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2011-01-13 LunchBunch ~ tweakAFG



Start: 11:56:53
End: 13:43:15
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, daviss, Derek Nicholas, di, ProfessorDru, Selma, Seventies Soulchild, vkn

3rdthawkins: hey Derek I think I recognize your name from the boards first time in chat?

Derek Nicholas: Yes. Valencia told me to drop by.

3rdthawkins: oh ok what surnames were you researching and where?

Derek Nicholas: Nelson County, Virginia from 1720 - 1984 Surnames are Nichola, Diggs, Gilmore, Mayo, Venable, Allen, Woodson, Rose, Clopton, Cottrell, Pryor, Bailey.. just to name a few.

3rdthawkins: ok mine are in SC for paternal line and Texas for maternal line.............hello di

Derek Nicholas: What surnames are attached to your family.

di: good afternoon 3rd and Derek

Derek Nicholas: hi Di.

di: i see it is your first time in chat, welcome!

3rdthawkins: Cummings, Townsend, Roquemore, Hughes, Copeland in Texas. Isley Williamson Fountain in Arkansas. Johnson in Louisiana. for maternal.

di: good afternoon selma brb

Derek Nicholas: Hi Selma

Selma: Good afternoon 3rd, di and Welcome Derek Nicholas

3rdthawkins: Hawkins, Bryant, Sanders, Gibbes, Payson, Lum or Perkins in South Carolina. Jefferson in Virginia. for paternal

Derek Nicholas: @ 3rdHawkins, what part of Louisiana?

Selma: Afternoon daviss

Derek Nicholas: hi daviss

daviss: hello 3rd Derek Nicholas di and Selma!

3rdthawkins: Not sure Derek Nicholas that is my brickwall, it just stops with my great grandfather, I don't know too much about him, I know from census his parents were born in Mississippi. hello daviss

Derek Nicholas: 3rd.. what line of Jefferson's?

daviss: How is everyone? welcome Derek Nicholas

Derek Nicholas: Doin' fine, daviss

daviss: I am just scrolling back on prior conversation heyy alt!

3rdthawkins: as far as I know Derek, it is Virginia, that's my brickwall also...........hello alt

Selma: Afternoon alt

alt: hello All... 3rd, daviss, di, Selma and especailly Derek .. good to see ya.

daviss: great posts on the forums Derek Nicholas

Derek Nicholas: Thanks daviss

3rdthawkins: always the great grandparents with me Derek, maternal and paternal, two great grands I can't find more info on. Though I do have names of my paternal great grandmother's parents

daviss: Is Fountain a new person for you 3rd?

alt: yes Derek nice posts & congrats on your website... nicely done. I do have a couple of questions for you Derek, if you don't mind I'll contact you thru email for discussion.

Derek Nicholas: Thanks, but I'm not too keen on praise. I just want to generate some interest. There is much history that has been uncovered.

alt: hello vkn

3rdthawkins: yes daviss, I discovered that name this past summer

Selma: Afternoon vkn

3rdthawkins: hello vkn...............gave the person your email alt, guess they will be contacting you

alt: okay, that's what we all want to do ... share information.

vkn: Howdy all yall and welcome Derek so glad you can join us

Derek Nicholas: @ alt. no questions, yet.

daviss: Its always more than a blessing when info is shared Derek to help us along the way

alt: okay 3rdthawkins , thanks.

Selma: Fountain is one of Barnetta White's VA and NC

daviss: lots of fountains in Grimes County Texas 3rd

alt: my interest is in the Randolph's... your's is more on the Tucker's Derek.

daviss: not sure where they originated from though

3rdthawkins: mine was in Arkansas (Hempstead Co.), but either born in South Carolina, or Alabama, most census says Ala one says SC probably could have come from AR, lots of AR folks migrated to TX between 1860 and 1900

Derek Nicholas: alt, which line of Randolphs?

daviss: lots of NC and ALa folks too

alt: from the John Randolph lines...

3rdthawkins: yep, and SC also GA

vkn: Glad to introduce y'all to Derek who is going to be volunteering with AfriGeneas/ US and will share some of his thoughts. One is that the home page could do a more effective job of telling people where to go and how to get where

di: back- good afternoon daviss alt vkn

daviss: hi there di

vkn: hello bill is on phone

daviss: welcome derek!

3rdthawkins: daviss, we have to remember, that though census says they were born in SC or Ala, etc., they could have spent part of the life in western states like TX AR or LA

alt: that's great vkn... directing folks to all that is available on AfriGeneas is a 'task".

vkn: trial account is in trouble

Derek Nicholas: @alt, John Randolph of Roanoake?

daviss: I surely do know that 3rd lol

alt: yes & his father Derek Nicholas

3rdthawkins: ok, yeah, bet you do though ;)

alt: and as you are more than aware.. it is Roanoke Plantation in Charloote county and not Roanoke Va.

Derek Nicholas: @alt, John R. Randolph, who married Francis Bolling-Tucker Bland?

3rdthawkins: hello Seventies

daviss: good afternoon Seventies Soulchild

Seventies Soulchild: Hello all, vkn, alt, daviss, Selma, Derek Nicholas, and 3rd

Selma: Afternoon seventies

alt: yes, I follow the slaves manumitted by John Randolph in 1846, even tho' his will of 1833 actually freed them

Seventies Soulchild: I was typing up my salutations.... :) sorry so slow oops see I missed one, Hi di

alt: hello Seventies Soulchild

daviss: do you want to use my two fingers seventies lol

Seventies Soulchild: lol no I'm good ty lol

daviss: :o

Derek Nicholas: Yeah, John Randolph, was one of the good slave owners of Va

daviss: good slave owner

alt: oxymoron, huh daviss? LOL

vkn: good spelled backwards is doog daviss lol

daviss: yep lol

Seventies Soulchild: OMG... lol

alt: he reportedly never bought or sold any of his slaves.... but there were 3-4 generations of families in those freed in 1846...

Derek Nicholas: Yeah, all slave owner weren't bad. They just continued, because that was their way of life, at that time. Many were against slavery

3rdthawkins: agree Derek, some had slaves because that was the way of life

vkn: The PQ Trial site is down for the next 36 hours or there about.

daviss: thank you vkn

alt: i seen them raised Seventies Soulchild LOL

Seventies Soulchild: I know you did! lol

alt: seen=see

vkn: Well we may not agree on good or bad BUT we know that all had the dollar as the bottom line

3rdthawkins: yep vkn, I mean there are people today who steal/rob sell drugs just to take care of their family/families, but that doesn't make it right

Derek Nicholas: Our nation was bulit on money.. always have, always will. Except for black people. We got the raw deal.

3rdthawkins: in some people's mine, that's the way of life

daviss: yep 3rd but they dont own people

3rdthawkins: I'm with Seventies, talk to me when they never owned a slave

Seventies Soulchild: Money and a system of supremacy. . .

vkn: so maybe greed is a more functional term but let us refocus the marketing of AfriGeneas

Selma: The Transatlantic Slave Trade was the of its age..we live with its results

alt: that's the example of the freed Randolph slaves.. 380+ folks... multi-generational "owned" by a good slave owner.

3rdthawkins: it's sad, but it happened, something that white folks Don't want to talk about, because it's a bad part of their OWN History

Seventies Soulchild: I think I'm going to step out of that conversation... lol So much to say, so not related to genealogy... lol

vkn: Grrrrrrrrrrrreat analysis Selma

Seventies Soulchild: All political talk

3rdthawkins: perhaps if we go to white people and start telling them that we liked slavery and it was good for us and our ancestors because it made us better people, than maybe they will be open to talk about it. :|

daviss: ok vkn you start regarding refocus!

Selma: That is already there theory 3rd..

di: vkn..idea, from yesterday we talked about the more "seasoned and experienced members" and as alt put it "without coming off as a know it all"

alt: vkn, marketing AfriGeneas... you're gonna be getting more 'feelers' for support from this new generation of IT & social network savy folks for the 'blessing' of AfriGeneas. I think we/AfriGeneas have to become very vigilant as to who we support.

Selma: Back to Afrigeneas

3rdthawkins: It's a good theory to get information.

Seventies Soulchild: Yes BJ needs a break. She's so "James Brown"ish lol

vkn: Derek please tell us how the front page of AfriGeneas grabs you and a huge big welcome for helping us.

Derek Nicholas: Getting link backs is one of the best marketing tools available.

di: maybe there is a way to highlight some of the members of the page on the front page

3rdthawkins: di gave me an idea to suggest, could you "promote" your own site on the front page, such as people who made connections

Derek Nicholas: The front page is okay, but not that is for first times to navigate through. People need specific instructions on what to click on. They seem to get lost, after arriving at the entrance page.

3rdthawkins: agree

Derek Nicholas: oop typing too fast, sorry.

Selma: Not sure folks understand the use of the term Forum..

alt: there's that word again ...'marketing' I agree AfriGeneas is a "Brand", but it really sells itself when all that is available becomes known to the users.

di: i agree alt.

Derek Nicholas: I don't think people even know, to click on the forum button. At least my father, didn't. It's really up to us, as members to help promote Afrigeneas, if we want the site to succeed.

vkn: (BTW Derek is self employed art designer and is an IT expert via trial and error)

Seventies Soulchild: Is anyone suggesting a re-working of the site? Or has anyone?

alt: perhaps part of the Home Page could have 'instructions' as how to navigate the site?

3rdthawkins: wow, awesome

AYWalton: good afternoon, all.

Derek Nicholas: Not re-work, but tweak.

Seventies Soulchild: Making the site idiot proof is always a good idea. Ease of use

AYWalton: greetings, alt, daviss, Derek Nihcolas, di, Ms. Selma, SoulChile. Greetings, vkn!!

daviss: hello AYWalton!

di: vkn i would like to see some updating and somewhat promotion on the site of the surname listing, making it a lil more easier to understand by beginners standards

Derek Nicholas: People, in general are not idiots, just lazy.

alt: LAZY , very true Derek Nicholas

3rdthawkins: vkn and Derek Nicholas how about adding links to a few Forums, like a few of your best ones or the ones that gets the most action. Or a select few. One site link can lead to another

Derek Nicholas: They need guidance. To be intised to click.

3rdthawkins: that's adding it on the front page

AYWalton: I think many people are blind to lots of links. For a long time, I never noticed the drop down link.

Selma: Jeez

AYWalton: I had the forums that I frequent hot listed, and never knew till I was teaching others about the site.

di: well i think if you look at 'comparable' sites, what stands out is all of the links that are available within a site and if you do one thing it suggest you do a second thing searched surname list now try fourum as well..

vkn: Yes we will take a look at the total of what we have and design a plan to do just what is being suggested and more.

3rdthawkins: that's what I am saying AY, how about adding links on the front page where people can actually seem them, not all of them, just a select few

Selma: Maybe we need a CLICK HERE in big letters

alt: I have often thought that there are too many Forums.. often it is confusing as to which Forum you might want to post... especially betwee Gen/Hist, Surname/Slave & State for example.

daviss: that or a flashing icon

AYWalton: well today's web pages have horizontal links kind of mid page, not as something at the top, that appears to be decorative and not functional.

daviss: you and I know that there are many who only frequent the forums that interest them

AYWalton: good point alt.

Derek Nicholas: When I first visited the site, I had no idea what to do, or where to go. I had to investigate, by clicking on various links, in order to find how the site worked.

Seventies Soulchild: interesting...

di: well alt, i agree and disagree, as a beginner i stayed away from the narrowed forums and stuck to discuss and gen/hist but now as my research is more narrowed i lean towards those forums

3rdthawkins: on the front page, there's a what's new and a News brief. Has nothing to do with what going on on the Forums

alt: Derek Nicholas, and that is what interested folks do, they investigate

AYWalton: I often see a reference in a chat to a post, and have no idea what post---because they are referencing a forum that I don't visit that often.

3rdthawkins: I do agree with alt on that

Seventies Soulchild: I did too di

Derek Nicholas: These comments are used by larger sites in the form of feedback. It tells you what's needed to improve the ste. Easy navigation is the key to a sucessful site.

3rdthawkins: I can agree with that also di

di: well i have to say i like the recent post feature, i check that when i first log on to see what is going on all together

AYWalton: the recent post feature is common for blogs.

vkn: Good point di

AYWalton: the most recent is on top.

Selma: Mabye Recent posts could just be a separate button..not up there with the forum list I go there first

daviss: but by the same token, if there are a multitude of posts you dont see all unless you go to to reg forums

3rdthawkins: agree Selma

daviss: some will fall off

alt: I really think the site is easy to navigate, but I've been with it for over 10 years... most of the "newer' folks are one click and instant satisfaction folks... is it those we are interested in helping, or are we talking about 'genealogist's who will investigate a site?

di: how about a topic or surname search box on main page that searches all that is available on the site, the past forum, current forum, surname listings, ......

Seventies Soulchild: heyyy ProfessorDru!

AYWalton: I think that is because more recent sites are blogs in format.

ProfessorDru: Howdy gang--see we have a full house today. LOL

Derek Nicholas: hi Dru

Seventies Soulchild: Well look everyone, I have to run. Y'all have a GREAT day!

alt: there already is a

vkn: yes we are getting some IT help dru re website navigation

AYWalton: ProfessorDru is in da house!!

alt: a 'search' feature on each of the forums and on the home page di

AYWalton: but we need some newer dynamic features---dynamic meaning something that changes frequently. twitter follow buttons, videos, audio files, etc are all part of it.

alt: again, finding the search feature is from familiarity with the site.

di: i have to be honest, after a decade of use i dont think i know all available on the site. i use the forum and chat. i come to talk to you guys! you are honestly what held my interest in continuing to research and the only chat i come to, ( when i started i was in about 20 different chats a week)

daviss: thats what I was saying di, some folks only go to certain ones

alt: could be AYWalton, but I'm more into the 'meat' of genealogy than the 'bells and whistles' of marketing… call me out dated and old -fashioned LOL

Derek Nicholas: I have to admit. I clicked off the first 3 times. Because I really didn't know what to click on, in order to find what I was seeking. But the site seemed to be the place to be. So I kept trying by clicking on various links.

AYWalton: well, we are all creatures of habit. we like what we like, and that is not a problem alt. we need to get all involved.

3rdthawkins: well, the Brickwall Forum turns me away, though I feel like I am at a brickwall. But I have to break a leg for my post/problem to be considered a brickwall

AYWalton: you don't like videos, you don't click on the link.

di: alt i mean right on the page, top or center or right in plain view, like even if you are browsing on the site and u just want to see what hit comes up

AYWalton: something for everyone, and we do have to think about the next generation that we do want to invite into our midst.

alt: Derek.. are most genealogy sites that you visit 'general sites' or are the specifically focused?

AYWalton: and they are out there---as I have met some outside of our own circle.

3rdthawkins: I don't have too many Military questions or issues, so I don't visit that site often

Derek Nicholas: So people, what drew all of you to this site?

AYWalton: well Derek, some of us are old timers----we were together on AOL as a community before being here. and some of us were on the old BBs before AOL days.

alt: genealogy, and the how to's, with the tips of how to and some success storie

AYWalton: at least 3 or 4 of us here.

3rdthawkins: I can careless about cooking and writing, not into Carribean or Creole research not sure what Health and Wellness and Heritage Arts and Crafts are all about

di: i was a new researcher and knew nothing other than you find your ancestor on a census image, i opened all the aa links on cyndi's list.

3rdthawkins: what is Junior Forum ?

Derek Nicholas: di,, same here. I was curious.

3rdthawkins: people don't visit all the forums because all of the forums aren't relevant to them

AYWalton: well that is how life is---you don't engage in the activities that don't interest you. the question is----is our circle wide enough or large enough to have so many different forums? yes? no? maybe? maybe not?

vkn: Derek a question for you [alt] Derek.. are most genealogy sites that you vist 'general sites' or are the specifically focused?

alt: and folks seldom visit or even know of the archive mail list... 10-12 years worth of good query's, postings and very informative discussions.

AYWalton: we need to analyze them.

di: i stayed for 2 reasons, i came into the chat and before i could finish saying hello everyone attacked me like "fresh meat" the who where and whens, (which is what people do in the country...) and my mom was interested because she knew "they know what they talking about"

Derek Nicholas: Forums may not be relevant but the subject matter is. That what needs to be targeted. The topic itself.

Selma: Do you find the conversation that is generated by your posts interesting and helpful Derek...example nick names

3rdthawkins: I guess I would think so AYWalton, but you can't expect EVERYONE to visit those sites all the time,

AYWalton: well alt I used to use the archive list all the time and it was broken I know for the past 1-2 years.

ProfessorDru: I am looking for volunteers to try out a webinar software with me. All you need is Internet access and either a telephone or computer microphone. With webinars, user can see demos of software and websites and communicate audibly (phone/computer mic)

AYWalton: I did not present at my AAHGS chapter, because that was a feature I wanted to showcase.

3rdthawkins: Derek Nicholas and that was my suggestion, on the Front Page, putting a link to a Forum that is opening a topic of discussion that is big, just like the Nickname topic, it would be great to put that on the front page as to the Hottest Topics or whatever

AYWalton: But since it did not work, I did not conduct that seminar.

Selma: Many folks who come here don't understand when they find things...the discussions help to put these things in context

vkn: 3rdthawkins we have stats by the minute of who visits where and for how long

AYWalton: that to me was the most unique feature about the site---a searchable database of more than 10 years of African American genealogy posts!

ProfessorDru: Angela and I have played around with a few webinar products. I am trying out GoTo Meeting (30 days) I use this one for work, but am looking at it for personal use.

alt: hmmn, I still frequent the mail list and especially the excellent search feature.. I have referenced post I made 12 years ago to refresh my memory.

Derek Nicholas: Conversation is key, After you learn how to get to the forums. I think many people don't realize what the forums are all about. People think it just chatting, and they shy away.

3rdthawkins: that is cool vkn, and being able to use that to tell people what is the best forum or what forum has the hottest topic and giving a link to it will help more

AYWalton: and alt, it is still not working! I have not tried in months, till just now. still down, and that is most unfortunate!

ProfessorDru: what's not working angela?

AYWalton: the Archived messages. more than 10 years of Afr. American queries, and it is down. has been for about 2 years.

di: do you have a lot of "traffic" or interest from genealogy groups as a whole.

AYWalton: it is hard to find anyway, so many don't know that the link exists.

Selma: Is it the word Forum...should it be message boards?

Derek Nicholas: Selma, interest observation.

3rdthawkins: hmmm Selma

alt: AYWalton, go to front page, click on site map, the archived mail list.

AYWalton: I think the IT word is Forum. I just did alt. I typed in a common name like Thompson.

Selma: I go there too alt..found something I posted in 2004

3rdthawkins: I do like the word Forum

AYWalton: no messages come up.

alt: and did you see the archived list with the search feature?

ProfessorDru: gotta run


AYWalton: yes I know where it is, alt. That function has a glitch in it. I think the problem rests at Msstate, where the message board is located.

vkn: The mail list archive is hosted by Mississippi State Univ as you know alt and ayw. They are the only people who can work on their server. AfriGeneas has no control.

alt: hmmn, search works for me

daviss: it works AYWalton

AYWalton: not for me.

daviss: hmmm

Selma: Ok maybe not

AYWalton: are you on the MAILING LIST archives?

alt: first hit is 10 messages, then it can be changed to all messages with the 'search' key in the parameter box.

AYWalton: for the mailing list.

Derek Nicholas: AfriGeneas is a site devoted to African American genealogy,AfriGeneas is a site devoted to African American genealogy", needs to be to the top of page, above the ancestry. com logo. Placed in larger print.

vkn: So with all our critical continuing input we can plan a course of action items to improve one step at a time

3rdthawkins: sorry, but it is too many ads on the front page, looks like Afrigeneas can't hold their own and NEEDS other sites in order to live

alt: we do!!!!!!!

3rdthawkins: maybe I'm looking at it wrong

Derek Nicholas: suggestion: move the paypal button near the bottom. Peolpe, like me, might think that the site cost money to enter.

vkn: 3rdthawkins that is how we get revenue to keep the site in place

3rdthawkins: there's two ads by in two different places organization may be the key, maybe nothing wrong with the advertisements, but just where they are

vkn: 3rdthawkins that is how we get revenue to keep the site in place Ancestry gets us the highest number of revenue returns

Derek Nicholas: Emphasize the word "Free" to enter and participate.

3rdthawkins: ok vkn, gotcha

alt: in this re-design effort... how much do we 'put' on the user to become familiar with the site?

vkn: Good question alt

AYWalton: we have to think what our goals are----- do we want to "make them" responsible for finding what is there?]

Derek Nicholas: yeah, good question.

AYWalton: or do we want to "make it easy" for them to find what is there?

di: i think it has to be noted, that you are attracting 2-3 different kinds of people. 1, the regulars, 2. the new to the site but not to researching, and 3, the new to the site and new to research.

3rdthawkins: hmm....AY

AYWalton: two different ways to ask the same question.

vkn: Our goals are to facilitate family findings

AYWalton: If I wander into a new arena, I am happy when the site is inviting for me to explore something new.

Derek Nicholas: Make it easy to find African American info on ancestors.

alt: example from Ancestry... an AfriGeneas user said Ancestry didint' have the 1860 slave Schedule on it's site.. when she was pointed to it she then said the search didin';t work... I see those kinds of problems with many of the average AfriGeneas users .. as Derek said earlier... LAZY

AYWalton: as opposed to an attitude of "well it was there, and too bad that you didn't see it."

3rdthawkins: you don't want to go into Wal-Mart or wherever your shop having a hard time navigating to the food section, oppose to the clothes or sports section

di: i have to say make it easy and noted worth the trip. and welcoming and worth coming back

vkn: agree di

AYWalton: An atmosphere where you are urged to come back and explore is one that will be recommended to others.

di: you could do a whole forum for me on ancestry....i did what you guys suggested and on typical day i am still lost and not finding it easy to find my info

AYWalton: and that is what we want to have. Well, di, I still use the old search I have to admit, as I find things more easily with the Old Search page.

alt: guess I'm old school... learn sumpin' bout what you're doing before trying it....

AYWalton: The new one is confusing and has too many distractions and seldom gives me what I want to find.

di: what about on the front a kind of visitor friendly site map style buttons. --NEW TO here and takes you to some beginner spots on the site...

3rdthawkins: guess I can agree alt

Selma: That good di

alt: good idea di!!!!!

AYWalton: or a 3-4 minute On-Screen-Video intro to the site. "Want to find a discussion group? Click here for over 25 message boards."

di: alt i have been trying just isn't working in my favor, i am keeping with it but i am using it in conjunction with family search 1 and 2. i actually keep to ancestry search pages up too old and new so one person gets searched 4 times at once

Derek Nicholas: Well, to start, we all need to help promote this site by adding the link, in email messgages, fackbook or tweets, and any other avenues at ou disposal.

3rdthawkins: that's what I was trying to say di, it seems like all these sites supporting Afrigeneas with their OWN stuff, but there's nothing to lead you into Afrigeneas. Everything for Afrigeneas is Hidden on the front page

AYWalton: "Want to see old posts from 5 years ago and see if anyone is looking for the same people---Click here for old threads." (script for a video) and everytime we have a new feature----a 1-2 minute video about it.

vkn: Derek Nicholas ABSOLUTELY promote promote promote

3rdthawkins: you are obsessed with videos AY

alt: which tells me AfriGeneas is known and is being 'used' as a marketing tool by the 'newcomers' in the field of genealogy research and sites/blogs. etc.

AYWalton: I don't mind working on something like .that (ignore my mis-placed punctuation.) durn mouse!

Selma: Cause no body wants to read anymore

AYWalton: excuse me??????

3rdthawkins: well, I'm old school, I like to read

Selma: and I don't know how you can do research...if you don't want to read

alt: me neither Selma

Selma: The videos suggestion is great...

AYWalton: no one is here to criticize any ideas, of others, 3rdthawkins. All suggestions are welcomed.

vkn: Good AYW also to all AfriGeneas is still # 1 in the stats for Black genealogy on the web

3rdthawkins: I agree Selma, we are a TV/video generation, reading is good...........ok, you're right Aywalton, forgive me

alt: that's what I'm talking about .. AfriGeneas is KNOWN!!!!!

Derek Nicholas: Yep! you got it. Nobody wants to read. They want to look at pictures and video.

Selma: At some point folks have to do some WORK..I see our job as to make help you in your search..but it ain't necessarily be leaves here

AYWalton: and I will be happy to assist with that effort, vkn, and Derek

vkn: Thanx AYW

AYWalton: we make the top lists, but there are still many who are not aware of us, out there.

Derek Nicholas: African American research itself, isn't easy. But AfriGeneas helps to point you in the right direction. I've found many cousins, here.

AYWalton: there is a vibrant community that can still be reached and many are coming into the genealogical community every day.

daviss: thats why Facebook has been a god send also

alt: What I see happening with some of these newer sites is .. AfriGeneas is 'old school' , let's put it in the scr*p heap... come to my site where it's happening.... 'cept these new sites are very shallow with very little of 'genealogy' content.

AYWalton: we need to study the ones that ARE content heavy and traffic heavy, and see what can be applied to our market.

daviss: we now have over 4000 visitors on AfriGeneas page

alt: and they definetely don't have the 'history' of AfriGeneas.

AYWalton: are they unique visitors?

vkn: and almost no interpersonal assistance alt which is what we do best

AYWalton: and are they returning visitors?

Derek Nicholas: Now youv'e got something. Personal assistance.

alt: exactly vkn... the great genealogy research sites are content loaded.. not visual.... rootsweb, familysearch, etc.

3rdthawkins: well, somebody point me to another site for AA researchers that allow you to posts messages about finding your family

AYWalton: Assistance, and/or service---some may want something done, which for a fee could be done---reunion folks often want such a thing.

3rdthawkins: what? none?

Selma: Doesn't Ancestry have an Ethnic AA site

Derek Nicholas: What come and meet your family on Afrigeneas. That's what happened to me.

3rdthawkins: you mean message board Selma? I can't hardly get any responses over there

alt: they have a Collection of AA data within their overall scheme Selma

AYWalton: Ancestry does allow for posts by topic, state/ethnicity/surname/family specific et. and they have incorporated the Rootsweb messages into the Ancestry community.

Selma: Folks can ask question here...somebody here will really tell you what "M" means on a census...

AYWalton: and that is what makes AfriGeneas special.

di: may i suggest adding a youtube channel that works both ways. interest and promotion. and a twitter. with tweets of heavy forum topics and upcoming chats.....

AYWalton: I agree di.

alt: many of the sites Ancestry, family tree maker, roots magis, tribal page, etc have a 'message board' not boards.

di: AYWalton Selma thats what got me!

3rdthawkins: good idea di, people have to come to chat to hear about a youtube video

AYWalton: I post and tweet quite often about AfriGeneas meetings.

vkn: di we have a youtube channel

Selma: Folks will your family did not move to Alabama from VA prior to a career move Except for alts folks.

di: well look and you shall see a didessa on them all....and i stilll dont keep up

vkn: lol selma @ alt lol

daviss: as do I AYWalton and our blogs have the AfriGeneas logo

di: VKKNNNNNN!!!!!!! see that should be on the front page! I did not know!!!!!

AYWalton: But there is no home page for the channel. that can be easily fixed, though.

Selma: and no because your last name is Stewart it don't mean your owner was a STEWART

daviss: lol @ Selma

alt: right Selma.. a good career move,,, they followed the 'tenet's of the Ordinace on 1787.. FREEDOM LOL lOL

AYWalton: and there should/could/ or rather can/shall be instructional videos on how to navigate the site.

vkn: di lol it has been there for two years or better but it is content poor

di: what about connecting this site with aa history professor at hbcu and notable colleges.

3rdthawkins: I see MSState a lot on FP

AYWalton: Informational and instructional videos that go beyond conversations at a conference.

di: there should be a video section on this site, it can link back to youtube as the home of the video but of interest. all the videos members have created for various reasons.

AYWalton: other than seeing somebody saying they had a good time----we need to instruct---and make a real AfriGeneasTV.

Derek Nicholas: @AYWalton good point

alt: okay, all great ideas,, now Derek will help us in the web design for placement of these features so they won't be overlooked as are the current features.

AYWalton: maybe a blog page for AfriGeneasTV. Which I am sure won't be that hard to do.

vkn: AMEN !!!!!!

AYWalton: I will glady work with whomever on that effort.

3rdthawkins: how about a success story? I liked when logging out of chat and seeking alt's discovery of one of his ancestors, that would be great to have a link to

di: may i suggest posting this topic on ALL the boards for follow up.

alt: how about a discussion thread on AfriGeneas... to the viewers.. all Forums.. asking what they might like to see on AfriGeneas? that's opening the door for a lot of crazy ideas, but you will get some feel for the type of users/viewers we might have.

di: something that is growing on fb is the family tree connect app. maybe there is a place for afrigeneas to create a similar app to connect on fb and bring back to home page.

alt: oh no di,,, not that please LOL

3rdthawkins: lol

di: or partner with existing app. it is shallow but an avenue to explore alt lol which part... fb as a whole or the app

vkn: Good point alt but will need to include a commit from the responder of yes this is what I can do etc

alt: question..... is AfriGeneas going into Markerting or is it going to remain about Genealogy? Can both be done?

di: yes alt

alt: we can do both?

3rdthawkins: I see a lot of that at vkn and alt, they have a message board for people to post their likes and dislikes, mostly/mainly dislikes and complaints, just hope Afrigeneas stay researcher friendly

vkn: Alt I say we can do each

AYWalton: or ask for suggestions to be emailed. People are often quick to make hasty criticisms of others. We want to have solid useful suggestions, not "what is wrong with this site" kind of comments.

3rdthawkins: right AY, people will complain about small things

alt: now we're getting into 'staffing' repsonding to select emails, right?

Derek Nicholas: I like the personal instuction idea. I think most people have no idea how to begin family research.

3rdthawkins: mistakes happen and things go wrong, people like to argue and complain and pick at things

di: i think as stated before with some tweaking you will keep old and attract new. but some new are use to other formats and they have to come here and learn that it may not be a big social network but it is worth the daily visit for purpose of research.

alt: I do also like the indtruction aspect, but it has to be tempered with 'my experience' all AA genealogy ain't the same.

vkn: alt yes the WHO is critical.

3rdthawkins: right alt, everyone researches differently, and things don't end up the same for everyone

Derek Nicholas: The instruction acn be palced as a topic in a forum. dang, my typing sucks.

3rdthawkins: My problem is people say start backwards in 1930 census, but when I do a search on, I don't find that person in 1930 but in 1910, and so I find myself going forward because of Ancestry's search results

AYWalton: there are different ways to teach math, but 2 plus 2 still = 4.

di: i dont agree with a site forum for complaints, i algree with 3rdthawkins and AYWalton

vkn: As I mentioned yesterday people responding to the essence article have been ringing the phone off the hook

AYWalton: we have to take that as an opportunity and run with it while the interest is there, vkn.

vkn: we failed to forecast how such calls would be managed

AYWalton: the subsribers or the folks who got their magazines in the mail are probably calling right now.

Selma: I ask gave folks Your phone number

AYWalton: the newsstand folks will be the next wave.

alt: I have been emailed some criticsms as to why I include photos with my postings... the concept is to show the example of what I'm talking about and that it is from a personal and specific area of research... may not be applicable to ALL AA reseasrch.

Derek Nicholas: I actually started from the slave owners, and came forward. There records were more accessable.

AYWalton: I also tweeted about the article and several have said they are on their way out to get it. and it has not yet hit the stands.

Selma: What was the criticism to the photos

di: 3rdthawkins that is where the "teachers" of Afrigeneas come in. how to handle searching on various sites, when research takes you left, when research gives you highs, and lows......

AYWalton: did you know the slave owners from the beginning, Derek?

vkn: Derek Nicholas that is the approach Dr Rose is pushing at this point in his life

AYWalton: so vkn you will get another wave of callers when the newsstand buyers of the magazine see the article.

alt: that I was 'showing off' and being 'boastful' Selma

3rdthawkins: 8) :? 8)

Selma: Ya can't win alt.. LOL

vkn: thanx angela lol yes selma phone number is on the web

Derek Nicholas: I 've found my 3rd great grandfather living as a servant of Nathaniel F. Cabell on the 1880 census. I wanted to know who the NF Cabel was, and a massive door open, filled with family history.

di: alt keep doing it, that is the purpose, look what i can do, you can do it tooo.

3rdthawkins: I was reading a post on imdb, the internet movie database about Antwon Fisher alt, and some person put a post on there stating that all Antwon Fisher was doing was tooting his own horn :? :| 8) not sure how telling what you've been through is tooting your own horn. Somebody!

AYWalton: well folks, I have to run. Have a great day. I will email soon, vkn.

3rdthawkins: somepeople

alt: Derek's example of slave research.... it centers around last slave owner, deed/estate records and such,,, there is another whole area of slave research that dates back to the 1700's with the last slave owner... both slave research, but two entirely differnt approaches

Selma: Are you watching daviss

di: well how many people now adays read autobiographies!

vkn: Derek Thanx so much for your time today applause applause also APPLAUSE to each of you for participating

daviss: yes Selma! It is very moving

di: :}

Selma: They are raising the 9/11 flag For the little girl's funeral today

alt: yes Derek, thanks for your input/insight it is/was most enjoyable.

daviss: yes thx Derek and others

vkn: Derek I will call you in about 30 minutes if that timing is ok with you.

Selma: Good conversation ...have a great day

Derek Nicholas: Thanks guys! I'll see you in the forums.

vkn: Goodbye for now

daviss: bye

alt: and di.. thanx for you words of encouragement

di: vkn i have to apologize, on the side it does say youtube,,,but honestly i do not go that far down on the page cause the tabs are at the top and it is right under the ads lol too slow welcome alt

alt: later's y'all .. this was a good 'honest' discussion today

3rdthawkins: bye alt and di

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