Tax Books of Henry County
    Slaveowners Name: Abraham Franklin
       Name of Slave: JUDY or JUDE & CHINA
  Parent(s) of Slave: Unknown
 BirthPlace of Slave: Unknown
        Age of Slave: one over 16 years, one under 16 years of age
        Sex of Slave: Female (probably)
      Color of Slave: Unknown
   Other Description: None
   Other Information: Abraham Franklin listed on tax rolls of Henry County,
                      VA for tax years 1782, 1783, 1784 and 1785
     Source Document: Tax Book of Henry County, VA
                      page 12 of 1783 book & page 17 of 1784 book
               State: Virginia
              County: Henry County
      Year of
      Source Document: 1783 & 1784
        How to Access
      Source Document: interlibrary loan of microfilm reel #194,
                       Henry County, VA tax books for 1782-1830
                       in collection of Virginia State Library
	NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  The above Abraham Franklin may or may not 
	be a blood relation of the submitter who is researching the Lewis
        Franklin family of Henry Co., VA.  A Lewis Franklin appears on the
        tax rolls of Henry Co., VA in 1782 and then continuously from 1791
        through 1830.  Lewis Franklin is listed as a slave holder owning
        2 slaves beginning in 1799 in Henry Co., VA and it is possible 
        these may be the same as listed above, but this is unproven at the
        time of this submission (28 Feb 1999).  This Lewis Franklin was a
        soldier of the NC and VA line during the American Revolution.

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