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2011-04-10 SunMornBrnch

** Chats Lobby

Start: 13:01:13
End: 13:01:49
Chatters: AYWalton

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. howdy alt, daviss, JocqueMcCollum, keli1, Ms.Selma, seraph1959 Greetings, VKN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Start: 11:31:43
End: 14:16:00
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, daviss, di, jhonora, JocqueMcCollum, keli1, Nadasue, Selma, seraph1959, seventies soulchild, statustray, vkn

seventies soulchild: Good morning alt

alt: hello seventies soulchild, how you be's today?

seventies soulchild: Oh doing pretty good. how are you?

alt: tolerable as the olds folks used to say LOL

seventies soulchild: lol I was browsing through some more obits this morning. That is a great resource.

alt: Dru posted some nice photos of the meeting she, Selma & Angela were invovled with Saturday. yes, they can be.

seventies soulchild: I haven't even looked at them. After I left last night I hit the pillow hard.. lol

alt: I just looked this AM company didn't leave until 11:300 last night.. she really enjoyed the chat format.

seventies soulchild: Bring her on again! Better yet, let her sign up on Afrigeneas :) good morning vkn

vkn: heyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyy hey

alt: I did & sent her an email this AM to remind her of the sunday chat.

seventies soulchild: ok sounds good.

alt: hello vkn,,, how are ya today?

vkn: Guess I will have to stop bad mouthing Facebook

seventies soulchild: :O

alt: why is that vkn?

seventies soulchild: What happened?

vkn: Just connected with a cousin

seventies soulchild: good morning jocqueMcCollum

vkn: o just walked in here

seventies soulchild: I've connected with SEVERAL cousins on Facebook. Its a joy

alt: I hear ya vkn... Facebook, used properly has some great advantages.

vkn: oops she just logged out

seventies soulchild: hi JocqueMcCollum... having computer issues this morning?

vkn: Howdy jocque my new cousin

seventies soulchild: welcome then vkn's cousin!

alt: vkn, the young lady from last night is also a Georgia researcher .... King, Banks & Harper

vkn: She lives in Atlanta and is about to launch a new venture on talk radio

alt: hello 'new' cousin jocqueMcCollum wonderful vkn

seventies soulchild: best of luck with that jocqueMcCollum

vkn: and it is super exciting cause she is kin on my KING research and also kin on my BELL maternal research

JocqueMcCollum: Good morning everyone

alt: vkn, also the Jones lady from Atlanta that was mentioned last night will be going to SC for the Conference. WoW, a double hit!!!! wonderful!!!!

vkn: Ohhhhh I am also may be going to SC conf

JocqueMcCollum: Having problems with the computer bare with me

alt: I know vkn, that's why I mentioned it.... she also said she is a friend of "Skip" Mason.

vkn: and more than that her father in law is a first cousin once removed

alt: that's close vkn :))

vkn: His grandmother and my mother are sisters !!!!!!!!! whoop de doo

seventies soulchild: :} I'm starting to think that all black people are related here in the U.S. geez! lool

alt: JocqueMcCollum, good morning again,, and you have a wonderful cousin in vkn.

vkn: that be true seventies and she has been a member of my KingBarnes mailing list for over six or seven years

alt: be careful with cousin vkn tho' JocqueMcCollum, she'll put you to work :)))

vkn: hehehehe alt shh shhh

seventies soulchild: :} yes indeedy!

alt: Oops. slips :))

vkn: lol lol lol God'll getcha for that alt and you too seventies

seventies soulchild: so JocqueMcCollum, are you currently active in genealogy or just happened to come across Afrigeneas while conducting general research? lol vkn

alt: guess AYWAlton, ProfDru & Selma are worn out from yesterday and are 'sleeping in'. LOL

vkn: No she tagged me in a photo on face book

alt: ah so, that's why you've become a Facebook fan .

seventies soulchild: ok

vkn: but it was not me but a sister in law a nd I wrote [indignant] to make correction and she called me and the rest is our story

alt: my big event yesterday was going to a birthday party for 'Aunt' Thelma.. remember her from last year? She will be 104 y/o on the 12th of April.

vkn: Yes I spose they be tired but they were in chat last night for a few Happy birthday to Auntie Thelma at 104 Alt

alt: we thank you vkn

JocqueMcCollum: Hi again, I lost connection

vkn: Are we getting older as a group

alt: hang in there JocqueMcCollum, it can be a rough ride sometimes

JocqueMcCollum: Hi everyone I think I am in now. Pleasure to be here

vkn: JocqueMcCollum welcome and {{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}

alt: ditto from alt who is in Ohio JocqueMcCollum

vkn: oops bumpity seventies

seventies soulchild: yes I was bumped out... lol

vkn: JocqueMcCollum seventies is also into talk radio

seventies soulchild: Not anymore.... too much for me... its a lot of work

JocqueMcCollum: Thank you so much, I am just so excited,

alt: will you be 'talking' genealogy JocqueMcCollum?

vkn: alt Jocque is launching a three tiered genealogy radio show this summer

seventies soulchild: JocqueMcCollum I would suggest that you link up with Black Talk Radio. They are now giving free hosting classes and other courses to make your online radio show a success.

JocqueMcCollum: Oh that's wonderful I have a TV show about genealogy starting this summer

seventies soulchild: Post the link on Afrigeneas Joque, so we'll know when to listen

alt: that sounds great vkn.... congrats JocqueMcCollum where are you physically located JocqueMcCollum?

seventies soulchild: oh its a tv show. ok

vkn: Her be in hotlanta

JocqueMcCollum: It will air in local Atlanta market and we are hoping to sell it to a cable channell

seventies soulchild: will you be posting this on youtube as well?

JocqueMcCollum: I am in Snellivlle ga, right outside of Atlanta

seventies soulchild: ok

JocqueMcCollum: Yes I will post on youtube

seventies soulchild: great, make sure you post links every where you can

vkn: ahhhhh Snellville about 40 miles away from where I am?

alt: vkn,,, we gotta do sumpin' on Beginning Genealogy: In the 21st Century, with so much technology it is a lot different from the 'old' days.

seventies soulchild: Is there a meet up in the works? :) Hi keli1

alt: Hello keli1, how are ya?

JocqueMcCollum: yes we are not far

vkn: Howdy keli1 It sure is alt

keli1: good morning to all!

JocqueMcCollum: Hi Keli1

alt: the 'old' techniques still apply vkn, but there are so many differnt venues and resources that weren't available... even 10 years ago.

vkn: Keli1 how was presentation on yesterday

keli1: I just finished listening to Ishamel Reed-airing dirty laundry, it was good

vkn: Yes I saw Ishmael last sunday he was excellent

seventies soulchild: That's his latest work right?

keli1: @vkn I did not attend, I stayed home and lounged around, was not feeling well and took care of myself, warding off what ever my office has

vkn: oh dear hope you be feeling better

seventies soulchild: Make sure you pick up some lysol for work tomorrow.

keli1: yes his new book, I am feeling good, just needed to slow it down, my office is sick, all but 3 people, I am one of the 3 airing now on cspan is the underground railroad descendants

vkn: New book is Obama and the press

seventies soulchild:

JocqueMcCollum: Sorry guys my compputer keeps stopping

keli1: thanks, I am taking care of me

vkn: Do you have java installed JocqueMcCollum

keli1: on booktv is Ken Walsh, Family of Freedom. I am loving booktv and cspan

seventies soulchild: Did anyone get to watch the DC bookfare yesterday?

vkn: JocqueMcCollum well I am soooooo glad you stopped in and I know you have things to do with your family so go here www.kingbarnes/forum and we hopefully will land line later today

seventies soulchild: They had 3 sessions. One was is Race still relevent... keli1 is this on booktv, what you're watching?

vkn: JocqueMcCollum well I am soooooo glad you stopped in and I know you have things to do with your family so go here and we hopefully will land line later today

keli1: Art, did you see my posting regarding Joseph Davis being counted twice in the 1860 census, once in Wayne and once in Medina...

JocqueMcCollum: Hello again

alt: I know Shannon Prince on the UGRR show, I think she might be related to Lisa Lee.

keli1: Kenneth Walsh is now on booktv

vkn: scroll back to message for you JocqueMcCollum

keli1: on cspan 3 is the Underground railroad presentations, Betty DeRamus will be commenting as well

alt: No, I didn't keli1, but I saw where he registered for the CW draft in Wayne county, Ohio

JocqueMcCollum: Testing

alt: one.. two... thre.... :))

keli1: yes, that is the one. but found two of them, both born in PA, census was taken in June in one county, August in the other...I am thinking it is the same one, family in both counties, etc

alt: Probably so keli1

seventies soulchild: ok watching afterwords on CSPan2 Ok I'm on CSpan2 watching AfterWords

vkn: and i see that Hait is giving a seminar on civil war descends next week

keli1: too close to not be, and he didn't arrive in Mich with his parents, etc, so war might be the reason, now the draft registration has come about

vkn: who is on afterwards?

alt: is that right... he is 'ambitious' I'll say that fro him vkn.

keli1: Hait's email was hacked into, he is working to fix it

seventies soulchild: Computer was 'stuck' again...

vkn: hmmmmmm

seventies soulchild: SMH

vkn: scroll back to message for you JocqueMcCollum

alt: ah, to be young again and to be able to get a 'piece of the genealogy action'

seventies soulchild: lol

alt: In today's media & social networking activities I'm jealous/envious :))

vkn: but alt we are better experienced to absorb the availability of the new content as opposed to the new tools

keli1: smh you have enough to do

seventies soulchild: The book 'Family Of Freedom' is being discussed. interesting. Its about blacks who worked for the white house You are participating in the technology revolution now! :)

alt: I know keli1 and you are so right vkn.

JocqueMcCollum: I am back everyone I lost connection

alt: wb JocqueMcCollum

seventies soulchild: Mine keeps dropping off too ... aggravating

vkn: okies JocqueMcCollum wb

keli1: I experienced unstable connection today when on, has anyone else? is there some bad weather going on somewhere?

seventies soulchild: I'm experiencing it right now.

vkn: Have not peeked out today so me not be knowing keli

seventies soulchild: Well let me get to this turkey and dill havarti cheese sandwich that has been calling my all morning. :)

vkn: answer answer lol

seventies soulchild: lol I am in about 2 mins Alright y'all have a good day.

alt: seventies soulchild, Elizabeth Keckly (sp) is a new heroine with her stance on black's not complaing about about white folk celebrating the CW, but doing something on their own... kinda like the black compliants of the CW150 celebrations by the Confederates. do sumpin' yourself!!!!! and her stance was in 1865.

vkn: alt what is a good time to call you on whenever

alt: I'm always available for you vkn... :))

vkn: okies

keli1: Art, another thought regarding the Davis in Ohio, also in Wayne I found another Davis, who was white, died at age 92, and was born in Franklin Co. PA, I am wondering if there is a connection, to mine... just found

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyyyy Mz Selma

alt: I would imagine considering the time period keli1

Selma: Good morning everyone

vkn: Heyyyyyyyyy daviss

Selma: Oh sorry you missed yesterday..AY & Dru were wonderful Hello Jocque

alt: Hello Selma, how you feeling today?.... other than tired :))

vkn: Seventies just logged off

keli1: davis is one of three children or grand children of a slave and I might be hot on the trail

alt: hello daviss, good to see ya

Selma: Still Mom and sister are coming down today..gotta clean my house

daviss: hello alt, JocqueMcCollum,Selma Keli1 and vkn!

keli1: Selma what a gret turnout, Dru says it was great, loved the pictures great turnout

alt: photos say 'Y'all did it Selma Congrats

vkn: Selma and daviss meet my just met this morning cousin Jocque

Selma: Oh I have to go andlook at the pictures...the chile had on a Union soldier was priceless

keli1: yes she did, it was adorable, also the display of the soldiers

alt: I saw that .. quite innovative

daviss: awesome! hello there Jocque!

vkn: I saw that and it is funny Selma

Selma: Well welcome "cousin" to our fearless leader VKN (with caps) yes, the chile had little toy soldiers..

vkn: I was laughing at the pics on facebook

alt: ProfDru outdid herself with the

Selma: I am afaid to go and look...

alt: niceties (sp) great job!!!

daviss: vkn, leafshakers last name is McCollum

JocqueMcCollum: Hello everyone again, I think everytime I send a message I loose connection

Selma: and just as importantly..the folks were ON TIME..actually early..we had to tell them to sit down, while we finished setting up..we told them the door would open at 9:30, 70% were there by 9 or 9:15..I told them I was pround of them

vkn: I know daviss but not bamer based I don't think

keli1: that is wonderful...they know you do not Play! @selma

Selma: LOL

daviss: ok, I think its her married name but leafshaker is a bamer lol

alt: that's wonderful Selma.. yo udid a good job in promoting the event ... and avoided going to jail too.. LOL LOL

seraph1959: hello folks

Selma: I remember the name leafshaker..

vkn: Seraph!!!!!!!!!!! howdy doody lady

seraph1959: hiya vkn :-)

Selma: Yes, I did not have to "cuss" at anyone yesterday.. LOL

alt: Hello seraph1959, how are ya & how have ya been?

daviss: Seraph1959!!! hello there

Selma: Hey seraph..long time no see

keli1: lol, that would of made a great presentation

seraph1959: hi Alt amd Selma , I am great , hope you all are the same

vkn: well you got good thanx seraph for that post on the military forum ['scuse me] lol

daviss: It was a great informative post

JocqueMcCollum: @ daviss, that's my husbands name I am from Georgia from Mays and Walker family

Selma: Keli..had a gentlemen who called to register on Wed...then started conversation about how we had to keep an open mind..cause thousands of black folk "fought for the Confederacy"..I used a bad word

seraph1959: cool beans , I was glad to share that info with the help of daviss

Selma: and he was black...

seraph1959: ut oh Selma ...

vkn: are you hitting the send button Jocque ??? daviss she be cousin via her hubby

daviss: i must ask her Jocque where her hubby was from

keli1: lol, but nothing wrong with which side they fought,

JocqueMcCollum: @ Selma thanks for the welcome, glad to be in

keli1: folks should not be ashamed just need to tell the facts!

daviss: ya never know lol

Selma: He had no facts...he did not have anyone as far as he knew who did..he just figured they didi

alt: right keli1 & not spread the myths... facts will win every time.

daviss: lol Selma I thought he said he had papers

seraph1959: I am going to NARA this summer , anyone know of a cheap 4 star hotel , my sis and I can stay at? :p We will be there maybe 3 days then going to a writers conference in VA

keli1: I would assume we might find folks on both, you thought he had papers...

Selma: No "that was the other preacher"...LOL

keli1: are you kidding me seraph, I am going in July

Selma: Him I am going to see...

JocqueMcCollum: Yes, I am hitting send it just seems to take about 3 minutes to go thru

Selma: I had 2 preachers call me that day

vkn: Seraph have you considered a timeshare ???

keli1: @seraph are you doing the institute or a research trip?

vkn: oh ok JocqueMcCollum

alt: Selma, did you give them the 'eye' when they came in ... and that kept them under control :))

seraph1959: Keli my trip is end of June no will look into that vkn

Selma: The older gentlemen with the "papers" didn't come..he I will go and see

keli1: okay, I thought you were referencing the NARA institute and there is no cheap hotels in DC in my

seraph1959: my trip is for research

Selma: the other one did..we introduced ourselves..I smiled.. LOL

daviss: seraph

keli1: @Selma, do you know who came the farthest to attend

Selma: You might want to look at NVA seraph and take metro in

seraph1959: my sis said we will probably have to stay like in Arlington

Selma: Elvatrice from Richmond,, I think..

vkn: That is why I suggested a time share arrangement keli do you know of any

seraph1959: yes daviss

Selma: We had Norfolk, VA Beach, Portsmouth, Hampton

daviss: oops seraph1959 will Nara there be any different than the one in FT Worth

keli1: no I don't, I am paying $157 per night (but have a roommate) right by NARA and that is a special rate

seraph1959: thanks Selma

vkn: Selma I see that David was there?

Selma: yes..he was..he loved every minute of it..LOL

daviss: or are you just killing two birds...

vkn: Grrrrrrrrrrreat

Selma: Jeez..I gotta go see this pictures.. LOL

seraph1959: I think so daviss , isn't Ft. Worth just specific to a certain military branch ?

daviss: not sure seraph1958

seraph1959: killing two birds daviss , my sis is more interested in writers conference and NARA and LOC are more my trip

keli1: Cornel West on msnbc Obama and the Black agenda, very interesting! West might be losing cool points in my opinion

vkn: Ohhhhh I thought you were going to DC Seraph

seraph1959: I am vkn

vkn: oh ok

daviss: lol you know I figured that but was thinking I would hear you are closer to Issiac's story

vkn: Is Cornel screaming keli

seraph1959: we will also be in roanake

keli1: West and Sharpton! smh, but gotta love them

Selma: Oh roanoke What channel are you watching keli What is in roanoke

seraph1959: Isaac wants me to write so maybe during the writers conference I'll get some inspiration :-)

vkn: Oh Roanoke

keli1: msnbc, it is a commerical

daviss: lol I hear ya seraph1959

seraph1959: of course I can not remember the name of the University but it is a women's college

Selma: What does West wear around his neck?

keli1: scarf,

seraph1959: Hollins or something like that

Selma: Seraph..FB RG 105 (where I found the Caroline County list) is now on line and indexed

alt: west, like those 'tenured' prof's at Oxford & Cambridge LOL

keli1: I think it is linked to a medical issue

vkn: Selma it was a nice memorial service for GFS Sam and GFL george was there. It was hosted by Dear Myrtlr Myrtle

alt: ah so , with West ?

Selma: I am glad vkn

seraph1959: cool beans Selma what are the initials ? Free Blacks

vkn: and those are wonderful records selma

Selma: give me your email address..seraph..


Selma: Its enough to make you weep vkn..I did when I first saw them in manuscript for

seraph1959: I know I need to be specific and get a focus for trip , but I just wanna take it all in lol

vkn: lol I know selma

Selma: I am going to forward the email I sent out about the records to explain and links.

seraph1959: thanks bunches Selma

Selma: Talking about Klan on CSpan History

keli1: yea cspan 3, I love American History tv, I hope folks are watching it

Selma: Talking about Indiana..

daviss: wb JocqueMcCollum

Selma: They weren't rednecks.... But the better sort..Indiana has the membership lists..

vkn: Jocque have you connected with the Atlanta genealogy and history group

keli1: nope, well known upstanding citizens, lol, Indiana I think is the beginning, Nathan Bedford Forrest

Selma: The people who joined were the middle class, educated, lawyers, physicians, rotary club...

daviss: yep I think Indy was the atart of it all

Selma: Not the unwashed..thats what the man just said..

daviss: atart = start

Selma: I was about christianity, all family values..all americans

keli1: Catholics were an enemy of the clan, that was interesting

alt: Indiana elected a known Klan member as the Governor of the State in the 1920's

daviss: not like them keli1

Selma: I might invite this man to come to our group

vkn: Gwen Iffel and a Michelle was on CSpan BookTV yesterday keli did you see them?

Selma: I say lets out them all...put their names on the board

keli1: No I missed that one VKN.

daviss: lol lol Selma mabe then Trump might come out

keli1: Before people check out, sometimes they have a change of heart.

daviss: like Wallace

Selma: Oh please..would somebody please comb that man's hair and put him back in a box

keli1: Did you see that Trump brought Patricia Kluge house, that mess was all by design in my mind

daviss: lol

vkn: I agree Selma the question was "Does Race Still Matter" keli i will post a link to Books forum

keli1: that will be good vkn, I need to find out when it reairs

vkn: actually I will try and embed the discussion

Selma: We didn't make RACE an issue...white folk did..they put astericks, (col), negro, black, etc.. on all the records

daviss: JocqueMcCollum are you researching your lines or the McCollum lines?

alt: Selma, from a genealogical perspective... thank goodnes they did LOL

keli1: they have selected every name/identity that people of color go by, I did not choose any of them so true Art

vkn: true dat alt

Selma: True, true alt..

keli1: the lynching in Marion Ind is why my peeps left Indiana and hopped on train and got put off in GR Mich

daviss: wow keli1!

Selma: Are you listening to the show vkn? Did the man just say they didn't lynch anyone in Indiana

vkn: and keli that is also why at least 2 requests have been made for AfriGeneas to initiate a forum on prison records

alt: can't find the link , but 'Without Sanctuary' is a great book on Lynchings in the United states.

vkn: No Selma I will get it later

Selma: His name is James Madison..from Indiana University

keli1: the lynching was not a Klan lynching but a mob lynching

alt: we had a lynching here in Springfield, OH 7 one in Urbana, Oh 12 mi, from here . both around 1904-1910 timeframe.

vkn: Sounds like same same to me keli

keli1: @vkn that is good, I am searching for an 1838 court and prison info in Virginia

daviss: I told ya'll my cousins gradfather was lynched in Navasota Texas

keli1: I think they are saying the Klan was not in robes, etc

vkn: What should we name such a forum y'all

Selma: seraph..I just sent the email.. Have you checked LVA keli..

keli1: I can take some horrible scenes, etc but the wax museum in Baltimore, made me sick, not the slave ship exibits, but the lynching displayed in the basement

vkn: What should we name such a forum y'all Keli alt ???

alt: vkn, on the 'incarceration' Forum, couldn't the mission statement of the Schools, Institution, etc. Forums be expanded to include those prison queries

Selma: I like that idea alt..

vkn: Yeppers it could alt

keli1: I have searched but not enough, the court record was found in Richmond, now looking for the prison to further explore the time spent, etc

Selma: LVA...has collection of prison records..think folks who were executed..not pictures of the execution..but their prison photo and files.

keli1: the record ordered time in jail and prison, Yes art, I like the name

alt: well, it's about time AYWalton LOL

vkn: Good idea alt I had given it prior thought and your suggestions cements it

alt: great minds vkn .... LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Hey AY

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all. howdy alt, daviss, JocqueMcCollum, keli1, Ms.Selma, seraph1959

keli1: or Institutionalization records if you include other locations

AYWalton: Greetings, VKN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keli1: howdy....AY

daviss: hi AYWalton!!

keli1: (Black Agenda is still airing on MSNBC)

vkn: HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AYW I hear that you were the *******Star******** on yesterday

Selma: We had 2 Stars..vkn.. LOL

AYWalton: lol, uh oh,is that right, vkn?

alt: that Forum would then include prisons, jails, metal institutions, etc.

AYWalton: I had fun yesterday.

Selma: VKN..she had us taking her to cemtaries.. lOL

AYWalton: was fun seeing David Paterson there, too.

jhonora: Afternoon all!

alt: metal=mental

AYWalton: and yes, I visited 5 cemeteries in 2 days.

vkn: Well they are a pair Selma in your stardom

AYWalton: hey hey hey, it's honoray!!! Howdy jhonora!

keli1: Yes that is where I was going Art

AYWalton: Hello JocqueMcCollum

jhonora: Hey AYWalton! Hello JocqueMcCollum

AYWalton: Oh, I fixed the slide, Ms. Selma.

Selma: Thank you.. LOL

AYWalton: I am off to St. Louis next weekend btw.

vkn: heyyyyy JHonora did you semd me a statement re mission

AYWalton: but this will be a Nat.Am presentation.

seraph1959: hi AYW and jhhonora

keli1: congrats on a good time in Virginia!

jhonora: No, I didn't, I completely forgot. Will work on it today

AYWalton: it was a great time!! Such rich history on VA soil.

JocqueMcCollum: hello @ aywalton and jhonora

vkn: Well AYW is the SC confere still a hanging chad between us?

Selma: I am going to give you the names from Constance book about who left from Gloucester Point that your passed..that got on a Union ship in the summer

AYWalton: Selma while driving back---goodness the markers!! In one strip within half a miles there were six historical markers! oh wonderful! Would love to see that list of names.

Selma: I told you I am in GROUND ZERO..for the country and black folk

keli1: Virginia is the mother state

AYWalton: and the markers kept popping up again and again and again!

alt: Well AYWalton, ALL Roads lead 'out of' Virginia LOL lOL lOL

AYWalton: All the way to the Potomac River! it is amazing!

keli1: and in to Virginia!...

vkn: lol

AYWalton: everyone of those historic estates, you know have out history on that soil.

seraph1959: I will never forget ...that statement from Selma about VA

keli1: my son told me when I was planning my move to VA, when you get there you will learn why all our ancestors left VA, I still moved to VA

Selma: Not to take away from Florida..I mean for British North America..

AYWalton: who can forget it, seraph1959? It is embedded in our minds forever! (but she might be right, too.)

alt: and she won't let you forget it eaither seraph1959 LOL LOL

jhonora: Y'all pushing Virginia mighty hard, don't get me started on the real fatherland lol

seraph1959: teehee

vkn: Selma has been saying that since pre 1990

keli1: what was Selma's statement?

Selma: All Roads lead back to VA

keli1: oh heck @Selma

AYWalton: howdy ms. daviss!

daviss: :}

vkn: well Jhonora if there is a mother then there is bound to be a father even if he is in Louisiana

alt: Oops.. back' is the operative word that we keep forgetting about.

vkn: OheeeO

seraph1959: wb daviss, when you coming back to Tx ?

statustray: Good day everyone ;-)

daviss: not this year seraph1959 sorry to say

vkn: hey statustray how you be

jhonora: Hello statustray

keli1: I am getting fed up with the what is wrong and what we should do about our education system---let's start with the truth and facts, then tell it!

seraph1959: hi statusray

alt: hello statustray

daviss: hi jhonora and statustray

statustray: hey, hey, hey!

keli1: (watching msnbc) it will put me in a bad mood

vkn: Agreed keli but seems we be scared to be direct with white peeps

keli1: time for tea (I meditate, I pray, I drink green tea and still want to slap the mess out of someone)

Selma: LOL.. Ilike that keli

vkn: Well keli by the authority vested in me etc etc etc

statustray: keli1: lol.....

keli1: lol

Selma: Hi status tray..

statustray: hi there Selma

alt: yep keli1, but the media and the rich folks have to keep the 'masses' stirred up by thinking black folks are getting over... gotta keep them people in their place

daviss: lol @ vkn

vkn: yes alt media be forgetting Obama is half white

Selma: Jocque..this is a genealogy chat..but we can go on some time..did you have any questions research related?

alt: should never had freed them in the first place... seems to be the mindset

AYWalton: statustray!!! I did not see you slip in the room!!!

keli1: there is a book, can't think of the name of it, talked about the education in the 1800s for blacks, etc

AYWalton: but vkn, don't forget that the black half cancels his white side---so to them he is black.

statustray: Hey there AYWalton ;-) Good seeing you!

keli1: hey there Statustray! good to see you

alt: he be's having more than 'one drop' LOL LOL lOL

AYWalton: there is a spirit of meanness that prevails the political and social mindset and it is a blatant "in your face" mindset.

vkn: Selma Jocque is a new found cousin to me and she is launching a genealogy TV show this summer from Atlanta

AYWalton: Like Glen Beck taking his events to the Lincoln memorial on the anniversary of the March on Washington!

Selma: Well after AY presentation one freed us..we took it

AYWalton: we had better wake up, and pay attention.

statustray: Good seeing you too Keli1 ;-)

vkn: ou are too funny AYW

AYWalton: the unsung revoluntion.

Selma: Oh gosh..I guess none of us will be on the show

AYWalton: lol

vkn: DI soooooooooooooo glad to see you!!!!!!!!!!!

AYWalton: howdy di

Selma: Afternoon di

keli1: AY we still gettin' slapped front, back, sideways, etc....just think of our research,

daviss: they cancelled his show or they fired him (Beck)

di: hello all

daviss: hi there di

alt: gonna run y'all.. getting ready to see if 'tiger' can mount a comeback

di: vkn i am glad to see you as well... i missed you all...

statustray: hey di ;-)

daviss: later alt!

vkn: di I hope you are ok I was concerned

keli1: oh I don't need to be on any theory, if people are hungry- you feed them! I don't need a consultant with a report/study to tell me that.

vkn: AAAA AAAAAAA Men keli

keli1: by any means necessary!

Selma: I was just joking keli...she is having a genealogy show

AYWalton: you got that right, keli1!

keli1: lol, no you weren't Selma, lol...

di: yeah i am fine I started a new job in January that runs thru tax season. It was suppose to be 3 days a week......

vkn: ohh ok :::WHEW::: {{{{{{{{{di}}}}}}}}}

di: what have i missed good...

keli1: what comes around goes around!...I love doing they saying we spend more on prison than education...what comes around goes around....okay I am going to get my green tea

Nadasue: Hello everyone

statustray: Hey there Nadasue

vkn: Nadasue how are you long time no type

daviss: hello there Nadasue!

Nadasue: lol... yeah, i've been in and out of town and in and out of sickness :( hiya daviss statustray

statustray: Sorry to hear that Nadasue.... it's good to see you again..... yes, it's been a while

AYWalton: well Nadasur

vkn: ph dear hope you be not feeling blue nadasue

AYWalton: Nadasue

statustray: Are you doing better now?

Nadasue: Trying to get better... still a bit under the weather. Thanks for asking, statustray Hi AYWalton AYWalton Sorry I couldn't make it out to hear you yesterday. Just didn't feel well enough

AYWalton: daviss that was a wonderful article on the soldiers in Ft. Smith. I will send you the link to the blog.

statustray: Glad you're back ;-)

AYWalton: that's ok Nadasue

daviss: thanks AYWalton!

Selma: Hey missed a great seminar yesterday. Oh just read back..sorry you didn't feel well

Nadasue: I'm sure... Sorry I had to miss it. Thx :)

vkn: AYW you and Dru and Selma need to take that shoe on the FTWayne and Gwinnett road

Selma: Um...thats a thought I didn't do anything, but tell everyone what to do.. lOL

AYWalton: I might end up presenting one of them on Gwinett road, for sure, vkn. and also for Ft. Wayne, now that you mention it.

vkn: Selma you be the head .... lol

Selma: I am good at that.. LOL

AYWalton: in fact for the 2012 Summit in SLC---we can do a road show for that one!

Selma: That would be great a For Wayne and or SLC..for sure

AYWalton: something to plan for.

daviss: now that one I might be able to see SLC that is

jhonora: same here, in SLC

AYWalton: I was excited to get to visit 5 cemeteries and to visit Ft. Monroe as well, and to see Emancipation Oak to boot!!!

vkn: jhonora are you going to FT Wayne

AYWalton: had a fulfilling visit for sure!

daviss: brrrrr freezing brb gonna get a sweater

di: slc?

Selma: I took you to many did Dru take you too..I think you went to more than 5

AYWalton: Selma I found out that the little building near Emancipation Oak was the Butler school established in 1863.

Selma: OK great Not a replica..the real deal

AYWalton: amazing!!!! such incredible history!!!!

Nadasue: Oh, you went to the Great Oak. Good. Where else did you go?

vkn: tape and glue for you Jocque

AYWalton: there should be an ongoing Black history tour of that area. Emancipation Oak is stately.

Selma: There is a tour

daviss: ok back

AYWalton: oh wonderful---is it given year round?

statustray: Hi there JocqueMcCollum

seraph1959: Selma thanks so much , even though I have seen the page of ancestors , it still makes the heart swell

AYWalton: visited the Newsome House, saw the James Fields House and found the James Fields grave.

Nadasue: Ahh, that's great. :) Sounds like you were with Dru. :)

vkn: Jocque you are sitting with the creme de la creme of the Black genealogy crop worldwide right in this room

daviss: di SLC is Salt Lake City

AYWalton: and visited Hampton National, Hampton (non-military) cemetery, Union St. Cemetery, Pleasant Shade, Bethel AME cemetery (gate was locked) but got a couple of shots with the camera. And Selma took me to Ft. Monroe!!! All I could say was WOW! the first contrabands were there!

Nadasue: AYWalton Nice! I was waiting to hear that one! AYWalton My father's grave is at Hampton National

AYWalton: I wonder where Baker, Townsend and Mallory met with Butler? In Quarter 1, or somewhere else?

keli1: Hi Nadasue!

JocqueMcCollum: @ vkn I can tell, I just can't participate because of this computer, I will try and logg in again

Nadasue: Good job, Selma :) keli1 Hi!

JocqueMcCollum: I think its working now

Selma: Read the book I sent you AY.. Free to Fight..its in there.LOL

Nadasue: AYWalton Wish I could have been there with you all.

AYWalton: And Mary Peake taught right there under Emancipation Oak!!!

Nadasue: Yep! :)

vkn: not to worry Jocque I will send you the log and we can discuss the proceedings off line

jhonora: Oak ... are y'all talking about Hampton?

JocqueMcCollum: Hi everyone, this is my first chat and my computer is not co-operating ,

daviss: thinking mabe Jocque may need to upgrade java vkn

Nadasue: Yes jhonora

AYWalton: sorry to hear about your computer not cooperating JocqueMcCollum.

vkn: and I am laying claim to Townsend AYW

AYWalton: where are your ancestors from Jocque?

Nadasue: Story of my life JocqueMcCollum

AYWalton: I like that, vkn!

JocqueMcCollum: @ VKN Thanks, @ daviss I think that Java is the problem

AYWalton: Selma is there much known about Baker, Townsend and Mallory after the war?

Selma: Not as far as I can tell.. I went looking for them a couple of weeks ago..

JocqueMcCollum: Sumter, Lee and Terrell County GA

AYWalton: yes jhonora I was in Hampton for a conference yesterday. Had a wonderful trip there!

Nadasue: AYWalton When I was growing up, my family used to picnic under the oak. We used to climb on it, but that is not allowed anymore.

jhonora: I knew it was in Va., but did not know Hampton, great, AY!

JocqueMcCollum: I am stalled again

Selma: I have a friend who does Eliz county research going to contact her this week to see what she had

AYWalton: it is a beautiful tree.

vkn: outskirts of Albany GA lol

AYWalton: right there on the campus!

jhonora: AY, my presentation y'tday went well also.

AYWalton: oh where did you present, jhonora?

JocqueMcCollum: I have Smothers family that I was able to trace to Buckingham Virg in 1820's

jhonora: The Amer. Educational Research Assn. conf. was in N.O.

AYWalton: and what was your topic jhonora?

vkn: and tell us about the present Jhonoray

Nadasue: That's great jhonora

JocqueMcCollum: @ VKN, yes

jhonora: Lay-run cath. schools, on a panel on AA cath. education.

Selma: Oh great jocque..were they free blacks

AYWalton: Lay-run---now that is different!!! Where were these schools mostly, jhonora? Louisiana based or other states too?

jhonora: I focused on La., and Gulf Coast. Many existed into 1920s

keli1: Jocque, have you done any research in Buckingham?

AYWalton: that is quite fascinating. I wonder how teaching of the cathechism was done? I mean I would think that the diocese would have had some kind of oversight.

jhonora: They had regular episcopal visits and the teachers were usually well-educated.

AYWalton: ahhh ok that makes sense. wb JocqueMcCollum. Am handing you the super glue!

keli1: we/AAHGS Central VA has a couple members with deep roots in Buckingham

JocqueMcCollum: @ Selma, some of them were

Selma: What surnames do you research?

keli1: the next presentation is on Buckingham, Perkins, Ligon, Caruso Brown

Selma: I research Stewart's who were FB"s in Campbell County..and Sparrow's from Nelson

daviss: lots of Ligon's ventured into Texas Keli1

AYWalton: Selma any idea if Baker, Townsend and Mallory remained in the area after the war?

keli1: yea I was wondering if they are related to Terry's

Selma: I am checking AY...

Nadasue: AYWalton You might want to visit and read back on the Civil War series they did last month

AYWalton: thanks nadasue

keli1: also Booker and Gordon's

JocqueMcCollum: @ Mays, Bivins, Nash, Reddicks, Walkers, Smothers, Gary, High and Nelms

Selma: I have to check with my friend...I think I found one..but

Nadasue: It focused on the local history and there is a lot about Baker, Townsend, and Mallory in there

daviss: Nelms! hmmm they are in Tx also

Nadasue: AYWalton We have streets, schools, etc. named for them

AYWalton: I can imagine so.

JocqueMcCollum: @ AY Walton Thanks

jhonora: Selma, are there good records in Halifax, Va.?

AYWalton: Selma I see a statement on a site that says that Grand Contraband Camp is really what is now downtown Hampton! so I was right there in the middle of it all! truly ground zero for sure!

keli1: think about it AY, close to the shores...

Selma: That is a Char Bah question jhonora who knows all Halifax

daviss: If I remember correctly JocqueMcCollum, Edwin Nelms was head of the group that went to Tx with their slaves

keli1: Is Halifax in the northern neck?

Selma: Thats what I thought too AY..but on the map we have it appears to be to further and to the right.. No Halifax is not in the Northern Neck I think it was all over that area AY..

AYWalton: I know. You are probably right.

keli1: Char does a lot in the northern Arlington, etc area

AYWalton: will play with Google Street view some more to get a better glimpse!

Selma: Remember this map is maybe that was all that was left..

AYWalton: quite true.

daviss: wb di

di: thanks my modem went out

AYWalton: going to pull out my magnifying glass for the other map. modem di? you are dialing up?

Selma: You did keep the other map right?

AYWalton: oh yes, I have one of the copies. that is great!!!

keli1: I am beginning to do research in Loudoun/Fairfax counties, it is amazing what records they have

AYWalton: it tells who occupied some of those sites.

Selma: That is a Union Map..

vkn: Back but only for a minute Newspapers forum was JUST LAUNCHED waiting for Tim to make first post

AYWalton: going to really play with that map later now that I can magnify it.

Selma: the Gilmer Confederate Maps..are maps with names of areas still in Confederate hands with nams on it of owners

AYWalton: Thank you so much for the copy!!!

keli1: That is wonderful VKN...

AYWalton: oh wow!!!!

daviss: wb nadasue

AYWalton: fantastic, news vkn!!!

di: no not dial up, it is a clear dsl modem

Selma: I love the Gilmer confederate maps

Nadasue: Thanks, vicky

di: when i log to much on it goes out sometimes

jhonora: Y'all know, one of the first if not first occasions when Lincoln suggested citizenship rights for black veterans was to the Gov. of La.

daviss: now vkn I can get some sleep lol

jhonora: I like the Gilmer maps too

AYWalton: an interesting fact that I did not know, jhonora!

keli1: no Jhonora...Ididn't know, interesting

AYWalton: LA had more USCT regiments than any other state.

jhonora: It came after he received a delegation of two black men from N.O.

vkn: Next forum will merge with Writers and the name will be changed to Life Events Forum Birth Wed Marriage Stories celebrations Obits

Selma: Did you check the VA numbers AY

AYWalton: going to check that right now, Selma.

Selma: You are merging what with what vkn?

vkn: Next forum will merge with Writers and the name will be changed to Life Events Forum Birth Wed Marriage Stories celebrations Obits what say daviss alt Selma and all

keli1: wonder why LA was highlighted in that sense

AYWalton: VKN what is the name of the new forum?

vkn: Changing the name of writers selma

Selma: Oh...well lots of forums..still folks just post everywhere they land.. LOL

keli1: with the draft registration records up, I hope folks are grabbing more info on USCT's

daviss: will that eliminate the Obits section vkn?

vkn: No daviss

AYWalton: Hmm..........Selma---there were six regiments organized in VA.

Selma: AY..what did you call the folks in towns who go to everyone's funeral and collect programs

daviss: my grandfather Selma lol

vkn: Let us webinar about it sometime Monday evening

AYWalton: so that would be approximately 6000 men. (give or take a couple of hundred.)

Selma: So that would be about 6,000 men

AYWalton: lol, I called them Funeral Marys.

vkn: The Obit Lady?

Selma: Oh..I missed the name Everybody laughed and shook their heads in agreement

AYWalton: everybody knows somebody like that!

keli1: lol

Selma: The group in Gloucestor has a project collecting funeral programs..think they collected a couple of hundreds, thousands..working with LDS to have them filmed..

AYWalton: on lady in your group came up to me and admitted hat she has a large collection herself. that is great!

vkn: Gotta run and break fast glucose level is on a fast track down. Hope to speak with you later today Jocque my new found kin

AYWalton: take care vkn!

Selma: The road you drove down..17..that area.

AYWalton: I am glad to hear about that project in Gloucester! yes, I drove right through it again. Trust me every sign on the side of the road I saw.

Selma: I will have to find out who that person is AY

keli1: isn't that close to William and Mary?

Selma: No W&M is in Williamsburg

AYWalton: and around Warner VA I was amazed to see how many historic sites there were.

Selma: But its close in a car...

keli1: right but isn't Gloucester near there

Nadasue: Selma That's interesting. I have about 300-400 here from Franklin County, NC.

Selma: Gloucester is where you land up when you cross the York River from Yorktown Its a you probably won't cross keli

Nadasue: Was planning to index them and put them on ncgenweb site, but wonder if lds would be interested in actually scanning them?

Selma: I can check Nadasue..

keli1: lol, I am familiar with Yorktown, I think that is where my peeps came in from Angola in 1619,,,

AYWalton: Keli you don't do bridges?

keli1: no that is where his son was born i think, Heck NO, no bridges or tunnels

Nadasue: Great. I have some that go as far back as the 1940's but most are from 60's 70's and 80

Selma: Actually they came into Old Fort Comfort in hamtpon..and were taken up to Jamestown and Yorktown

Nadasue: 80's

AYWalton: so what do you do when you are driving and one is approaching?

jhonora: I know a researcher who doesn't do elevators, so has to take stairs in archives, libraries, etc.

keli1: I don't, someone else might drive, for that area, I make it to Newport news and Hampton and don't cross the line when I have to go to VA BCH.

daviss: lol AYWalton mabe she does what my ex does when he sees a cotton field. Screeches on his brakes and turns around

keli1: lol, too funny daviss...

AYWalton: amazing.

Selma: For the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnell they have staff that will drive you across for those who are afraid..think you have to call ahead

keli1: a few years ago I got stuck in the Va. beach tunnel, it was awful

Nadasue: Selma Really? I've never heard that in all my years!

AYWalton: I don't like that one either.

jhonora: I don't like animals, I make sure any and all critters are secure before entering a house.

Selma: I saw it on TV Nadasue...a couple of years was a documentary..showed to ladies being drived across by an employee

AYWalton: oh yes, they do drive you across.

Nadasue: Wow... too funny

keli1: I didn't know in a traffic jam heading to visit my staff, was stopped in tunnel for about an hour, horrifying

AYWalton: how long is the VA Beach tunnel?

keli1: you are under the these tunnel's not like the tunnel leaving PA to Ohio

AYWalton: did not realize that there was a tunnel to get to VA Beach.

keli1: I think it is a little bit over a mile

Nadasue: It's the hampton roads bay bridge tunnel... it's about 3 miles on the bridge.. i think the tunnel is about a mile

Selma: Two exits from where you were the bridge tunnel that takes you from Hamtpon to Norfolk, then VA Beach

AYWalton: I don't mind bridges, as long as they are not super high. And the one from Annapolis to the Eastern shore is very high!!! It never seems secure enough for me. I don't like it either. so VA Beach is a tunnel ride away form Norfolk. Never have been there, so was not sure where it was.

keli1: the height is more my issue with bridges, but a tunnel is a tunnel

Selma: Then there is the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel from VA Beach to Eastern Shore..which is really long

AYWalton: yes, my husband took that one.

daviss: jhonora have you been on that 26 mi bridge in La

AYWalton: He stopped at the restaurant in the middle to buy some souvenirs. Lake Ponchatrain Bridge!!

daviss: yes!!!

jhonora: Yes, several times daviss. Very scenic

Nadasue: AYWalton No, the tunnel is between hampton and norfolk. Va Beach is about 20 mins from there

AYWalton: I did not have the nerve to drive over that bridge. not the height but the length that would have kind of gotten to me.

keli1: i used to drive the key west fl two lane highway and said this is too much, I only fly now

daviss: I drove it after the hurricaine and it was really scary

keli1: oh gosh Daviss...are you in VA too?

Selma: Yes,,I don't like High Bridges..or actually roads that go up and have signs that say Scenic View..

AYWalton: all of the Florida Keys are connnected by bridges.

daviss: now this one was in La Keli1

Nadasue: Selma Do you mind the James River Bridge?

Selma: You know that area around Charlottesville..on 64..freaks me out

daviss: now = no

Selma: No..cause its flat

keli1: I am familiar with that one in LA...

Nadasue: JRB goes up high in the middle

AYWalton: as long as the road is connected to the earth I don't mind. Bridges are not connected to the earth, and high bridges really are amazing and scary at the same time.

keli1: what around C-ville Selma

AYWalton: what is that bridge in Louisiana that goes way up high?

Selma: I start hyperventilating..when I see the Scenic View uphead sign 64 keli

AYWalton: lol @ Selma

Nadasue: keli1 I think she means in the mountains right Selma? Going towards Staunton?

keli1: are you talking about 64 going over Afton Mt? heading to Staunton

jhonora: They are widening the Huey P. Long Bridge, eighty years old with one narrow lane and space for the train. Scary!

Nadasue: Yeah :)

Selma: I keep my eyes firmly on the pavement..and don't look at the view..yes keli

AYWalton: oh its the Huey Long Bridge.

daviss: Isnt that the one that if near Westwego La AYWalton? right Long

Selma: Yes, Nadasue.. Afton Mt

keli1: okay I thought so...I am okay with Afton, I drive it a lot, two scenics spots, I just keep looking forward, but I do okay on that one, where is Huey P at?

daviss: my daughter had to pull over and let me drive that one AYWalton

jhonora: daviss, you're correct

Nadasue: keli1 My only issue with that is when the fog (CLOUDS) are low

keli1: also take the inside lane, lol, I am nearing 60 and still have the phobia

Selma: Then there was GAully Mountain in WVA..when we first visited my husbands grandparents...thats when I developed this phobia.

daviss: Now I am not so sure I want to drive the new one that goes over Hoover Dam

Selma: I was a chaparone with my son's middle school trip to Colorado

keli1: oh I don't do fog anymore, my daddy did this too me Macinnaw bridge in Mich (boy did I misspell that)

AYWalton: there are some amazing places and structures, but sometimes I like to stay attached to the earth.

Nadasue: Well i think it's time for me to rest a bit. Have a great week, all. I might be here Tuesday if I get my report cards finished in time.

Selma: We went to the continental divide..I had to get on the floor of the van.. and only came up when we got to the top.. The kids were very kind

keli1: that is me, whew, okay let's change the topic...

daviss: lol lol

AYWalton: lol yes, I am getting stressed out too!!! I better sign off and get to work. Have blogs to update and work to do.

daviss: ok later aY

AYWalton: Selma I will send a list about USDTs.

keli1: back to genealogy....I have to present next week! lol

AYWalton: later daviss!

Selma: Ok.. I need to take a nap..after all this reliving my stress

daviss: later for me too folks bye

keli1: I agree Selma,

Selma: Bye...

jhonora: Goodbye y'all

keli1: Jocque, I am glad to hear about Buckingham research

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