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Will of David Hay of Perry Co.,AL, Will Bk. A Pg.273

David HAY born in S.C. married and established himself in Wilkes Co., GA
until around 1828 when he removed to Perry Co.,AL (1830 census). Though he
ultimately died in Perry Co., the family resided in Merriwether Co.,GA (1840
census) for a time. Below are the abstracted names of slaves listed in his
will with the name of the child to whom they were willed in parenthesis.
Following is a descendants chart of David Hays family with what is known.
This is in hopes that this information may give some indication to the
surname they bore at the time of emancipation.

boy: Abram (Mary's heirs)
woman: Cahterine (Mary's heirs)
boy: Felix (Penninah)
girl: Rose (Penninah)
boy: Blandy (Elizabeth)
boy: Harry (Elizabeth)
girl: Clary (Win. J.)
boy: Squire (Wm. J.)
girl: Trease (Malinda)
boy: Mager (Malinda)
boy: Bedford (Gressy)
girl: Dinah (Gressy)
girl: Mary (Sarah)
boy: Dallas (Sarah)
boy: Burrel (Haska)
girl: Ann (Haska)
boy: Jack (Cordelia)
boy: Dick (Cordelia)
girl: Viney (Martha)
girl: Malinda (Martha)
girl: Sueky (Winneford)
girl: Mandy (Winneford)
man: Lewis (David W. P.)
man: blank (David W. P.)
man: Fed (Win. J. & David W. P.)
man: Gin (Wm. J. & David W. P.)
man: Randal (Wm. J. & David W.P.)
man: Tiller (Wm. J. & David W. P.)
man: Frank ( Wm. J. & David W.P.)
man: Andy (Wm. J. & David W. P. )
woman: Fillis (Wm. J. & David W.P.)
woman: Vilet ( Wm. J. & David W. P.)
woman: Catherine ( Wm. J. & David W.P.)

Descendants of David Hay

1 David HAY b: 1777 S.C. d: 02 Feb 1852 Perry Co,AL
Fact 1: in Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
+Winnefred POPE b: 1784 Wilkes Co,GA d: 18 Apr 1851 Perry
Co,AL m: 15 Mar 1800 Wilkes Co,GA Fact 1: in Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
2 Peninah J Hay b: 1803 Wilkes Co,GA
+John Allen HOPKINS b: Abt. 1800 GA d: Abt. 1850
Perry Co,AL m: 17 Jul 1826 Perry Co,AL
2 Mary Hay b: 1805 Wilkes Co,GA d: Bef. 12
Feb 1851
+John SUTTON b: Abt. 1796 Wilkes Co,GA
m: Abt. 1823
2 Elizabeth M. Hay b: 16 Oct 1806 Wilkes Co,GA
d: 29 Apr 1885 Perry Co,AL Fact 1: in Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
+Drury Jackson MUSE b: 15 Nov 1806 GA d: 15
Jun 1888 Perry Co,AL m: 27 Dec 1827 Perry Co,AL Fact 1: in Mt. Olive
Primitive Baptist
2 William J. Hay b: 02 Jan 1809 d: 16 Jan 1877 Perry
Co,AL Fact 1: in Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
+Jemima Agness b: 29 Mar 1820 GA d: 17 Jun
1891 Perry Co,AL Fact 1: in Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
2 Malinda Hay b: Abt. 1811 Wilkes Co.,Ga. d:
Bef. Jul 1874, Union Parish,LA
+William HOPKINS b: Abt. 1803 Wilkes Co.,GA
d: Jan 1871 Shiloh, Union, La. m: 17 May 1835 Wilkes Co.,GA
2 Haska B. Hay b: 1814
+Henry P. GRIFFEN b: Abt. 1812 Millageville,GA

2 Sarah Ann Hay b: 15 Mar 1815 d: 12 Jan 1892 Union
Parish,LA Fact 1: in Shiloh Cem., Shiloh, Union, LA. MS>Union
Parish, LA
+William Christmas HEARD b: 25 Dec 1809 Wilkes
Co,GA d: 1860 Union Parish,LA. m: 23 Feb 1832 Perry Co,AL Fact
1: in Buried on his farm
2 Grissela Ann Hay b: 1818
+James E. EDMUNDS m: 27 Feb
1829 Perry Co,AL Union Parish, LA by 1848
2 Cordelia Hay b: 1823 Perry Co,AL
+Josiah GOODGER m: 11 Jan 1843 Perry
2 Martha M. Hay b: 1824
+Patrick McDIMAN m: 14 Aug
1845 Perry Co,AL
2 Winnefred Almeda b: 1828
+Jesse AYCOCK m: 27 Nov 1851 Perry
Co,AL Claiborne Parish, LA 1860
2 David Willis Pope Hay b: 1832 Perry Co.,AL

+M. Angeline JOHNSON m: Aft. 1850
Claiborne Parish,LA 1860 census

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