Will of John Hagler-Wilkes County, NC
March 9th 1815 and July 3rd 1816

   The will of my ancestor, John Hagler, dated 9 March 1815 and his codicil
dated 3rd of July 1816, both proven Wilkes County, NC court November Term
1816 contains the following references to slaves:

   to my wife, Elizabeth my negro woman MILLEY and her son JOHN, likewise 
my negro girl ROSY...the said negro ROSY to belong to my son Benjamin
at his mothers decease.

   to my son Benjamin Hagler.my negor boy, JIM and my negro girl ROSY
   to my daughter Betsy Kendall my negro girl BET

The codicil mentioned that Benjamin had predeceased JOHN and then gave
Benjamin's bequests to son Isaac and William Hagler

The last clause in the will states "...my sons Isaac and William to take
care of my negro woman LUCE during her life."

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