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2011-06-18 IVEY family research


Start: 20:59:10
End: 22:28:25
Chatters: alt, James Ivey, rcs, Selma, seventies soulchild, vkn

alt: hello James Ivey, how are you this evening?

James Ivey: Great alt how ab Great alt how abt you?

alt: doing fine thanks, guess we're early.

James Ivey: Yes a little

alt: is this your 1st time in AfriGeneas chat?

James Ivey: Yes

alt: then welcome.

James Ivey: Thanks

alt: I've been seeing Ivey message in the Forums, Just saw one before I came in tonite.

James Ivey: Oh really? Is there a new one?

alt: Yes, looked like a census record and a WW I draft registration record

James Ivey: Ok is the WWI for Jones?

seventies soulchild: Hello James Ivey and alt

alt: I think so Hello seventies soulchild , how are ya?

James Ivey: Hi Seventies soulchild

seventies soulchild: Doing well. :) How are y'all tonight?

James Ivey: That's good:} Great

seventies soulchild: good to hear.

alt: 1870 census for a Moses Ivey & a WW I draft record for a John Henry Ivey.

seventies soulchild: So James Ivey, what state and surnames are you researching? I'm looking at Alabama and Mississippi. My major surnames are Lanier and Callins in AL and Rounds/Washington and Thompson/Galmore in MS

James Ivey: Mine are the Ivey's primarily in the Warrenton,Ga area. A revelation though is that Moses was transported from Virginia

alt: Selma, a chatter who will probably be joining us later says that we all started out in Virginia James Ivey.

seventies soulchild: :)

James Ivey: Oh really

alt: yep.... and when we get back far enough she is right for most of us.

James Ivey: That is interesting

alt: yes it is.

seventies soulchild: James, could your family surname also be Ivy or Ivory?

James Ivey: Yes there are different variations Ivy,Ivory,Ivey,Ivery

alt: the Moses Ivey on the 1870 census found in Warrenton, GA was born ca 1783 in Virgina.

seventies soulchild: wow he was up in age in 1870

alt: yes seventies soulchild Census says 87 y/o

James Ivey: Right. He was 87

alt: so he was born right after the Rev War ended,

seventies soulchild: so I presume 1870 is the only census he appears on. Are there any other census taken by the state perhaps in 1866 that he may have appeared on?

James Ivey: Right, is there an 1866 census?

seventies soulchild: Well it depends on the state. Some did take censuses right after the CW. certain places in MS and in AL did. I don't want to confuse you, but it may be something worth looking into. The local censuses would've been taken between the federal census years. evenin' vkn :)

vkn: Howdy doody all

James Ivey: No that isn't confusing that could be helpful did GA have something similiar?

alt: hello vkn, how be's ya this evening?

James Ivey: Hi VKN

vkn: seventies

seventies soulchild: vkn would be the person you'd ask about GA records, James Ivey

vkn: alt James Ivey you made it

James Ivey: Yes I did

vkn: Congrats you are in the room with some of the best in the world

James Ivey: I am glad to be in good company

alt: Now that the Forum has got James Ivey back to 1870 in Warren Co., GA there are whole sets of records for him to research during the 1850-1870 tome period in GA.

seventies soulchild: Ok starting today, I will be blogging daily until I take my research trip to Mississippi

vkn: You see alt and seventies your fame is out in front of ya

alt: 1850-1860 Slave Schedule, Freedman's Bureau records, etc.

seventies soulchild: lol oh really now... lol Y'all know the url

alt: and the how this Moses Ivey may have gotten to GA from VA and when.

vkn: Yes that Moses IVEY looks promising

seventies soulchild: Also Happy Juneteenth everyone!

vkn: Juneteenth happy to all

alt: ditto

James Ivey: How fitting to have this chat on this day,ditto

seventies soulchild: James Ivey, do you have access to heritagequest?

vkn: In fact Warren county is full of IVEY and is a prime spot for community genealogy James

James Ivey: I wasn't familiar with that one

seventies soulchild: hmmm well since you mentioned that vkn, do you think that there is a good chance that James will find the last known slaveholder?

vkn: Without a doubt seventies

seventies soulchild: good. James Ivey keep us updated. Would love to hear more about your Ivey's.

James Ivey: Will do. Is the slave schedules the best resource?

vkn: James do you have your findings recorded in any software via genealogy

James Ivey: Not yet but I plan on doing it

alt: a must do/have James Ivey re: genealogy software package

seventies soulchild: Well slave era research is different. If you can get access to private inventories you may have a good chance at identifying some of your folks.

vkn: James Ivey prolly the best resource is listing all of the members of your family [not living] and their relations to you and to focus on their death documentation

alt: for maintaining your findings in an 'orderly fashion'.

seventies soulchild: Check wills, deeds, tax rolls.

alt: exactly as vkn states.... work your Ivey family lines back to 1870 on family group sheets which a software package will help you to develop.

vkn: James Ivey prolly the best resource is listing all of the members of your family [not living] and their relations to you and to focus on their death documentation then interview family members then begin the census search from 1930 backwards

James Ivey: I see. I will definitely look at those resources. I have pulled my great grandfather's death certificate

alt: wonderful start... your grt-grandfather.... his birth & death years?

James Ivey: the last known family member that knew info passed last yr but I videotaped her in an interview a yr before she passed. She personally knew Jones and Rial

vkn: and ask any question on the board James and one of many people reading will respond. There is no dumb question. The only dumb question is the one unasked.

seventies soulchild: Are you just starting out James Ivey?

alt: he is probably on the 1930 census and that record will aid you in working your way back to earlier years. along with his death certificate especiailly if it lists his parents.

vkn: seventies soulchild James Ivey has a thread on surnames

seventies soulchild: oh okay

James Ivey: No, I actively started looking in 2004, no old heads knew their own grandfather's name. Jones's parents names were listed on the dc but I have constantly hit roadblocks. This is a great help.

seventies soulchild: oh that thread! lol

James Ivey: what are you thoughts on rial?

seventies soulchild: Sorry about all of your troubles with the oral history.

alt: Jones,, is that Jones ivey?

vkn: James who is John Henry IVEY ? I saw a draft registration for him for WWI

James Ivey: I am not sure who this person is unless he is the cousin Henry or rather Cousin Cat's (the knowledgeable relative that passed) grandfather that moved to New Orleans later

seventies soulchild: Well keep on looking :)

James Ivey: Jones is his first name name rather

seventies soulchild: In the meantime you all have a good evening.

vkn: okies seventies

James Ivey: Goodnight 70's

alt: what are the dates for your grt grandfather's birth & death? the one whose death record you have.

seventies soulchild: Best of luck James Ivey.

James Ivey: he was born may 14,1882 and died dec 22,1958 how would i trace any of moses' children?

alt: great 1882, he should be on the 1900 census as an 18-20 y/o. possibly unmarried and still living with his parents, or at least in the same community as them. ah, hello Selma, welcome Home

James Ivey: That's the strange thing he doesn't show up until 1910 and married

Selma: Good evening alt, vkn and James Ivey

James Ivey: Good evening

alt: oh, he's there James, we just have to find him LOL

James Ivey: Good point

alt: his given name is Jones, right?

James Ivey: Yes Well as far as I know

Selma: Where was this James Ivey living..where did you find him in 1910 in what state and county?

alt: and that could be a transcription error.... even Jonas, John or something similar to Jones.

James Ivey: He is

alt: we're in Warren County, GA Selma birth year 1882... death year 1958, right James Ivey? wb James Ivey LOL

vkn: heyyyyyyyyy and welcome home Selma

Selma: Samford was great will give details tomorrow..Got home late last night only had 6 hours of sleep last night..up by 6 AM this morning Spent 12 hours traveling,or actually sitting in airports...

alt: anxiously awaiting your report Selma.

James Ivey: Sorry abt that,he is listed as Janes Dory rather than Jones Ivey is Norwood in Warren County

alt: Hello rcs

vkn: heyyyyyy rcs guess you got my facebook message lol

rcs: good evening all

James Ivey: Hi

Selma: Hi rcs..good to see you, I was wondering about you with all the awful weather out your way

vkn: wow Selma some traveling

Selma: James Ivey, So on the 1910 census he is married and listed as James Dory

alt: hang on to the thought that he might be the John Henry Ivey that the Forum has posted.

James Ivey: Janes Dory rather than Jones Ivey that's is an interesting thought

Selma: and on the 1920 and 1930 census..he is listed how?

James Ivey: Jones Ivey, it is spelled correctly

alt: this John Ivey has a Norwood R.F.D. address but birth year is 1889... he could also possibly be a realtive/brother of your grt grandfather.

James Ivey: I agree,this John Henry is worth looking into

alt: do you have James Ivey, or access to it?

Selma: genealogicial research..that is not a great difference

alt: right Selma

James Ivey: Yes I do have access to ancestry and you are right the difference is very small

alt: okay. we'll search ancestry for AA males in Warren Co., GA born between 1880- 1890 named Ivey on ancestry for census years 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930

James Ivey: ok

alt: and the Norwood or Warrenton areas.

James Ivey: yes This has really been helpful

Selma: and when you look make sure you look at all the folks on the page because this is the community in which they lived..

alt: we should find him and/or his family & siblings w/ parents in the 1900 census first????

Selma: Not only the one page but a couple before and after...although at the beginning you might not make find that there arelater on

James Ivey: I'll search it real hard

alt: so will I .... LOL

Selma: LOL

James Ivey: thanks lol

vkn: (James Selma is highlighting the community research mentioned earlier)

Selma: There will be times..that you have to follow other folks to find your is important to know and understand the community in which they lived

James Ivey: You're right. I would gather the community can tell a lot

Selma: Should I really swamp you..

alt: Was you father & grandfather also born in Warren Co., GA?

James Ivey: Yes

Selma: If you don't know already, get a map, you what to know the counties that surround the county you search

alt: and their given names are?

James Ivey: my grandfather was Ralph Jones Ivey he is listed as Jones in the censuses, my father's name was James Ralph Ivey, Sr.

alt: okay thanks

James Ivey: I never thought abt a map

vkn: aha!

Selma: Art give him the link to the map site...

alt: james, Selma is the lady that will tell you, all roads lead to Virginia. LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: Counties lines change over have to understand the basic lay of the land.. I have only had 6 hours of sleep since yesterday morning when I got up at I am on overdrive... LOL

vkn: niters to you selma

alt: laters Selma

James Ivey: Thanks Selma get some rest

Selma: Oh I am not going yet..just telling you if I was talking I would be going a mile a minute..LOL

vkn: tee hee hee

alt: oh, okay Selma

James Ivey: Oh,

Selma: LOL

vkn: rcs jump in and I am so glad you are safe

rcs: I don't jump much anymore

Selma: But you still type...

vkn: oops did your knees get capped rcs

rcs: just slowed down

Selma: Sorry to hear that rcs

rcs: Have to stop and smell the roses

vkn: James with Alt on the assist side and Selma on the other side and with what you know you are good to go

James Ivey: I am much more equipped. Thanks to all for your expertise

Selma: How many children did he have? When does GA start keeping birth records?

vkn: about 1910 legally selma

James Ivey: He had 10,they were primarily in the family bible and I did see them all in the censuses

vkn: and do you have death records or obits for each

Selma: Add to you list..that you want to see if you can get the official records..they were probably filmed and available at FHC..

James Ivey: ok

Selma: The male children probably registered for WWII draft registration

James Ivey: I only have obits for 4

alt: James Ivey, I suggest you post on AfriGeneas what you've given us tonite.... names, birth/death dates, family, etc. the more eyes looking at this the better off we'll be.

vkn: Do you have a library card James

James Ivey: yes

vkn: Grrrrrreat

Selma: You want to read up on the history of the area...

James Ivey: will do

alt: I'm looking at all kinds of possibles on the 1900 census for Warren Co., Ga males.

James Ivey: oh really

alt: born between 1880-1890

vkn: Terrific alt

James Ivey: THANKS ALT

Selma: vkn..when does GA start recording marriages?

alt: and with the names of siblings it might be easier to determine the right family

vkn: pre 1870 selma I will need to find first date

James Ivey: Jones' siblings names are a sticking point

Selma: you have a marriage record for James Ivey?

vkn: James what do you mean by sticking point

James Ivey: I don't have any of Jones' siblings names. Jones and rosie were married in 1904 they were married 10/16/1904 according to the certiicate in the family bible

alt: I"m gonna check out for the night.... hope to see you in chat tomorrow James Ivey cause I'm gonna be working on this in the AM. LOL

Selma: Is the marriage info from the Bible..or a marriage document recorded in the courthouse?

James Ivey: thanks alt goodnight


James Ivey: It was in the bible I'm not sure if it is in the courthouse

vkn: Search for marriage records in GA

James Ivey: i'll look at that

vkn: Birth and death started 1919

Selma: Don't know if I have a subscription to that site

vkn: James we will be here tomorrow at 11:30 can you join us then

Selma: Yep..time for me to go too..

James Ivey: i'll make it happen

Selma: have a good evening, coming back and visit..

vkn: okies

Selma: Good night folks..

James Ivey: good night

vkn: Niters to all and be well rcs

rcs: good night

James Ivey: good night

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