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2011-01-15 SatNiteChat



Start: 21:03:49
End: 23:56:49
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AmosNY, daviss, di, Ingrid_Doweary, jhonora, Khathu, rcs, ryan, Selma, vkn

alt: hi 3rdthawkins, how are ya?

3rdthawkins: hey alt, been just about on time for every chat this week, they should give you an award :p :p lol doing good alt

alt: ty. learning to be punctual LOL

3rdthawkins: lol, hello daviss

daviss: hello 3rd and alt

alt: hello daviss, how are ya?

daviss: doing good for a young'un, how about you?

3rdthawkins: when she was vicky, daviss use to come in right after me, then she would beat me in, you done beat her lol

daviss: heyyyy I am always on time

3rdthawkins: gettin' a slow daviss :p

alt: you bet , daviss is always on time

daviss: sometimes I come in on days I know no one is here lol

alt: anything exciting going on with y'all?

3rdthawkins: well alt, speaking of, I see a connection happend on the boards

alt: hello Selma

3rdthawkins: hello Selma

Selma: Eveninf dolka

alt: the Glover connection?

Selma: Evening folks

3rdthawkins: :? yeah alt

daviss: not with me alt although I learned today that there is going to be a restart of our genealogy group hello Selma!

alt: good daviss,, wishing y'all much success.

daviss: I think it may be a little better now. I will rejoin next month

alt: glover has folks that are buried here in Springfield.. on her Woods side of the family.

Selma: Thats good daviss

alt: support'em as best you can daviss

daviss: hoping for more research and less business meetings lol

3rdthawkins: I think those two have been frequenting the site for a while and didn't even know/realize they were related

alt: I can understand that daviss, we have the same problem.. Glover has been on AfriGeneas for quite sometime.

3rdthawkins: a nice connection

alt: looking for the same people, glad to see her make a connection.

3rdthawkins: yep

alt: hello AmosNY, how are ya?

3rdthawkins: I think AmosNy got stuck here last week, I thought if I came in he might be still here lol

AmosNY: Hi Hawkins,alt,daviss,Selma! I fell asleep last week.

Selma: Evening Amos Evening rcs...Happy New Year

3rdthawkins: lol AmosNY anything on Drake school, everyone I call the phones don't work. One lady gave me a number and it didn't work

alt: hi rcs, how are ya?

3rdthawkins: hello rcs

AmosNY: I didn't do any research on the Drake school.

3rdthawkins: oh, ok, thought you were doing some googling for me, my bad

rcs: hello all

AmosNY: I've been busy with my real estate investing. Bank of America approved my first short sale.

3rdthawkins: oooo, wow, cool

alt: rcs, are you involved with the St. Louis conference that is coming up?

Selma: Congrats Amos

rcs: nope

AmosNY: You can see the listing on Facebook under my name,Amos Goodman

alt: okay, deannie has been mentioning one that she will be attending in St. Louis.

rcs: not even aware of it -- when where?

3rdthawkins: hello jhonora

Selma: Was there a recreation of a Slave Auction in St. Louis today rcs?

jhonora: Evening 3rd, alt, Amos, daviss, rcs, Selma

Selma: Evening rcs

alt: A St. Louis AA gen group is sponsoring it rcs.

rcs: ok

alt: Hello jhonora

Selma: Evening jhonora

rcs: Genealogy has been back burner for a month or three

Selma: Well glad your back rcs Art did you read the article I sent you on the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Civil War?

daviss: hello Amos, rcs and jhonora

alt: yes I did Selma.. and I'm ready for the test :| the emoticons don't sem to be working

3rdthawkins: hello di

alt: hello di

AmosNY: Hi di!

di: good evening all

Selma: Evening di

daviss: hello di

Selma: Is everyone sleep?

alt: nope,

3rdthawkins: nope chat screen freezin; up

AmosNY: I don't think so.

alt: just waiting for someone to say sumpin I can disagree with LOL LOL

rcs: I'll disagree with that

3rdthawkins: sho' nuff

AmosNY: I won't disagree.


3rdthawkins: I think I ran out of records to order

alt: any thoughts on the recent posting postings on the Forums?

3rdthawkins: some good stuff alt, things are picking up for people

daviss: ok back hello to all I have not seen

3rdthawkins: good info

daviss: sheesh, pop up button I am still waiting to hear from the email I sent to the Masonic

3rdthawkins: I'm still waiting to hear from a lot of people daviss, most I don't think I will lol

daviss: I am patting my foot mabe I need to go to "How to write an email " class

alt: daviss, are you in contact with an individual, or a Masonic Lodge?

3rdthawkins: I hate the "We'll call back when we get find the info/records" and they never call back you and I both daviss. And the, How to make an Inquery on the Phone

daviss: The lodge plus the National Lodge in Texas

alt: good luck daviss

jhonora: Generally each state has a Lodge of Research

daviss: what is real weird is alt. The lodge has their meetings at a center whose address is 2010 and my graunt lived on 2020 sorry 2010 Spike Street and 2020 Spike Street

3rdthawkins: wb

Selma: Do you know somone whee you are who is a member, who might call for you daviss?

di: too much multi tasking

daviss: I talked to the head guy Selma and he told me he would get his Secy to look for me

Selma: Oh well

daviss: He is also the one that suggested I put the names on an email

alt: oh, oh, the 'old I'll have my Secretary look into it' scene LOL

daviss: As we were speaking I sent it in

3rdthawkins: lol I get that a lot myself

daviss: This guy was the Grand Master

3rdthawkins: hello vkn

daviss: hi there vkn

Selma: You need to find a not so grand master

daviss: I guess Selma!

alt: hello vkn

Selma: Evening vkn

AmosNY: Hi VKN!

vkn: alt selma daviss amos di jhonora rcs 3rd

daviss: Know any Springers vkn

vkn: prolly

daviss: or Sconiers

3rdthawkins: Jerry?

daviss: that is an odd name night night all.. daughter has to take a test

alt: slow night.. any 'hot button' items to discuss?

3rdthawkins: umm, let me see

alt: anyone have any how-to tips?

3rdthawkins: don't know, but I am just about finish with all my lines going back to 1870, except Johnson and not finding anything on LUM wb

jhonora: Ty

AmosNY: I don't have any. Genealogy is not my top priority right now. Real estate investing is.

alt: 3rdthawkins, when you say ALL my lines.. how many are you talking about?

3rdthawkins: um, let me see, you're right alt

jhonora: Amos, I believe Gerald O'Hara said to Scarlett: Land is the only thing that matters ... the only thing that lasts

alt: good Eurpoean concept, huh jhonora?

jhonora: Yes, it is alt.

AmosNY: Jhonora, that is correct. That's why when you evaluate real estate land is always 20% of the value.

alt: my land ain't your land LOL LOL

3rdthawkins: actually it's only 4 lines, 2 or 3 lines I don't have alt

jhonora: lol

alt: there is a discussion vs land ....

3rdthawkins: if you own property, do you own land? and what part of the land do you own, and how much of the land is your property? I think I asked that right

jhonora: I would think if you own property you own land, there is "improved land" versus "unimproved land," and then land with structures.

AmosNY: In some states with mineral rights you might have a situation where someone might have mineral rights to your land.

Selma: Time for me to go folks...have a great evening

3rdthawkins: hello ryan

AmosNY: Hi Ryan!

ryan: Hi all, long time no visit to Sat Night (Happy new year too)

3rdthawkins: yeah, been a while

vkn: di do I have your phone number

jhonora: It is amazing the advances made by families with history antebellum literacy versus postbellum literacy. When freedom came they were more prepared to gain land, positions, and of course further education.

di: not sure. i can give it to u

3rdthawkins: you know, I was thinking earlier I sure would like to do more research on my great grandmother Ella Sanders Hawkins, who was a school teacher, just not sure how. Don't know what she taught in, but heard she taught in Saint Stephens, where she met my great grandfather

jhonora: Saint Stephens, Alabama??

3rdthawkins: don't know what **school** she taught in oops, Saint Stephen, South Carolina

di: start with time frams and all.

vkn: See yall 2morry good peeps

jhonora: Maybe you could check to see if the county school records exist, whether she is mention in county commission minutes, or local papers.

3rdthawkins: well in 1920 she was listed as school teacher, she was 23 although census says 18 did the first part of that jhonora, nothing came up

AmosNY: Niters all!

jhonora: They may have run an article about the local schools around graduation time, May or June.

3rdthawkins: Berkeley is difficult to search in, I contacted the library, I have to actually go there to get anything done there or have someone else visit Berkeley County

ryan: well yall, I know I'm kinda late, will get here earlier next time.. for now, gotta run off. later

jhonora: That's a problem in many counties. It would be good business for locals with the know-how in their county courthouse.

3rdthawkins: that's one of those places you have to close your eyes and hope for the best, hope some record pops online or something funny thing, I tried emailing their county probate judge to inquery about getting a marriage license for my great grandparents, and the email bounced back

di: have you contacted the gene societies around there. and look up people usually are already familiar with the info.

3rdthawkins: they charge you di, and I don't have any more money

di: gene society contact list too..

3rdthawkins: I can't even find a phone number for them will have to try them, I mailed them once about another research I am doing on Payson, but no reply will try and call

jhonora: The SC State Archives has copies of most county microfilm

3rdthawkins: will try them again jhonora, I contacted before about Rosenwald schools, thinking and wondering if she taught in one of them, but that was a dead end, will see if maybe she taught in a public school

di: u may hacve this already

3rdthawkins: will have to keep it and use it di, thx wish I could do more traveling and find someone to travel with

jhonora: We all wish we could travel more!

di: i have to go home in may so if you do not have what you need, give me a "shopping" list and i will do my best

3rdthawkins: ok, I have plenty too di I still have your email

di: jhonora where would you be traveling to. i am trying to take a trip to ga with my great uncle. sometime this summer hopefully 3rdthawkins cool

jhonora: Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina

3rdthawkins: I'm planning trips to see family on my dad side, also to be able to meet my dad for the first time, and to spend time with my half siblings hello kathu

Khathu: good evening everyone

jhonora: Great 3rd! Happy travels!

3rdthawkins: :) thx

jhonora: Evening Khathu

di: hello Khathu jhonora what parts of sc

jhonora: Chester County

di: 3rdthawkins and jhonora where are you now.

3rdthawkins: i'm in MO

jhonora: New Orleans, Louisiana

di: lol can't see a caravan starting (pa here)

jhonora: 3rd, are you in St. Louis?

di: Khathu if you could travel to do family research where would you go 3rdthawkins where is your dad's side of the fam located

3rdthawkins: from South Carolina Charleston and Berkeley Counties

di: rcs are you stiil here with us ok when are you planning to visit

rcs: can be -- drifting tjhough

3rdthawkins: well, di, there are some living in NY and CT that I may visit, and some in SC, not sure of going to SC though

di: oh ok

3rdthawkins: not sure when, I may go with my sister

di: cool i hope it is a very wealthy and warming trip

Khathu: i would trip to salt lake city

di: Good evein Ingrid.

jhonora: Evening Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Everyone.

di: Khathu I'm wit you! I am trying to plan my 60hr train ride now. for the conference next year. are you planning on going then?

Khathu: not sure yet

3rdthawkins: hello Ingrid

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey 3rd wb Di

di: yeah i hit something on here and kicked myself out 3rdthawkins what are you surnames again in sc

rcs: good night all

3rdthawkins: Sanders Payson Gibbes Charleston, SC....Hawkins Lum Bryant Charleston/Berkeley Co.

jhonora: Mine is Starks from Chester Co.

di: oh i was looking on the list of surnames on the st bartholomew surname list

3rdthawkins: oh, also Gariety/Garety di


3rdthawkins: ok got it

di: T. Stephens parish church register and cemetary Contact John James Simons iii St stephens berkley co historical society 3rdthawkins what was the teacher in berkely's name, the school and dates taught again

3rdthawkins: brb

Ingrid_Doweary: Good nite 3rd and Di.

3rdthawkins: di

di: here

3rdthawkins: not sure of school's name, not sure where she taught, had to be between 1918? and 1940 (at least), her name was Ella Ann Hawkins (nee Sanders)

di: ok i was just looking at some records seeing what was available. just was going to not if i saw something that stood out.

3rdthawkins: ok

di: have you seen this or been on the site

3rdthawkins: hmmm, no I have not

di: a search connected me to it but the document relating to st james comes with a dead link. something must have been on there at one time. hey another stone in the bucket they do not even have a parrish listed for sc. what a shame! i know the parish is/ was all black you said you contacted the charleston diocese. what about beaufort, do they have one. i am reading something that says st james was under the beaufort parrish

3rdthawkins: no I didn't, but there were two St James'

di: it was reffered to as the catholic crossroads (negro Mission) The Catholic church in the United States of America: undertaken to celebrate the golden jubilee of His Holiness, Pope Pius X, Volume 3 (Google eBook) page 133

3rdthawkins: ok di, see my grandather went to ICS, but not sure if his mother taught there grandather-means grandfather

di: ics?

3rdthawkins: I had contacted the Diocese before, almost two years ago inquiring about if my grandfather's mother taught there, but they apparently could not find anything. It was one of those things again, they would call back if they found something, but nothing.........................Immaculate Conception School

di: charleston or berkley

3rdthawkins: Charleston

di: years '

3rdthawkins: again di, it would be between 1918 and at least 1940

di: sorry forgot i had asked

3rdthawkins: doesn't seem to be any Catholic Schools in Berkeley County according to this book on google wonder if she taught in a regular public school, something like an all-black school

di: i got caught up in looking at differnt links

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