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2011-08-28 NGS•FGS• Webinar•Migration


Start: 11:41:09
End: 12:55:43
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, keli1

alt: hello 3rdthawkins... You doing okay?

daviss: hello you two

alt: hello daviss... 3rd hasn't showed up yet.... how are you doing today?

daviss: doing good alt, at least reasonable..what about you

alt: doing fine, playing with my new toy LOL

daviss: hello keli1

keli1: good morning to all

daviss: is that your netbook alt

alt: Hello keli1, you made it thru "Irene" okay?

keli1: oh yes we made it fine, others dealing with lots of flooding, the darn earthquake was not fun

alt: yep daviss, doing some uploads/downloads, etc. waiting to hear from my son in NJ... I hear they took quite a beating with rain & windstorms.

daviss: I can imagine keli1....glad you are safe

keli1: Thank you, yes NJ has some serious flooding

alt: he's in Union NJ, just a few miles from the Newark Airport.

keli1: Dru and Selma had some well in the Hampton Roads area, Angela too

daviss: I see on the Forum that Selma checked in

alt: I saw a story on a boy in Newport News where the roof caved in from a fallen tree and he died as a result of the damage.

keli1: yes she did, I think Dru posted on facebook as well, it is just good to hear from folks

alt: or the injury suffered from the damage

keli1: yes lord, that was awful, he was 11 I leave out Wednesday on my road trip, will be stopping in Ohio, Medina and maybe Wayne Co. I might stop at Morrow on the way back but it looks like it will take me out of the way too far

alt: are you driving?

daviss: some guy was surfing and died

alt: keli1, are you driving?

daviss: are you on a research trip keli1

keli1: yes I am driving... yes its a research trip Ohio and Michigan

daviss: thats great keli1.

alt: well, if you get anywhere near Springfield, Ohio... stop by for a visit.

daviss: I wish you much success

keli1: i need some pic's etc from Medina, so it is very timely

3rdthawkins: hello alt daviss and keli1

keli1: hi 3rd

daviss: hello 3rd

alt: hi 3rdthawkins.. glad to see you could make it

daviss: will you be hitting the cemeteries also keli1?

alt: will you be stopping in Medina, Oh for any length of time keli1?

3rdthawkins: I guess I had my volume turned down or was away for a split second when you all came in, I was logged in on another account,

keli1: to my knowledge there is no one buried in Ohio, unless there was a baby born and who died, yes I will be there for at least an half of day, hope is to locate the property I don't think I can find anything in Wayne Co., they only rented, but brought & sold land in Medina

alt: keli1, a lady in Medina, Margaret Cheney, with the OGS might be of some help.. ignore that last name.. she's not like the former VP LOL LOL

daviss: lol

keli1: if you have contact info, please share Art

3rdthawkins: looks like the storm is moving along, it has been downgraded, I think my dad's electricity is out, can't get through his phone, answer machine just picks up

alt: I'll see if I can find her personal email address and if so I'll send it to you keli1 ...

daviss: brb gotta grab a cup of coffee

alt: She's a past president of the Medina Co., OGS chapter .....

keli1: Thanks I will check there too @Art do you plan on going to NGS next year?

alt: if you make contact keli1, tell her Art sent ya LOL

keli1: for sure!

daviss: ok back

alt: that's the one in Cincinnati, right? if so .... yes

keli1: yes

3rdthawkins: so, how's it going alt keli1 and daviss

keli1: it's may 2012, I gets to present, so I am excited

alt: I'm doing well 3rdthawkins, just 'mining' the 'Net for stuff.

daviss: its going 3rd

alt: oh really!!!!! I'll be sure and be there now .

daviss: what is your topic Keli1?

3rdthawkins: thats' good to hear guys, glad everything's going well, talk of family get togethers are a brewing

alt: that's wonderful 3rdthawkins

keli1: I am telling the story of two AA families migration-stoppin' in Ohio, one before the civil war and one after 3rd all is well here in central va...

3rdthawkins: that's good keli1, didn't know you were in VA

alt: that's great keli1... I'll be sure and be there to support ya.

daviss: sounds wonderful keli1

alt: keli1, are you a member of APG?

keli1: yahoo....thanks, will focus on finding records, Medina travel is important, I want Pictures...yes I am a member

3rdthawkins: keli1, I'm in VA also, now

keli1: where are you 3rd

3rdthawkins: south of Quantico

alt: I think the Ohio Historical Society has online text from the Medina Gazette from the mid 1800's keli1 ... might be some items there... I have found information on my Reno family in Medina from the 1870's

keli1: wonderful...I will check it out, I am on the site now after Margaret, lol Davis's came in abt. 1858 and left 1863

alt: Reno's were there in the 1850's ...Chatham Twp. I believe, they may have just known of each other, so few AA families in that area during that time period keli1

keli1: the librarian there is a genealogist and has helped with some of the research, but I think she has retired

alt: and some of the Reno's went to Michigan .. is it Hope in Barry Co, or Barry in Hope Co.? LOL LOL

keli1: yes, oh I am sure they did, they were in Westfield, I hope I can find the land to take a pic I have a friend in Chatham

daviss: walk on the land would be great

keli1: mine went to Benzie Mi

alt: Chatham, near Medina, OH ?????

keli1: it ws 25 acres, so no telling what it is now...but I will find out next week Art did you do the first settlers of medina for your Reno's

alt: No I didn't keli1.

keli1: yes, her name is Elaine, she is a student of my brothers, lives in Chatham the the dates were 1851-1880 for the settlers and builders

daviss: I am going to run now, have a good day. got a long winded phone call lol

alt: really, that's great.... I have an article where Joseph Reno was 'shot' in Chatham and later died at the American Hotel in Medina in the 1870's.

keli1: Oh I would love to read it... there wasn't many AA's in Medina, I am printing out anything AA

alt: your email .. I'll send you some Reno info

keli1: Thanks

AYWalton: Good morning, all.

alt: hello AYWalton .. hoe are ya?

AYWalton: Howdy alt, howdy keli1

keli1: Hi angela, glad to hear you are safe

AYWalton: had a hard time getting in, but finally made it. yes, thankfully all is well here. some limbs are down---but I shall not complain about that.

keli1: for sure...mother nature is a bit mad at us...

AYWalton: quite true, it sure seems so. alt are you going to the FGS conference in IL? Or is it a distance from you?

alt: No, that's a good distance away and the money is short AYWalton

keli1: that is the one in Springfield? I am ready for Ft. Wayne, I love the set up they have with the speakers....

AYWalton: yes, that's the one, keli1

alt: me too on Ft. Wayne keli1

AYWalton: Next year I think it will be in Ohio, or is that NGS? I get them confused sometimes. I think I mean NGS. FGS will be in Birmingham. Congratulations on being selected as a speaker, keli1!

keli1: yea NGS is in Cincinati May 2012,

AYWalton: what will your topic be?

keli1: thanks, it was a total surprise, remember we kind of chatted about that, but the topic kind of fits... following two AA families who migrated and stopped in Ohio, one before civil war and one after Going North, Stoppin in Ohio

AYWalton: Sounds like a good session, for sure.

alt: nice to see AA speaker at NGS and especially in Cincinnati.

keli1: it will be really about their movement and the records found, questions asked. I think the Ohio link is what did it for sure so true @alt

alt: yeah keli1, it is often overlooked that Ohio was one of the major migration routes following the NW territory and statehood in 1803.

AYWalton: That is a good point, alt.

alt: it was the first State added since the 1792 after Ky was split from VA.

keli1: for sure, not just the underground rail road, mine were not on it, in my research there were three major migration routes, it is quite interesting and why Ohio??

AYWalton: Ohio has a rich history, indeed!

alt: racist, but rich LOL

keli1: well they all are racist---Virginia, lol

AYWalton: well that is America's history as well.

alt: and the LOL doesn't mean funny

keli1: I agree, it is a yelling mode

AYWalton: I hear that, for sure!

alt: statehood in 1803 and Black Codes passed in 1804 to 'control' the influx of Blacks.

keli1: I wonder if they really have the numbers of folks that actually went thru Ohio on north, etc

AYWalton: 104 years later Oklahoma joined the Union and the first law enacted was the separation of the races---Jim Crow was crowned king, so to speak. America's tradition carried forth.

alt: oh yeah keli1... big numbers, going north to MI and Canada and west to IN, IL and other States that were formed out of the NW territory

keli1: and still carries forth

AYWalton: And 104 years later also in Oklahoma, the Cherokee nation expels the descendants of their slaves---so nothing new under the sun.

alt: yep AYWalton, same old devil, just dressed in modern clothes.

keli1: but so Davis brought land and then turned around and sold 5 yrs later, left Ohio and homesteaded 160 acres in Mi he came with 1,000 in 1858

AYWalton: History is amazing for sure. I often think about those migration experiences----travel in the 19th century had to be a grueling experience.

keli1: as it repeats itself, is even more amazing, folks still making same mistakes, etc oh my gosh Ay, the women and kids, horrible, women followed their men

alt: that's waht I was speaking of keli1 when BBennett was talking about the Homestead Act of 1863... there were AA's in the north taking advantage of it... I mentioned your family.

AYWalton: and we have no clue about how they did ordinary tasks---cooked, washed (in cold water) slept---on straw beds, and shelter. When you were traveling on a wagon train the canopy was cloth, so they had to leak.

keli1: for sure, I located the deeds, etc, I would of never known they lived in Wayne Co for a minute before buying the family..

alt: lots of Timberland in MI was settled by AA's.

keli1: I sat thru a webinar and the guest talked on the homestead act of 1862, it was interesting,

AYWalton: I have read that, alt. There were several Afr. Am settlements in Michigan, I understand.

keli1: yea he went up to Benzie Co. MI

AYWalton: I wish there was more written about life on the frontier---all directions---as the frontier (in my mind) was basically new land being settled, whether midwest or far west.

alt: yep AYWalton

keli1: for sure, but this is where it starts

AYWalton: oh yes, for sure, keli1 Selma would love you, as her mantra is---all roads lead to Virginia. which is probably true.

alt: and black folk, or people of color, were involved in all of those movements.

keli1: lol....all roads lead out of VA too

AYWalton: oh yes, indeed. Selma recently found a group of blacks who were sent to VA to work, right after the Civil War. Several hundred. the Freedman's Bureau assisted them. Now the question is-----the researcher might be thrown off course by finding them in 1870, seeing VA as the birthplace and assuming that they were brought there by slavery. Which will not have been the case.

alt: keli1, didn't you also have folks who were in the coal mining movement to Buxton, Iowa?

keli1: all mine is prior too, lol, and I agree

AYWalton: some were from Alexandria area. Buxton---wasn't that one of the destination settlement of the Exodusters?

keli1: yes, another side of the family, that's on my dad's side

AYWalton: rich frontier history that you have, keli1! that is great!

alt: Not sure AYWalton, I always connected the Exodustors to Kansas.

keli1: what is interesting they died in Iowa in around 1910, no death record so far, it is driving me crazy

AYWalton: True, but I also use the term generically in reference to the westward, post Civil War movement, as well. deaths were probably not required to be kept at that time.

keli1: we all have the stories, just need to get them told

AYWalton: Folks just died and were buried. I agree with that.

alt: keli1, some of those Reno's went to Iowa City from Medina, OH and one even made it to Yolo county near Sacramento, CA by 1870.

keli1: really, was Giles that left Illinois and then on to Buxton the wife is my great grandmother Nellie McCorkle, b. in Greene Co. TN, second marriage to Henry Giles went out, after gold?

alt: The Reno's, talk about migration, they came into Ohio .. Champaign Co. from Ontario, Canada ca 1795-1805,,, then they spread out all over the place.

AYWalton: well folks I am going to run, have projects to work on and a Power Point to finish! Have a great day. Hope you attend the webinar on Wednesday! have a great one.

keli1: lol, mine left Ohio and settle in Michigan and no one left...coming forward was easy, I am going too, good chatting with ya

alt: okay keli1 , later

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