Will of Alexander Faires-York District
The State of South Carolina, York District

	In the Name of God Amen, I Alexander Fearis being of sound and 
disposing mind and memory but weake in body and calling to mind the 
uncrtainty of life and being desirous of disposing of all my Negro 
property, having in my life time divided all of my other property to the
best of my Judgment, do make and ordain this my last will and testament
in manner following--

	I do will and bequeat to my Son Jess, SAMPSON a Negro man Slave, 
and BID and MORIAH Negro girl Slaves and their Increase to him and his 
heirs forever,

Item, I will and bequeat to my son Thomas my Negro man Slave Levi to him
and his heirs forever,--

Item, I do give and bequeat unto my son Thomas, William, and Samuel, and 
Alexander, and my Daughter Jennet wife of William Wallis the following
Negroes to be Equally divided between them Viz: MARY a Negro woman, JOE 
a Negro man, & CINTHIA & LAVANIA Negro girls and their increase to them 
and their heirs forever,

Item. It is my express will that the above named Negroes remain with my son
Jessee during the Natural life of my beloved wife Jennet Fearis to assist
to support her Except LEVI who is at this time with my son Thomas and I 
allow him to remain with him--

I wish it to be understood by all my other Children not mentioned in the
above Will that I have given them what I thought to be their Just shares of
my property-

Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my Son Jesse Fearis Executor of
this last will and Testament by me made in Testimony whereof I hereunto 
set my hand and affixed my Seal this 16th Day of Febuay 1824.

Signed and Sealed and published and declared to be the last will and 
testament of the above named Alexander Fearis.

Alexander Farres
in the presence of us and in the testators presence
James Carothers
Alsey Fuler
August 10th, 1824.

South Carolina
York District

South Carolina, York District - Probated the above Will and Testament of
Alex. Faires Dec'd, by the oath of James Carrothers one of the Subscribing
Witnesses to the same,
August 10th, 1824. Benjamin Chambers, A? or Oyd(Reg.?)
At the same time heretofore Jesse Faires Executor.

Probated August 10, 1824
Will Book "G" P-137
Case No. 18
File No. 268

The last will and testament of Alex Faires deceased August 10, 1824. 
Minute Book Page 154
Recorded Book 9 or G
Pages 137 and 138.
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