8 Jun 1837 / Aug Ct 1837
Nash County, NC, 1837

Wife Barbara ARRINGTON-negro woman Jinny, boy Tom, boy Hardy, boy Green, girl Harriett, boy Lewis; lend to her negroes Luke the blacksmith, Jacob, Amos, William, Lusindy, Sally, Sarah & her children: Mariah, Lear, Barton, Henry, Robert

Daugher Mary Jones ARRINGTON-negro man Abram, man Anthony, many Tony, boy Joe, woman Merica, boy Bryant, girl Fanny, girl Sylvia, girl Asia.

Daughter Barbara Sandiford ARRINGTON-negro man Peter, man Soloman, man Elbert, man Daniel, woman Mary, woman Nancy, girl Tempe, girl Lucy, girl Frances, woman Pleasant & 3 choldren Iley, Andre & Penny.

Son Peter ARRINGTON in trust for the benefit of my granddaughter Mourning SCREWS-negro woman Milbry & her child William.

Granddaughter Mary T. DRAKE-negro woman Peggy, girl Mariah Willis

Granddaughter Harriet Adaline DRAKE-negro boy Fil, girl Mima

Grandson Richard Armstrong DRAKE-negro man Moses

Grandchildren Thomas J. A. COOPER, William COOPER, George COOPER, Neverson COOPER & Nancy BUNN (who are the children of my dec'd daughter Elizabeth COOPER)- negroes Harriet & Scilia, with perhaps 8 they now have.

Sons Arthur, Lewlin, John & Peter ARRINGTON, daughters Mary & Barbara ARRINGTON-negro woman Tilly, boy Jack, woman Chany, boy Willis, woman Polly, boy George, girl Malvina, man blacksmith Leary, blacksmith Isham, blacksmith Arther.

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