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2011-01-23 SunMornBrnch



Start: 11:04:32
End: 13:23:00
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, freeaainnc, jhonora, Khathu, ProfessorDru, Selma, seventies soulchild, statustray, trisha

jhonora: Morning 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: hey jhonora hey SS

jhonora: Morning seventies soulchild

seventies soulchild: hey doing my hair . . . brb ok I'm back... how is everyone doing this morning? jhonora? 3rdthawkins?

jhonora: Doing well, same I hope. Any new discoveries?

3rdthawkins: doing good, a few discoveries nothing major, just getting to fill in some blanks hello ProDru brb

ProfessorDru: hello 3rdthawkins and jhonora.

Khathu: good morning

ProfessorDru: hello khathu and free

freeaainnc: hello all

ProfessorDru: alt in da house!!!!!!

Khathu: hello alt

alt: Hello All, 3rd, free, jhonora, Khathu, Dru

freeaainnc: hi alt

ProfessorDru: this morning I discovered a USCT who is possibly a brother in law of James Fields

alt: jhonora, what can you tell me about the Freedman's Aid Society in NO ca 1915-1920?

3rdthawkins: back...........hello alt and free and Khathu

alt: hello 3rdthawkins

ProfessorDru: alt, do you have usct ancestors?

freeaainnc: hi 3rd

alt: Khathu, what kind of attendance was there at your presentation yesterday? Yes I do ProfessorDru,

ProfessorDru: ok khathu, what did you present on yesterday?

Khathu: there were 50 people in attendance

alt: that's a 'nice' sized crowd Khathu..

ProfessorDru: 50 is a good number

Khathu: I conducted a presentation on Slave Era Research at the Central Maryland Chapter AAHG

ProfessorDru: oh, that was you on Angela's video.

3rdthawkins: hello Selma

freeaainnc: hi selma

ProfessorDru: Selma in da house!!!!

alt: hello Selma,, how are ya this morning?

Selma: Doing the little darlin's so might be in and out

alt: okay

Selma: have been mighty busy this Am

ProfessorDru: Selma, as you can see I'm on a roll--I know I sent you and Angela a lot of emails this morning. lol

Khathu: okay......i didn't realize she recorded it

Selma: Yes...I Madison the one married to a Fields daughter

ProfessorDru: It's a small clip on youtube I'll find the link in a minute

alt: we get to see Khathu ... live & in color? LOL

Selma: In this day and age Khathu...its best to believe that you are being taped at all times..including falling in the fountain at a Mall texting onyour cell phone

3rdthawkins: lol


freeaainnc: lol selma

ProfessorDru: that's not nice Selma. lol lol lol

Selma: But its true..the woman is suing now..

ProfessorDru: I saw her on the news

3rdthawkins: what is she suing for again? was it no one helped or something?

Selma: Plus Dru taught folks how to do all kinds of things with their cell phones at a Genealogy conference. The security guard who released the video was fired

ProfessorDru: yes, because no one came to her aid as well as them posting video on youtube

alt: listening to Khathu as I type

Khathu: i went to her site and saw the clip

freeaainnc: I was surprised about that, folks just kept on walking like nothing happened

3rdthawkins: ok, the security guard and posting it on youtube I can understand as far as firing and suing them for tham, but no one came to her aid? I mean, who is she exactly suing for that?

freeaainnc: I mean they didn't even look in her direction, wow, talk about desensitized

ProfessorDru: right free, thankfully she was not seriously hurt

Selma: Interesting discussion on CSpan3..on Could the Civil War have been Avoided

3rdthawkins: all wars can be avoided, I think

freeaainnc: good point 3rd. I mean I had a major fall on campus when I was an undergrad and no one came to my aid either. not like there was anyone specific to sue lol

ProfessorDru: that's interesting selma

freeaainnc: khathu, what books were you displaying in that clip?

Selma: Yes, well if this one hadn't happened we would all still be singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"

alt: probably Selma, but I'm glad it wasn't.

ProfessorDru: I think the problem is that the guard witnessed the fall and did nothing except laugh and post video on youtube right selma I can't begin to imagine.

freeaainnc: yeah, I'd be pretty angry at the guard too, but didn't realize it was the guard to who taped that I'm deaf so I can't hear what was being said on that video

ProfessorDru: for real free?

3rdthawkins: yeah, the guard is the one most responsible

alt: Frederick Douglass and the other abolitionist were 'gleeful' when SC secceded from the Union and the Ft. was fired upon.

Khathu: africans in the americans, the history of leon county, texas, from slavery to freedom, and the black family in slavery and freedom

freeaainnc: Dru - for real at which thing I said? LOL but yeah - not sure which u are saying that about, but yeah

ProfessorDru: khathu, all the books you showed looked interesting.

alt: is that the title for your book Khathu?

Khathu: yes alt

freeaainnc: oh, ok khathu. I have all of those except the one on texas

ProfessorDru: which title?

Khathu: also i mentioned finding a place called home and discovering your african american ancestors

alt: Khathu, in your slave era research do find find many differences by ,,, region, time-frame, etc.?

freeaainnc: I think we have those 2 books at the library where I work

Khathu: there are definitely differences based on region and time period

freeaainnc: I know we have the book Black Roots (Tony Boroughs?) and a few others on finding African American roots

Khathu: especially in terms of the type of records that were produced

alt: I would think so Khathu

Khathu: and how those records were housed

freeaainnc: I'm in the process of picking out books right now for our February display table African American History theme

3rdthawkins: hello risha

trisha: good morning everyone

ProfessorDru: hello trisha

3rdthawkins: oops, Trisha

alt: Hello Trisha

freeaainnc: (our= State Lib. of North Carolina genealogy room) hi Trisha

trisha: how is everyone today?

Selma: Mornin trisha

alt: Finding A Place Called Home has become a "classic"

freeaainnc: and I'm trying to really push for afrigeneas to be linked to our desktop for the public computers

ProfessorDru: alt, yes that an excellent book

freeaainnc: it used to be linked, but sometime within the past 2 years the link disappeared and now we have a new boss who doesn't want to add it back again

alt: and after so many years it still can withstand the changing times in research techniques

freeaainnc: but I just discovered this week we have 2 of the same links for African American resources so I'm pushing to replace one of the links with afrigeneas keep ur fingers crossed lol

ProfessorDru: ok free

alt: fingers crossed

freeaainnc: sorry, went off on a tangent

Selma: What are they linked to now

trisha: good luck

freeaainnc: I can't remember, just a sec and let me see if I can pull it up

alt: not really freeaainnc, AfriGeneas needs to be 'sold' as the "standard bearer", these newer sites with their 'flash & dash' have begun to capture the minds of folks recently interested in AA Genealogy.

freeaainnc: no, can't find it on here. we have 2 categories of links, genealgoy and history. There is a link for a website that is more history related than genealogy and it's under both categories which it shouldn't be I'm in charge of fixing broken links and this week just noticed it was under both categories, I think it was a slavery site from UNC-Greensboro, which is really good, but it's more history

alt: course that' just my opinion on AfriGeneas and the 'competition'

freeaainnc: boss asked me to give her a couple of links we could possibly replace the one under genealogy with so I gave her 3 sites and my opinion on each agree alt

alt: anything new with you trisha?

freeaainnc: hi daviss!@

daviss: helllo everyone!

ProfessorDru: hey vicky

alt: Hello daviss... send me some HEAT LOL LOL

ProfessorDru: me too lol

freeaainnc: lol

3rdthawkins: hello daviss

trisha: well alt, other than my back going out...nothing much. :-(

freeaainnc: ooh, sorry to hear that Trisha

alt: oh no, back problems ain't no fun trisha, wishing you the best

trisha: what about you, any interesting happening in your research efforts?

daviss: its cold here around 54 degrees so you might want to change your mind about me sending heat lol lol

trisha: thanks free, thank goodness for pain I get the xray results tomorrow

ProfessorDru: I found person of interest on ancestry as a USCT. I did initial research on his regiment. Where do I go from here to find more about his him and his military service?

alt: try -2 daviss, so yes send HEAT

trisha: thanks alt

daviss: ok after the Jets win I will lol

freeaainnc: daviss I was just thinking it's only in the 40s here, but we are a lot warmer than the northern states lol

3rdthawkins: in other words she won't send it :}

freeaainnc: lol daviss

ProfessorDru: looks like there's not heat to send from vicky's neck of the woods.

alt: ProfessorDru, have you checked out the CWSS site and then the regiment history of your ancestor... after that, then look for service & pension records from NARA.

daviss: did you pick out someone that is from your area to adopt Professor Dru?

freeaainnc: daviss where do u live again?

ProfessorDru: yes, I checked the CWSS site. How can I find i there is a service or pension record. He was enlisted for 3 year. BTW he is not my ancestor, but kin to the Fields family whom I'm researching.

daviss: I physically live in Phx Ariz free.

freeaainnc: wow, I'd think it would be warmer there

alt: go to th eNARA site for how to secure the service information

ProfessorDru: yes vicky, I found this morning who is a brother in law of James A. Fields, owner of the historic house whom I'm researching. thanks alt

alt: try Bennie McRae's site for the how-to's ProfessorDru

ProfessorDru: ok, alt, I'll take a look at Bennie's site. This person of interest, Madison Lewis, was in the first USCT.

daviss: I am going to adopt someone also ProDr. I am looking for someone who stayed in Texas after the war. Hard to find someone who was actually a Texasn

Khathu: have a great day everyone

daviss: bye khathu

ProfessorDru: great vicky

3rdthawkins: what's all the adopting someone about???

daviss: to study their history 3rd

3rdthawkins: why, what's the point?

alt: 3rdthawkins,, took a look at ancesty's census records for LUM.. the surname has been in the US since 1810.

ProfessorDru: United States Colored Troops for those of us who don't have an ancestor who enlisted

trisha: hmmmm, interesting alt.

daviss: I am doing it because I like interesting things. and besides it may help someone

3rdthawkins: so you're studying them just because you don't have an ancestor who fought??

ProfessorDru: 3rd, cause Angela told us so. lol lol

daviss: and just what Pro Dru sqaid lol said

3rdthawkins: Ahh, That explains it then, I should have known she's the master mind behind it

trisha: lol, Dru

3rdthawkins: lol

freeaainnc: daviss, that is why I do the research I do - it's interesting to me and I hope it will help others

ProfessorDru: seriously in celebrating the 150 anniversry of the CW, some of us want to expand our research horizons.

daviss: I have no idea if I had an ancestor who fought 3rd

trisha: I got excited, I got some folks I would GLADLY volunteer to be researched ;)

3rdthawkins: yeah alt, I have seen that, I'm trying to see how it reached to S.C., guess I will have to do a serious in depth study and research on it

trisha: not in military records though..

AYWalton: Good morning all.

freeaainnc: hi AY!

trisha: good morning AYWalton

ProfessorDru: Angela in da house!!! you must have heard us talking about you. lol

AYWalton: hi 3rd

3rdthawkins: It's enough trying to research my own people, not somebody I don't even know who they are and dont' care about

daviss: hello to you AYWalton

freeaainnc: I've never really checked to see if any of the folks I research were in the USCT

AYWalton: greetings alt, daviss, freeaainnc, trisha

alt: Hi AYWalton

AYWalton: ProfessorDru is in da house!

ProfessorDru: understood 3rd, but to each their own.

AYWalton: have I missed something ProfessorDru?

alt: It's really as much about 'broadening' you research techniques 3rdthawkins

ProfessorDru: I am involved in a local research project now and for now this is more interesting.

freeaainnc: see 3rd for me, I've been doing research for over 20 years now. I've basically gotten as far on my family as I can without do research with original records in other states - which I can't afford lol

3rdthawkins: ok, whatever alt

ProfessorDru: Vicky and I were talking about adopting an USCT.

3rdthawkins: to me it's just being bored and looking for something to do

ProfessorDru: 3rd asked why and I said 'cause Angela said so.' lol

AYWalton: I see, and some are putting you down for choosing to expand what you do.

alt: yeah 3rdthawkins, whatever.... it is about researching the AA community for MOST of us.

3rdthawkins: wb Selma

ProfessorDru: as I said 3rd, to each his own.

daviss: IMHO 3rd others have helped you and they have not done it because they were bored

AYWalton: Just do what you do and as the bored say--------whatever. YOU know what it means and everyone cannot absorb the value of gleaning knowledge from your activities.

freeaainnc: right daviss. I mean I'm definitely not bored with my research on fpoc in NC

AYWalton: and daviss, you learn from those experiences---you learn from those who are non-chalant about your help and move on. Many want to take and don't appreciate the work that was made by those who helped.

freeaainnc: I actually find it very fascinating to see how they all interacted with each other and others outside the community

daviss: heyyy Selma!

AYWalton: just move on and keep the energy positive---besides others come anyway, because they appreciate what you do, even those they shrug it off. oh before I forget--- I posted a blog with video and a couple of images from Khathu's presentation.

Selma: Heck all folks should thank Barnetta White for being bored for 10 years and digging out all the Cohabitation records for NC

ProfessorDru: 3rd, for me my local research project is meaningful because I grew up in this area. The Fields family research is talking me into a totally new area than the research of my ancestors.

daviss: so are you saying that my positive energy will secure a win for the JETs lol

Selma: Thank goodness for all the BORED folks who I have benefited from their BOREDOM

AYWalton: we should thank Alex Haley from being bored with folks that were not in his family. He wasnt related to Fiddler either.

freeaainnc: LOL so true Selma! and since we have those books at the library, I've seen first hand in just the past 8 months on my job how her books have helped at least a dozen people!

ProfessorDru: lol vicky

daviss: ok ok slapping my hand

freeaainnc: lol daviss

AYWalton: Ignorance is boredom. Those who choose to address their boredom by asking unasked questions are the treasures in our midst, and the deserve to be applauded. others will sit on the side, nodding off in boredom, not even realizing that someone unrelated to them will reveal more facts to enhance their knowledge. But that's ok, because what we do is far beyond collecting names of just our own families.

Selma: Yes, Khathu just heard about him being on video when he was here earlier

AYWalton: if that is all we do, then we can just buy one of those bogus books with lots of family names and then wave it around as being YOUR family!

ProfessorDru: I saw the video on youtube. Which blog did you post on?

AYWalton: the ones who truly know better will just smile, shrug and say "whatever" knowing that the name collector and not one who appreciates FACTS well he/she just does not know any better!!

trisha: You guys have a great day... time for me to make a move.

AYWalton: Father forgive them......for they know how little they know and how silly what they say can be.

daviss: true to that re; waving around as your own

AYWalton: ProfessorDru the post is on

ProfessorDru: So Angela I'm not sure if you saw my numerous emails from this morning, but I've adopted a USCT.

AYWalton: I have a picture of him lecturing as well as a tiny video clip. he did a great job. and one of his points-----look at the people in the area!

Selma: Did you do it with your cell phone AY?

AYWalton: If you don't you miss your OWN family.

ProfessorDru: the books looked interesting.

AYWalton: now I did it with my digital camera.

freeaainnc: thanks for the link AY

AYWalton: not my camcorder, but with my digital. most digitals have a video feature.

daviss: a few more inches and he would be taller than the top of the door ( Khathu)

AYWalton: of course I could ignored it because he was not talking about MY folks----but I see the value of other's stories.

alt: it was nice to 'see & hear" Khathu live & in color LOL

Selma: I told you he is 8 feet tall...LOL

daviss: lol

freeaainnc: lol selma

Selma: Met him at National AAHGS

ProfessorDru: who me, Angela? My own family will always be my first love, but throughout my 16 years of research, I've occasionally kicked them to the curb and adopted someone else. lool

AYWalton: all such such stories are valuable, and if one cannot see it, then they are blinded by their own lack of insight, lack of intuitiveness and lack of true interest in history. No, not you, ProfessorDru. I speak to those who find the stories from th e community of their ancestors to be boring.

ProfessorDru: ok

AYWalton: They are the ones who lose when guided by----hey he ain't related to me and I don't care.

Selma: That being said AY...if you go to the Archives this week see if he applied for a Penstion

AYWalton: Don't care----and this might be the one who holds other details about your folks. But don't bother---it's too boring. I KNOW you get it, ProfessorDru.

ProfessorDru: My Fields family research is also helping me to discover the history of the university where I work.

AYWalton: I love that!

alt: that's it AYWalton .. some folks are into just the genealogy and not the history of their family.

ProfessorDru: Now when I walk the grounds, I see things in a whole new light.

AYWalton: Yes, I saw the emails on my phone and I am going to check on that one for you, ProfessorDru. and their is a difference. and a list of who begot who begot who----tells you very little.

Selma: Names on a page with no context

ProfessorDru: Madison Lewis was also a Freedman's Bureau bank depositer.

AYWalton: oh that's fantastic!

ProfessorDru: now I have a reason to learn about so many new records.

Selma: See aren't you glad I told them you would do this presentation for the Hunt for Hampton History.. LOL

AYWalton: and nothing is more boring than names with no stories to tell----and people had stories that shaped their lives. Good stories, bad stories---everyone has them.

ProfessorDru: Looking forward to your visit in April, Angela, so we can hit the road. lol Selma, you me US, right?

AYWalton: ProfessorDru, was your guy in the 1st Cavalry?

ProfessorDru: yes

AYWalton: 1st US Colored?

Selma: Yes, andme I meant yes Dru

AYWalton: Then there is good news------------he DID file a pension! looks like I shall be off to the archives to get it!

ProfessorDru: yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AYWalton: Madison Lewis, is that the correct name?

ProfessorDru: yes

AYWalton: He filed for and received a pension!!!!

daviss: I heard you way over her Professor Dru lol

ProfessorDru: lol vicky

AYWalton: LOL!

ProfessorDru: Where did you find that info, Angela?

AYWalton: Selma I will come down a day early and we are gonna do the Hampton Cemetery, and other things in the area. I want to document the USCTs.

ProfessorDru: how much does it cost, angela, to get a copy of pension records?

Selma: Oh might have to come down 2 days early

AYWalton: these days it is about $65. lol and I would love to see the Plesant Shade cemetery.

ProfessorDru: BTW, Madison's name is also on the AA CW memorial

Selma: Does the Fields family know that Dru

AYWalton: Just want to see it, I am curious if any folks in VA were part of the Mosaic Templars

ProfessorDru: that would be great, Angela. Hopefully by then I'll know where Fields grave is located. You should also visit the Fields House.

alt: you bet. I think there are about 1,000 usct's buried at in Hampaton Nat'l cemetery

ProfessorDru: I'm not sure if they know about Madison or not Selma

AYWalton: I would love to see that house. Is it in Hampton or NewportNews?

ProfessorDru: I'll let the owner Saundra Cherry know that you will be in town newport news

alt: ProfessorDru, I think there is a grave locator for folks buried in ALL National VA cemeteries.

freeaainnc: back

ProfessorDru: ok alt

AYWalton: is there a cemetery at Ft. Monroe?

Selma: We will have to take you to the Fort in the moat Angela

ProfessorDru: not sure angela

alt: no ProfessorDru, that was an 'exchange' that has been needed for quite sometime.

ProfessorDru: I know. hehehehehe

AYWalton: I look forward to it.

freeaainnc: well, that wasn't the purpose of what we were saying to hurt his feelings or anything. Hope he knows that

ProfessorDru: I told him several times to each his own. And I meant what I said. lol

freeaainnc: true!

AYWalton: some people are in their own tight world and THEY want to hurt the feelings of others. don't worry about it, free.

daviss: MARIAH!!!!!

ProfessorDru: hopefully he will expand his horizons some day.

Selma: Ok folks...gotta run

freeaainnc: :)

daviss: bye sel

Selma: Talk to you all later

freeaainnc: oops, bye selma lol I was looking away

AYWalton: ahy es, there is Mariah---who is hiding somewhere in Texas from daviss.

ProfessorDru: I'm extremely excited about my new findings this morning. Probably spent too much time online, but it was extremely successful.

daviss: lol lol lol

ProfessorDru: Angela, does NARA do pension files in digital format?

AYWalton: they will be doing it soon.

freeaainnc: that is great Dru

AYWalton: and charge you $65 for it.

ProfessorDru: ok, when you go, do you have to pay to look at the files?

AYWalton: Oh a tip----when you have a file----the best thing to do, is also to follow the witnesses---they vouched for the soldier and they were part of the same community.

freeaainnc: 65?? wow

ProfessorDru: right Angela, I learned that from you.

AYWalton: I just looked at the Hampton National cemetery on Find a Grave and I see that only 27 graves are on the list. greetings jhonora!

ProfessorDru: wb jhonora. you missed all the action. lol

freeaainnc: lol

jhonora: Hello daviss, freeaainnc

AYWalton: so we have a lot of work to do, ladies.

jhonora: Hey AYWalton!

AYWalton: Cemetery stomping---here we come!

freeaainnc: lol

jhonora: Action, ProfDru?

ProfessorDru: lol angela

AYWalton: me? lil ole me?????????

ProfessorDru: Discussion with 3rd about why we should not just concentrate on researching our own ancestors--why we also need to do community reseach, etc. Then angela got on her soapbox and preached. lol lol

AYWalton: can I get an Amen somewhere in here?

freeaainnc: lol

ProfessorDru: A-----------------men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jhonora: Oh of course. I'm glad the Rev. Dr. Elder AYW gave her the sermon

AYWalton: lol

ProfessorDru: And Rev. Sister Dr. Selma did too. lol

AYWalton: now that's what I'm talkin' bout! sometimes ya gotta say somethin 'cause sometimes folks need to hear somethin'!

freeaainnc: and considering 90% of my research now is on fpoc in NC, I whole heartedly agreed oh, and I'm not a descendant of fpoc so I'm not related to any of them

ProfessorDru: I only made a statement about my local research project and he wanted to know 'what' the point'. So I told him and then it was on!

jhonora: I just went to a meeting yesterday where people were whining about not knowing what record sources there were/or what they contain. I told 'em that if they can google carnival parades and restaurants then they can google our local repositories

ProfessorDru: me, vicky, and free were the sistas of the church and alt was Deacon. lol lol angela

freeaainnc: lol AY

ProfessorDru: lol jhonora

freeaainnc: lol dru

daviss: heard that jhonora

jhonora: I'm sure alt gave some good "well"s and "yass sirs"

ProfessorDru: lol jhonors

freeaainnc: lol

AYWalton: lol well I have to run folks, off to a computer show. Want to look at some of their toys.

freeaainnc: oh, but I did find out something interesting on my own family last night, sad

AYWalton: hopefully I won't buy anything, am just in a looking mode. take care and have a good day.

ProfessorDru: what was than free? that

freeaainnc: apparently my grandfather was not the 1st child, they had a stillborn 1 year before he was born - premature birth caused by an accident of some kind the mnother was in 1914

ProfessorDru: ok

freeaainnc: only reason I found out was b/c ancestry has the death certs for NC online from 1909-1975. I was looking for a dc for the mom and came across that

ProfessorDru: I also found that one of my great grandmother's had still born--so that would make 7 pregnancies instead of the 6 the family knew about. good free

daviss: gotta run folks take care

ProfessorDru: Those online DCs are great. Gotta run.

jhonora: Gotta run

freeaainnc: I was never told about that so I'm wondering if anyone else knew about it? maybe since it was the first child, they didn't share that info? ok, gotta go too. bye alt :) hopefully see u tomorrow in lunch bunch

alt: laters

statustray: Hey there alt... how u doing today?

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