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2011-01-31 LunchBunch ~ Monday



Start: 12:07:57
End: 13:20:32
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, ProfDru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild

3rdthawkins: Ingrid been looking for you SS

Seventies Soulchild: I know. I've been out of the loop. A family friend passed away, the funeral was this weekend. Grandfather had amputation this week and is now in rehab... then the regular stuff. Just lots going on.

daviss: have you finished reading your packet yet seventies? oh wow that is a load seventies How is your grandfather doing with that

3rdthawkins: wow, SS, sad to hear that, yea it is a load, hope you all are holding up with all that is going on, hang in here

Seventies Soulchild: talked with him on Saturday and he sounds ok.

3rdthawkins: there

alt: hello 3rd, daviss & 70's

daviss: well thats good because thats what it will take to speed up the healing process hi alt!

Seventies Soulchild: My aunt who lives next door to him is a nurse. So my aunts have been taking care of him pretty well the last couple of years.

daviss: well thats alright seventies

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

daviss: hello AYWalton!

Seventies Soulchild: Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: Greetings, daviss. Howdy alt, hope you are feeling better.

daviss: what about you alt, how are you faring?

alt: best wishes & prayers to you & your family at this time Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: thanks alt

3rdthawkins: been here for two days in a row, think alt's doing ok ;)

alt: Hello AYWalton ... able to sit up a take nourishment daviss, thanks.. :)

AYWalton: just scrolled back to read--sorry about the loss of the family friend, SoulChile, and everything else going on.

Seventies Soulchild: yes how are you doing alt???

AYWalton: hope your grandfather is doing ok.

daviss: good for you alt! day at a time.. that flu is a booger bear

Seventies Soulchild: lol @ booger bear

daviss: lol seventies

AYWalton: drink lots of fluids and do what Anita tells you to.

alt: you got it half right AYWalton LOL

daviss: Something like that is what caused my bro and I to leave Tx early alt. It sent my brother through the loop and me too

AYWalton: what did, daviss?

daviss: speaking of Tx, I still have not gotten an email from the person at the Lodge

Seventies Soulchild: Well you elderly people be careful and take your vitamins and eat your fruits and veggies.

3rdthawkins: preach it SS!

daviss: It was the flu or something AYwalton or viris

alt: yes ma'am Ms Seventies Soulchild

3rdthawkins: yeah, take care of yourselves

AYWalton: you mean folks don't get the flu in Arizona?

daviss: we were in Texas

3rdthawkins: I spoke with my grandfather's cousin, had mentioned she a stroke a few months or weeks ago, and then she was at her daughters' job and feel backwards, hit her back pretty hard she said, she's abt 81 feel-Fell

AYWalton: You said you left TX, I thought maybe the Arizona climate was the hook, daviss.

daviss: no remember when we went to Texas in Nov

3rdthawkins: got to watch these older folks, they think they are young, family and I trying to get my mother's mother from driving, already two or three times she almost got hit by another car while driving, I saw the first time, she's 80 also

alt: Seventies Soulchild, Bennie tells me Boxley is gonna be featured at a CW150 program at Southern Univ. on the 2nd of Feb... to be quite an event.

Seventies Soulchild: daviss that could've been one of many things... I tell you once we ate bad food at my children's school in TX and we all went for about two weeks with a similar thing See if I were still living in east texas, I'd be able to attend

ProfDru: Howdy Gang

AYWalton: ProfDru is in da house!!!

ProfDru: Angela, are you still stuck in the house? lol

alt: hello ProfDru

AYWalton: lol not yet, but some messy weather headed this way.

Seventies Soulchild: She will be come Tues and Wed... lol we are expecting snow and ice. UGH

AYWalton: Hopefully it will run through its course, I have to be in Rockland NY on Saturday.

3rdthawkins: we are too

ProfDru: more messy weather? Where are you 3rd?

AYWalton: I hope the weather man is wrong.

3rdthawkins: Missouri, SW, Tulsa supose to get it bad, like 5 inches

Seventies Soulchild: And its all coming this way.

3rdthawkins: only 1 and a half hour awy from us, we will get some of that

Seventies Soulchild: Now you tell me AYWalton...

AYWalton: maybe this time next month---or early March it will all be behind us.

Seventies Soulchild: Are you going to be at RCC AYWalton

AYWalton: yes, SoulChile.

Seventies Soulchild: I'm hoping by March too. . .just hoping

AYWalton: They are having the kickoff for the IndiVisible Exhibition. I am one of the presenters.

Seventies Soulchild: Ok I'm going to make my mother come out there with me lol I may have my nephew with us.

ProfDru: Angela, have you done you presentation in Philly yet?

AYWalton: not yet. the following Tuesday (Feb 8th) I will be in Philly. (weather permitting.)

Seventies Soulchild: Looks like the weekend should be ok. Be careful on the palisades pkway on your way up AYWalton

AYWalton: I am not driving, SoulChile!

ProfDru: How many times has this presentation been cancelled, Angela?

Seventies Soulchild: oh...

AYWalton: Would never drive anywhere around NYC or its burbs. At least not willingly. The one in Philly has been cancelled twice. the New York one has not been cancelled.

Seventies Soulchild: Its a straight shot to RCC from MD.

ProfDru: Wow What is rcc?

Seventies Soulchild: Rockland Community College... sorry

AYWalton: anything taking me in a car around New York City---is NOT to my liking. Taking the train to Newark and one of the college staff folks meeting me there and taking me to the campus from there.

ProfDru: ok

Seventies Soulchild: I'm sorry Rockland County Community college.

ProfDru: Angela, we're hoping for good weather in April when you are scheduled to come to our area. LOL

AYWalton: It should be mild around that time, Dru.

ProfDru: Selma and I have so much to show you.

AYWalton: I love the Hampton N.News area. The history is so rich!! Can't wait to see some of the sights. I will drive down there, I like it a lot.

ProfDru: Yesterday, after the Founders Day ceremony at Hampton University, I visited the grave of Gen. Samuel Chapman Armstrong, the founder.

AYWalton: where is he buried, ProfDru? on the campus?

ProfDru: On the campus of HU Every year on Founders day, they put a wreath on his grave. As i was driving to his grave, I passed the gravesite of two familiar people--the daughter and son in law of George Washington Fields.

AYWalton: is he at the national cemetery or on another site on the campus? you are getting to know these folks the more you do the research.

Seventies Soulchild: speaking of HBCUs I read that they are trying to merge Southern and U of NO.

ProfDru: George was the former slave who write the autobio I've been talking about. He was also a brother of James A. Fields.

AYWalton: I saw that as well, SoulChile.

ProfDru: no, at the cemetery on campus

AYWalton: so many HBCUs are suffering that's what I meant---the national cemetery on the campus. Does he have a military stone?

ProfDru: No, the campus has its own cemetery. The National Cemetery is adjacent to the campus.

Seventies Soulchild: How, Pres Obama set aside $4bn for HBCUs specifically. I bet that's the part of the health care bill that will be up for cutting. Quiet as kept.

AYWalton: ProfDru!!

ProfDru: I didn't see a military stone.

AYWalton: I just saw online that Armstrong was a Civil War soldier. he was a Lt. Colonel of the 9th US Colored Infantry. that is interesting.

ProfDru: yes, he was, Angela, however I did not see a military marker. I will send you pictures tonight.

daviss: so you think that they will attach it seventies or was that mentioned

AYWalton: and he was born in Hawaii. Wow that is interesting, and the stone was from Hawaii the one that marks his grave.

ProfDru: I thought about driving through the National Cemetery yesterday, but I had so many things to do.

AYWalton: (saw that on Find a Grave)

ProfDru: ok

AYWalton: is his gravestone still covered with all of that ivy?

ProfDru: yes. it is covered in ivy

AYWalton: I can't wait to see your pictures! I see a few military stones nearby----those must be the USCTs I can't recall is that cemetery a very large one?

ProfDru: I also went to the library yesterday and looked at ration lists and they had a special list for the Soldiers and Sailors wives. The cemetery is not all that large.

daviss: interesting ProDru

AYWalton: I didn't recall it being large, but I also don't recall the civilian markers so it has been a very long time, since I was there.

ProfDru: I did not notice any USCT gravestones yesterday. A few were shaped like the USCT ones, but they turned out not to be USCTs.

Seventies Soulchild: Ok y'all have a very good afternoon. I have some work to do.

ProfDru: There are also some Native Americans buried in this cemetery.

AYWalton: there is a national cemetery there---I recall seeing several USCTs. they were there during the years of the Indian school, I suspect.

ProfDru: yes

alt: The ration list ProfDru, are these for Union Military in general and what are the years they were in effect?

AYWalton: I see a few on the Find a Grave site. Don't see the USCTs though. still looking.

ProfDru: The list I looked at was done in 1865 and it listed the regiment and company of the spouse or son of the ladies. I found Madioson'

alt: okay ProfDru thanks

ProfDru: oops I found Madison's wife Matilda on the list

AYWalton: there must be two different cemeteries, Prof. Dru.

ProfDru: yes, there are two different cemeteries I'll have to go back and take a wide view of the campus cemetery.

AYWalton: both on the campus?

ProfDru: Well you can enter the National one from campus after you pass the main gate

AYWalton: several medal of honor winners are buried there.

ProfDru: There are also other entrances to the national cemetery surrounding the campus.

AYWalton: I have to make sure to get their images. so excited about coming down there! how far is that from Ft. Monroe?

ProfDru: A few miles, maybe a five minute or less drive

AYWalton: oh wow that is so close! that is wonderful there is a cemetery that I plan to get to here in Baltimore---Loudon National. Lots of USCTs are there as well.

ProfDru: The VA Hospital is also behind the campus

AYWalton: soon as I get a cemetery buddy to join me, off I go.

Selma: Good Monday afternoon everyone

alt: hello Selma

ProfDru: Howdy Selma

AYWalton: greetings, Ms. Selma!! hope you are well, today!

daviss: hello Selma!

ProfDru: Selma, I was just telling the group about my cemetery and library excursions from yesterday.

Selma: Yep..went to excercise and had some running around to do

AYWalton: good for you!

Selma: Dru is on a tear folks..she has been inspired.. LOL

AYWalton: I am impressed with the energy she is showing, these days, and her new blog also. Can't wait to see what she does next.

ProfDru: It's all your fault, Angela. LOL

AYWalton: while I look forward to may a blog from Selma or something like that.

daviss: lol @prodru

Selma: I sent you a map this AM AY, of Hampton in can see the places that Dru is talking about

ProfDru: BTW, I now have 25 blog followers and it has not been up a week yet.

AYWalton: lol I take the credit (blame) ProfDru!

alt: I've noticed Selma... Ah, the 'fire of youth' LOL

ProfDru: youth, alt, LOL

AYWalton: oh ok----I will check for it Selma!

ProfDru: Angela, did you get my email of the ration list?

Selma: That right alt.. youth.. LOL

ProfDru: Vicky, my adopted USCT ended up in Texas before he got out of the military.

alt: I love it Selma.. and have really come to admire their enthusiasm.

daviss: oh really proDru was he mustered out there

AYWalton: no email yet ProfDru.

Selma: Lots of the VA USCT were mustered out in Texas daviss

AYWalton: Selma did you send it snail mail or email?

Selma: Snail mail...

AYWalton: most of the army of the Potomac was sent to the Texas border. which is why so many were mustered out there.

ProfDru: He was in Brazos, Santiago, TX

daviss: yes Selma. I was looking for some who mabe had stayed in my area of research

Selma: They must have gotten back here by ship

ProfDru: Selma, did you get the email?

AYWalton: oh yes, they did go by ship.

Selma: The Rations list with Matilda on it

AYWalton: same way Gen. Granger sailed into Galveston Harbor telling the slaves in TX that they were free!

daviss: I have been looking for a A D Gilmer who was living in Dallas, and a civil war vet but have not found him yet in SS

ProfDru: was he your ancestor, vicky?

Selma: Oh I wanted you to look up a USCT AY...hold on

daviss: no prodru,

AYWalton: ok

ProfDru: ok vicky

AYWalton: ProfDru was the cemetery a small one where you were yesterday?

ProfDru: yew

AYWalton: You know I am thinking of Bernie Gracy with his location based genealogy.

ProfDru: yes

Selma: Buried at Denbigh Baptist Church

AYWalton: being small, most there probably had a relationship to each other. what is the name, Selma?

ProfDru: It's a small enough cemetery to do something like that.

Selma: A. W. Poole, Sergeant 36th Regt Company G U.S. Colored Troops

AYWalton: ok hold on.

Selma: Born Aug 30, 1845 Died Sept 12, 1912 This is on his tombstone

ProfDru: I wonder what the criteria is for being buried on campus. I do know one person who died several years ago who is buried on campus. Her family had a long history with Hampton University.

Selma: How can you ask Dru I meant Who

daviss: Selma I am looking for a Thomas R Hawkins who was a surviror of the battle of Market hgts

ProfDru: Not sure, but I'll check around.

daviss: rather New Market hgts

AYWalton: let me check something, Selma.

Selma: A friend portrays a USCT who fought at New Market Heights

AYWalton: Hmm........36th Infantry?

Selma: Thats whats in the book AY...when I looked I came up with a Confederate soldier. I will have to go look at the tombstone myself 36th Regt

AYWalton: I would be curious. I see an Ashton Poole in the 35th US Colored.

ProfDru: gotta run, Adios

daviss: 35, 36 close to be a mistake

Selma: The other soldier Edward Diggs, Born 1843 Age 72 Private, U.S. 1 Colored G No. 36 Company

daviss: alt have you heard of a Prohaton Beaty, I think I spelled the first name right

Selma: What are you trying to find daviss?

AYWalton: interesting, there is no soldier with the name A. W. Poole coming up on the Soldiers and Sailors System database.

alt: oh yes daviss Powhatan Beaty

AYWalton: there were 3 Pooles in the regiment, Georg, Henry and Marcus M.

daviss: I wanted to find something on this Thomas Hawkins

AYWalton: Marcus was a white officer.

Selma: Ummm

AYWalton: the other 2 were privates,not one who was a Sgt. Now----I am curious could they have been 36th Infantry and not 36 US Colored? No Edward Digss---I know something about him. He was the direct ancestor of our old friend Louis S. Diggs.

daviss: I was looking at a picture of him alt and a Thomas Hawkins but not sure if they served in the same regiment

Selma: Oh interesting

AYWalton: I will probably be pulling his pension file, soon, Selma.

Selma: Ok great..

AYWalton: Diggs, I mean. how did you hear about Edward Diggs?

3rdthawkins: not too much written on Thomas daviss, wonder if you can find some records for him

Selma: He is buried in the church cemetary not far from my house

daviss: wasn't Beaty son living in Ohio

AYWalton: that's interesting, Selma.

Selma: Maybe there is more than one AY

alt: I'm not sure of Powhatan Beaty's military unit(s) daviss .. only that he is an Ohio Medal of Honor winner.. He and other's from Ohio have a Marker on the State grounds in columbus, Ohio.

daviss: I am not sure 3rd I see several Thomas hakins

3rdthawkins: ok, I was speaking of Thomas R. Hawkins

daviss: hawkins

AYWalton: more than one, Edward Diggs or who, Selma?

3rdthawkins: born in PA (I think) and died in D.C. or VA

daviss: I am not sure if that is the same one 3rd. I saw that one

3rdthawkins: ok

daviss: I think Beaty was with the 5th colored Infantry alt

alt: Powhatan Beatty's descendants live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Selma: Yes, Louis's family from VA Oh Ok

AYWalton: they are MD based, but who knows---they may have ties there.

alt: okay davis, couldn't remember if he was with the 5th or the 27th... the two USCT units organized in Ohio.

AYWalton: Selma Diggs in the 36th was born in James City Va.

daviss: medal Of Honor huh alt

Selma: Denbigh Baptist is now in Newport News, but originally in Warwick County unil they merged in 1950 something

AYWalton: is that in your area?

Selma: OK

alt: yes daviss

Selma: Yes, not far

AYWalton: ahh ok.

daviss: awesome

AYWalton: mustered in, in Yorktown VA and mustered out in New Orleans.

daviss: was that rare for a civil war soldier to be a Medal winner

Selma: Also not far, but that is in a car about 15-20 minutes away.

AYWalton: and he was not enslaved at the time. He was free before 1861.

Selma: Ah... From Ft. Monroe up into James City County, Yorktown were in Union hands

alt: Powhatan Beaty

daviss: thx alt

AYWalton: he got in trouble with another soldier for fighting, but a note says that he was justified. the other soldier was using foul language and insulting him, apparently.

Selma: Maybe possible they go the wrong Regiment for the other person?

AYWalton: he was also in TX in Brazos Santiago. slt did you see thepost that I put on my USCT blog? the one with the soldier who had lost an arm?

Selma: Its so interesting watching all these events in Egypt in real time

AYWalton: I wrote a small piece on him.

daviss: yes selma it is

AYWalton: speaking of Egypt---have you heard about some group that was planning to take 1000 black students to Egypt?

Selma: You really see the impact of social media

AYWalton: It sounds very strange---- I saw it on a post from Facebook. sounds like it might have been scam of some sort. 1000 students for free on a trip to Egypt! Yeah right!

daviss: I had not heard that

Selma: Me either

AYWalton: I guess they have to change their plans for that trip. It is an Afr. American youth group, it says. take a look when you have time. I have to run folks. take care.

Selma: Well guess time for me to go too..have a great day

3rdthawkins: wb daviss you caused a dominoes affect daviss

daviss: that site had me hung up

alt: my turn to skeddadle Laters y'all

daviss: bye alt take care guess I will skedaddle also and see if I can find a cw vet will chat later

3rdthawkins: ok

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