss: football player

AYWalton: I thought it was a way to tape things on television.

alt: Tim Tebow football player AYWalton

AYWalton: lol shows you what I know! lol well what is the taping thing that people mention?

alt: Tivo

AYWalton: ahh........well now I know. and never heard of the football man.

Daviss: I understand the winning but... I just see shades of Bo Derrick here

AYWalton: is she still around?

Daviss: dunno

AYWalton: other than wear braids, did she ever do anything significant?

Daviss: they assumed she started the braids thing

alt: exactly Daviss .. gotta have a 'white' superstar and Tebow is the "Flavor of the Month"

Family Griot: Don't they always assume that they are the alpha and omega of everything?

Daviss: just like Tebow..Its as if he started the kneeling and the prayer

Family Griot: Yeah... *rolling my eyes*

Daviss: I remember guys like Reggie White, and Aneas Williams and every other guy

Family Griot: Only they can get paid for doing nothing. :|

Daviss: that kneeled and gave thanks

Family Griot: Anyway, so everyone is posting about this SSDI thing.

alt: and remember the touchdown dance was 'started' by Billy "white shoes" Johnson of the Houston Oilers.

Daviss: I am not knocking what he does its just as if he was the first to do that

AYWalton: I was surprised to find info on my elderly cousins who died this year.

Family Griot: Oh yea. Where did you find it AYWalton?

AYWalton: their SSN was not on the index, but the other data was. Which was fine with me. On Ancestry.

Family Griot: ok

AYWalton: Two of the cousins died this year, and one died last year. All three were on the SSDI.

Family Griot: I read somewhere that they wouldn't post anything newer than 10 years ago.

AYWalton: I never needed their SSN anyway, so that did not bother me.

Daviss: am I wrong alt for thinking that

alt: ancestry discontinued posting the SSN about 1-2 years ago AYWalton LOL

Family Griot: Me either AYWalton Hello vkn

AYWalton: that is what surprised me to even find their date of birth there.

alt: not at all Daviss

AYWalton: hope you are well today.

Daviss: hello vkn!

alt: hi vkn.. good stuff on the Benham connections... the more you know the smaller the world gets.

Family Griot: figures alt, Ancestry acts as if they did something hi vicjorob

vicjorob: Hi all

Daviss: oh yes vkn, congrats on that find! hello vicjorob!

vkn: Hey Alt it is wild where this person is coming from I am to speak with her this evening

alt: well Family Griot, I think even DC's that have SSN's are being redacted on those sites that have online images.

Family Griot: ok

AYWalton: that was interesting to see the info on the Benhams.

vkn: Daviss maybe should be undound lol

alt: and now I'm seeing that Edie Harris on AfriGeneas Talking is connected to the Lett's out of Zanesville, Ohio. hello vicjorob

vicjorob: Re the SSN, I think the SSDI will exclude records that are determined/classified as sensitive. I don;t know what the criteria is

Family Griot: Oh I got an excited e-mail from one of our posters saying that we were cousins... lol

vkn: AYWalton thanx I am a bit of a doubting Nelson

alt: I saw that Family Griot .. was it Vance ?????

Daviss: Saw that on the forum familty

vkn: I saw that Family Griot

Daviss: see we read the forum lol

Family Griot: I would have to get some research together. My aunt Susie Lanier married a Taylor. they could've been descended from plantation kin

vkn: deed we do

alt: I'm wondering what is the message this guy is trying to send who seems to be 'attacking' Paul Heinegg's work. on the forums

Family Griot: There are several Lanier families unrelated in the counties of Dallas and Autauga.

vkn: Paul is accustomed to attack as you know

vicjorob: alt- who is attacking PH's work?

alt: as Denise used to call them 'plantation kin' Family Griot

AYWalton: Many folks are angry that he says that people of color are African ancestored and not native. And he basically transcribes what the records say. but folks have been mad at him off an on for years. He is kind of used to it.

vkn: Not the work so much as the oral history view

alt: yes, I know AYWalton

AYWalton: Have any of you seen the African American resource page on the Family Search site?

Family Griot: ABB syndrome.

AYWalton: yes, Family Griot, you nailed it.

vkn: Paul uses less than a grain of salt with oral history


Family Griot: That's a cultural thing.

alt: and he wasn't discounting ALL oral history, just citing some of his own which he found to be in error when checked against the 'records"

Family Griot: Honestly Africans have been doing the oral history thing for a while now.. lol

vkn: agreed alt

Daviss: yes AYWalton I have seen it before

vkn: i saw it once ayw then lost it

AYWalton: you mean the family search page, vkn? I was surprised to see it.

vkn: any feed back from the radio show

AYWalton: which radio show, vkn?

alt: we can thank JIm Ison for supporting the AA interest on FamilySearch.. he has long been a proponent of AA genealogy & family history.

vkn: sc records last night with Bernice

AYWalton: yes, he is one of the 4 presenters at NGS in May. I have no idea, vkn. Would have to ask Bernice about that. I was able to only catch parts of it. Phone was ringing and was distracted much of the time. Will have to listen later.

vkn: I thought the presenter was genuine and sincere Good info on available records Especially on guardianship records

alt: I enjoyed her 'enthusiasm' vkn.

AYWalton: sounded like good information was being shared. she is lining up good guests. she will have khathu again on December 29, vkn. Sort of a Part 2 to his program. lol, yes she is from New Orleans, born and bread.

alt: the guest last night vkn?

Daviss: I believe she is lined up for a good part of 2012

vkn: No I mean the lady Tonya

AYWalton: yes, she has speakers lined up for months. yes, Tonya was quite southern, too. sounds like good resources for Edgefield County.

vkn: and thanx goodness she has them all on the AfriGeneas Calendar through september

AYWalton: wow, through September! She is really working hard! good for her!!

alt: really, haven't noticed her line-up on the AfriGeneas Calendar for 2012.

AYWalton: She is making strides in the Blog Radio world and putting genealogy on the map in that arena.

vkn: Yes it is very nice go to the drop down for webinars etc

AYWalton: we need more of that kind of thing going on. But I think our world is a small one online, sometimes. where is that, vkn? on ?

vkn: yes under resources/calendar

vicjorob: AYW-when will you be in DC next? I will not be traveling to Utah for Christmas so will be here working. Can do a leisurely lunch sometime during the next two weeks if you are up to it.

AYWalton: thanks vkn.

vkn: and alt it is in the process of being on front page

AYWalton: sounds great vicjorob, let's plan for it. are the girls going to be with you, or going to Utah?

alt: wonderful vkn

AYWalton: perhaps we need a slight redesign. Lots of gems are hidden from view.

alt: now if we can just get folk to go to the AfriGeneas Home Page LOL LOL

vicjorob: One girl may be in Utah for a week -- gotta take a dog to live with my sister. The other will be with me.

vkn: BJ is working that now AYW

AYWalton: so much of it is so familiar---one does not see anything there. plus the ads are kind of eating up lots of space. that's good to hear, vkn.

vicjorob: vkn-talked to my coworker who is a wiz with MySql. I will e-mail you

AYWalton: Hope BJ is feeling well.

vkn: YEAHHHHHHHH vicjorob

alt: yes .. yeah vicjorob

vicjorob: We've got several questions and some ideas.

AYWalton: things like webinars etc are innovative and the thing today, yet the word is not visible on the site so that will be great.

vicjorob: vkn- perhaps it would be easier to chat via land line than do the email thing

AYWalton: Well I better go and do my podcast folks. Have a great day everyone.

vkn: Announce!!!!!! vicjorob is taking responsibility to get our database stuff rehabed AND first she will get Manumissions uploaded

Daviss: Hooray!!!!

vkn: beautiful Xmas present for AfriGeneans MUCH appreciation vicjorob

alt: wonderful vicjorob & vkn.. too much good stuff exists on AfriGeneas for it not to be visible and easily accessible and updateable

vkn: and she is an expert to the max

vicjorob: I am quite lucky to have an intern here at work who does our IT stuff and he is a wiz at MySql, and the system used to manage the site. I just know the questions to ask of the experts Not an expert

vkn: hah lol

alt: that's great vicjorob .. knowing the questions to ask is half of the battle

vicjorob: One question we have is do you want to be able to search across the data records or the entire site?

vkn: if possible down line if not immediate

alt: vicjorob, have you looked at the 'search' capability already on AfriGeneas from the SEARCH button on the Home Page?

Family Griot: All I'm going to have to head out early. Something came up. I'll try to get in a bit later.

vicjorob: Selma!

Daviss: Hi Selma!

vkn: Ys scare easily lol

Selma: Good Friday afternoon Daviss, vicjorob and vkn

vicjorob: vkn LOL big grin

vkn: same back atcha selma

vicjorob: So, who's got ideas for combining genealogy with christmas presents

Selma: Great announcement vkn

vkn: !!!!! you just did

vicjorob: vkn lol

vkn: Thanx Selma

vicjorob: I mean gifts to our parents siblings etc

Selma: You don't get the gift unless you can say who your GGGrandmother was on your father's side... LOL

vicjorob: I'm thinking of scanning old photos and key documents, put into a portfolio album, and gift that. Cheap and easy

vkn: oh what about have wrapping paper made with surnames

vicjorob: Selma :}

vkn: Funny and cute Selma

vicjorob: That is one way to help the generations to learn their history I really want to do a hard cover shutterfly book where you can put text and photos together

alt: humph...

vicjorob: x8 book is 25 dollars

vkn: Heyyy Alt you got kicked

alt: yes vkn

vicjorob: a 20-page 8x8 book is 25 dollars

Selma: Afternoon alt

vicjorob: wb alt

alt: Hello Ms. Selma

vicjorob: I thought we scared you away

alt: ty vicjorob naw, I'm like a bad penny vicjorob

vicjorob: you keep coming back

vkn: another thought vicjorob make a batch of cookies from ancestor recipie with copy and a story of grandma with vitals and personality

vicjorob: vkn - nice! I might gift the granddaughters a couple of family recipes

alt: send me the end products vicjorob LOL LOL

vkn: Could do the sunday dinner menu

vicjorob: alt-I don't know about the "endproducts" Depends upon what you mean by that.:}

Daviss: later folk

vicjorob: Tata Daviss

vkn: daviss you ok

alt: what you get after you apply the recipe

vkn: oops

vicjorob: Tonight, Christmas in Washington, on TNT: my youngest performing with the Washington Youth Choir backing up Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, CeeLo, the Band Perry, etc.

alt: well, let me get back to my 'surfing session' y'all take care

vicjorob: Bye Alt. Have a good weekend

vkn: alt I see you got three congrats on docs at talkin and one person who says she will use your org method

alt: oh wow. vicjorob I saw that advertised

vicjorob: Both girls performed last year.

vkn: wonderful

Selma: Have to remember to watch vicjorob...have to run folks..have a great day

vkn: Primary question vicjorob

vicjorob: yes?

vkn: I mean from you and intern

vicjorob: Vkn- can we chat via landline at 130? I have to go as well but wanted to go over a couple of things with you.

vkn: okies

vicjorob: Primary question focuses on the database structure

vkn: very good

vicjorob: for exampole, the Vision2???? database

vkn: ??????

vicjorob: WIll call you in 30 minutes

vkn: okies

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