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2011-01-16 SunMorn Brnch



Start: 12:23:02
End: 12:23:02
Chatters: melissa

melissa: good afternoon!


Start: 00:10:25
End: 00:11:51
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, di

di: goodnight i will chat with you later---email me if need be-

3rdthawkins: ok later, and will email my "shopping" list nite


Start: 10:47:28
End: 13:44:22
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, daviss, di, jhonora, keli1, Khathu, melissa, ProfessorDru, Selma, seventies soulchild, vkn

jhonora: Morning 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: hello jhonora, brb

jhonora: Morning di

di: morning jhonora 3rd brb

3rdthawkins: ok back, hello di what's going on jhonora

jhonora: Nothing much 3rd. Working lately on my DuBose and Nelson lines.

3rdthawkins: ok, yeah, talking to my grandfather's cousin last nite, I am expanding my search for my paternal grandmother's mother to a white person

jhonora: You mean your gr-grandmother was white?

3rdthawkins: also doing research on Roquemore line in TX for my materna line I'm thinking so jhonora, I was talking to my gf's cousin and she explained that people were telling her that she was a white woman, and though I argued my case, I am thinking she may be right. My great grandfather was very light, like Tan complexion, if he married a black woman, no way my grandmother and her siblings would be as white (or light) as they are were

jhonora: Interesting. Where was this? What time period? What name?

3rdthawkins: well, my great grandmother was Mada Ruth Jefferson, parents James and Anna/Roxianna, Mada was stated as born in Virginia in 1930 census (born about 1910). She is listed as Negro in census and on her DC. I cannot find her or her parents any where before 1930 not even a marriage rec for my great grandparents

jhonora: So Mada is the one who could have been white?

3rdthawkins: yes

di: was she listed as mulatto anywhere

3rdthawkins: Negro in 1930, Colored on her DC, that's all I have, unfortunately

di: ok

jhonora: Do those parents' names come from her DC?

3rdthawkins: yes

jhonora: Who did she marry and where did they live?

3rdthawkins: my great grandfather Dennis Hawkins. They lived in Queens County (Jamaica) New York do you think if I order his marriage license from his second marriage it would give me information concering his first marriage?

jhonora: It may ... Did they divorce?

3rdthawkins: I have marriage rec to his second wife, who also was a white woman, wondering if it could give me infor concering his first marriage, like marriage date/place, and perhaps where she was born...........No jhonora, my great grandmother died

jhonora: His second wife was absolutely a white woman?

3rdthawkins: I can't order my grandmother's BC, and that is hurting me right now yes jhonora

jhonora: Well, interracial marriage was allowed in NY

3rdthawkins: I see but funny thing, when I search for my great grandmother, most matches are black in VA

jhonora: Why couldn't she have been fair-complexioned black? I have bonified pictures of "mulatto-looking" folks who were almost always listed as black and of "brown/dark" people listed as mulatto.

3rdthawkins: could be jhonora, my gf's cousin specifically heard that she was WHITE, people were describing her after my gm and her siblings came down to SC. And my grandmother and two of her siblings look White, only one, the youngest, is Tan, like the father

jhonora: Any idea where in Va. she came from?

3rdthawkins: nope jhonora, just have the 1930 Census

jhonora: Unfortunately practically no one has an obit in NYC

3rdthawkins: hello vkn

di: good morning vkn

vkn: Good morning

jhonora: Morning vkn

vkn: Getting many phone calla from ESSENCE readers seeking help to find their ancestirs. The calls are welcone BUT we did not have a plan in place for managing the onslaught. A big window of opportunity for AfriGeneas Yeahhhhh

jhonora: 3rd, what did they name the daughters? Could any of the names be relatives?

3rdthawkins: could be jhonora, not sure, certainly my grandmother was named after her mother

jhonora: That's a good sign. You didn't find any matches in 1920 or 1910?

3rdthawkins: nope

vkn: So I would ask that considered response be given to those posts on surnames with ess in the subject kine. Bear in mind that these are brand new people to genealogu Thanx

jhonora: vkn, I've tried lately to respond to several posts and couldn't due to password.

3rdthawkins: ok vkn

jhonora: 3rd, so your gm was Roxianna

vkn: send me issue jhonora for immediate fix response

jhonora: will do, vkn.

3rdthawkins: great grandmother's mother jhonora

keli1: Good morning cousins!

3rdthawkins: hello Keli1 and alt, bumped into each other on the way in I see hello Seventies

seventies soulchild: good morning everyone

keli1: yes we did, hello all

jhonora: Morning seventies_soulchild, keli1, alt

alt: hello All. 3rd, di, jhonora, keli1, 70's vkn..

vkn: di I will call you later today. Been on site since 4AM Gotta stop now to prepare breakfast. Howdy seventies Howdy alt

jhonora: 3rd, your gm was named after your gr-grandmother's mother?

vkn: Getting many phone calla from ESSENCE readers seeking help to find their ancestirs. The calls are welcone BUT we did not have a plan in place for managing the onslaught. A big window of opportunity for AfriGeneas Yeahhhhh So I would ask that considered response be given to those posts on surnames with ess in the subject kine. Bear in mind that these are brand new people to genealogu Thanx

3rdthawkins: jhonora she was named after her mother, save the name Mada

di: sorry, i connected with someone on ancestry and was corresponding

seventies soulchild: ok are you organizing by state, vkn?

3rdthawkins: that's cool di, connect away, let us not get in the way of that :)

di: Good Morning to all

vkn: lol just by calls lol

seventies soulchild: uh oh lol

di: not a prob vkn

alt: the results of the Essence article... unintended consequences, huh.. the onslaught of gnereated interest.

di: oh never in the way. i am multitasking with the other 5 tabs open.

keli1: Vkn, what can we do the help on that

jhonora: ditto

vkn: yes alt but it is great. I sure hope all here recognize the power of the Essence press to what we do!!!!!!!!!!

di: i don't mind helping where i can as well.

keli1: generating interest is always the goal, more importantly, what do you do with the info once you get it

vkn: watch for ess in the subject line in posts on surnames

alt: how about directing folks to the Beginner's Guide on AfriGeneas as a 1st step when they request help in finding their ancestors... Got to let them know there is a 'process'.

vkn: Post to surnames when permitted by the caller keli1

keli1: seeking local genealogy groups, historical societies is always good to get your feet wet

alt: MOst 'general' articles, including Essence make the process seem pretty easy.

vkn: and send me your email address and I will point each of you to a new ess post via the tell a friend icon

di: ok so i multitasked into telling her to join the chat

keli1: vkn,newbies really need an outline of the steps and process, like Art suggested there is a wealth of info on the afrigeneas site, but overwhelming to the new person...

alt: don't want to scare folks away, but they should learn that it ain't magic and it ain't easy.. work is required and a knowledge of how-to.

3rdthawkins: ok di, fresh blood, :} :p

di: well i just hope she sees the message in time.

keli1: sounds good, add me to the list as I multitask on a new presentation for the local upcoming LDS Family History Center conference

di: lol

vkn: just a welcome glad you have joined us is good beginning

keli1: lol @3rd, I think of them as potential relatives with information

alt: right vkn... and then an 'oh, by the way .......'

vkn: is that feb 26 keli1

di: how about something on the front that page that says....i saw the article in Essence now I need to know where to go...then give link to essential beginner areas of the site

keli1: Charlottesville LDS family history center is focusing on the newbies the whole day centered around how to get started, etc...April 16th, Charlottesville Virginia

vkn: oh ok thanx keli1

keli1: The tracks will walk them through the process, etc, step by step..., so it should be interesting

alt: as Selma might say .. step #1 read a book, step #2 get a map LOL LOL

vkn: lol

alt: lol . icons aren't working?

keli1: lol, that is Selma.. I say start asking questions, figure out what you know, what you don't know and then seek out who knows what you don' theme

vkn: The queries seem to all say "I dont know anything about my fathers side of the family can you help me"?

keli1: yes that is typically, but someone knows

vkn: The queries seem to all say "I dont know anything about my fathers side of the family can you help me"? "But I am closer to my mother and I have her side..."

alt: that seems to be a dominant theme with AA families .. we know/learn of Mama's folks, but seldom Daddy's in the beginning of our family histroy.

3rdthawkins: seem like a Theme with black folks vkn

keli1: and we have generations that are still coming up that way

vkn: and I am trying to embrace the caller and grab basic info within a max call of one inute or less.

keli1: I have a friend who was adopted, her mother actually lived in her neighborhood, everyone knew it but her, tell the lady that adopted her passed, it all came out

vkn: one minute

3rdthawkins: hello Khathu

Khathu: good morning

keli1: draft a script to utilize the website more, that might help

alt: good morning Khathu

keli1: good morning khathu!

vkn: Howdy Khathu and a big King Day Welcome to you!!!!!!!

3rdthawkins: speak of, Alt, how did the play go, or was that just rehearsal?

di: good morning Khathu i did not come in from the front page, are there any special chats planned for monday.

keli1: in the community where I do some work, 4 sisters with kids, all by the same man, figthing constantly at the school bus stop, I want to find this brotha and say or remove a few things

alt: could the AfriGeneas Home Page somehow direct follks to the 'site map' to see what is available in the form of help, perhaps even place the site map on the Home Page itseld.

vkn: keli1 please send me your phone number and a good time to call

keli1: for sure vkn

vkn: alt good idea

3rdthawkins: when you say sisters, keli1, do you mean black women, or they were actually sisters?

keli1: Black women, not related

3rdthawkins: oh ok, wording is everything

vkn: Starting a new med today alt and all for the Rheumatoid Arthritis called Simponi. It is a once a month injection with a price of $1900.00 and my share of cost is $175.00 !!!!

3rdthawkins: ok, that must be old folks convo right there

alt: Wow, best wishes with the new med vkn

vkn: so gotta leave to get that started. Side effects are serious. Thanx alt

keli1: so sorry to hear that vkn, we have my mom on a tonic and she is doing well..I will send you the name of it, maybe it will help you as well

alt: take care vkn

vkn: Watched the Nicholas DVD in part yesterday { consumes 4 hours!!!!!] But is well presented

keli1: sorry about that 3rd, what do you mean "old folks" conversation

alt: Khathu,,, hav eyou ever looked at the Indianaplos Freeman... an AA newspeprs that has news of the AA communities around Indy for the time period your folks settled in Brazil, IN

keli1: Art, what is the Nicholas DVD vkn mentioned?

3rdthawkins: guess elderly keli1, those who mainly go through it

alt: I think it is a DVD by Derek Nicholas who has been posting to the AfriGeneas Forums, mostly the Slave Forum. Khathu, you can find online copies of The Freeman on the google newspaper archive website.

keli1: Thanks @alt, I have not visited the Slave Forum in a while, I will have to check it out. I think I settled on going to Ft. Wayne over others this year

alt: okay, I hope to see you in Ft. Wayne keli1

keli1: That is the plan, has anyone sat thru or witnessed a good session on photos, photography, dating and preserving documents, etc

3rdthawkins: talk about mind in the gutter, kind threw me for a loop when you said dating

alt: a fellow named Eric Basir out of Chicago does some excellent photo session keli1 ..

3rdthawkins: I'm thinking, what dating has to do with genealogy, lol,.

keli1: 3rd, what, has a lot, both ways

3rdthawkins: lol keli1

alt: he was at FT. Wayne & he attends most of the larger gen conferences across the country keli1... and he is a 'brother'

keli1: Art, that name is familiar, seems like he has a presentation on the roots page from a conference in 2006, I will seek him out

alt: he is very good keli1

keli1: than it is not the same, the one on roots was white, I will find Eric, was he in Ft. Wayne in 09'?

alt: 3rdthawkins, no dating, no genealogy LOL

jhonora: Morning Dru

ProfessorDru: hey gang

3rdthawkins: well, I guess I'll get me a date then :}

keli1: Hi Dru, happy new yeat to you!

alt: yes he was keli1 .. and he looks 'white' LOL

3rdthawkins: hello ProDru

alt: hi ProfessorDru

keli1: maybe it is the same person

di: Good Afternoon ProfessorDru

ProfessorDru: happy new year to you too keli1 3rd, you're getting a date to go where? lol

di: well my battery life is telling me i can not stay longer than i would like so have a good afternoon.

3rdthawkins: scroll up little more ProfessorDru lol ;) ok di, have a good day

ProfessorDru: 3rd, don't see any explanation.

keli1: 3rd let me know when you go on the date...share the info, lol. What/who are you looking for Dru, I used the word dating referencing photos and he took it as dating as in going out on a date...

3rdthawkins: would like to get a marriage date for my paternal grandmother's mother, that's for sure my paternal grandmother's parents

ProfessorDru: ok keli

alt: working the 'net is something else... lady queried our AAGGMV site about an ancestor in Oberlin, Ohio mid to late 1800's with a Canadian connection... between ancestry, familysearch & the Oberlin AA gen society group.. we had some answers for within 45 mins... Amazing!!!! from the olden days LOL

ProfessorDru: that's great alt

keli1: I need a marriage date for William Michael Murphy and Nellie McCorkle, sometime btw 1885-1888

alt: is the VA/WV keli1?

3rdthawkins: where Keli1?

keli1: Wonderful Art, Rev Charles Bailey from Oberlin brought a Imes with them to Michigan...

di: ok nevermind stole the

keli1: Murphy-McCorkle, could be TN or KY, we are not sure where

alt: Oberlin has some great AA history keli1 there are McCorkle's connected to the WV & SE Ohio folks keli1

keli1: Nellie was born in Green Co. TN, her momma was a Henry, I can't find when she married or a death record on the Murphy, Nellie remarried to Henry Giles and still can't find death record on Nellie or Henry Giles either, just pityful another one of the wonderful challenges of genealogical research...

alt: McCorkle-Barnett marriage in Washington Co., Oho 1857 keli, might look at Ohio for a McCorkle connection. Khathu, are you with us?

keli1: Nellie was born in 1868/9 to Rose (Henry) and John McCorkle, Nellie and Rose left Green Tn and went to Knoxville. I will check them out. The McCorkles were free

di: i hope that with the all the new people visiting and interacting with the site it will spark up some fire under some individuals who may have felt they had exhausted all there was. or became "stale" in researching

keli1: or felt they hit brick walls, instead they just had challenging they didn't know how to handle

alt: right di.. hopefully the wil learn there is no " all there was' LOL

keli1: @alt, lol, so true

Khathu: yes i am here

3rdthawkins: need a new cpu, this one is terrible on the beta site

Khathu: working on a presentation on slave era research

keli1: wondeful Khathu!!!

alt: the AA newspaper Indianapolis Freeman may have informtion on your Brazil, IN folks Khathu ... it can be found online at the google newspaper archive. hello melissa, welcome

Khathu: okay...thanks alt

keli1: I posted info on Plecker in VA, on twitter, some folks didn't know the power of the Plecker pen... Hello Melissa, wb 3rd

melissa: I made it

3rdthawkins: hello melissa

di: hello melissa

melissa: hello everyone

alt: very powerful keli1, he basically 'wiped out' a whole race, or ethnic group with his pen. Hello melissa, welcome

di: melissa murray line?

keli1: yes he did and still causing havic in the world of research in VA, my opinion

melissa: yes Murray

di: ok hi glad you made it over!

keli1: Melissa, what surnames and areas are you researching? @wonder if anyone has done research and presentation of the Plecker impacts

melissa: Murray from SC/FL, Brown from SC, Ford/Ross/Donnelly from Grenada, MS

keli1: @melissa, I have Ross's from Virginia/West VA, specificially in Jefferson County, WV

melissa: I believe they came from Virginia. The oldest member that I have found says she is from VA. I have also been told that they were owned by the Ross or Rosses family in VA

3rdthawkins: hello daviss

daviss: good morning everyone!

3rdthawkins: yeah, for you!

di: hello Daviss

3rdthawkins: though I still got a little piece of it :}

keli1: Okay, if you find out where in VA, let me know...let's keep in touch, my email is, you can find me here most Sunday's Hi Daviss...good morning

daviss: mabe I should say afternoon everyone! lol except for 3rd

melissa: I will thank you

daviss: hello melissa!

3rdthawkins: ;)

melissa: hi

keli1: Where are you from Melissa, I am in Central VA area, near Charlottesville

melissa: i am from long island but my family is from the south

daviss: I just read back and see that you have Ms folks also. That is Seventies Souldchilds area any Texans Melissa

alt: hello daviss, how are ya today?

melissa: texas on johnson/ford side not murray

daviss: I overslept this morning alt after waking up at around 3:15 a.m.

3rdthawkins: I have family live on LI from late 1920s to present

daviss: where are your Johnson and Fords from in Tx

alt: are you near Westbury melissa?

keli1: my son is in Valley Stream...

melissa: i am about 15 minutes from westbury and valley stream

alt: okay, I have you located now LOL

3rdthawkins: GIBBES-PAYSON (Charleston, South Carolina) SANDERS-GARIETY (Charleston, South Carolina) HAWKINS-BRYANT (Charleston & Berkeley Counties, South Carolina) LUM (Charleston, SC; China) JEFFERSON (Virginia) HUGHES-COPELAND (Texas, South Carolina) FOUNTAIN-WILLIAMSON (Arkansas, Alabama) ISLEY (Arkansas, North Carolina) JOHNSON (Louisiana, Mississippi) TOWNSEND (Texas) CUMMINGS (Texas)

melissa: I believe the Johnson/Ford's are in ... I want to say Houston. They just had a reunion there in the summer I'm in Babylon

alt: an dhow long have you been on the 'genealogy' trail melissa?

melissa: I believe I started in 2000 with oral history that I am now finding to me mostly incorrect

daviss: that sure happens melissa

3rdthawkins: aint that something

alt: hhehehehe,, like most of us melissa, if not incorrect, certainly different from what we've been told.

3rdthawkins: though my oral history mainly be correct, though a little off because of the person telling the story

daviss: however they see what they see sometimes

3rdthawkins: also depends on what the oral history is

melissa: With the Murray family that migrated North, there were all "first" cousins. That was so far from the truth

daviss: I suppose they were called aunts and uncles lol

di: melissa but it may have been what they were told or believed but in some fashion

melissa: we had to, or cousin....

alt: yeah, that's the one that gets ya melissa, relationships.. I can deal with differing Dates & Spellings, but relationships is sumpin else.

melissa: my mother keeps saying, "that's what we were told"

3rdthawkins: yeah, my grandmother and her siblings called their stepmother Aunt Jean, so thought she was an Aunt

di: but in that area all you know is that that is your cousin. i can't tell you how i am related to half the washingtons on the other side of the hill but "they family"

keli1: it is not unusally for oral history to be stretched a bit, it is just what was passed on, and we document both..

daviss: my Uncle Charlie is really my 2nd cousin but because he was so much older we thought he was an uncle

di: does your mother talk about bish

melissa: my mother doesnt remember anyone until i bring them up

3rdthawkins: I get that a lot

keli1: one thing I think we all can agree on there was a whole bunch of "talkin stories" going on in our mom is the griot of the family, I have been so blessed, she started all of this obsession in our family

di: daviss and see i may throw my kids off cause as my rule of thumb growing up was i called all elders aunt or uncle so and so. (because cousins you call by first name and i dare not approach certain elders and call em by they first name)

alt: that's also a common occurence melissa. then they'll say something like " I thought you knew" LOL

di: ask her about him, the stories are so diverse!

daviss: thats the truth for sure di

melissa: my mother had me drive to Georgia trying to find her grandmother's name and when I told you, she said oh I thought you knew that

keli1: @alt lol, for sure, I have an Aunt, who is 88, she will not speak of anything negative of the past, she holds her view and only her view,

daviss: We grew up so far away from family that all the oral stories that may help guide me have been missed

melissa: sorry guys, I have to go do the cheerleading carpool. I'm trying to get my mother to finish chatting with you guys

alt: hi Melissa's MOm

di: if i dare mention anything negative or thought of as negative i am quiclkly told off and told to leave the dead dead and the past in the past!

keli1: have a good one melissa, we hope to see you back, who is your mom?

di: melissa stay in touch we will have to talk

daviss: Pop Warner melissa?

keli1: yes yes di!!! Ms. Lillian is the same way, she was born in Ft. Wayne, had wonderful memories, but what I found wasn't that great

3rdthawkins: Wb Seventeis

daviss: heyyy seventies soulchild

seventies soulchild: Thanks.. hey all hey daviss! :)

daviss: who is Ms Lillian keli1?

alt: hello seventies soulchild

keli1: What is your most fondest memory of Dr. King?

seventies soulchild: Ok I was going to suggest that vkn draw up a 5 question list to get some of these callers started.

keli1: she is my aunt, father's only living sister

seventies soulchild: hey alt

3rdthawkins: dont' know, never met the man keli1

daviss: ah ok.. thats wonderful keli1

seventies soulchild: But I missed out on the conversation. :(

di: that is so cool that melissa might have found another connect on here! see it is so vital!

daviss: Any Tolberts for you in Indy keli1?

keli1: 3rd??? I never met him either, but have memories of the interviews he gave as well as the speeches were had to watch, Daddy's orders

di: seventies soulchild can always email her!

seventies soulchild: welcome to melissa & hello to di, jhonora, Keli1, 3rd and jhonora

alt: how bout Tolbert's in Greencastle & Terre Haute, IN daviss?

keli1: Not that I know of Daviss? hello to you 70s

di: hi seventies soulchild !

daviss: lol now alt you know I never have a county or state or city all I know is Joseph Tolliver and wife Lucy

3rdthawkins: jsut from footages keli1, I don't have any fondest memories, I only have what they only show. Maybe photos of footages of seeing him with his kids, that is the best

alt: 3rdthawkins, when he told me to call him Martin.. at Dexter Ave, Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL in March of 1956.

daviss: I strike the state from that last comment alt

3rdthawkins: photos AND Footages that was cool alt

keli1: yes I think the photos impact a lot...would he be proud of where we have gone or not gone...thoughts?

daviss: sons Ro or Robert and Joseph Jr also born in Indy alt

keli1: beautiful Art...a lasting memory.

3rdthawkins: from what I do know or heard of about him, I think he would always see something that needs change. Great minds are like that, never at rest and never fully satisfied, and that's in a positive way (sometimes negative though)

daviss: Keli1 I think he would be rolling around now with all the disrespect people have shown our Pres

alt: I think he would be amazed at the disrepect that our AA youth show the older generations, perhaps some of it is wrranted, but it is disrespect nonetheless.

keli1: I felt he was a good educator in his attempts for the change

3rdthawkins: thy alt, was thinking about that

seventies soulchild: I am too young to have any fond memories of Dr. King. . . but I'm glad he did the work that he did, especially at the end of his life.

keli1: yes, yes, it is shameful in my book, but my children and children around me, no matter whose they are, will not disrepect anyone, they do it at home, but not in my presence...I ain't having it

3rdthawkins: lets remember, he would be 81 years old, just wondering how it would be hearing him speak on tv

seventies soulchild: You know I think that he would've been a little embarrassed with his own children's behavior, though.

keli1: Ahhh my mom's age, I believe he would be tired but would keep going

seventies soulchild: Especially at the end of his wife's life.

daviss: agree seventies but I venture to say that had he been alive those things may not have happened

keli1: yea he is turning over in his grave so to speak.

3rdthawkins: kids bicker after parents death, they did not do it when mom was alive

seventies soulchild: Agree another black man cut down in his prime, on purpose.

alt: sibling rivalry & squabbles are to be expected, especially if there is money & a legacy involved...

seventies soulchild: The Shabazz sisters didn't do that. . .

daviss: no one wants my legacy so I am spending my money now lol lol

alt: huh !!!!!!! @ seventies soulchild

seventies soulchild: Nor did the Little family. . . . I think that's almost excusing bad behavior.

keli1: the negative stuff all links to the all might dollar

alt: aren't they just now reconciling over past differences seventies soulchild?

seventies soulchild: With the NOI, not with each other....

3rdthawkins: if we're talking about Malcolm's kids, didn't his grandson kill or try to kill/burn his Macolm's wife?

keli1: Do you think the difference in faith had anything to do with that?

seventies soulchild: Yes he did, but what does that event have to do with the sisters???

3rdthawkins: just saying, Seventies, gosh

keli1: yes he set fire to the house they also didn't have the money the King family did and still has

3rdthawkins: I'm just speaking of children or grandchildren or any descendants who have "bad behavior" after the person's death

seventies soulchild: They may not have as much 'money' as the King kids, but their father has a great reputation and legacy worldwide

3rdthawkins: don't know anything about the daughters of M X's

seventies soulchild: I'm not sure if it has anything to do with their religion keli1 Just simply making an observation.

alt: I can only speak for myself, but my kids, grandkids have not turned out to be the 'great' folks they were raised to be. LOL

daviss: lol @ alt

seventies soulchild: lol stop throwing shade alt... lol

3rdthawkins: welcome to my grandfather's world Alt

daviss: you mean the ones that said when they grow up they were gonna buy you a house or a car alt

keli1: yea 70s, my observation as well, but faith has influence negative and positive. I can speak for my kids, they turned out good for what they are doing, I don't have any grandchildren and probalby won't, the grand dogs are living up to their potential

seventies soulchild: lol keli1

di: :( i was hoping to talk to her mom another day....

keli1: I love my granddogs, they even visit me and I fly down to visit them, planning a trip now...

daviss: mom was prolly testing the waters di

alt: you give the 'roots & wings" and hope they can make the best of their lives, not to satify you, but themselves.

di: yeah didn't think anout that, i would hav said something to her.

daviss: Amen alt!

seventies soulchild: hey you know, people have their own dreams and aspirations for their lives. Read Khalil Gibran's words on this.

keli1: Amen to that Alt

seventies soulchild: ditto alt!

di: melissa is a cousin of mines i found on accident at that

keli1: my wedding vows came from Gibran, lol, didn't last but 15 yrs

seventies soulchild: I love accidental finds di. . .

daviss: awesome di! lol @ keli

seventies soulchild: 8) keli1

alt: wondeful di.. great to make a connection and one who has genealogy in their heart is a bonus.

keli1: that is wondeful di..loose ends will get tied up now

seventies soulchild: I've been mining the heck out of facebook... lol Finding lots of my great aunt's descendants online.

di: not too much i dont think. she has been in touch with another relative who researches kinda the same line.

daviss: my mother had several of his books seven and keli1.. I gave one to each of my brothers after my mom passed.

seventies soulchild: Dinah Callins

keli1: which books daviss?

daviss: Kalil

alt: I'm outa here y'all ... take care.

daviss: bye alt

seventies soulchild: di, that's how I found some of my great grandfather's nieces and nephews.

daviss: I have found a few relatives and a very very old and dear friend on fb

seventies soulchild: Ok for y'all who watch TVOne, Mama Flora's family is coming on soon I hope that you enjoy BHM :) and learn something new about your family and yourself.

daviss: thx seventies

seventies soulchild: YW daviss

daviss: you know thayt will be my focus thayt = that

seventies soulchild: Yes. . . Mariah.

daviss: If I dont find her in 11, I am giving completely up

seventies soulchild: You said that in 2010! And you haven't given up :)

di: daviss i dont remember your response the other day i asked if you are researching davis lines

daviss: :o

seventies soulchild: So why stop now?? :}

di: davis who are you looking for for the next 11months? :)

daviss: I am researching Daviss/Davis in Grimes County Texas via unk county in NC

di: connection...darn! :) researching a davis line for my friend.

daviss: di a love of mine named Mariah. she is my elusive one where is your friends Davis from di?

seventies soulchild: You still have no possible maiden name right daviss?

keli1: I wish I had a connection on DAvis there, mine are in PA and maybe based on questions raised might be VA

daviss: possible Wells seventies but nothing else

di: hey!!! where in pa? this line is some in Phila then back to SC.

keli1: Franklin County, starting with 1843 and suppose to be Philadelphia prior to that, but nothing to prove the oral history on Philadelphia

daviss: I have a marriage lic that has a Lawrence and Mariah but no way of knowing if its her seventies

seventies soulchild: You know, so many people migrated during the CW maybe your answer could lie there.

daviss: thats why I need to find them in 70 and 80

di: what kind of names you working with keli1

keli1: William Davis b. 1814/17 in PA, married Mildred Ann Brand b. 1825, VA, they had all their children in Franklin County PA

di: Davis if I find any of em in nc I am gonna contact you!

daviss: thanks much di

keli1: Davis, Goen/Goings, Murphy, Marsh, Mccorkle, Cureton, Worden, Boyer, Henry, Goddard....

3rdthawkins: your prob is that you can even locate her and her son Joseph in 1880, right daviss?

di: no frank county and no va! darn again!

3rdthawkins: can-Can't

daviss: right 3rd nor lawrence

3rdthawkins: right

keli1: oh I forget my Johson's out of VA/WV

3rdthawkins: wb

jhonora: ty

seventies soulchild: No luck with either of them in MS, right?

daviss: jhonora heyyy

seventies soulchild: wb jhonora

3rdthawkins: or LA

daviss: nor in la

seventies soulchild: What about Oklahoma? Or Arkansas?

daviss: no okla then seventies

di: wb jhonora

jhonora: No ideas for any siblings of Mada, 3rdthawkins?

seventies soulchild: Just trying to think of surrounding states daviss.

3rdthawkins: nope jhonora

di: my davis hass lead me to an adams, that is pretty much all i got in surnames so far. but hey it has only been about 2 weeks!

daviss: I know seventies :} lol @ di mine has been since 91

3rdthawkins: guess I could look at other nearby Jeffersons jhonora in 1930, but no way of searching/researching further to know if any could would be related

di: daviss so you are looking for a Mariah wells in ok?

jhonora: In 1930 census, she is with her husband Hawkins right?

daviss: are you researching Jeffersons jhonora

3rdthawkins: yep jhonora no, i am ss

jhonora: No, daviss, just trying to help 3rd with some Jefferson. Jeffersons

keli1: any link to the Jefferson's in VA

3rdthawkins: oops, no I am daviss

daviss: di looking for her in Harrison County texas. under Wells and or Taylor

3rdthawkins: that's where my great grandmother is listed as being born keli1

di: speaking of elusive ones if anyone ever sees a parthena alford, parthena worthy, or nelson atwater. you hold them tight and contact me.

seventies soulchild: jhonora, have you been contacted by anyone to do research on the USCTs or native guard in LA for this upcoming year?

keli1: you can visit the monticello website and search the database

daviss: where are your alfords

3rdthawkins: lol ok di, will do

di: ga

jhonora: No 70s, I haven't

keli1: 3rd, I live 10 miles from Monticello, pass it everyday going home

daviss: a friend is serching LA alfords

seventies soulchild: ok hmmmm

keli1: what is her name 3rd?

3rdthawkins: I'm having doubts if the names given on my great grandmother's DC are correct keli1

di: not me that i know of.

jhonora: The name is Alfords, daviss

3rdthawkins: her name is Mada Ruth Jefferson, that's the way my grandmother gave it on her SSA, also that's the one her daughter put it on her DC.

daviss: I have a Moses Jefferson born in VA but migrated to Tx

keli1: but they say she was born here?

daviss: I thought AlFords was what I said jhonora

3rdthawkins: daviss and keli1, I am thinking she may have been white, that's what I was telling jhonora earlier

daviss: from La

3rdthawkins: census keli1, yes the DC says U.S. but that seems to be a thing with New York death certificates

di: well i learned not to trust names no more! my great aunts admit to making slight changes in thier names..Jewell was born Jewell. and i cant remember but Shelvie Jean tweaked her name

daviss: rather not migrated but sent

keli1: you can post a guery on our website and see if you get additional info, if you would like, or post on the site

daviss: so are you thinking that if the census says U.S. they may have been something else 3rd

3rdthawkins: ok, keli1 no daviss, I am ignoring it, that seems to be a thing or Theme, with New York Death certificates

seventies soulchild: Ok I'm out. Everyone enjoy their day :} And enjoy MLK Day too!

keli1: it will get funneled through, I belong to both groups and you never know what you might find, just inform of what you know

daviss: ok just asking

3rdthawkins: bye SS

jhonora: I was just clarifying that it was Alfords, daviss. Where are they from in La?

di: i have a herndon in oxford nc......

daviss: yes, they are from LA. A friend is doing the research for them

3rdthawkins: thx keli1

daviss: One of her Alfords actually lived across the street from me in the 70

jhonora: Afternoon Selma

3rdthawkins: hello Selma, fellow VA researcher

keli1: welcome Selma

Selma: Good grief you'all still here...afternoon folks

daviss: hello Selma!

keli1: I am about to go, lol, things to do and places to go

di: lol wb selma

keli1: Selma, Charlottesville LDS Family History Center conference scheduled for April 16, designed for people just getting started...1 day

daviss: take care out there Keli1

Selma: Umm..are you speaking keli

di: anybody doing research in wv?

daviss: not me di!

Selma: Some of my husbands family migrated to WVA di...where are you looking

keli1: yes, I am@ Selma

3rdthawkins: well, I am not limited my search for my great grandmother and her parents to just VA di, also looking in WVA

di: not sure yet kinda just wanted to know who i could reach out to. this is going to be new territory for me this week.

3rdthawkins: limting

keli1: I have extensive research in Jefferson County, VA/WV what county in West VA

di: a female ancestor was born in wv, i am hoping with a name like zepher i may not have to many run ins....rofl

daviss: heyyyy

Selma: Approxomately when born di?

daviss: last or first name di

keli1: Zepher is an interesting surname, sounds like a business name, what county?

daviss: Zepher means a gentle breeze

di: first name

3rdthawkins: lol daviss

daviss: my mothers first name

di: born about 1894 in wv that is all i know today

3rdthawkins: we know about our most beloved names :}

daviss: my gr gr aunts last name

di: right now today. may know more in a min

keli1: di have you been to the wvculture website

Selma: West Virginia death records are online

di: nope. nothing to do with wv has entered my search yet.

keli1: marriage, death and birth are online for WV

di: i think she died in pa. but again do not know yet. but i am so glad to know that keli1 and selma

daviss: well lovely people I am gonna take off. Have a wonderful day

Selma: Yep..gotta run too..have a great day

keli1: byee daviss

jhonora: I'm running too y'all

keli1: di, visit this

di: thanks...bookmarked!

keli1: I need to run as well, let me know if you need help on WV, am a bit familiar with it, go there every couple of months, thanks byeee all.

di: well 3rd i guess i am out too. i have work i was suppose to finish hour ago,, till later

3rdthawkins: ok later di

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