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2011-07-31 FBI files as source


Start: 11:31:52
End: 13:33:14
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, daviss, Selma, seraph1959, Seventies Soulchild, trisha, vkn

3rdthawkins: hey vkn

vkn: Greetings 3rd

3rdthawkins: hey alt

vkn: ProfDru's grandmother will be buried tomorrow Greetings alt

alt: hello 3rdthawkins & vkn .. hope you two are doing well this AM.

3rdthawkins: oh, wow, didn't know she died, sorry to hear about that hope she is doing well and will be ok

vkn: Doing ok alt and you?

3rdthawkins: doing good alt, I'm seeing ancestry uploaded some wwii navy muster rolls, wish I could see if this is my grandfather that I am seeing in the search results

vkn: Well the final days are expected but one is never really ready

alt: that's for sure vkn

3rdthawkins: that's true especially for someone who meant so much to you in your life hey Seventies

Seventies Soulchild: good morning everyone.

vkn: Greetings seventies

Seventies Soulchild: 3rd, alt, vkn hello!

alt: What makes you think the record you see is/is not your grandfather? Hello & good morning Seventies Soulchild

3rdthawkins: don't know alt, I would like to see, the name is Thomas A. Hawkins, would like to know if that is him

alt: okay, you don't have ancestry?

3rdthawkins: nope

alt: okay, will take a look

3rdthawkins: alright, thx

vkn: Are either of you finding errors at familysearch" I ask because of what seems to be triplicate info on the same family

Seventies Soulchild: I was looking through those records myself 3rd. Haven't explored all the names in my family as of yet.

3rdthawkins: probably so vkn, a lot of info seem to be inputted twice, and then there are two collections for the same event (marriage) and so people come under both collections

Seventies Soulchild: As far as I'm aware my maternal grandfather is the only person I know who served in the Navy during WW II

alt: what is the title of the Navy muster file 3rdthawkins?

3rdthawkins: same here Seventies, think my gf was the only one in the Navy, others in the Army World War II Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949 alt

alt: errors vkn?

3rdthawkins: try U.S. World War II....

Seventies Soulchild: right. ok

alt: there are 9 Thomas A Hawkins

vkn: or something wierd. Looking at George Washington married to Lucinda Peterson Greenwood /Edgefield SC and their children Booker T and RoseAnn all info seems to conflict

Seventies Soulchild: still having issues on my end...

3rdthawkins: that's what i see alt, I wonder what information I can give that will possibly pull out the right one....I know he was inthe Navy from 1943 to like 1949 or 50......

vkn: You mean with this room seventies?

Seventies Soulchild: Yes, I think its either I didn't upload the new java update or my connection. But leaning more towards the new java update

alt: I'll check them all later and let you knw what I come up with via email 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: ok alt, thx

vkn: We will be uploading a beta to this room tomorrow

Seventies Soulchild: ok well I think I'm going to go ahead and get the latest java update too.

alt: Seventies Soulchild if you have Java v24.. that could be the problem

Seventies Soulchild: ok I'll take a look. thanks alt

alt: I had v24 and un-installed, went back to v23 and re-installed now I have no problems.

Seventies Soulchild: Just checked and I have 24....

alt: Java has stated that they have a copy & paste problem with v24 Seventies Soulchild

3rdthawkins: Java has stated that they have a copy & paste problem with v24 Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: I wonder if they are working on a patch or some other sort of fix for this?

3rdthawkins: I must not have that version

Seventies Soulchild: See I have the same issue at work.

vkn: We had power outage from 3 n afternoon until midnite. Thanx goodness for Coleman lamps

alt: I have no idea Seventies Soulchild , but when I went back to v23 that 'corrected' the copy & paste problem with the chat Room

Seventies Soulchild: ok thanks

3rdthawkins: how do you check what version you have alt?

Seventies Soulchild: Was the weather bad vkn?

alt: go to "Programs" from your Start menu 3rdthawkins and it will show you what programs you have installed

3rdthawkins: wow vkn, that's a long time, what was going on?

vkn: There was a flash storm

3rdthawkins: ok alt thx

Seventies Soulchild: we had similar weather up here friday night in NY & NJ

vkn: Cable is still out

Seventies Soulchild: My town wasn't affected, but the county seat was and places in NJ.

alt: that's bad vkn... you feel lost when those things 'go out"

3rdthawkins: that sounds like the problem my brother has in Joplin vkn, electricity can be out all day long and into the next day after a storm

vkn: sooooooooooo true in da dark

Seventies Soulchild: Trees were down everywhere and I'm talking about big oak trees. took out the electricity in several places.

vkn: My apartment complex is at the top of a hill and I spose it gets hit being at a high point

3rdthawkins: good reason to turn that refrigerator temperature up a little more, so when things like that happen, food can stay cool a little bit longer right vkn

alt: scenic, but dangerous, huh vkn

vkn: that is it alt

3rdthawkins: I think that's why our part of town got hit by the Tornado vkn, it was on a hill

vkn: aaaahhhhh

alt: 3rdthawkins, any idea what ship(s)your g'father may have served on... that seems to be how the names are organized.... by ship.

vkn: Good info Selma is posting

alt: ship, station or activity

3rdthawkins: ok alt, let me look at my files, I did find two records of him on a ship, ancestry has a Passenger's list collection, I believe the two I Found are him, let him get that, and look at my records

alt: Yes vkn, Selma is doing a 'bang-up' job

3rdthawkins: oops, don't have his military records with me, but let me get the two records i have on my commputer for passenger's list

alt: just send what you think I might need to 3rdthawkins. I may not get to it today.

3rdthawkins: ok alt

alt: going to a family reunion meeting this PM and we're busy getting Anita squared away for her surgery on Weds. so I'm a little tied up right now.

3rdthawkins: ok, I see, I hear ya on that, and have fun with that FR

alt: she's giving me a break for Chat LOL LOL from the 'honey do's"

3rdthawkins: I hear ya I may not send info right away myself, until I get all the info together

alt: Ancestry is putting up a lot of good stuff lately.. guess familysearch is giving them a run for their money LOL okay 3rdthawkins, I'll just look for it and when I get it, I get it okay

3rdthawkins: yeah, I see, and I have been to ancestry much in the last few months, so glad to see the Navy collection, and yeah, FS really is putting up some competition alright alt, sounds like a deal ;) have=havent

alt: on familysearch , I don't think too many folks ever search their LDS Library catalog for source materials.

3rdthawkins: I was only there today because I was actually looking up records for the Simms family (paternal family of my 4 older brothers), and I decided to see "What's New" so, how does that work alt, the LDS Library catalog, I don't searh either there, didn't know to you mean go to the LDS library alt? hey Selma

Selma: Morning 3rd and alt

alt: from the Home Page of familysearch the buttons at the top of the page have Catalog... click on it and that takes you to the search feature

3rdthawkins: ahhh, ok

alt: G'day.... Hopalong LOL

Selma: LOL

3rdthawkins: I never got to go to the lds library in Joplin, and they had one there too, not too far from me, but it was only one certain days and certain time, like in the evening, so that posed a problem. Now it's gone one-on

alt: then from the dropdown on search you can search by various means.. I usually use Keywords (beta) and put in a county or sumpin'

3rdthawkins: ok, will try that

alt: Selma... great postings on RG105.... again, congrats!!!!!!!

Selma: Hey what else do I have to do...LOL Think I will start a blog

alt: lady was looking for LDS records on Chickasaw... got 508 hits in OK, Iowa & M & MS

Selma: Getting ready to transcribe a letter about white folks forming a patrol cause black men had armed themselves..

alt: in VA?

trisha: greetings all

alt: hello trisha , how are ya? was this in VA Selma?

3rdthawkins: hey trisha

trisha: Hey Alt, Hawk! I'm good, being a bum today, lol how is everyone? what's new in the world of research?

Selma: Sorry had to step away from the computer Yes, alt in Culpepper County

3rdthawkins: a lot trisha :} how about yourself?

Selma: hi trisha

trisha: oooh, do tell Hawk :) howdy Selma

daviss: hello 3rd alt Selma and Trisha

Selma: Hi daviss

trisha: Hey there daviss

3rdthawkins: met a few family members trisha on my dad's side, got new information, finding bits and pieces here and there, looking into hiring a professional genealogist in NY, I already emailed him and sent him what I have hey daviss

trisha: how exciting Hawk!

3rdthawkins: waiting for a reply what's going on daviss!??

alt: Hello daviss how's it going?

daviss: sorry I was catching up on the log Its going ok thanks

3rdthawkins: that's good

alt: how did you come by a professional genealogist in NY 3rdthawkins , thru APG?

3rdthawkins: googling

alt: okay 3rdthawkins, I see

3rdthawkins: hoping to finally get started on my Jefferson line

Selma: BRB

alt: this is a maternal line 3rdthawkins?

trisha: excellent Hawk

3rdthawkins: my grandmother's alt, yes

daviss: you said that was a Va Jefferson didn't you 3rd

3rdthawkins: yes daviss

trisha: I want to get back to some research....when taking a break, it's so hard to find time to jump back into

daviss: any idea what county

alt: just like 'riding a bike' trisha, once you get started, it all comes back to ya.

daviss: thats true Trisha, this research can be time consuming

3rdthawkins: true trisha.....not sure daviss, it could be WV instead of VA, it could be misinformation by the informant yeah, it is trisha

daviss: I see

alt: well, remember 3rdthawkins WV didn't exist until ca 1861, it was all VA up unitl then.

3rdthawkins: I'm thinking about ordering my grandmother's sister's SSA also, see if she has a different name or their mother ok alt, right now I'm looking for my great grandmother's parents in 1930 and 1920 census, so not back that far yet or-for their mother

alt: Oops, I keep forgotting just how young you are 3rdthawkins .. when you mention grands & great-grands that isn't really that far back

3rdthawkins: hehe, yep

trisha: LOL

alt: compared to some of us 'older folks' like daviss & Selma :)

daviss: lol lol

3rdthawkins: oooo, lol

Selma: Speak for yourself alt

alt: hehehehehehe

3rdthawkins: I think Selma's back lol

Selma: Apparently just in time

trisha: I hear ya Alt, when I go back to my Grandmother I am back to 1850's! My dad had us late in life, he and his twin were the babies of the family and they were born in 1910

3rdthawkins: walked in while he was talkin' about ya

trisha: sounds that sounds like far back, but generationally it's not far for me...and they I am stuck! LOL

alt: I see where the Speakers & the Program schedule for the NBGS in FT. Waune has been posted w/registration information.

daviss: oh really alt, besides AY and Tim anyone else we know

3rdthawkins: I see trisha, that is the same with my mom's stepfather, his parents were born in the 1880s and early 1890s, he was born in 1933 a lot of his first generation cousins were a lot older than him, he just called them uncle/aunt, didn't know they were cousins

alt: Here it is daviss

trisha: :) I hear ya true

daviss: thx alt

3rdthawkins: hey seraph

seraph1959: hello folks

alt: just 'tallyed up" looks like that Summit is gonna cost me just under 1K... for both Anita & me.

daviss: I like that picture of the poster alt!

Selma: Hi Seraph...been awhile, you enjoying your summer

daviss: heyy seraph1959!!

alt: Hello seraph1959, how have you been?

seraph1959: yes summer has been grand

Selma: Your post on the FBI records very informative

seraph1959: thanks Selma , very eye opening too

alt: nice posting on the FBI files as an 'untapped' source for family history

seraph1959: I had no idea of what to expect

daviss: dang alt, I thought the banquet should be included in the registration price

trisha: Hey there seraph

seraph1959: some of it gave me chills because of the details, the people had to be very close to family for some of the details , but from a family history perspective , I love it

alt: usually the Banquet's are a separate cost item daviss , so get ready for SLC LOL LOL

Selma: Hoover had folks spying on everyone

daviss: sheesh!!

3rdthawkins: well, I know my grandfather won't be in those FBI files, he was all for whites!

Selma: Recent disclosures shows best known of the black photographers during the Civil Rights movement was an informant...they did a segment on TV

seraph1959: like knowing when my Umcle John was courting his fiancee (His second wife) , he had dinner with her and her family most nights, but went home to his house each evening ... what a gentleman :-)

daviss: I saw that Segment Selma

3rdthawkins: yeah, that's nice, but creepy

alt: I guess those files got down to the 'nitty-gritty' hence the MLK & Malcom files.

seraph1959: there was info on his fiance's mom calling her a recluse ( she was old) and that she did her shopping once a week

daviss: thats a recluse lol!

3rdthawkins: sounds like good information though seraph, to be able to look into their personal life, as alt always tells me

alt: wow!!! was your family involve in the Labor movement with A Phillip Randolph seraph1959?

seraph1959: can you imagine what a file is like today with technology...visted xyz internet sites...shopped at Walmart, drove on the x tool way etc .... he was a scientist who went to Russia

alt: and all digitized seraph1959 LOL

3rdthawkins: yeah, today you don't need rumors of adultery, you have plenty of evidence to tell it

trisha: lol

alt: that's right he was connected to G. W. Carver, right?

seraph1959: yes the letter asking him to go was in the file as well as other letters

alt: Wow!!! a great insight in the

seraph1959: Uncle John gifted the files to Howard U

3rdthawkins: that is cool

seraph1959: now I heard of all this stuff growing up but never knew the details ...oh how I wished I could have questioned folks on this stuff

Selma: If you were active in the Civil Rights movement alt..there is probably file on you

daviss: seraph1959 does it say who went to Russia with him..

trisha: wow...that is amazing

alt: maybe I ought to check Selma...

daviss: I am thinking of a W E Evans who if memory serves me correctly he was also a scientist

3rdthawkins: yeah, like if you smacked a white guy in the face for calling you the n word....they probably put in their files for that

seraph1959: no , but I do have articles that mention the 30 or so other scientist , there is also a book which I have been looking for about written by a young lady born during this time

alt: I know I'm in the Police records of Montgomery, Ala for a 1956 "situation"

seraph1959: her dad was one of the scientist

daviss: He is the one that was also at TS and PV

seraph1959: cool alt were a bad boy!!!

3rdthawkins: wow alt, that is something

daviss: what is the name of the book seraph

seraph1959: daviss my sis and I are redoing my files , so in a week or to I should be able to put my hands on the articles , right now I can't find anything

daviss: ok

seraph1959: it is in my notes ...somewhere in the piles , I should take a picture for the do not let this be you poster

alt: like you said seraph1959, if only we knew then what we know now.

seraph1959: I am so glad my sis is helping me , I was near tears at one point wishing I knew better when I started yes I even pulled out Tony Burroughs book and reread the organization pearts parts

alt: but now that you have an idea of what was happening then you might be able to do a better job today seraph1959 .. those dark clouds do have silver linings LOL

seraph1959: one thing I am confused on is filing women's info... surname before marriage ...but once they marry should all documents go with the new surname that info on kids and hubby , marriage is together ?

trisha: but the actions against the African American community and others were not noted for what they were, atrocities and acts to be prosectued for but were sanctioned by the System... no, what was prosecuted were made up offenses and acts to show the system was flawed and prejudiced, and spying on folks to see who they were friends and intimates of... :| my oh my....

seraph1959: trisha I hear you ...I now wonder what my Uncles idealogy on communism was ...they could not prove anything , but I will reread his letter to see what his thought were

alt: whatever works for you seraph1959... do you have your information in a genealogy software package .. Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, Legacy, etc.?

Selma: It was thought for quite some time that AA's quest for their rights as citizens were seen as a Communist PLOT

trisha: well, it's time to give my little stinky dog a bath....hope you all have a great day. The debt ceiling debate is giving me serious headache, heartburn and a pain somewhere I shall not mention ::smile::

seraph1959: he denied to FBI but I wonder...I think he may have enjoyed the intellectual battle ...some of the passages were kind of tense , when he verbally fought back ...but he would usually apologize ...hahahah yes alt , I am talking about actual documents ...all the paper that is taking me over

alt: y'all are too young to remember the Mcarthy hearings, right?

seraph1959: I have been reading up on them , scarey stuff

daviss: take care trisha

3rdthawkins: Crazy Selma, they want to believe and they want black folks to believe that they (blacks) are as dumb as a door nail and can't possibly understand anything, but yet they prove blacks are as intelligent and smart, and even smarter than a lot of them (whites)

seraph1959: bye trisha

Selma: Bye trisha

3rdthawkins: ok trisha, bye

trisha: ciao :}

alt: My thing is to scan documents... chronologically seraph1959 .. and the single/married documents will then fit into a time timeline. so that way I know when I'm addressing an individual's (female) records as a married person or when they were unmarried.... does that make sense? example of a chronorlogical documents album seraph1959 . .

seraph1959: getting it all scanned is the dream ...right now in the nightmare called sorting ... I found a set of folders Lord wah

alt: hehehehehehe

daviss: man alt, you sure have it coging on coging = going

seraph1959: I wanna be like alt when I grow up

daviss: I wish I had what you I am all cluttered up

seraph1959: alt where are paper copies are they filed the same way ?

alt: when I find a new document I then just 'date it" and it will sort chronologically into the album

3rdthawkins: me too seraph1959, but I don't thiknk I

daviss: and really no reason to be since I dont have a lot of info lol

3rdthawkins: but I don't think I'll ever grow up

alt: Yep, in a folder(s)/binder(s) in protective sleeves seraph1959

seraph1959: so are the documents by surname or just by year?

alt: since they cross so many surnames I just do them by years

seraph1959: I am taking everything out of the sleeves for now cause well I was just putting in sleeves with no rhyme or reason LOL

alt: there are a 1,000 ways to do it seraph1959. it's just what you're comfortable with and understand

seraph1959: yeah I will write down my why of filing this time , so I will know why .

alt: in the binders I also use dividers to separate the doucments by decade 1850's, 1860's , 1870's etc. you're a scr*apbooker I'm sure you have some pretty good techniques to use.

3rdthawkins: ok, well, gonna go, going to my bro's apartment, will try and check back in to see if you all are still here

seraph1959: I have done some cool pages and I hope to add photographs to the folders to help bring the story of the folks on the documents alive

alt: Selma, tell us about your upcoming Blog????

Selma: It was a delirous joke alt

seraph1959: { I just love what I read on folks}

alt: and you can scan those photos seraph1959 and put them in a jpg scr*pbook

seraph1959: my genie blog would read found more stuff still trying to figure it out ...LOL

alt: I have on a flash drive something like 3,000 photos that are separated into photo albums.

daviss: wow that selma blog question knocked me off line

alt: hehehehehehhe @ daviss

seraph1959: I am trying to be more technological ...

Selma: LOL

seraph1959: but I love to have the paper in my hand :-)

Selma: My problem too seaph

alt: me too seraph1959, I love paper

seraph1959: I have gotten better at documenting sources lately ...before did I make this up , was it oral history , from a document? eeekkkkk

alt: but I'm getting used to seeing those 'papers' in a jpeg format.

seraph1959: I finally purchased the archival stuff ...goodness it is so expensive

alt: you'd better believe it is expensive

seraph1959: I see why poor folks stuff is not around could not afford to save it ! daviss I love your blog

daviss: which one seraph lol thx

alt: well, y'all I gotta run, going to Columbus, OH for a final reunion planning session this afternoon... Reunion is Labor Day Weekend ... the 91st annual Adams Reunion. laters y'all

seraph1959: I am not sure , the one where you did the story on helping the person you met at a meeting

daviss: take care alt oh ok that was Mariah's Zepher

seraph1959: can it be subscribed too , that is the only way I can keep up if stuff is automatically put where I can read it later

Selma: Folks I have to run..good seeing you seraph..(you too daviss, but I see you everyday)...LOL

daviss: I also have the Lingering Thoughts Loving Times which is more AZ specific just put in favs seraph1959

seraph1959: like a bookmark ?

daviss: yes I dont write daily so just check back I will send you both links

seraph1959: remember to look ... I have some that appear in a list when I go to one place I usually will know you posted if it is on facebook

daviss: oh ok that will work

seraph1959: so life is good but hot...

daviss: same here, glad to be on this side of the hot dirt

seraph1959: can you believe even with a hurricane in the Gulf we only got a misting of rain ?

daviss: I saw that. It was odd how as soon as it hit ground it faded There is another storm looming out there now

seraph1959: I have some scrpbook buddies in AZ hopefully I will get to visit them and you too! next summer already mentally planning my escapes

daviss: lol lol I hear ya Are you going to plan for SLC

seraph1959: I'd like too

daviss: thats where the next Summitt will be

seraph1959: 2012 Nov is reunion so I not sure how many trips I will do

daviss: You guys had a ball at the last one oh ok that would be hard, Oct and Nov

seraph1959: I got my car title in the mail , so no car note save some $ but there are so many things I need to do to house ...I just have to get a plan together

daviss: We were trying to have our reunion out on a cruise from Galveston but not sure it will happen

seraph1959: sounds like fun fun fun so is the info up on the summit yet ?

daviss: They may just decide ahain on Houston ahain = again

seraph1959: yeah you want where most folks can afford to attend

daviss: not yet re summitt

seraph1959: oh ok I need a year to save for most stuff

daviss: I think me and my fam have the longest way to come

seraph1959: those pennies add up over time :-)

daviss: yup! well gotta run Great seeing you

seraph1959: nice chatting see ya

daviss: come back more often

seraph1959: I will :-)

daviss: also see you on AfriGeneas Talking lol

seraph1959: need reminders

daviss: lol bye sister friend

seraph1959: bye

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