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2011-08-02 Hawkins & Stanley research


Start: 21:10:23
End: 22:29:57
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, AYWalton, Khathu, Sadonya, Selma, vkn

3rdthawkins: hey Selma

Selma: Evening 3rd Looks like folks are late..or sleep

3rdthawkins: yeah, looks like it lookin' over my grma's employment records, trying to glean anything from it about her and my grandfather, good info it gives, wish I could get my grandfather's employment records. there has to be a reason why I'm not able to get his

Khathu: good evening 3rd and Selma

3rdthawkins: hey Khathu, early this week :}

Selma: Where did she work that you got her employment records Evening Khathu

3rdthawkins: D.C. for the government hey vkn

Selma: Evening vkn

vkn: Good evening daviss has computer probs

Selma: Sorry to hear that

3rdthawkins: sorry to hear that, hope she able to get in or get that fixed

Khathu: good evening vkn

vkn: and backatcha Khathu I was reading the Sunday chat log. So interesting about FBI as source

3rdthawkins: Khathu, you live in D.C., right?

Selma: Yes, it was interesting vkn

Khathu: Yes, I do.

3rdthawkins: Cool, you know I moved to Virginia last month after the tornado in Missouri

Khathu: No I did not know that. What part of VA are you residing in?

3rdthawkins: Stafford, south of Quantico

Khathu: Cool....

vkn: Seraph said that she was in Roanoke VA this Summer

3rdthawkins: yeah, it gives me a chance to do some research here for my grandparents in the D.C. area

AYWalton: good evening, all. hope everyone is well.

Khathu: Good evening AYWalton

3rdthawkins: Khathu, I do need some help in knowing where to go to do research for my grandparents in this area, D.C. mainly, libraries, courthouse, etc.

Khathu: Question: What would be the motivation of someone changing their first in which was Roach in 1900

vkn: So Selma who is the keynoter for Ft Wayne?

Selma: Don't know vkn

3rdthawkins: they didn't like it is one Khathu

vkn: okies

AYWalton: Jim Isom is giving the keynote.

Khathu: Well 3rd - there is the National Archives, Library of Congress, DC Archives

Selma: You mean their first name Khathu?

Khathu: D.A.R. Library

3rdthawkins: anything for the years 1945-1991 Khathu?

Khathu: Yes, their first name

Selma: The church they attended 3rd?

Khathu: I would check out those places first

3rdthawkins: ok Khahtu

Khathu: including the DC Library

3rdthawkins: hey Sadonya

Sadonya: Hello 3rdthawkins AYWalton Khathu

vkn: Hey Cuzzie Sadonya

Sadonya: vkn hey cuzzie we need to talk when should I call

3rdthawkins: Khathu, religious reasons, didn't like it, want a more professional or adult sounding name....

vkn: anytime. After the meeting tonite is fine

Sadonya: okay

Selma: Had the person moved to another place, when they changed their name

Khathu: no they stayed in the same place and went by R. M. Stanley or R. Matthew Stanley

3rdthawkins: I have several of that in my grandmother's sister changed her's from Doris to Judith, my aunt changed her's, my great great grandmother's sister changed her's, or at least used Rosa instead of Magdalene

vkn: Oops forgot to send you the analytics file ayw will do so later this PM

Khathu: before dropping the initial R altogether

Selma: Maybe kids teased hem about the name when he was younger..

3rdthawkins: not sure about that time Khathu, but I know kids may have made fun of his name

Khathu: i agree

AYWalton: ahhh ok, thanks vkn.

Selma: Was it a family name, was he named for someone?

3rdthawkins: I'm trying to see when he was born, if it was a slave name, or was he born after slavery

Selma: Who?

3rdthawkins: who Khathu is talking about

vkn: Y'all be good!

Khathu: Selma not that I am aware of. He was born in 1878

3rdthawkins: oh, ok, hmm

Khathu: he may have been named after someone. who i do not know.

Selma: Just wondered, thought maybe he just didn't like it, but waited until the person passed before he stopped using

Khathu: I am writing an article proving the identity of this individual who went by Roach Whitaker, R. M. Stanley, R. Matthew Stanley and finally Matthew Stanley

Selma: Wow

3rdthawkins: what was the surname change for, I wonder

Khathu: I am proving that this is the same person His parents were not married

3rdthawkins: ahh, ok, identity issues can come into play also.....I don't know, just thinking/saying

Khathu: I have only been able to locate one record where he is listed as Roach Whitaker

AYWalton: going to run folks. Sorry to be brief. Have a good one!

Khathu: i have the documentation to prove it is the same person

3rdthawkins: that is cool Khathu, so you can prove it

Khathu: i am showing how i came to the conclusion based on the research it is my great grandfather

3rdthawkins: but also, what about oral history? what does family call him? who do they refer him as?

Khathu: Mathis or Matthew but his sons remember letters being addressed to him as R. M. Stanley and his daughter remember that his first name was Roach. In addition, his older children recalled him having a brother named Jack Whitaker who lived in Millerton Oklahoma

3rdthawkins: that is good info I know it's not written proof, but you do have evidence of family referring to him by that/those name(s)

Khathu: In addition, Uncle Jack named his son William Stanley Whitaker after Roach's fathert the oral history combined with the documentation is what proves my case

3rdthawkins: yep, that is good

Selma: Sounds like you have a good case

Khathu: based on Genealogical Proof Standard I will share the article will you all once I have finished writing it up with my source citations

Selma: Great would like to read

Khathu: I am planning on submitting it to NGS

Selma: Ahh..for the Journal

3rdthawkins: I have to do that for my great grandmother, who's name is not on her birth certificate, but state the reason why I believe it is her('s) same thing for her older sister

Khathu: At the very least they will provide me with feedback even if they do not publish it

3rdthawkins: especially since the mother's maiden name is wrong, different, but even with that, I can explain.

Selma: Folks have to run..have a good evening

Khathu: I'm out as well. Good night

3rdthawkins: slow nite

Sadonya: yep did you get my email?

3rdthawkins: no, i Have to go check it

Sadonya: okay

3rdthawkins: I need to give you my other email, I rarely check the one you have, so will email you the one I check daily

Sadonya: okay thanks

3rdthawkins: yw

Sadonya: where did you grow up?

3rdthawkins: grew up in D.C. and in OKlahoma

Sadonya: were you a military brat?

3rdthawkins: no, didn't have a father, mom was a single parent just trying to make it and raise her children

Sadonya: I understand I did the same thing where in OK did you live

3rdthawkins: Tulsa

Sadonya: really how nice Tulsa has a rich history

3rdthawkins: yeah it does

Sadonya: my ex use to live there pastored a church there

3rdthawkins: my brother went to school there, he found an apartment for us to live in, mom wanted to get away from the crime in D.C., so we moved to Tulsa

Sadonya: oh I see

3rdthawkins: it was a nice place to grow up in

Sadonya: so brother is a lot older than you are wonderful

3rdthawkins: yes

Sadonya: what brought you to Tennessee

3rdthawkins: my little bro was going to school, so mom and i moved closer to him, it helped him out a lot

Sadonya: where did he go to school

3rdthawkins: TSU

Sadonya: oh okay where does your Mom live now

3rdthawkins: we're in VA

Sadonya: okay so your Mom is a Hawkins or was that your dad

3rdthawkins: no, she never married my dad

Sadonya: how many kids did she have

3rdthawkins: 8, all boys

Sadonya: wow so where do you fall in the stack how many older and how many younger

3rdthawkins: 7th :} just one younger

Sadonya: next to the youngest so thats why you are spoiled lol

3rdthawkins: lol u know it

Sadonya: so how did you like Tennessee when you were here

3rdthawkins: it was cool, nice place,

Sadonya: my daughter lives in Nashville

3rdthawkins: wish we got to do a lot more in the Music City

Sadonya: again how old are you? lol

3rdthawkins: 31

Sadonya: you are he age of my oldest son I have a daughter 33 and one 38

3rdthawkins: son the youngest?

Sadonya: the one that is 26 2 sons both youngest

3rdthawkins: oh, ok

Sadonya: I found a birth record for a Thomas Sanders but not the year yours was born I really wish I could find more records on my Thomas on the Sanders in SC were in both Charleston and Sumter

3rdthawkins: yeah, I know what you mean and how you feel, would like to know more about my Sanders family before 1900

Sadonya: I found a Marcus Sanders in 1870 well all that is in the email I sent you

3rdthawkins: ok, probably have seen that one before, I have all the Marcus Sanders in a database theres two 39 years old, one black one mulatto, there's a 60 year old marcus sanders, etc.

Sadonya: I saw the 1880 census you referred too there was a Frank Sanders there also but it really does not explain the Thomas he was too young to work yep

3rdthawkins: yep, not sure who he would be, I don't have a Frank listed as a brother of my great great grandfather Thomas, but he does have a brother named Sumter

Sadonya: did you see the Thomas with a father named Marcus in 1870

3rdthawkins: it seems only two of his siblings lived past 1900 yes I did, I think mother is Elsie? or Harriet?

Sadonya: did you get Thomas death certificate?

3rdthawkins: yep, firstborn daughter/child was informant, she knew father's name but not mother's

Sadonya: yeah that was strange have you been to Charleston?

3rdthawkins: but my grgr grandfather was informant on his brother Richard's death certificate, and put mother's name, but put McCloud for maiden name......nope

Sadonya: did it have Marcus as father

3rdthawkins: hoping to go to a SC with a cousin of mine, but may not be able to go to Charleston, since she is only a Hawkins descendant, we will only be going on a Hawkins research trip

Sadonya: weren't they in Charleston also

3rdthawkins: yes Sadonya, Markis W. Sanders was how it was spelled, put, I wonder what the W. stands for, he was also Marcus W. Sanders on Thomas' marriage record,

Sadonya: I will look into that

3rdthawkins: from at least 1870 to 1881 when it was Charleston County, but it became Berkeley County in 1882, my great grandmother Ella Sanders born and raised in Charleston, but my great grandfather Charles Hawkins was born and raised in Berkeley County. They met in Berkeley (st. stephens) and married there, they lived back and forth in Berkeley and Charleston. Some of my grandfather's siblings I think born in Charleston, I know my grandfather was born in Berkeley

Sadonya: so what took your mom to DC

3rdthawkins: her first husband was from there, she was living in AZ when they met, she moved back and forth from D.C. to AZ, some of my older brothers were born in AZ, some in D.C. She finally moved to D.C. in 1975 for good after my brother who was born right before me was born in AZ then she met my father

Sadonya: are you saying you were born in DC or AZ? sorry confusing

3rdthawkins: I was born in D.C., my mother left AZ in 1975 before meeting my dad

Sadonya: oh okay got you you were born in 1979 or 1980?

3rdthawkins: 79

Sadonya: what month?

3rdthawkins: Dec.

Sadonya: My son was due to be born Dec 25, 1979 but came Nov 17

3rdthawkins: wow, early birth,

Sadonya: yes premie only weighed 4 lbs but look at him now

3rdthawkins: yeah, that's cool, I hear ya

Sadonya: so what is your Moms name?

3rdthawkins: I was born with medical problems myself, I believe stem from my grandparents being first cousins, not because they were first cousins, but since they were first cousins, it made their children and descendants more likely to inherit those family medical conditions She probably wouldn't like me to tell

Sadonya: okay Well actually marrying your first cousin does not cause medical problems only marrying your sib

3rdthawkins: not that it caused it, but blindness was already in the family, it just made their kids more susceptible to it

Sadonya: I have done a lot of research on that issue during Bible times and after cousins married all the time especially in England to keep the money in the family

3rdthawkins: I know, that's what i was talking to my mother about about Bible Times

Sadonya: Some how here in America we got that mixed up In Tennessee its in the law books that cousins can get married I did research on a white family that had cousins to marry

3rdthawkins: same in D.C., that's where my grandparents married. On their marriage license, it states both were first cousins

Sadonya: they were from GA

3rdthawkins: cousins can marry in D.C., that's where my grandparents married,

Sadonya: Your grandparents lived in DC also do you mean you fathers parents?

3rdthawkins: yes, my father's parents

Sadonya: got you

3rdthawkins: that's where my mom and dad met, D.C

Sadonya: yeah you told me how old were you when you moved to OK

3rdthawkins: 11

Sadonya: so have you ever lived on your own or with Mom all your life?

3rdthawkins: with mom

Sadonya: You are a good son

3rdthawkins: :) :}

Sadonya: I need to call VKN see you next week.. go look at that email and give me a response please

3rdthawkins: ok then, I will, nite

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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