Jackson County, Alabama  Will Book "K", 1855 - 1858
Page 556:
Noel B. WARREN Estate:

On 23 Sept. 1858, Francis J. Warren tenders his resignation
as Administrator of said estate.
  Sale List of property belong to the Estate of Noel B.
Warren, deceased.

  Items for sale included horses, cows, pigs, corn, fodder,
farm tools, wagon, bee stands, 1 medicine chest and 1 side
board.  Buyers were:

G. W. R. Larkin, Thomas V. Warren, James C. Warren, Shad
Anderson, William B. Warren, W. R. Larkin, C. A. Stephens,
James H. Keith, Daneil Keith, D. P. Rankin, S. E. Poston,
James Ardea, W. B. Kimble, John B. Keith, H. F. Smith, B. B.
Smith, C. L. Tipton, Francis J. Warren.

The following slaves were sold:

JANE and child HARRIET to James H. Gurley for $1,055
Negro boy ANDREW to James C. Warren for $1,450
Negro boy ANTHONY to Francis J. Warren for $1,000
JULIA and 2 children to James C. Warren for $1,600
Boy GREEN to S. E. Poston for $1,000
Negro Girl LOUISE to S. E. Poston for $800
HENRY and VINIE to S. E. Poston for $1,000

Sale Report is sworn to and subscribed January 3, 1859 by
James D. Warren, Admr. before Judge Norwood.

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