1820 Federal Census
Buckingham County, VA
Free People of Color

Contributed by Francine Spencer-Thompson

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NOTE: I have tried to be as complete and thorough as possible, but mistakes and omissions do occur. Please remember to always check the original film of the census against transcriptions. Send any additions or corrections to Momcine@AOL.com.

???? Elijah

Allen Eving

Ashby Issac

Beverly Charles

Beverly Samuel

Beverly William

Beverly Elizabeth

Beverly Polly

Beverly James

Beverly William

Clarke George

Cooper David

Cottrell William

Cottrell Dolly

Cottrell Ford

Cottrell Benjamen

Cottrell Anderson

Ferguson Shadrack

Ferguson Issac

Going Jane

Humbles Francis

Humbles Dudley

Humbles Pattey

Humbles Susanna

Jefse Alfred

Jenkins Jimmey

Kidd Archibald

L???? Lewis

Logan Jacob

Mops Benjamen

Mops Sarah

Morgan Peggy

Scott Jane

Scott Allie

Scott ?????

Scott Charles

Staunton Dicy

Staunton Tingor

Staunton Ishom

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