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Start: 12:01:50
End: 13:26:16
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, Atlanta, AYWalton, daviss, frances stephens, Selma, vkn, yatah

daviss: hello 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: hey daviss

daviss: I need another favor ask your folks if they heard of the Murray family?

3rdthawkins: I can tell now that they haven't, is there a specifiic family? I don't want to ask and it so happens one of my cousins' dad is a Murray, but it won't be the one you're talking about or one of my cousins' mother

daviss: They lived in the house that was either in back of the address you gave me on broadway or right next door broadway ok no problem then brb

3rdthawkins: how long did they live there and when ok

Selma: Afternoon 3rd and daviss

alt: hello y'all.. what it is? LOL

daviss: hello selma and alt

Selma: Afternoon alt

alt: 3rd, daviss, Selma

3rdthawkins: it is what it is alt, can you dig it?

alt: used to be able to dig it 3rdthawkins, not sure about now

daviss: You guys are in for some terrible weather I see according to CNN

3rdthawkins: who are the "guys" daviss???

alt: who daviss... quite 'windy' here today

daviss: It is supposed to be winds stronger than it has been in 70 yrs coming through the midwest the news was saying that it may spawn plenty of tornado action

Selma: I got a card yesterday that says you can now order digitized records from NARA..

alt: we're in one of those areas called 'tornado alley' daviss

daviss: hold on to your hat alt

Selma: Immigration and Naturalization Records, Land files, Military and Pension records, court records, WWI Draft, Census pages..

daviss: thats great Selma did they have a list

Selma: You will have to if you were getting paper...but will get faster

alt: does 'digitized' mean images Selma?

Selma: There was a phone number to call..gotta find the card I guess they will send to you online..I was gonna call and find out

alt: okay, sounds exciting

3rdthawkins: how recent are the records, mainly Military Selma ?

daviss: I would love to get some Texas records

Selma: I have no idea of the details will have to call...the card came in the mail with the NGS JOurnal...

alt: if in an archive 3rdthawkins, they probably are at least 50-75 years old

3rdthawkins: oh ok

daviss: thx selma

3rdthawkins: well, Korean War was 50 years ago

daviss: as if paper, hmmm sounds like it should be a standard price

alt: I think you really need to look at the Veteran's Administration for records that recent 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: I mainly looking for navy rec for my gf ok alt all they have is stuff concerning deaths/burials alt, I did look at their site so I guess I'll just go with the information they already give and hang on to that until I can get more

AYWalton: Good afternoon all. Howdy alt, daviss, Ms. Selma, yatah

Selma: Afternoon yatah..

alt: they have separation (discharge) and other types of records 3rdthawkins. it is a matter of what they can/will release to the public

daviss: I am so angry at the lady who is over the archives at PV University in Texas. I have sent about 10 emails and not one answer

alt: Hello yatah & AYWalton

AYWalton: hello everyone, hope you are all well.

daviss: hey there yatah and AYWalton

AYWalton: you should print them off and mail them in, daviss.

3rdthawkins: yes, what Ay said daviss, that is the next best thing.

daviss: had not thought of that AYWalton..good idea When I call to complain via tele, they switch me over to quick

alt: if the 'archives' at PV are like those at Wilberforce daviss, it is a one person operation and not to 'efficient'

3rdthawkins: don't complain then

daviss: I can understand that alt but 10 emails

3rdthawkins: calling or mailing you will definitely get you a response

alt: at Wilberfirce it is a 'come in and see for yourself' type of deal... Not sure this person really knows what they have.

daviss: This person is supposed to be in charge of the archives alt

alt: not really an 'archive' but more of a 'storage area' for old stuff

daviss: I think I will swich up my call and see what the regular library has

alt: I don't think the person at Wilberforce is even a 'trained' Librarian, let alone an Archivist daviss

daviss: wow alt thats tough

alt: I know that most of their materials aren't in climate controlled storage is PV a 'church supported' school?

daviss: I think I told you all that the person who was in charge of the documents at the Library at TSU handled a slave document with his hands no gloves.. I was in total shock Not anymore alt

AYWalton: strangely the entire archival world does not support using gloves on old documents. At the National Archives in DC as well as College Park---no gloves required nor provided.

alt: okay my question was really addressed to how is PV funded.

daviss: oh really AYWalton, I was not aware of that see you leqrn something new everyday :?

alt: a trained Archivist may not be high on the retention rolls of employment for many under-funded HBCU's

AYWalton: I am continually amazed how when I look at original documents, I get a box and just open it up. Dozens of table full of folks looking handling old papers---not a glove in site.

daviss: for true alt

AYWalton: I think more non-archvists have that kind of preservation spirit, more than many who work at archives.

daviss: what method do they use AYWalton for peeps not walking out with originals

Selma: AY..I was saying earlier that I received a card in the mail that you can now order digitized copies of NARA documents

AYWalton: oh that is secure.

daviss: good!

AYWalton: they have folks walking around all the time. Plus they inspect everything that you take out of the room. And you cannot enter the room with jackets, purses, or bags. You can bring in computers, but they cannot be in a computer case.

alt: thjose winds you mentioned earlier are coming thru her now daviss,, Anita said TV is reporting 45-50 mph's.

AYWalton: plus no pens, or anything else. yes I got one, too, Selma.

daviss: its supposed to get stronger alt, up to 75 80 mph

AYWalton: I use my camera now at the archives for just about everything. you having high winds, daviss?

daviss: no not this way AYWalton midwest area

AYWalton: oh ok.

3rdthawkins: just (stupidly) went out side with no jacket, very cool, breezy, and windy yesterday I did that and came in sneezing like crazy

daviss: Do you put the info that you have on your camera on a disc AY

3rdthawkins: so you can use cameras AYWalton? have they not figured that out yet? or is that not a problem?

daviss: hello frances stephens

frances stephens: Good Afternoon Everyone

3rdthawkins: hello frances stephens

Selma: Good afternoon frances stephens

3rdthawkins: must have pushed the wrong button or computer froze

alt: ay the UGRR museum in Cincinnati, OH they won't allow an 'flash' camera's for taking photos of their artifacts. hello frances stephens

3rdthawkins: what about the Rock 'n' Roll Music Hall of Fame alt? in Cleveland?

AYWalton: back, I think.

daviss: wb Aywalton

AYWalton: thanks, all.

3rdthawkins: and don't you have a load of questions to answer also AY, lol

alt: don't know 3rdthawkins, never been in the R & R museum in Cleveland

3rdthawkins: wow alt, I'm shocked, I would think you would have gone in there

alt: been past it a 'thousand' times 3rdthawkins, but never gone in.

3rdthawkins: not interested alt? or just havent?

alt: a little of both 3rdthawkins

yatah: ok i better go now nothing going on for me and thanks

daviss: bye yatah heyyy francis stephens, how is your research

alt: Selma, is your gen group attracting any newer, younger folks for memebrship? if so how... we're having retention problems now with our group. same question for the other chatters

daviss: do you find that economics have anything to do with that alt

Selma: We have some come..but they expect it will be easy..and quick

alt: not sure daviss, shouldn't be, fees are reasonable and there are no assements

daviss: mabe the 'net"

frances stephens: Just want to sneak this little tidbit in, last week a cousin (yes I validated his information) linked his tree to mine. He did not have very much just a name. That name is the sister to my maternal grandfather. I was able to give him information, that he never knew. Sharing is a good thing. Here is the relly cool part his mother married a cousin of mine on my paternal grandmothers side. How about that. I turned him on to the cousin on that side who could link him to those other cousins.

Selma: That is great frances

AYWalton: have you met this new cousin as yet, frances stephens?

daviss: thats wonderful news Frances Stephens

alt: wonderful frances stephens, those types of connections sure make this 'stuff' worthwile

AYWalton: alt, the Baltimore group does get new visitors all the time, but only a few actually join.

alt: that's our situation too AYWalton, visitors but not joiners

Selma: The Net has had an impact on all genealogy groups..folks don't feel the need to join groups

frances stephens: We have talked on the phone, I know he lives in Mt. Laurel, NJ. We just catch-up with each other in GA. since he is relocating there early next year. I am just tooo thrilled.

daviss: I need to start going back to my meetings alt. I was getting disappointed in the road they were travelling so I stopped going

AYWalton: I think that is because we don't always offer something to keep them coming. We used to give out a beginners guide book, and that helped, but we don't do much hands on stuff---and we need to do more online things in our meetings, perhaps. (just guessing)

alt: yep, and we have problems in showing folks that 'genealogy' is not just a once a month meeting endeavor

AYWalton: And Selma is quite correct, many just don't need to join they feel with the internet being so convenient.

frances stephens: The internet is fine, but one on one is better. Best way to network (I do believe they call that sharing)!.

AYWalton: quite true, and especially beginners need a friend to work with them. It keeps the interest, high.

alt: I think 'hands-on, panels and how-to's need to be more emphasied (sp)

daviss: I worked with beginners for a long time but their was nothing for me in the stage I was in

alt: at least with our group,, the mmetings are a speaker, businees and the that's it.. not much time for member inter-action & networking we have an inter-active website that is 'grossly; under used

AYWalton: alt has made a great point.

frances stephens: We have Tornado Watch until 5pm, winds are high and picking up speed. I better move th trash cans behind the Garage, otherwise they will be somewhere down the block.

AYWalton: what part of the country are you frances stephens? I just saw that on the weather channel.

alt: oh man, are the winds really blowing here

AYWalton: Looks dangerous. they are calling it a bombagenesis or something like that.

frances stephens: Southeast Michigan.

daviss: Is that near Farmington

AYWalton: stay safe!

daviss: or rather is Farminton in that area lol

alt: now we're getting high winds and blowing rain

Selma: What is bombagenesis?

alt: prelude to a tornado

frances stephens: The rains have started, I am in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, area of Washtenaw County.

AYWalton: a dramatic drop in pressure and extremely violent weather erupts, kind of like a bomb. Ahhh Ypsi!

Selma: Oh...

alt: not bombagenesis, my weather situation LOL

AYWalton: you guys are in the path. but it is moving eastward.

alt: if this keeps up I won't have to have any leaves raked LOL

daviss: lol @alt

AYWalton: that's true, alt. LOL

alt: 'cept the rain is soaking them and now they ain't moving LOL

AYWalton: looks like that weather pattern dips down into the south as well. hopefully it will not last long and will move through quickly.

daviss: yep even in VKN's area

AYWalton: wow.

alt: frances stephens, we used to know folks in Ann Arbor thru their Jack & Jill club.. is J & J still active in that area?

AYWalton: frances stephens are you also getting rain?

frances stephens: The rains have started, I am in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, area of Washtenaw County. The leaves are blowing and yes the streets are going to be a little slick with the falling leaves. Our entire street or block is tree lined. I think the J&J is still active.

alt: okay frances stephens thanks

daviss: AYWalton do you have any presentations coming up

AYWalton: Yes I have one in Atlanta in November. For the FHExpo.

alt: frances stephens, are your newly found 'cousins' locate din the same area as you, or are they elswhere?

Selma: I am counting on her coming here in April 2011... LOL

AYWalton: and possibly New York Rockland County in Feb, Hampton in April, Indianapolis in May.

daviss: lol @ Selma I bet she will

AYWalton: so schedule is filling up a little bit. and possibly Charleston in June.

daviss: you better pencil in Selma's gr AYWalton

Selma: She is becoming quite sought after daviss...

frances stephens: Alt they are in Mt.Laurel, NJ

Selma: But we knew her when.. LOL

AYWalton: lol

daviss: lol lol

AYWalton: staying busy at least.

alt: ah so, so quite a distance away,,,,

AYWalton: might do St. Louis and Philadelphia, as well, but not sure yet.

daviss: is area code 248 in your neck of the woods frances stephens I have a couple Davis cousin with that area code lol

Selma: Remember when you could tell where a person lived by their area code...

frances stephens: Not really I can drive there. My area code is 734, 248 is just north of Detroit.

daviss: now you have numerous codes for the same area lol

alt: I saw on FB Megan Smolenyak's plug for 'unclaimed person's' identification's and though tof our visitor "Thompson'. Has anyone heard anymore from them on their investigation?

frances stephens: Yes you have several for Michigan, don't forget the upper portion of Michigan has yet another area code.

daviss: not understanding alt

Selma: I wonder if the Thompson researcher followed up on some of our suggestions...

daviss: Thompson?

AYWalton: I have not noticed, alt. I am a member of Unclaimed Persons, but have not been active on it as yet.

alt: rememer the person was looking to identify a Korean War vet who was MIA

AYWalton: the whole team participates.

Selma: The Thompson person died or missing in action in Korea

daviss: I must have been absent that day It would be good to know if they were successful did they have his SS number

alt: yes it would be daviss.. and if so, how did they solve the problem

frances stephens: Unclaimed Persons? Please explain.

AYWalton: Unclaimed Persons is an effort to help identify possible relatives of persons who have died. It was created by Megan Smolenyak, who helped a coroner's office find a family of a person who had died with no family nearby. she then created Unclaimed Persons, and a team of genealogists joined the effort. The group does NOT contact the family.

frances stephens: Ok, that is interesting.

AYWalton: When data is found it is forwarded to the group coordinator, and then given to the corner's office. the corner's office then does their job---they contact next of kin to let them know that a loved one has died.

3rdthawkins: have a good day you all, I'm going to research mode lol

AYWalton: In some cases, the person is simply buried, or cremated with remains buried.

3rdthawkins: will be here tonite if I remember possbily

daviss: bye

alt: take care 3rdthawkins

AYWalton: there are several hundred volunteers on the group. I do assist sometimes when I see a name or something catches my eye. the challenge is to bring the data forward---to find living next of kin or possible next of kin.

daviss: thats wonderful AYWalton. It can bring so much closer to families

AYWalton: there is an informational video about it, showing how Megan found several people.

daviss: Can anyone join?

AYWalton: she saw a post from some place in California--a coroner's office had posted info wanting to know how to find a family.

alt: wouldn't it be nice to occasionly hear the 'results' fo help given to researchers in helping them overcome 'brickwalls'?

AYWalton: oh yes, it is open to genealogists and it operates on FaceBook. they post results to members of the group. A "CASED CLOSED" announcement goes out. it is for the group that works on a case. that is frequently done.

frances stephens: That is a good thing. My oldest Granddaughter wants to be a Mortician. I can only imagine howmany people pass without any family to speak of.

daviss: it sure would alt

AYWalton: quite true. and I suspect that there are many black folks with that situation. the thing is---the coroner knows who the deceased person is.

alt: hearing results often help to let one know if tips & techniques offered work.

AYWalton: they usually die at home, and their identity is no secret. They want to find relatives. are you a member, alt?

vkn: howdy yall

daviss: howdy vkn!

alt: no I'm not AYWalton, I hav'en't volunteered for anything since I joined the Military LOL

AYWalton: lol

daviss: lol lol @ alt

AYWalton: Greetings, VKN!!!!!!!

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: Screen not working

frances stephens: lol @ Alt

AYWalton: frances stephens if you go to, you will learn omre about it.

Selma: HI vkn

frances stephens: Thanks I will, want to know more about this.

AYWalton: members must NEVER make contac with a family member, or associate. The coroner must make all such contacts. there are now 10 administrators or coordinators throughout the country for the group. and Megan was the founder. howdy Atlanta!

Atlanta: Trying a different tact

alt: hi Atlanta.. I know that is you vkn LOL

Atlanta: Thankee AY

AYWalton: like your new outfit, Atlanta!

daviss: lol lol

Atlanta: lol hit be me How goes it with all today

daviss: it goes well here in sunny AZ

frances stephens: Wish I could say that!

Atlanta: Be sure yall check the chat logs daily

AYWalton: well folks I have to run. Everyone have a great day.

Selma: I have to run too folks..have a great day, see you this evening

daviss: ok Atlanta bye

alt: we just had a windstorm & heavy rain blow thru here Atlanta. it is noe just cloudy with a slight drizzle.

frances stephens: Gone

daviss: move your trashcans frances

alt: poff, just like that, huh frances stephens

Atlanta: okies

frances stephens: I did,

Atlanta: Delta past president kin to Irita to be buried in Lansing Thurs

daviss: this weather is a trip. Now there is a Tsunami in Indonesia

alt: well, gues my time is up here.. it's now 'honey-do' time laters

Atlanta: Hortense canady is name

daviss: bye alt related to her hubby Atlanta or to her

Atlanta: hubby

daviss: ah!

Atlanta: bye

frances stephens: Bye all.

daviss: bye

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