The AfriGeneas SlaveData Collection

Amount of sales and inventory of negroes belonging to the Estate
of Edmund Dixon dec'd sold 5th December 1855 by James Scott & J.

(buyer)		(slave name)	(amount)
Sally Dixon		Harry		$525.00
James Scott		Daniel		1070.00
Tinsley Moody	Mack		1001.00
James Scott		Odenton		1155.00
Sally Dixon		Amy			625.00
Mary Dixon		Emily & 
child (Harriet) 			1000.00
James Scott		Bell		1000.00
T. Woody		Nancy		705.00 6376.00
Sally Dixon		Salley		650.00
W. J. Randolph	Mary		500.00
J. W. Dixon		Bill		625.00
J. W. Dixon		Prince		131.00
Sally Dixon		Eloy		60.00
Sally Dixon		Abram		5.00
O. Monday		Stephen		190.00
M. Dixon		Fanny & child	700.00 4176.00

Jeremiah W. Dixon
James Scoot

contributed by: Kathy Dixon
reviewed by: vkn on 7/25/99