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2011-08-03 FB Records • Mapping


Start: 12:17:39
End: 12:41:37
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, AYWalton, Selma

3rdthawkins: hey Selma

Selma: Hi 3rd

3rdthawkins: repeat from last nite I guess, huh?......I guess daviss still having cpu probs

Selma: Guess so\

3rdthawkins: hey AY

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. hi 3rd

Selma: Afternoon AY

AYWalton: greetings, Ms. Selma! how is the ankle? I can imagine you must be going nuts, being housebound.

Selma: Elevated and iced

AYWalton: well that's good. Any pain?

Selma: That my friend is an understatement re: pain,

AYWalton: you working on FB records while you are convalescing? (not sure if I spelled that correctly.) lol

Selma: yes, been transcribing reports for done about local areas..really give you a feel for what the heck was going on..going to post some this afternoon

AYWalton: I will look forward to your post. durn mouse keeps jumping.

Selma: Ummm

3rdthawkins: ahh, mouse probs

AYWalton: As I was trying to say----there are so many gems among the FB records. whew! Finally got that sentence typed! (took 3 tries!)

3rdthawkins: lol.

Selma: I know folks like lists with names and I do too, but I like these reports written by FB Agents which describe what is going on in the counties

AYWalton: I am finding that FB records also hold some insights in various camps about contrabands pouring in as well.

Selma: Oh yes..

AYWalton: and I just learned about a camp in St. Louis. such wonderful stories. oh don't forget to send me the document you had mentioned before.

Selma: A lot of my area was under Union Control, so there is a lot of info on Contrands.. So much of the efforts of the FB was to get these folks working so they don't have to support them with rations. then you have the white folks in the community who are "angry"

AYWalton: You know I used the map you sent to me, and then went onto google maps and looked at the neighborhood in Hampton, to see what Grand Contraband Camp looks like today. I saw 3 small shotgun houses that might be the only remains of the earlier years. (of course not the contraband years) but what became a late 1800s, early 1900s settlement. Rick Sayre would be proud of my use of maps. lol

Selma: You should email him and tell him?

AYWalton: lol, not yet I am hoping to buy a hand held GPS soon. Want to do some mapping. I emailed Melinda and she gave me some suggestions on what to think about getting.

Selma: I saw a book review at NY Times about the new technology and maps..gotta find

AYWalton: yes, that sounds good. I am thinking about getting Family Atlas software, I might be able to make some maps as well. but have to learn more. I know that Dru has the program and likes it. I have Melinda's book and am going through it.

Selma: The title is Digital Maps are Giving Scholars the Historical lay of the land..maybe not a book, but an article.

AYWalton: from NYTimes? perhaps I can find the article online.

Selma: Yes it was in Sunday's..go to the book review section

AYWalton: found it. Looks like an interesting article. I shall bookmark it to read, later.

Selma: Me too

AYWalton: I really hope to learn the .GPS method of marking waypoints plus the geocaching was fun. There is a cache about 3 blocks from my house at a nearby park. I bet it is in the picnic area.

Selma: How do you know it is there?

AYWalton: went to and put in my zip code.

Selma: Ummm

AYWalton: it highlights were the official cache's are stored close to you.

Selma: You go right ahead and cache.. LOL

AYWalton: well I have to run. Hope to get to the Farmer's Market today. Have a good one.

Selma: Time for me to go too 3rd..have a good day

3rdthawkins: think I'll go to

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