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Ohio Co KY Will Book C, p. 239
Will of Robert Owen
Probated 4 March 1861
... to daughter Lucinda Johnson the colored girl ABIGAIL
... to daughter Sarah A. Herndon the negro boy JOHN
... to daughter Mary C. Litsey the negro boy LERITE
... to daughter Susan S. Moberly the negro girl LUCRETIA
... to Thomas A. Owen the negro girl LOUISA
... to Eliza J. Marshall the negro boy GABRIEL
... to Harriet Gordon the negro boy GEORGE
... to Martha A. Frank the negro boy EZEKIEL
... to James H.L. Owen the negro boy ALLEN
In event the testator's wife Rhoda Owen outlives testator she is
to have the two slaves ELEN and MARTHA. After her death the said
slaves shall have the right to choose their owners among
testator's heirs 

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