VA, Louisa Co., Deeds - 1744 to 1751

p. 138-39
 David MERIWETHER of Fredericksville Parish 
to son-in-law Thomas Ballard SMITH - Bess, York, Will and
9 Apr 1744

p. 178
 Henry BIBB of Fredericksville Parish 
to son David BIBB - Isaac, Arthur [two boys] and Sary and
Kate [two girls] 
15 Mar 1744/45

p. 367/368
 John MOSS 
to Hon. Wm. NELSON, Esq of York Co. - Cain, Dinah, Rachel,
Ben, Hannah, Sam 
29 Nov 1749

p. 368-369
- slaves Holladay and Pomp 
2 Dec 1749

p. 320
 Thomas PAULET 
to Thomas PAULET, Jr. to receive Will, 
dau Elizabeth to receive Stephen, 
dau Sarah to receive Nan, 
son Wm to receive Charles 
12 Jan 1749/50

p. 377-378
 Laurence REDMAN 
to David ANDERSON - Dublin Pierce, Moll 
13 Jan 1749/50

p. 442-443
 Robert HARRIS 
to son-in-law John JOUETT - Cate and boy George, her son  
16 Sep 1751

p. 443
 Robert HARRIS 
to son Christopher HARRIS - Jammy a man, Millington a boy
and Abby a woman.  
To son-in-law James HARRIS - girls Janney and Henrietta

p. 461
to grandson Thomas MERIWETHER - Emmanuel a man and Queen a

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