Joel Green freeing William Witherspoon

Sumter District SC 
Deed Book F Salt Lake City
Film No. 0355680

p. 69
State South Carolina
Sumter District
22 February 1820

To All people to whom these presents shall come I Joel L.
Green do send greeting Know ye that the said Joel L. Green
of the State and District aforesaid for and in consideration
of the good will which Ihave and do bear toweards my Negro
man slave named WILL formerly the propery of the Reverend
Hugh Porter dec'd for his good and faithful service
servitude unto me I do by these presents freely give and 
grant unto him the said WILL his freedom which the said WILL
shall henceforth and forever hereafter pass and repass as a
freeman by the name of WILLIAM WITHERSPOON and for which the
said WILLIAM WITHERSPOON shall act and do for himself free
from myself my heirs and assigns forever as teh law of this
State directs. 
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this
twenty second day of February in the year of our lord one
thousand eight hundred and twenty and in the forty fourth
year of the Independence of the United States of America
signed and sealed in the presence of us

John R. Brewer 
Daniel Clancy 
Joel L. Green

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