December 13, 1780
Jackson Creek, Camden District, South Carolina (this later became Fairfield Co.)

... To wife Elizabeth Austin...."Hannah, a negro wench"
... To eldest son William...."a negro boy Dick, or the money that is allowed to be his ... value"
... To son Davis (later moved to GA).... "one negro girl named Rose"
... To eldest daughter Casia (married John Goffney or Gaffney)...."one negro girl and if ... the negro lives to have children she must give the first child to one of the ... younger children"
... To daughter Mary (married Adam Robinson)...."one negro girl named Save"
... To daughter Nancy (married James Robinson)...."the Child that the negro wench [this refers to Hannah] is now big with"
... To daughter Betty (Elizabeth)...."that child mentioned above that Emey? has [this refers to the the slave given to Casia]"
Again, ... to daughter Nancy...."the first two children that Hannah has after the one that is mentioned above, to be given to my two sons, one to each of them"

No mention is made of the slaves who worked the fields, tho I'm sure there were a number of them since he left his wife the 100 acres they lived on; son William 100 acres "on the creek below where I live"; son Davis 100 acres on Buckhead in GA; daughter Casia 100 acres on Broad River. I assume they stayed with the various pieces of land.

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