Columbia County, GA
Will Book W, 1821-1839
The Will of Stephen Day

This is from the will of Stephen Day, who was a
Revolutionary Soldier (listed in the DAR) and he was also a
Quaker before being dismissed.  He was born around 1742 in
Pennsylvania, but migrated to NC and to Wrightsboro, GA with
the Quakers.  He was dismissed (I think) before the Rev.
War, but that is another story.

In any event, he wrote that he wanted his son John, (my
ancestor) to inherit the land that Stephen then lived on and
that it be passed on to his heirs with the following

"That my wife Peggy is to live on the land and enjoy the
privileges of the house and outhouses where on we now live
during her natural life; my will further is that my negro
woman PHEBE belong to my said wife and be by her and enjoyed
during her life or widowhood, and that after her death that
the said negro PHEBE be privileged to choose for herself who
shall be her master and that she be sold to said master for
a fair price for the benefit of my estate."

probated - Columbia County
5 December 1825.
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I now need to get a copy of the inventory, etc., that was
done, as there might be more slaves than just Phebe.

I believe that John Day, his son, died ca. 1838 in Richmond
County.  John's son, Stephen Day, was in Macon Co., AL, by
the time the will was probated, so I do not know if he
inherited anything from his grandfather's estate or not. 
John Day's brothers, Joseph, Stephen and Jonathan, were also
listed in the will, as were his brothers-in-law with last
name of Kendrick.

I thought this information might help someone with the
surname Day who had ancestors from around Columbia or
Richmond Counties, GA, or possibly in Macon County, AL, from
about 1817 to 1852.  Stephen Day later removed to Texas in
1852 and died in Nacogdoches County in 1859.

I will call and see if there is another probate when Peggy,
Stephen's widow died.

Contributed by: "William and Teri Oaks"
By way of:  "Sandra"

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