The information below is abstracted from the Virginia Acts
of Assembly for the session beginning in December 1813
(bound volumes will probably be labeled "1814" which was the
year of publication).  The actual books are available in
many libraries, as well as on microfilm from the Library of
Congress (Records of the States series; about 1949).  Most
of this information is from what are called "private acts" 
-- acts that do not apply to everyone but allow a particular
person or group to do something not ordinarily allowed under
state law.

The county is the county of residence, if given; "probably"
means someone else mentioned in the Act lived there, and is
only used (as a clue for the researcher) if no county of
residence is given for that individual.

,  MARY  
free woman of colour; freed and "left adequate support
during her lifetime by her late master, John Hore;" allowed
to remain free.
Stafford, county of
1813 Dec Virginia Acts of Assembly; page 154-155

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