Carroll County, Mississippi Estate Records 1840-1869
Freedom Apprenticeships  by Betty C. Wiltshire
Estate of Seabourn J. Harper page 8, June 1841

Lot No.1 drawn by E. B. Harper
   viz:1 negro man named PETER appraised at $800.00 and
thereby indected to B.F.Harper $41.66

Lot No.3 drawn by B.F. Harper
   viz: 1 negro boy named TOM appraised at $600.00 and $158
33/00 to be paid by the other heirs.

Lot No.4 drawn by Elizabeth Coffield
1 negro woman TEMPEY and girl MARY ANN appraised to $950 and
thereby is indebted to B.F. Harper     $33.33 and to Willie
P. Harper $158.33

Lot No. 5  drawn by S.A. Harper
   1 negro woman LUCY and girl DIANA appraised to $800 and
thereby indebted to B.F. Harper $41.66

Lot No.6 drawn by Willie P. Harper
   1 negro girl NELLY appraised to $600 and to be paid by
the other heirs.

Lot No. 2 drawn by Lucy Ann Harper
   1 negro man named ALLEN appraised to $800 and thereby
indebted to B. F. Harper $41.66

We the undersigned commissioners after being duly sworn
certify that the foregoing is a correct division of the
slaves belonging to the estate of Seabourn J. Harper, dec'd.

signed Clayton Tilman, Thompson Wilson, Robt. Cross.

Seabourne J. Harper was my ggggrandfather and I came accross
this info in doing family research.  I believe Lucy Ann
Harper married W. T. Cain according to Carroll Co., 
MS. Marriage Book A. page 543.

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Margaret Tullos Tewell-Granbury,Texas