Newspaper Ad for Runaway Slave-Washington County

I recently had access to microfilm of old newspaper "The
Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public Advertiser" published in St
Stephens, Alabama Territory between 1818 and 1820.  There
were many ads for run away slaves, giving name and
description of slave and owners name.  Here is an example of
extraction of one ad:

Slave owners Name: John Payne from near Fort Dale, Alabama
Date: March 1819
Name of Slave: PARIS
Parent(s) of Slave: N/A
BirthPlace of Slave: N/A
Age of Slave: N/A
Sex of Slave: M
Color of Slave: yellow fellow, but not mulatto
Other Physical Description: stutters very much in talking,
rather bow legged, with a pert good contenance, thin
vessage, 5 feet 10 inches
Other Information: he may attempt to pass as a free man
Source Document:  "The Halcyon and Tombeckbe Public
Advertiser" April 5, 1819
State: AL
County: Washington
Year of Source Document: 1819

Contributed by:
(Dawanna Jean Bacon-Blount)