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GEOGRAPHY††Kerr Island is still known today as The Island.  It is located west of Madison, Illinois.The Mississippi River is the only separation from the Island and St. Louis, Missouri.  The beach on the riverbank has been a popular recreation area in this small African American community.  Just see how much fun my mother and friends appear to be having in the late 40's above.


HISTORY  The inhabitants have been African-American for at least the previous 50 years.With the exception of one business and a couple of houses, Kerr Island is nearly a ghost town.It has been at least 20 years since the small community thrived.The Island was the home of several African-American churches of which I remember New Salem Baptist Church and a Holiness Church (Sanctified).  The popular local night club known as The Robins Nest is the only business remaining there now.


INHABITANTS†† These are families I remember living at Kerr Island in the 1960ís and 1970ís.  There were many others, though.If you know of a family name that should be added to this site, please email me.


Crawford††††††††††††† Ivory†††††††††† Mason†††††††† Wilborn


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