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2011-07-27 Homestead Blog • Misc


Start: 12:05:59
End: 13:25:15
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, fierybug08, ProfDru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, Sventies Soulchild, vkn

daviss: hello alt!

alt: hey daviss, what's going on?

daviss: not to much, just looking at newspaper articles after reading yours I went to a couple sites are you affiliated with the Reno that was with custer I was reading a article but it did not say where he was born

alt: I doubt it daviss... my Reno's are orignally out of Canada and I think their name was anglo'ed from Reneau as it was originally pronounced Ray-No.

daviss: ah ok now I remember you saying that those articles you sent this morn was as good addition to your records nice! I even went looking in Tx for Evans lol

alt: i thought they were interesting, especially the obit and the connection to Oio w/distribution to NY & Phila newspapers.

daviss: right!

alt: oio=Ohio

daviss: I have run across Evans and McClouds from time to time in my research

alt: I was gonna look at TX fro the Evans & McCloud, but chat time jumped up on me LOL LOL

daviss: lol lol you know I looked

alt: you never know, a trail just might go from TX to the part of Calif in that time period... the gold rush was still happening in the 1860's-1870's.

daviss: there are McClouds in my gguncles line on my paternal side They are in Waller, Grimes and Austin Counties I don't remember seeing a Eva/Eve McCloud in the info I have

alt: the counties in CA where those folk settled were, Yolo, Tehama, Sacramento, San Benito & Colusa. The obit was in Red bluff which I think is in Tehama co., CA. which is in the Sacramento area.

daviss: right

alt: anyway, what else is going on with ya?

daviss: that blog I posted yesterday had clippings from Phx but in the Chicago paper The lady that sent in the article was my biology teacher

alt: okay, gotta read it for the details ...

daviss: her husband was my art teacher hi Selma!

alt: hey Hop-A-Long what's happening?

Selma: Even I have to laugh at that alt.. LOL Maybe I should get a T-Shirt

alt: hehehehehe

daviss: lol

alt: yeah, "Gitting It On The Good Foot" LOL

daviss: In fact alt, Dr Grigsby graduated from Ohio State

alt: is that right daviss?

daviss: How ya doing today Selma?

Selma: I guess I can look for new "foot" jokes from you everyday

daviss: lol

Selma: Hoping on the other foot daviss

alt: naw Selma, I wouldn't do that to ya LOL

daviss: do you believe that Selma lol

Selma: Its OK with me....I can take a good joke... from CERTAIN folks...

daviss: hehehehehe

alt: do I be's 'certain' LOL LOL

Selma: Yes..

alt: man this social networking is getting to be sumpin' else... I looked at Google+ and they want to much information for all of the 'circles' you can create... I backed off .

daviss: I have not gone there yet

alt: it seems as if it is a contest to see who can build a bteer mouse trap. bteer=better

Selma: Its too much for me..

alt: me too Selma.

daviss: my brain does not compute fast enough anyway I have not even mastered all the buttons on the tv remote

alt: Facebook has this 'family tree' or relative thing that folks are asking me to join.... I tell them to go my my website where I already have then in my family. LOL lOL

daviss: lol

Selma: Me either daviss...if I hit the wrong button onthe remote, I have to wait for my son or grandson tofix

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. Howdy alt, Ms. daviss, Ms. Selma!

daviss: me too Selma and they sure know their stuff don't they?

alt: hello AYWalton , what's up?

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: busy how about you alt? How is the patient Ms. Selma?

daviss: howdy howdy AYWalton

AYWalton: wassup daviss?

alt: ditto AYWalton

AYWalton: hello fierybuy08.

Selma: Hoping on the one good foot I have left..according to alt

fierybug08: hi everyone *virtual wave* to daviss AYWalton alt Selma

AYWalton: getting cabin fever, Selma?

daviss: nothing up this way AY

AYWalton: waving back at ya, fiery!

Selma: That is an "understatement" AY

AYWalton: I can imagine, Selma.

alt: hard drive on my 'Netbook went out... pondering repair or replacement.

AYWalton: oh no, that's not good, alt!

Selma: How was your trip to the archives fiery..didn't you say you went there this weekend

alt: nope, it ain't good at all AYWalton

fierybug08: was great. I met Ingrid who was very kind and helpful

AYWalton: glad you met her, fierybug!

Selma: Iwondered if it was Ingrid that helped you

AYWalton: Did you meet her at the museum?

fierybug08: i have to look at some old maps when I get back there soon.

alt: wonderful fierybug08

fierybug08: yes, she's on vacation this week. we will probably meet up soon to go to the Civil War museum

Selma: Were you able to find your family on any records?

fierybug08: i am starting to organize a notebook, with dividers.

alt: that's a good move fierybug08

fierybug08: some, I had already had- I found my ggreadgrandma. i have not been able to locate others.

alt: what records were you concentrationg on at NARA fierybug08?

fierybug08: i really have to wait until the 1940 census is released. hopefully, my grandmother will be there then. i had limited time b/c I went on my lunch break, but the trip was really easy to get to. Plus it was the hottest day in DC

AYWalton: don't forget the collateral ors---your grandparents had sisters and brothers and you need their data too.

ProfDru: hello gang

fierybug08: i really just used the ancestry database, but i really need to have access to several maps. I did find out that my ggreatgrandma had a son. he was born in 1940s

daviss: glad to hear that you found something fierybug08

fierybug08: hi ProfDru i'm excited. That means this weekend, I'll be back in the library.

daviss: was this a Cass County Tx record? hello ProfDru!

fierybug08: hold on daviss

alt: dang, how old, or how young, are you fierybug08 .. I'll be on the 1940 Census, guess I'm as old as your granma LOL yep, that's about right fierybug08, my oldest grandchild is 32.

fierybug08: davis my ggreatgrandma was married in Arkansas in 1937, but the residence is listed as queen city, cass co. texas idabell [ida bell] is listed in the 1920 census, but she was only 7 at the time. This was in Arkansas, Miller county.

daviss: oh yeah you need a map

fierybug08: i know...and the weird part family might be split 3 ways...TX/AR/LA-- one step at a time though *smiles*

daviss: yep!

fierybug08: oh, but i just ggreatgrandma shows up in the 1930 census in Texas, cass county.

AYWalton: have to run, folks. Have a good day.

alt: and those locations may be within 50 miles or so of each other encompassing those 3 States.

fierybug08: has anyone used a death certificate to locate relatives?

daviss: right alt.. from where my folks lived in Marshall Texas, Shreveport La is only 30 miles away and that is not the first town when you enter the La border

alt: so maps not only help within the State, but when those counties are near State boundaries. Tell us about the wonders of Maps Hop-A-Long LOL

fierybug08: should i contact local libraries to ask if they could send me a map or the local genealogy societies? alt...that sounds like a great title for a program. lol

alt: there are grea sites for maps on the 'Net for downloading fierybug08

daviss: fierybug08 look in Texas Portal they might have what you are looking for

fierybug08: okay, i forgot about that.

alt: try this site fierybug08

fierybug08: thanks alt hi Vkn

alt: yw fierybug08

daviss: that is a good site alt

vkn: Howdy to one each and all

alt: yeah, I really like it daviss

daviss: wb fiery

alt: vkn, I was 'fooling' around on AfriGeneas Talking.. tell me if I put up too much stuff this AM.. if so I'll delete some of it.

vkn: We will be embedding an upgraded chatroom by weekend. It will solve the cut and paste problem

daviss: I sure hope so vkn

fierybug08: hi guys...i uploaded delicious tool so that i can bookmark websites that people mention.

vkn: lol will take a look. prolly not too much the thing is how does it look to you

daviss: what tool is that fiery

fierybug08: *dancing* to upgraded chat. YAY!!!!

alt: okay, but gotta figure out the details of posting photos only to designated Albums and not all over the place vkn.

vkn: The work has to be completed on the server daviss and that is where BJ is the primary soooooo

fierybug08: Delicious allows you to bookmark websites and organize them by adding 'tags' to them. You can organize by subject title i.e. research, maps, genealogy. You can make them private. If a researcher was using 'main websites' for research, you can make a combined list of links using a Delicious list.

vkn: Not absolutely sure alt but will send to developer for a resolve after looking and understanding all over the place

daviss: thx fierybug

alt: okay vkn, but don't put anymore on your plate, it's already full...

vkn: like running over lol lol

alt: my stuff ain't no 'biggie' I can always delete and start the process over again once I know what I'm doing LOL LOL

vkn: Regrouping and minimizing today yall. Practicing personal economy lol yassuh How is the ankle mz selma

Selma: OK..vkn I am being good

alt: I just don't want to 'compromise' your vision of AfriGeneas Talking vkn

vkn: glad to hear selma vicky and fiery did yall see additions from alt?

fierybug08: no, but i will check after we get done.

daviss: not yet vkn

vkn: Give him feedback

daviss: I did see him online last night though lol

Selma: Afternoon seventies..your late.. LOL

vkn: hey hey hey seventies

Seventies Soulchild: hello all, alt, daviss, fierybug08, Selma and vkn

alt: good idea on feedback vkn thanks

fierybug08: hi seventies

daviss: hello seventies soulchild!

Seventies Soulchild: lol Selma the weather is great outside so decided to get out of the cubicle. :)

alt: Hello Seventies Soulchild , how are ya?

Seventies Soulchild: I'm doing well alt.

Selma: Good for you..nothing like some fresh air

daviss: so no more heat problems out that way

Seventies Soulchild: Hey I didn't know you could use delicious like that fierybug08? cool Not until the weekend. :}

fierybug08: you can even email the list to someone else.

daviss: ;)

Seventies Soulchild: I am looking for a new tool to list my visitors. And I am still working on my blog entry for the Rounds family blog.

vkn: great

Seventies Soulchild: Y'all don't have to stop talking because I came into the room... lol

vkn: me just quiet

alt: but we were talking about you Seventies Soulchild LOL lOL lOL

Seventies Soulchild: awwwww ... lol

vkn: shame on you alt

alt: hehehehehehe

daviss: lol lol

Selma: Alt is in rare form today..he called me Hop A Long

Seventies Soulchild: lol

daviss: oh I just gotta say this.. My grandson is no longer a vegetarian lol he changed his mind at IHOP yesterday evening.

Seventies Soulchild: Did anyone watch Billy Preston on Unsung this week?

vkn: lol lol lol at grandson and good for him

Seventies Soulchild: What a fascinating story!

Selma: Wow I am surprised he lasted that long daviss

alt: me and James Brown " I Feel Good" !!!!!! lol

Seventies Soulchild: why the joy? vegetables are good for you! ???

alt: the brother saw those sausages, bacon, ham and stuff and changed his mind, huh daviss

Seventies Soulchild: I would encourage the grandson to try again.

daviss: He was so funny when he said he was through..But he did say he was still going to eat healthy

Seventies Soulchild: daviss... lol

daviss: he loves veggies its the meat that he knew he wanted lol

Selma: My grandkids love vegetables especially broccoli

vkn: well half a loaf ain't all bad daviss

alt: precious daviss

daviss: I need to run folks have a nice rest of the day

vkn: I was am interested at the lack of response to the homesteading post. Is that possibly due to a lack of understanding?

Seventies Soulchild: that was

vkn: Or is it a need to edit the topic?

Sventies Soulchild: How many people have gotten that far in the research? And how many people had ancestors who were able to homestead?

Selma: Sometimes there is just so much, it is hard for folks to determine if it applies to them

Seventies Soulchild: Right Selma.

alt: I had some questions about that homestead blog vkn, but not sure how to introduce the question without sounding 'picky'

vkn: You are prolly right selma. There is sooooo much

fierybug08: hey, sorry---I'm back. alt I did read the blog about the Homestead Act

vkn: 'picky' aint all bad but maybe a few 4 line examples of homesteading records ?

alt: the blog stated thst blacks were citizens until the passage of the 14t amendment and therefore unable to 'buy' property... hhmmmm ???

vkn: and what say you to that fiery

fierybug08: or what about creating a mini timeline>>> write a brief reflective post and asking viewers/readers to respond. i would respond

alt: were citizens=were NOT citizens

Seventies Soulchild: Ok I've got to run, have another work event to attend. So I have to get some things done. Alright. Have a great day all.

vkn: hmmmmm that is pretty general I did not read the blog but appreciate the subject

fierybug08: i was shocked when I read it. This person was clearly mistaken. Even after blacks were so-called given freedom-- there were so many risks to exercise it. The writer upset me b/c their conclusion from the blog did not illustrate that they knew the complexity of the times.

alt: I was happy to hear from BBenett that she was NOT the author of the blog.

vkn: hmmmm ok aaahhhh it was not bb's blog so that should allow free expression of ideas

Selma: Who is the author of the Blog

alt: someone from a person belonging to the group 'Friends of Homesteaders" or some similar title.

fierybug08: there were so many layers during that time to think about. I'm going back to re-read the blog.

vkn: I too must be running just wanted to throw hat in gone for a sec

Selma: I have to run too folks...have a great day

fierybug08: well alt everyone has left

alt: laters ya'll

fierybug08: i have to go too. but i will re-read the post and let you know how i feel about it have a wonderful afternoon

alt: I guess so fierybug08 ,, throw out a topic and split LOL LOL LOL

fierybug08: lol

alt: you too'

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