African American Census Schedules Online

Free Persons of Color
1820 Federal Census
Cumberland County, NC

Transcribed by Lois DiConti

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District 1 - Captain Christian's District

Theophilus Hamons

District 2 - Captain McLeod's District

Obediah Hagen and family

District 3 - Captain Folsom's District

William Corbett

District 4 - Captain Howell's District

William Burnet

Stephen Moiner

Hany Mitchell

Daniel Webb

Elijah Revels

Thomas Terry

William Webb

Lerry Newsom

Smyrth Reaves

Champion Artus

Joshua Bell (Brick Layer)

Tom Hogg

District 5 - Captain Walker's District

Jonathan Revels

Eliza Newsom

Charlotte Taborn

Harry Taylor

Tobias Hagin

James Weaver

District 6 - Captain McPhail's District

[ None ]

District 7 - Captain Ray's District

[ None ]

District 8 - Captain Evan's District

John James

Joseph Wiggins

John Manuel

Rebekah Sweat

Joshua Collins

Harry Wood

Polly Oxendine

Charles Hays

John Davis

District 9 - Captain Gillis's District

John Jacobs

Enoch Lamox

Elijah Revels

District 11 - Captain Black's District

Charles Stephens

Horatio Revels

Jacob Manuel

District 12 - Captain Newberry's District

Isaac Freeman

Dice Overton

Nat, Overseer for Jn Kelley, Esquirer


Coden Briant

Moses Robinson

Milly Smith

Thomas Flours

Tebithy Bird

Philip Terry

Ephraim Hammons

Malachi Toney

Phillis Hammons

Azaed Chivous

Isaac Hammons

George Stuart

Mary Malden

Liddy Bass

Sarah Braley

Duchess Russell

Mary Grimes

David Mallett

Olive Williams

Betsey Hammons

Nancy Revels

Nancy Randell

Hannah Ragsdell

Phly Williams

Sarah Broadfoot

Betsy Hogg

Ann Jenkins

William Tuton

Job Haizel

Ferdinand Waidel

David Terry/Family

Ruban Hammons/F

Lewis Morgan/F

Sarah Lee, Slave

Elny Hammons/F

Nericey Braboy/F

Sion Wilkins/Family

Winny Scott/Family

George Taylor/Family

Liddy Freeman/Family

Patience Burnett/Family

Celia King/Family

Mary Williams/Family

Mary Groves

Prissy Wilson

Caroline Wright

Thomas Grimes/Family

James Green/Family

Louis David/Family

Mary Stevana or Stevans/Family

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