1866 Alabama State Census
Colored Population
Blount County, AL

Compiled by B.J. Smothers

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Sheet No. 1, p. 50 
Cecelia Hill
Sampson Hill
Caroline Bayne
Lee Reed
Joe Gregory
Phebe Smithwick
V. Kelms
Dinah Graves
Susan Smith
Margaret Nation
Fed Montgomery
Henry Murphree
Chas Murphree
Dick Graves
Wm Anderton
Alfred Warren
Henry Spencer
Peter Torence
Isaiah Harbin
James Kiles
Sarah Haines
Jane Forist
Lun Cornelius
Stephen Johnson
Ishmael Montgomery
William Haines
Enoch Montgomery
Jack Slaton
Major Bynum
Hannah Custeven
Burl Reed
Jim Reed
Christopher Slaton
Arch Deaver
Jack Hays
Willie Murphree
Eliza Cowden
Jim Murphree

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Sheet No. 2, p. 49  
Isaac Alexander
Permelia Vaughan
Charlotte Henry
J. Henry
Mary Whorton
Jim Barcliff
Mary Vaughan
Esther Vaughan
Orange Bailey
Amanda Howle
Jane Nesmith
Caroline Howle
Mariah Fowler
Sylvia Alexander
Sam Howle
Allen Howle
Bettie Billingsley
Caroline Billingsley
Toby Vaughan
Rachael Beeson
Jack Dynes
Alexander Deaver
Dick Campbell
John StJohn
Amanda Boyles
Julia Shelton
Green Carnes
Daniel Gilbreath
Aleck Gilbreath
William White
Dick Todd
Joe Gregory
Hannah Gregory
Harriet Hill
Harriet Gregory
Jane Hill
O. Hill
Jane Bayne

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Sheet No. 3, p. 48  Note: These are all the households that appear on this page. 
Lewis Bynum
Willis Reed
Sandy Bynum
Henry Harriss
Rob Lankford
Jefferson Wildman
Silas Ellis
Tide Murphree
Geo Walker
Alfred Murphree
Tom Cornelius
Ama Cornelius
Esther Allgood
Hagar Cornelius
Jack Ellis
Martin Smith
Sarah Deaver
Peyton Blackburn
Patrick Crump
Jacob Hooper
William Samuels
Silas Beard

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Sheet No. 4, p. 47  
Julia Nation
Wash Nation
Joseph Robertson
Robert Robertson
Lum Roberson
Sarah Robinson
Bet Lewis
Isah Harbin
Joseph Robinson
Clarnida Deaver
Nancy Montgomery
Polly Montgomery
Alexander Hindson
Dea Robinson
Sarah Gibson
Emma Foust
Line Gillespie
Celia Montgomery
Celia A. Griffin
Isham Montgomery
Richard Newsom
Sally Smith
Mary Hendricks
Dock Bentley
Dan Nobles
Uriah Howell
George Howell
George Skinner
Dick Skinner
Henry Murphree
George Helms
Nick Pruett
Mike Sarryine
Jane Hinds
Mary Hinds
Cornelius Woodruff
Sylvia Griff
George Johnson

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Sheet No. 5, p. 46 
William Haynes
Enoch Montgomery
Sineker Whorton
Evaline Rutherford
Allen Anderton
Nelson Sapp
Caroline Brake
Isaac Hayden
George Walton
Jackson Walton
Brooks Walden
Christopher Forist
Mariah McGee
David Duffee
Sarah Duffee
Gabriel McLaughlin
George B. Murphree
Harvey Jackson
Burk Walton
Isham Byars
Thomas Sapp
Anderson Nelson
Jack Walton
Rich Worthington
Squire McGee
Elizabeth Moore
Isaac Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Charity McGee
Louisa Moore
James Smith
Benjamin Chamble
Eliza Huffstutler
Henry Hanby
Albert Deaver
John Forist
Henry Massey
Frank Marshal

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Sheet No. 6, p. 45  Note: These are all the households that appear on this page.
Edie Hanby
Nick Worthington
Stephen Cornelius
Calvin Brown
Willis Van
Alexander Payne
Jesse Hendricks
Jacob Palmer
Benjamin Huffstutler
Tilda Huffstutler
Thomas Huffstutler
Sam Hanby
Doll Cheshire
Kate Dutton
Henry Dean
Silva Cole
Rebecca Anderton
Burrel Smith
Mary J. Payne
James Kile
Robert Blackburn
Monroe Burns
John Poe
Fed Graves
Letty Graves
Mandy Chamblee
Alpha Chamblee
Lucy Chamblee
Anna Whorton

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