Suwanee Baptist Church Minutes - GA - 1854-1866

These minutes mention some slaves, etc. and thought it might
be helpful to someone.  I received it on the Gwinnett Co, GA
mailing list. --Susan

This is the next installment of the minutes for Suwanee
Baptist Church

9  July 1854  RL  Jane a colored woman belonging to John
Lamar.  LD Loany Kent, Cahny Catherine McHugh, John Megraw,
Polly Mcgraw, Mary Ann Taylor, Sally Taylor, and Rebecca

Sunday July 7th 1854 R- Jane a woman of color belonging to
John Lamar, Esq. LD Loany Kent, Catherine McHugh, John
McGraw, Polly McGraw, Mary Ann Taylor, Rebecca  Doss.

21 Mar 1857 mentioned  Margaret a woman of  color, James 
Roberts, Nathan  Smith

No minutes for the period following 10 July 1859 until 7 May

There are no minutes from 7 May 1864 until 9 Sept  1866

Contributed by: SBlack2895 "Susan"