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2011-06-19 Ann Frazier SC


Start: 10:57:30
End: 12:38:05
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, beb, daviss, James Ivey, laine, ProfDru, Selma, seventies soulchild, vkn

beb: Good Morning

seventies soulchild: Good morning James Ivey

James Ivey: Good morning seventies soulchild

seventies soulchild: Did you get some good advice last night?

James Ivey: Yes there was a lot of good takeaways

seventies soulchild: excellent! Best of luck with tracing your line. Morning AYWalton

AYWalton: Good morning, all. Hello SoulChile, James Ivey

James Ivey: Good morning AY

AYWalton: Hope you are both well.

James Ivey: Yes

seventies soulchild: doing well.

AYWalton: I was in Alabama for the Samford Genealogy Institute all last week. Just got back Friday evening and still resting up from it.

seventies soulchild: Right, I was reading some of the status updates on FB

James Ivey: I know that it was interesting

seventies soulchild: Sounds like it was a success again.

AYWalton: oh yes it was, indeed. I have been blogging about it all week. Working on my last piece today.

seventies soulchild: I see that you had a Lanier give a presentation... lol gosh they come a dime a dozen in AL lol

AYWalton: I took the Land Records and Maps Track.

seventies soulchild: How was it?

AYWalton: yes, he was one of the teachers in the class. It was amazing. I learned a lot about maps, Google Earth, and even Geo-Caching. Have tons of ideas that I hope to be able to use.

seventies soulchild: good Can't wait to see your work in this area.

James Ivey: How can google earth be factored in?

AYWalton: oh gracious all kinds of ways.

James Ivey: Really?

seventies soulchild: I'm still thinking about doing that super-reunion in a couple of years.

AYWalton: If you know the coordinates of the land where you ancestors lived, you can layer plat maps on top, zoom in on the land today, you can find old cemeteries and mark them on google earth, and tell the story in another way. TONS of ways to enhance your genealogy.

James Ivey: My goodness

seventies soulchild: great! Hi ProfDru

AYWalton: you can also use old Sanborn maps and then layer today, and tell the story in a unique way. ProfDru is in da house!!

ProfDru: hello gang

James Ivey: Hi ProfDru

seventies soulchild: That's something I have to learn. Thank goodness my son is pretty good at orienteering

AYWalton: We also learned about how to find old maps---and there are ways to map your ancestors---many applications out there.

James Ivey: I know that's right

seventies soulchild: oh yea?

AYWalton: So much information---my head felt like it was exploding.

seventies soulchild: lol I am not a map reader at all

AYWalton: you need to be----they tell such stories about the past!

seventies soulchild: I had kind of played around with Google Earth, but they only go back about 20 yrs

AYWalton: there are old maps out there---and if you know how to read them, you can layer current ones on top of them. plus there are ways to do other things----using your GPS device.

seventies soulchild: I'll have to look at that when I go to Adams Co. and look at the old land deeds from the 1700's

AYWalton: You can map cemeteries---I really want to put black cemeteries "on the map" figuratively and literally. I also learned how certain parts of the country use different systems

seventies soulchild: Hey that's an excellent idea AYWalton!

James Ivey: That would be great

AYWalton: Since my states are states with public lands I am lucky as I have the easier range and township maps to work with. The original colonies, use the old meets and bounds system. A bit more complicated to me---to draw the land, but with practice one can get it down.

seventies soulchild: ok. definitely giving me something to think about regarding the cemetery thing.

AYWalton: states like Mississippi, Arkansas, and points west use the simplified grid system--township and range. howdy alt!!!

seventies soulchild: oh...hmm

alt: catching up on the log.. sounds like you had a good week AYWalton

AYWalton: So maybe today I will pull out some of my notes and give thought to things that I want to work on.

James Ivey: How abt GA?

AYWalton: alt it was fantastic. what about GA?

seventies soulchild: I think that there is an old cemetery where my ancestor was buried. Was formerly a plantation/workplace. I've heard it was still in existence from someone recently on Find a grave, but still not sure.

James Ivey: What type of map system did they use?

AYWalton: As I said the 13 original counties used the meets and bounds system. Georgia is one of the 13 original colonies.

alt: James Ivey, I was reading the Ivey?Hampton thread this AM.... looks like you have a lot of good stuff as a background to work with.

James Ivey: I stand corrected GA was part of the thirteen,thanks

AYWalton: Keeping in mind we have to learn our local history when we pursue our familiy history.

seventies soulchild: AYWalton, the grid system came into use after the Louisiana purchase? Or before?

alt: Hello laine, welcome

AYWalton: my guess is later, since public land was not being sold---it was being explored at that time. hello laine, welcome.

daviss: hellp ProfDru!

alt: Ohio, statehood in 1803.. we use Twp. Section & Range for county plat maps.

laine: Good Morning Everyone!

ProfDru: yes, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daviss: and hello laine

AYWalton: So many things can be done.

seventies soulchild: That happens sometimes on here to me too ProfDru

AYWalton: if you have the legal land description you can do lots of things. We also so how important mapping really is.

ProfDru: Angela and Selma are dangerous now that they've completed the weeklong training at Sanford. Watch out! LOL

AYWalton: Modern mapping helped get aid to Haiti. They had to have modern up to the minute maps----and Google earth assisted in that---and saved thousands of lives.

seventies soulchild: interesting laine is this your first time in afrigeneas chat?

James Ivey: Hi vkn

AYWalton: Modern maps were not common in Haiti, and some talented folks used google earth to create them, which assisted in finding places to set up temporary hospitals.

laine: no

vkn: Good morning good people and welcome home travelers


AYWalton: one such place was the soccer stadium in Port Au Prince.

alt: 1857 plat map showing land my 3rd grt-grandfather bought in 1829.

vkn: alt ayw daviss James laine ProfDru Seventies Y'all peeps be looking good!!!!!

ProfDru: Did yall hear Angela and Shelly Murphy on Blog Talk Radio on Friday night? They were great!

laine: I have a brickwall issue..been searching for my ggrandmother for the last 6 years and just cannot find her. She is in the 1870 census in Edgefield, sc. Cannot find her after that date. Not even with another name. Looked in hospital records, criminal records,...nothing.

AYWalton: thanks, ProfDru.

alt: yes I did ProfDru and they did a fantastic job!!!!

daviss: Happy Fathers Day Alt and James

AYWalton: was she still living in 1880, laine?

James Ivey: Thank you

AYWalton: And yes, Happy Father's Day to the men folk.

seventies soulchild: Have you looked in other surrounding counties laine?

laine: yes, she had four children beginning in 1892-1896

alt: thank you daviss

AYWalton: could she have remarried between 1870 and 1880?

laine: yes, looked in charleston, Columbia, aIKENS, ABBEVILLE,

AYWalton: what was her name? Was it a common name or unusual name--that might have been misspelled in 1880?

laine: it does not appear as if she ever married my ggrandfather. he had another family.

ProfDru: alt, I'm making headway on my new website; hope to have it finished early next week.

AYWalton: what was her name?

vkn: laine are you a member of a genealogical society at the state or local level

laine: Anna frasier in the 1870 census...changed to Frazier

AYWalton: (can't wait to see the stie, ProfDru)

alt: have you tried a 'given name' search for an AA female in SC with her first name on all census records following 1870 w/ her approx birthdates ?

laine: I even have other relatives... yes, i tried that

AYWalton: and you don't see her in 1880 at all?

vkn: Very good laine and how resourceful are those groups in terms of your search needs

laine: she is not in the 1880 census they have offer suggestions which I have tried and still nothing the lady just cannot be found

AYWalton: what county was she supposed to have been in 1880?

laine: edgefield

alt: do you find her siblings and/or children in other States following the 1870 Census?

laine: one of her siblings Boston is in the 1900 census i have not found her other siblings in any other state

vkn: daviss sounds like a kinsperson to YouKnowWho

AYWalton: what towns are in Edgefield county?

daviss: lol lol @ vkn

alt: have you located Boston in an earlier census than 1900? Later than 1900?

laine: Edgefield, Saluda and later ninety-six in greenwood, county yes, her brother is in the area and cared for one of her children

alt: then you might follow the trail of siblings to see if they re-connect ot her in some way.

laine: i have the death certificates for all of her children

alt: ot=to

AYWalton: So the Ann Frazier in 1880 with Joseph and Susan and Alvin and Lela and Arthur is not your Ann?

laine: this is clearly a family mystery...many secrets one of her children is chester arthur kemp Anna does have a sister named Susan a brother Hy and a brother Boston

AYWalton: well I am looking at Ann Frazier in 1880, in Edgefield.

ProfDru: Isn't Rapper Fifty Cents family from Edgefield, SC?

laine: her father is boston and mother Martha Frasier

vkn: Howdy Selma

laine: yes, this is the same place

Selma: Good Sunday mornin good people

alt: as we suggested to James Ivey last nite in chat... Post your information as clearly as you can on the AfriGeneas message boards.... more eyes & ideas to help you with your 'brickwall"

Selma: Hello laine, welcome back James Ivey

laine: Thanks for listening, i will continue hunting...

daviss: where do you see her AYWalton

AYWalton: have you eliminated the Ann Frazier in 1880?

laine: not yet

AYWalton: She is in Edgefield County SC, as head of household. have you seen the family I am referring to, laine?

James Ivey: will do alt, and thanks Selma

AYWalton: they are in the Pine Grove district of Edgefield County SC.

laine: no, she is not head of household in the 1880 census because she would be around 11 years old

vkn: Glad to see you back James Ivey

laine: i will however look at the anna you mentioned...birth years can be misleading.

James Ivey: Thanks

alt: James Ivey... I read your Ivey/Hampton thread this morning.... you've got a lot of good stuff on AfriGeneas.... good on the trail you've started in that thread.

AYWalton: have you been going back in time and coming forward, or starting recent years and going backward?

James Ivey: Yes alt you are right

daviss: I have a question laine

laine: i started with her children and cannot even find them in the census with their father or mother. This is one big mess. Father was murdered in 1907.

vkn: and daviss your addition to the IVEY thread sounds as though you were in the chat last evening

daviss: Are you looking for her after or before 1880

AYWalton: ok what is the most recent year that you have her documented, laine?

laine: thanks, i will keep hunting. I have written a paper on this mystery. She has to be somewhere.

AYWalton: and under what name was she listed in that census year, laine?

daviss: lol vkn I was thinking Ivey Ivy all night long

laine: would you beleive 1870. anna fraser

James Ivey: lol

daviss: I have a Boston in 1870

AYWalton: ok and how old was she in 1870?

vkn: Selma I found a graphic of the counties surrounding warren GA and posted it for James along with a link of the satnite log

laine: if you have boston then that is the correct family

alt: James Ivey.. the Boto/Bartow & Campbell (?) surnames mentioned may be clues to surnames of former slave owners from VA... those are 'big' VA surnames as Selma will attest to.

daviss: Martha, Rose, Boston jr and an Anna

laine: that's it!

James Ivey: Thanks alt and thanks vkn

daviss: so Hy and Susan did you have that one

laine: yes - hy and susan

seventies soulchild: bye all! Best of luck to you laine

laine: yes

daviss: ok

alt: laters

Selma: that the one in 1870?

laine: yes selma, that's the correct family

Selma: you don't find the whole family at all in 1880?

laine: that's right...cannot find them.

Selma: Do you find them in 1900?

James Ivey: Laine did you look for the children during their adulthood and their families in the censuses,she might have lived with one of them

alt: where have yo looked other than Edgefield Co., SC?

laine: i can only find the brother - Boston

Selma: and where is he? In the same county?

laine: North Carolina

Selma: So he has moved to NC between 1870 and 1900?

laine: Boston is in Ninety-six, sc

AYWalton: Living alone---so something happened that they were split up, perhaps.

laine: no, he did not move, however some of the family did migrate to North Carolina around 1920

alt: you have the family of Anna constructed on a family group sheet with siblings? and then family group sheets for the siblings?

laine: yes i was told that my grandmother's father and mother died when their children were young. family members have told me to leave it alone.

vkn: James we have to get you to build family group sheets if you have not done so already

James Ivey: that's a good idea

laine: i later found that my ggrandfather was murdered in 1907. I think maybe my ggreat grandmother was also murdered.

AYWalton: there is a possibility that they could have contracted cholera in 1873, or yellow fever in 1878--a major epidemic that was a national pandemic.

alt: with dates/locations for birth, marriage & death? it is often easier to find individuals when you search for the family unit(s)... as you probably already know.

AYWalton: if both died in that time period.

vkn: laine do they give you a basis "for leaving it alone"?

Selma: Do you know any of the details of the "murder"

vkn: Xcellent thought AYW

laine: they were alive in the late 1890's because the first child was born in 1892 and the last child was born in 1896.

AYWalton: you may want to learn more of the local history. Was the community affected by public health problems, or by natural disasters.

laine: that's the family secret...they wil not discuss what happened. i showed them the coroner's report and newspaper clipping for my ggrandfather.

AYWalton: considering that both parents died between 1870 and 1880.

James Ivey: are there any older members that have an idea of the story behind the story

laine: both parents died after 1900.

vkn: Oops I did not see the murder message well there would be a public record of any investigation. Might it have been a lynching?

AYWalton: well the issue of a murder---that sometimes causes family members a sense of shame or embarassement. But it will be in the papers, though.

laine: yes, i have the public record.

AYWalton: Imagine being related to someone involved in a tragic incident.

daviss: I see a 50 yr old Boston in Edgefield

Selma: This happened in Edgefield

AYWalton: many times the family members want to "forget" and move on.

laine: cannot find a murder for anna and so i looked in asylum papers...nothing

AYWalton: that sense of shame and embarassment can last for decades and be passed down through the generations.

laine: yes, they do want to forget... i will just have to live with this mystery and finish my paper.

AYWalton: and many who lived through a tragedy do want to forget.

vkn: Look at the Tuskegee report of murders [cannot think of name of report]

AYWalton: I have a tragedy in one of my lines---and I have no idea what it was.

laine: thanks:) for your help!

daviss: 1880 census for 50 yr old Boston

AYWalton: My cousin who referred to it only said a tragedy affected the family in Tennessee and they moved to Chicago to forget.

laine: you found boston in 1880? where?

AYWalton: I still have no clue.

daviss: he is a farmhand no family with him though

laine: s he in edgefield?

daviss: Abbeyville 96

Selma: Maybe he went there for work?

AYWalton: Actually I am surprised to see so many Boston Fraziers appear in the census.

laine: that is probably the correct location..i need to check this out and look at the neighobors

AYWalton: That must have been a common given name.

vkn: What is the name of the Ida Wells' report alt

laine: that was a common name...i have even searched the slave records for boston' in sc

vkn: I have many rolls of film of those docs but cannot pull up name from the recess of my brain

laine: you all are wonderful! i have talked my relatives to death and they are burned out...

Selma: It'll come back to you in about an hour or so vkn..or in the middle of the night

vkn: lol lol

alt: scuse me.. oldest son just dropped in for a moment

laine: AYWalton...what did you learn new last week?

Selma: We understand about the family burn out laine..thats why we are here, talking to each other

AYWalton: laine you need to give them something. Lots of times we talk to them for them to give us information.

vkn: absolutely we just be Nuts lol

Selma: Are we going to give the Samford update AY..can I go first

AYWalton: Start out in 1930 with a nice image of one of the ancestors in the 1930 census---blowing it up so they can see it nicely.

laine: thanks, I have given old pictures, wonderful old letters...lots of tangibles and a lot of loving messages.

AYWalton: if you have not done so already---they might like seeing their parents or grandparents in the census. good strategy, then you are doing it the right way.

vkn: Yes yes yes The Samford report you two

AYWalton: go ahead, Selma. I am still resting. :)

daviss: laine I can't copy and paste here but look at T 9 roll 1217 page 354 . he is at the second to the bottom of the page. a little hard to read but its there

Selma: I will let AY..give the details about the courses

laine: thanks, i am on it.

AYWalton: I refer folks to my blog for the past 5 days. and working on the last one as we speak.

Selma: 1. Because of health issues I chose to stay in the dorm, figure it would be less wear and tear on my bone..I forgot about college mattresses

vkn: well highlight us ayw

laine: AYWalton...thanks for the blog. Thanks for are fantastic!

AYWalton: thanks, laine.

alt: do we need a terminology lesson for the Land & Map session?

Selma: You don't appreciate the wonder the pillow top mattress until you sleep onthe dorm mattress.

laine: poor students, how do they live in a dorm? young bones can take the mattresses.

AYWalton: true, laine. lol I chose the hotel. Plus I need my CNN, and big bed and adjustable air-conditioning.

Selma: 2. Just because the cafeteria has a wonderful breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, grits and rolls, it is not a good idea to eat all of that then go to a lecture and sit in direct eye site of the speaker

ProfDru: yes, laine, young bones can take the mattresses, lol

laine: I am signing up for next year, please recommend a good hotel.

vkn: indoor camping for AYW

AYWalton: there are 2 conference hotels--the Drury and Best Western. Both are nice. I stayed at the Drury. you need to come too, ProfDru.

Selma: I will be where ever AY is next year...

ProfDru: I'm thinking about attending RootsTech in February.

Selma: Take a sweater or jacket or shawl the rooms are freezing

AYWalton: well Roots Tech does sound nice. I just don't know about flying into Salt Lake in the middle of winter. But I have loved the workshop I have watched on video. They were really good.

laine: I am also thinking about RootsTech. All of these wonderful conferences cost money and i am trying to prioritize where to go on my limited conference budget.

James Ivey: Bye all got to go do some Father's Day stuff

alt: I enjoyed seeing the Map of Camp Nelson, KY..... refugee & USCT CW camp

Selma: Happy Dad's day.

laine: Anybody heading to Little Rock?

AYWalton: Oh alt, I loved that map!

ProfDru: I watched a video from last year with Louise Cook interviewing Tony Burroughs. He talked abou Roots Tech and his youth genealogy project with Chicago schools.

Selma: It was an incredible amount of information...

AYWalton: I might be laine.

Selma: They had all kinds of maps..and you know I love maps

laine: I really want to go there and also Indiana...just money is the issue.

AYWalton: I didn't realize that Tony was involved in youth genealogy? I hear ya, laine.

Selma: Laine, yes it is hard to choose some times

ProfDru: yes, very much so angela, I'll send you the video. It is a fascinating project.

Selma: Going to miss Little Rock this time..went there thelast time had a great time

AYWalton: Selma, did you see the African American slavey mapping project that Shelly Murphy is involved in?

laine: I feel that it is so important to link with AA researchers...they give me energy and different perspectives on research.

AYWalton: Seeing that map right after our class just warmed my heart.

alt: Selma, you bought Larry Hamilton's book "Lucy's Story", the setting is Camp Nelson.. he had ancestors who were both contrabnad/refugee Y USCT @ Camp Nelson

Selma: mean since we got home Yes, I have the book atl..

laine: I need to purchase that book?

ProfDru: laine, what other conferences have you attended?

laine: AAGHS, SC Genealogy, NGS, FHC in DC and Baltimore

ProfDru: ok

Selma: Are you on the east coast laine?

laine: yes

vkn: Yall be good and happy dad's day alt

Selma: Ok..I am in va

AYWalton: are you in Baltimore laine?

ProfDru: I'm hoping to attend the Atlanta Family History Expos again this year.

laine: Washington Metro area

AYWalton: Have we met laine?

alt: Larry Hamilton @ for book information laine

laine: yes

AYWalton: I might not recognize your screen name.

Selma: have I met you laine?

AYWalton: ok who are you down in DC hiding from us local MD/DC folks? lol

laine: Selma, i am not sure if we have met. Maybe.

ProfDru: lol angela

laine: my screen name was bbennett.

AYWalton: lol aha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bernice!!! You were hiding out on us!!!!!!

ProfDru: were you at last year's aahgs conference, laine?

laine: aha!!!!!!! you figured it out!

Selma: know it is hard for us to keep up with too many names.. LOL

AYWalton: lol that was too funny!

laine: yes, i was a presenter at aahgs last year

AYWalton: I should have guessed by the SC data, but you held your secret for a while, for sure!

alt: the mapping project that Shelley (keli1) is involved with is fantastic!!!!!

AYWalton: oh yes!

Selma: Me too

laine: i was not trying to keep a secret...just changed my screen day for the fun of it!

Selma: Is this the project in Albemarle county, Charlottesville..

ProfDru: yes selma

Selma: Honey we are too old for too many changes

laine: Selma, have we met?

ProfDru: lol selma

Selma: I can't remember names I remember faces..

AYWalton: you have met her, Selma.

alt: and you also wanted to see if we had any idea of what we're talking about here in the chat room LOL ... give us a grade laine.

AYWalton: and she has been here several times as well.

laine: I have about four different names and i can tell where I know folks by what they call me. I am not kidding...

Selma: If Angela says we have met, then we have.. LOL

AYWalton: lol she was also in Little Rock when AAHGS was there.

daviss: uh oh regarding grade alt lol

Selma: there you go..then nice to see you again Laine aka bbennett

laine: I would give everyone an A plus...very helpful! I am just frustrated right now because i have always had luck with my research.

alt: oh daviss, how did your meeting yesterday go?

laine: yes, AYWalton, we met in Little Rock

daviss: It went well alt. three new people researching the same surname that did not know each other..

AYWalton: we actually met on the way to Little Rock. We met at the gate at the airport as I recall.

alt: were you in Ft., Wayne last year laine?

laine: Small world

Selma: Wow AY...those brain cells are working

laine: No, I did not go to Ft. Wayne

AYWalton: Selma look at this map:

alt: wonderful daviss.... okay laine


laine: Hey folks, how do you keep your family happy when they are sick and tired of your genealogy research?

AYWalton: after that maps class I am truly impressed! what do you mean keep them happy?

daviss: lol @ laine

AYWalton: for some folks, I keep them happy by not talking about the research directly---but talking about what they like.

laine: I mean, when they want you to do something spend more time with them

alt: throw out bits & pieces laine .... LOL Interesting little 'did you know' tidbits, especially with their direct lines

AYWalton: If somebody like sewing----then find an old quilt and point out that they got their sewing skill from Grandma, or Aunt Ellen. get them to appreciate that what they do now---probably came from one of the ancestors.

Selma: Wow..some site..I know another researcher who is working on this he mentioned but I hadn't been here

AYWalton: isn't that amazing, Selma?

laine: they love owning the information but only after I have put it in a paper describing in detail what i have done.

AYWalton: click on the advanced options at the bottom. talk about metes and bounds.

alt: ain't that gonna be sumpin' Selma?

laine: Thanks for chatting! Happy Father's Day!

AYWalton: You know----an African American maps class might really be a good presentation to give. I don't know enough to give it, but we need to really learn about maps more.

alt: y'all might be interested in the Ohio Maps for the Virginia Military Distrct & the Symmes Purchase....

AYWalton: oh really alt?

Selma: Folks gotta run...going to see my son..Happy Father's Day alt

alt: thank you Selma

AYWalton: you will have to post a link on the Forum.

Selma: Have a great day.

AYWalton: I need to also wind down. Happy Father's day, alt.

alt: thank you AYWalton

daviss: bye alt, have a great day

alt: you too

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