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2011-07-23 Homsteading • Conference


Start: 21:20:32
End: 22:44:33
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, BBENNETT, daviss, deannie, Khathu, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyy alt where you be Thought I had lost ya

alt: Hello vkn.. been tryiong to 'naviagte' thru these sites and hit the wrong key LOL... how are ya?

vkn: be working on talking all day

deannie: evening all...

alt: I was looking at AfriGeneas Talking & trying to figure my way around. Hello deannie, how ya doing?

vkn: It improves daily alt and has a great promise

alt: I think so vkn

deannie: Great...My Gen friend Mz D says hi also

alt: Hi Mz D , how are you?

vkn: Thanx deannie and give her hello back

deannie: Great I received another Presidential Memorial Certificate on Friday...i love them for my records..also because my president signature is on it

alt: bet it ain't so Windy in the Windy city today deannie... are you as HOT as we are?

deannie: How about both of you Ditto.....

alt: wonderful deannie, is this for a CW veteran, or something else?

vkn: also hot here deannie

deannie: Yes the one I received on Friday is...but I have one for my uncle in WWII

vkn: heyyyyyyyyy daviss

deannie: The whole country was under the sun this week

daviss: Not a thing happening in my neck of the woods errrr country aly lol

alt: deannie, the PMC's.. they are for veterans of any war?

vkn: I be sipping blueberry lemonade daviss

deannie: Deceased.....and Yes

daviss: that sounds wonderful and delish vkn

alt: okay deannie .. thanks

vkn: tis

daviss: Long time deannie!

vkn: Sooo alt are you and Edith kin

deannie: I also learned that you can get as many certificates of the same person

daviss: did you get my last msg I sent you on Talking vkn? :(

alt: vkn, where is Edith Lee Harris on AT located? she knows my couisn Vici Adams,, was a college classmate of hers and she also works with Doug Harger from Troy, Ohio that I know quite well.... small world, huh?

deannie: daviss....I was lost for time...I could remember to get on

daviss: deannie is this for current deaths

vkn: teeny weeny neechy world alt

alt: so I see vkn....

deannie: no......any time...but the veterans must be died

daviss: ah so not war related death just to have been a veteran

deannie: yes

vkn: Hola Selma how is the ankle

alt: hello Hop-A-Long LOL lOL how ya doing?

daviss: How would one go about getting it, can you send me the link heyyy Selma!!

Selma: Good Saturday evening folks.. The ankle is elevated

vkn: good for the ankle

daviss: good selma

Selma: and iced

alt: Selma, except for 'business trips' are you ambulating at all?

Selma: Nope alt

daviss: lol @ Selma

Selma: I am suppose to be totally off alt

alt: okay, just wondering what is in store for me

vkn: ahhhhhh good she is getting that done alt

AYWalton: Good evening all.

alt: Hello AYWalton

vkn: Heyyyy AYW how you be

Selma: Lately this has been a medical chat, with all our ailments

AYWalton: howdy alt, daviss, deannie, Ms. Selma! and how is the patient Selma this evening?

alt: on the 3rd of Aug vkn.. she won't be able to play Tennis or Bowl for 6-8 weeks according to the Dr.'s.

Selma: Medicated and iced AY.. LOL and she should listen to her doctor alt..and not go back to soon

alt: she will listen to ANYBODY but me Selma LOL LOL

AYWalton: stay that way, Selma, don't want you getting cute and trying to do the Electric Slide, too soon!

Selma: Yes mam AY..or me and Mizz Agnes will be zooming around in our hover chairs

AYWalton: and Barbara too. Yall can go down the soul train line on a scooter!

vkn: On the 3rd of Aug she can gaze at alt and recuperate lol

Selma: Char spoke here today at Colonial Williamsburg..not sure who went? Gazing at alt..I love that..he better be bearing gifts.. LOL

AYWalton: where did she speak, Selma?

daviss: did anyone read the article that BBennett eluded to on the forum

AYWalton: the article that is on one of her blogs? (I think)

vkn: The subject sounded interesting now I cannot remember what it was

Selma: She was invited by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation...think she spoke at Bruton HS which is now a historical education center, was the black HS

alt: Article ?, when daviss?

daviss: Was homesteading only For White people

Selma: About whether the Homestead Act was only for white folk..I didn't read yet

AYWalton: who spoke about the Homestead Act? Bernice?

vkn: Yes on a BBennett blog about homesteading

Selma: Apparently its a Blog somewhere was just posted

daviss: Its on the gen and Hist Forum alt

vkn: yes ayw

alt: don't think so daviss... keli1 had folks get land in Mich via the Homestead Act in ca 1863-1864.

Selma: I was just thinking the same thing keli

AYWalton: there are many black families with Homestead Applications from 1862 onward.

daviss: so thats her blog Selma

AYWalton: my Arkansas Bass clan acquired land that way as well.

alt: and there was a whole settlement of AA's in Cass Co., MI getting land via the Homestead Act.

AYWalton: I know that Bernice also got a copy of the map where her ancestors' land was.

Selma: I am sure like many other things...there might have been obstacles that black folk encountered

alt: Weren't the Kansas Exoduster's part of the Homestead Act?

AYWalton: Not sure how they purchased land, but they were influenced by Papp Singleton to go west to Kansas. They may have indeed been homesteaders.

vkn: Those homestead apps and docs are rich in genealogical data

AYWalton: yes they are. I know that Reginald Washington has given several presentations on Homestead applications.

Selma: Yes..he did AY...

daviss: where would a body get the application

vkn: and homesteading continus

AYWalton: I know that the Govt Land office provides images of those land patents and in some cases plat maps as well.

vkn: and homesteading continues

Selma: They always have displays at the big conferences AY..Gov't Land office

AYWalton: yes they do.

Selma: Give away nice pens.. LOL

vkn: I think with the tax assessor daviss at the county level

alt: vkn, Hasker Nelson writes about his family in MS getting their land thru the Homestead Act.

daviss: ok thanks vkn you guys are gonna have me learning and learning and learning

Selma: Thats a good thing daviss..LOL

AYWalton: are there Homestead records for TX?

vkn: If I recall correctly I think all are indexed and detailed in GA

daviss: no idea AYWalton, I guess i would have to see if anyone in my fam homesteaded I know I homesteaded in my first house here in Phx for 5 yrs lol

AYWalton: really? interesting!

alt: if anyone is up past midnight the Harlem Book Fair will re-air today's programs on C-span2 .. they had 4-5 great panels on today .. I watched them all LOL

daviss: yep! the money I pd went for the down payment

AYWalton: I am a night owl, myself, alt. hey there SoulChile!!

Seventies Soulchild: hello all!

vkn: All seniors i n GA were able to be free of paying property taxes fo about three years via homesteading but that ended with the 2009 tax year

alt: hello Seventies Soulchild

AYWalton: that's interesting, vkn.

Selma: Evening seventies

daviss: me too. I stay up until the last airing of news on MSNBC lol

vkn: Howdy seventies good cemeteries work you are doing

Seventies Soulchild: thank you vkn lol I wish ProfDru were here tonight! I have a story to share with her! :}

daviss: does she ever come in on Sat

Seventies Soulchild: I don't think she ever does.

alt: come to think of it the same thing happened here in Ohio vkn re: Seniors & property taxes.

Selma: I haven't talked to her today seventies

vkn: BUT the paper work following was slow alt so peeps got a two year bill because escrow had notwitheld enough so it was a struggle for many to pay the arrears

Selma: Nobody's offering to pay my personal property tax vkn..

daviss: They don't have it here either Selma I think my cousin said seniors are exempt in Tx

vkn: Well we got off easy while it lasted Selma but as you know thE ? giveth and the / taketh away

alt: I think in Ohio it was 'relief" up to a certain amount under some kind of Homestead Act for Seniors.

vkn: Howdy BBennett your ears must be burning we are speaking bout your blog

daviss: welcome BBennett

AYWalton: Bbennett, greetings!!

alt: hello and welcome BBENNETT

AYWalton: how are you this evening?

BBENNETT: This blog was written by the Friends of Homesteaders after I submitted my story of a Louisiana Farmer. I did not write the blog. I thought that it was interesting they decided to blog about the issue of black homesteaders. What are your thoughts about the blog?

AYWalton: it was a good article! I found it interesting.

Seventies Soulchild: Hello bbennett

AYWalton: I have not yet studied the other contents of the blog.

BBENNETT: I have received a lot of feedback concerning my article and I am hoping that other black homesteader descendants will write their stories.

vkn: ohhhh I did read the LA one it was well done I thought Will need to read again to make current comment

BBENNETT: Have any of you heard about the group Coming To The Table?

vkn: How similar are the stories BBennett

AYWalton: tell us about the map that you got from the BLM office. yes, I have heard about them, BBennett!

BBENNETT: I received a plat and description of the land my ancestor settled on that included a description of the topography, its inhabitants and the environmental conditions in the area.

vkn: I too have heard BBennett

alt: this is a group of descendants of former slaves & slaveowners, right BBENNETT?

BBENNETT: Yes, this group consist of descendants of former slaves and slaveowners.

AYWalton: was it for the years your ancestors acquired the land or the years before they got it?

BBENNETT: The Mid-Atlantic group is planning a meeting on September 10 in Richmond.

AYWalton: which group is this BBennett?

BBENNETT: The years before my ancestor acquired the land.

AYWalton: a group for Coming to the Table or another group?

BBENNETT: The group is Coming to the Table

AYWalton: I thought they were at Eastern Mennonite University. I didn't realize they had chapters.

BBENNETT: I also received a map from the Livingston Parish Courthouse that pinpointed exactly where the land is located. They don't have Chapters. This group simply consist of individuals living in the Mid-Atlantic States.

alt: BBENNETT, was the land in LA government land, or the land of former slave owners? or is/was there a distinction?

BBENNETT: The land in LA was federal land.

alt: okay, so the Homestead Act applies only to Federal land and not that in the hands of private owners.

BBENNETT: After the Civil War, land was available in several Southern States under the Southern Homestead Act and LA also had a homestead program.

daviss: hmmm did that include Texas

AYWalton: ok you mentioned the Mid-Atlantic group so I thought it was a chapter of the larger entity.

BBENNETT: Yes, the Homestead land is only Federal Land unless the States decided to initiate their own homestead program. This group is not calling themselves a Chapter. They are only individuals who reside in Mid-Atlantic area who want to get together to share stories and history.

alt: right BBENNETT and I think some folk might believe land bought from private individuals might fall under the Homestead Act...... wrong...

AYWalton: ahhhh ok. do you have info about it? I might want to know more about them.

BBENNETT: Texas is not included in the ACT because they also had special State programs.

vkn: AYW Roma Stewart has done homestead act work for at least one GA county. It may be the county where Luckie has roots

BBENNETT: I will send you an invitation to join the group.

AYWalton: I see. thanks so much, BBENNETT!

BBENNETT: you are welcome

daviss: answer lol

AYWalton: lol @ daviss

BBENNETT: I have a question..anybody an expert in DNA

alt: so BBENNETT, there is a difference between land that might be bought thru 'sharecropping' and 'homesteading"?

daviss: mabe alt can help with that BBENNETT

BBENNETT: Absolutely, big difference. Homesteaders owned their land and sharecroppers have an arrangement with the owner. My DNA question...I tested with two companies. One company provided my African Ancestry, the second company provided Mt DNA, YDNA and Autosomal and admixture.

AYWalton: I am thinking about the admixture test.

BBENNETT: The admixture provided identical information to the African Ancestry down to the tribe. I was very happy to see that these findings were consistent.

AYWalton: how wonderful to hear that, BBENNETT!!! did you use 23 and Me?

BBENNETT: No, I used Family Finder.

AYWalton: for the admixture test? I don't know that company.

alt: right BBENNETT, the African Ancestry 'haplogroup' was a match with the mtDNA Family Finder is with FTDNA

BBENNETT: I had two matches - 4th distant cousins. They have not responded..maybe the European matches

AYWalton: what is your haplogroup, BBENNETT? I am L3

BBENNETT: The African Ancestry matched the Family Finder African ancestry. Both West Africa - Yoruba.

AYWalton: we are DNA cousins, then. But I have Yoruba/Fulani mixed!


AYWalton: we are close with haplogroups.

Khathu: good evening everyone

alt: Hello khathu

BBENNETT: Yes, I have the same match. This is soooo exciting.

deannie: I have a compayn...I will chat in the moring.......

BBENNETT: Are you attending the Yoruba Descendants Convention in New York - 9/11

AYWalton: greetings, khathu! not aware of it.

Selma: Evening Khathu

BBENNETT: The group has been around for 18 years.

AYWalton: But being married to a Yoruba man for more than 25 years I am around Yorubas all the time.

BBENNETT: I am not around any Yorubas that I know of.

AYWalton: (not to mention cooking and eating that Yoruba food is what made me gain weight!)

alt: BBENNETT .. Admixture is a 'little' deeper than mtDNA which is only related to your direct female line ancestry.... admixture encompasses your 'entire' genome.

vkn: howdy khathu

Selma: LOL

AYWalton: I have been to Nigeria several times---in fact hubby is there right now.

BBENNETT: oh no. The food must be good.:p

AYWalton: it is fantastic---and spicy! so if you like it hot---you will love it!

BBENNETT: Yes, I am aware of the difference between admixture and MtDNA and yDNA. I have just spent all of the money i can on testing and i am done with it.

daviss: Hello Khathu!

AYWalton: wassup khathu? you working on anything new these days?>

Khathu: nothing

AYWalton: nothing new or working on nothing? lol

Khathu: i am just following others research adventures

alt: I know you know BBENNETT

BBENNETT: Anybody heading to Little Rock in September?

AYWalton: I plan to be there, BBENNETT, how about you?

BBENNETT: Have you seen the agenda for AAGHS?

AYWalton: yes, I got a schedule from Tamela Tenpenny-Lewis. not sure if they put it on the website yet.

BBENNETT: I am still trying to decide.

AYWalton: how about the Summit in Ft. Wayne?

BBENNETT: does it look interesting?

AYWalton: khathu are you going to any events soon? It looks good, if I get a chance I will email what I got in the mail from Tenpenny.

Khathu: I am thinking about attending ASALH Convention in Richmond, VA

BBENNETT: I am strongly leaning towards the Summit.

AYWalton: I am also really looking forward to going to Salt Lake City next year!

BBENNETT: when is the meeting in Richmond?

Khathu: Assn for the Study of African American Life and History October 5-9, 2011

Selma: I made my hotel reservations Khathu

AYWalton: going to run, folks. Have a great evening.

Khathu: okay

Selma: I figured then I would decide how long I would stay

Khathu: sounds like a good plan

daviss: that is a long conference but well worth it I am sure

Selma: I have never been would like to go and it is so close

daviss: outta here myself folks nite nite

alt: you will be threre to support ProfDru, huh Selma?

Selma: Yes..

alt: wonderful

Khathu: have a good evening everyone

vkn: Great!!!!!! Nothing like support

alt: folks be splittin'... my turn laters ya'll

Selma: Me too..see you tomorrow

vkn: okies alt

Selma: Nite Mizz vee

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