Hodson, John-NY-Will
Page 113.  

   "I, JOHN HODSON, of Charlestown in South Carolina,
merchant, but now in New York." July 26, 1775. I leave to my
wife Mary 3,000 Sterling, over and above her right of
dower. "And this present codicil is to be accepted, and made
part of my last will."

Samuel Jones, atttorney at Law, 
William S. Smith, Gent.,
Benjamin Seaman, Jr. 

   Codicil "I leave to my wife Mary the house and lot I
lately purchased of the executors of Lawrence Reade, situate
in Wall street, in New York, and adjoining the house and
ground of Nathaniel Marston, and others." I also leave her a
NEGRO WENCH, and 2 CHILDREN, and my gold watch, and my two
horses and chaise. I leave to my father-in-law, Rev. Dr.
John Rogers, as a testimony of my regard for him, 2,000. I
leave to Elizabeth, daughter of said John Rogers, 1,000. 

Dated February 11, 1776. 
Witnesses, Thomas Smith, attorney at Law, 
Jonathan Cowdrey, house carpenter, 
James Lesley, schoolmaster. 
Proved, February 21, 1776. 

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Vol. 8