Rucker & Wingo - VA - 1794

Slaves of Rucker/Wingo

William Rucker for the heirs of Sarah Wingo, Dec'd
This indenture made this 15th day of Sept and in the year of
our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and Ninety Four. 
Wittnesseth that No. 94 South Carolina   William Rucker of
the State of South Carolina and the county of Spartenburgh
do hereby give and bequeth unto the heirs of the body of my
said daughter, Sarah Wingo, Deceased, one Negro woman by the
name of MILLY amd all the increase of her body to wit: SIM,
These at present in the keeping of John Wingo Junior in the
State of Virginia and County of Amelia which negros I,
William Rucker, never intended to dispose of in any other
Way but to my said daughter and the heirs of her body for
ever.  Wherefore, I the said William Rucker do hereby
authorize and Impower Sherwood Fowler to demand the said
Negros above mentioned and to act in the behalf of the heirs
of my said daughter deceased. Signed William Rucker

Deed Book 21, p. 59 Amelia Co VA
We the subscribers this Seventeenth Day of October 1797,
Received of John Wingo Sr. of Amelia County two hundred and
Thirty five Pounds seventeen shillings in negroes (NOTE:
does this mean the heirs received in payment 235 lbs 17 sh,
or did they actually take the slaves) ...for which Negoes we
the Subscribers do hereby agree that neither us or our heirs
and will or shall ever put up or lay any claim or demand
against the estate of the above mentioned John Wingo Sr or
any part thereof ...John Wingo Jr, Sherwood Fowler (for Mary
Wingo Fowler), Abner Wingo, Churchill Wingo, Jane Wingo,
Fanny Wingo Scruggs (Mrs. William Scruggs), Cyrus Seay (for
Nancy Wingo Seay).

NOTE: If they took the money, the matter is simple: the
slaves continued to live in Amelia County VA, in the home of
John Wingo, a place called Fort Meigs.

If they actually divided up the slaves, they could have been
in the home of John Wingo Jr. along the Tyger River,
Spartenburgh SC; Abner Wingo, along the waters of the
Fairforest River, Spartenburgh SC; Sherwood Fowler in
Marshall TN; Nancy Wingo Seay, Dawson Co. GA; Churchill
Wingo, Fanny (Mrs. Wm Scruggs), and Jane Wingo all continued
to live in Amelia Co. VA.

All these heirs died around or before 1850 in the several
states mentioned - perhaps their wills would tell you what
happened to their slaves, if they were living with them.

There was no description or other information about these
slaves.  "Milly" was referred to as "Negro Girl", but girl
is common term, and doesn't necessarily mean "young", is
that right?  One of the witnesses says that she was given to
Sarah Rucker Wingo "about ten years previous" to the
deposition, which would have been 1770. At the time of the
court action, 1794, Milly would have been with the Wingos
about 24 years.

Contributed by: "ary Wingo Anderson"