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2011-05-10 Hite Hyte Height Red River TX


Start: 21:01:52
End: 22:15:53
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, aadancer, daviss, di, Khathu, Nicole, Selma, vkn

Nicole: Hi im here for help concerning my GG Grandparents Henry Heights and Lottie Moring Hello all!

vkn: Glad you are joining us 2nite Nicole

Nicole: Thank you for letting me know about this

vkn: We generally begin at about ten minutes past the hour Well at least that is when the crowd gathers

Nicole: ok

vkn: Soooo your research is HEIGHT in Texas Nicole

Nicole: yes all I can find him on is the 1880 census I cant find a death date or anything else

3rdthawkins: what county in TX?

Nicole: red river

3rdthawkins: hmm, ok, give us some information on who you are looking for, names, dates, place, etc.

vkn: How long have you been researching and what sites or records have you found most helpful 3rdthawkins we have a long thread on surnames

3rdthawkins: ahh, ok, thx hello Selma

vkn: Khathu has given some research suggestions

Selma: Good Tuesday evening 3rd, nicole and vkn

vkn: Nicole has been posting to the surnames board under topic of HEIGHT Selma

Nicole: I'm looking for my GG Grandfather Henry Hights spelled also Hite Height Hyte...born around 1859 in Tennessee ..Married my GG Grandmother Lottie Moring...I figure he may have died around 1890 because she remarried in 1893..I have looked on and ancestry and footnote

vkn: Howdy Khathu Nicole is the new person here who is searching in Red River Texas

Khathu: Okay

Selma: Where, what state, did he marry your GG Grandmother

Khathu: Hello Nicole, based on the information you provided and what I gather it appears that your male ancestors was still alive and did not die. It appears that he remarried based on the second set of children

Nicole: They were married in 1878 in red river

Khathu: They both remarried more than likely they got a divorce in the 1890s

Nicole: He had a child Estelle with an Amanda first then got married to Lottie after that I can't find him on any census after 1880

Khathu: It appears that he also had children with a Bell Simms in the early 1900s

Selma: Nicole, so you have only found him on the 1870 census..

Khathu: Most of the records are not online

Nicole: No I believe that was his son

Khathu: Simms Heights's mother was Bell Simms

3rdthawkins: i see a death certificate for a Hight Simms or Simms Hight vkn, wasn't daviss also looking for Sims/Simms?

Khathu: I would encourage you to either write to the district court in Clarksville, TX and see if there is a case involving Heights during the 1890s

vkn: Is there a URL Khathu for Nicole to reference Not sure 3rd

3rdthawkins: ok, thought so

Khathu: Or you can order the microfilm through inter-library loan at your local library

Selma: So if he had children with Bell Simms in the early 1900's, does he appear in the 1900 census

Khathu: I was not able to find him

vkn: Nicole how long have you been at this searching and how are you enjoying the search

3rdthawkins: this is very similar case with my step grandfather's maternal grandfather.....the wife died and he left his children, remarried, and he cannot be found in 1900 and beyond in any records

Khathu: in the census but county records are a great records and sometimes provide info on the activities of our ancestors

Nicole: I have been searching for about 10 years since I was 20

3rdthawkins: wow, another young-in, I don't feel alone now :}

Khathu: Selma - I have an ancestor that I am only able in the 1880, 1920 and 1930 census However I am able to locate him in tax, court, and vital records

Nicole: I have a death certificate for a Henry Heights in Forth worth texas and he listed his parents as Henry Heights Sr and Lottie Latimer I have no idea were the Latimer name came from though thats why I said I believe the other Henry Height was his son

Khathu: Have you done any research at the county clerk office in Red River County, Texas?

Nicole: no I live in Oregon:(

daviss: hello 3rd, khathu nicole Selma and vkn!

Nicole: hello

vkn: Howdy daviss I do believe you have nailed Eullice

daviss: lol mabe so vkn! It sure would be nice

Khathu: You can still do research from a distance either by writing the county clerks or courthouse, using inter library loan or your local family history center

vkn: It would be the dad of researcher is also Eullas and is still living here in Atlanta daviss I do think an interview with him might be very productive

Selma: Is there a genealogy society in Red River?

Nicole: Yes I think I have been on there website before

Khathu: Yes, there is

daviss: Yes looking at that format he put out, his grandfather age he surmised to be around 1905 and that would fit with the one I posted

Khathu: Here is a link to Red River County Record that are on microfilm. These microfilms can be ordered their your local library through the inter library loan program

vkn: Nicole what genealogy program have you found most helpful to record your findings?

Khathu: I have done extensive research in Red River County, Texas using the resources I mentioned above. Distance is not the brickwall it may seem to be

daviss: is Paris Tx in Red River khathu?

Khathu: No that is in Lamar County

Nicole: I really like footnote because I can actually see the death records and read who the informants were

daviss: oh ok

Selma: Have you ordered microfilm nicole? or only used the resources online

daviss: yes footnote is good. Family Search used to have them but moved them all over to footnote

Nicole: ive only used online resources

daviss: however they have not moved them all over yet

vkn: Footnote is not a friend of mine lol

daviss: The Tx ones are what I am talking about Do you mean for Bamer vkn lol

vkn: For anywhere daviss

daviss: ahhhh I see. I would like to see more Ok records online

Selma: Nicole is this the only family you are researching, or just the one that you are stuck on?

vkn: I come into the 21st century with cement around ankles daviss

daviss: lol lol vkn! I can see us holding hands vkn lol

Nicole: I also cant find a death date for Lottie she remarried a Joe Dennis in 1892..Its strange to me that I cant find much on both of them but all my Ridge family was so much easier to find

3rdthawkins: we all have that issue Nicole

Nicole: oh ok lol

Khathu: Nicole, online research is very limited since the majority of records are not online

3rdthawkins: it's like they just fell from heaven, then got taken back up again....or grew out of the ground somewhere, and went back

vkn: Daviss abd all how is Macavo holding up as a search tool?

Nicole: I also believe that Lottie may have been mostly white...her census does say she is mulatto

Selma: Haven't used vkn

daviss: I really have only found the stuff that I submitted vkn

vkn: ahhh

Khathu: If you are serious about moving beyond your brickwall, you will have to start looking at county level records

3rdthawkins: what is Macavo vkn?

daviss: all my letters to Mariah lol

vkn: An all genealogy search engine 3rd

3rdthawkins: hmm, tell me more

vkn: lol @ daviss

daviss: which she forgot to read I might add lol

vkn: funny

daviss: 3rd just google the name and it will come up.. I can't copy and paste

vkn: Check the gentech forum 3rd

3rdthawkins: ok, thx daviss and vkn

Selma: Nicole is your Ridge family in Texas too?

vkn: what happened to your cut and paste daviss I thought you were going to revert to an earlier java to fix the problem

Nicole: yes they were also in Red River

daviss: If I take java down to an earlier version vkn my daughter will not be able to take her online tests for school

Selma: School comes first...

vkn: Oops ok daughter must stay class connected

daviss: thats for sure lol.

3rdthawkins: When I was your age, we didn't have all this online class....hehe :}

daviss: you have a long way to go to be my age 3rd :o

vkn: Nicole you might find it interesting to follow that 8 year old Joe Hite we found if you have not already

3rdthawkins: loooong way

daviss: and also my daughters age lol

vkn: speak not of age lol

daviss: what census was that joe Hite nicole

Selma: Thank you vkn

daviss: lol @ vkn and Selma

Nicole: I dont remember a Joe Hite I will have to look back

Selma: nicole are you looking at all the Height, Hite or any spellings in the whole area in Red River

vkn: The subject is "long Shot" Nicole

Nicole: yes I have looked at all the spellings ..@vkn I dont see a Joe on there am I crazy?

Selma: Oops Welcome back Are folks still here?

daviss: I am selma you know I only have two fingers well I have more than that its just that I type with two lol I was looking at a 1953 yearbook that someone sent me via email

3rdthawkins: checking out new uploads on Family Search...Arkansas Draft Reg. Cards 1948-1959, interesting

daviss: I was thinking of mabe putting it up on my blog I have Ark peeps but not that late in yrs

Selma: Folks time for me to leave...Good night..

daviss: I did get a few marriage records from Ark

3rdthawkins: ok, so this looks like folks born in the 1930s, perhaps 1920s also

vkn: howdy di

daviss: mine left way before then or passed on in Hempstead

vkn: Nicole we will post a link to the chat log fyi

daviss: ok all you muti-taskers I guess I will leave also

vkn: Take all care ALL

daviss: have a nice night

di: nite

aadancer: hi there..anyone still around?

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