Will of Jeptha ATHERTON, Northampton County, NC, 1787
In: The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina, by J.A. Groves. 1901. page 350-352 Negro man named Tom, one Negro wench named Patience, also named Jude ... one negro girl named Temp, and one negro boy named Sam, being a child of Smith's ... one negro girl named Vining ... one negro girl and child by ye name of Lender, a child of Litts; another by ye name Anthony, from said wench ... one negro fellow named Will, which she has received, one negro boy by ye name of Rufus; one negro wench by ye name of Litt ... one negro fellow named Jacob, one negro girl named Amy, a daughter of Sarah's ... one negro girl named Lidia, child of Vileto, and one negro girl named Easter, a daughter of Amy's ... one negro wench named Vilet, one, do., named Mary; also one Jeames have named Prince ... one negro fellow named Harry, and one negro wench named Balinda, one girl named Crease, and one do. Cealah, one do. named Hischer; also one boy by the name of Isaias ... one negro lad named Nelson, one do. named Little Arthur, one negro wench named Sylvy, one do. named Mirma, one negro boy named Stephen, one do. named Anthony ... all ye negroes that I am possessed with, excepting them that I have heretofore given away, viz.: Isham, Mary, Artis, James that I bought of Turner Bynam, Jim, George, Bob, Auston, Jeffrey, Andrew, Lazarus that I bought of Wm Kinchen, and Will that I bought of Wm Vaughn, Grace, Lucy, Jinne, do. Jinne, _inth, Amy, Cherry, Cato, Nan, Charlotte ...

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