The following is a compilation of data from Arledge family records, census records, wills, Social Security and other death records, draft registration records, etc. that might provide insights for any African Americans researching their family histories if their ancestors were possible slaves of Arledge families.

Isaac Arledge-Fairfield County
Will Book No. 1, Pages 92 & 93

SOUTH CAROLINA: Slaves: DOLLY, LUCY, MARCH and PHILLIS named in following will:

Will of Isaac Arledge, Sr. of Fairfield County, SC, written 5 January 1790; proved 18 November 1790.
Recorded in Fairfield County, SC, Will Book No 1, pages 92 & 93:

"In the name of God Amen, I Isaac Arledge Senr of the State of South Carolina in Fairfield County being sick and weak of body but of sound mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God I do hereby make, constitute, ordain and declare this my last Will and Testament in writing and form following.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Arledge, one plantation or tract of land containing one hundred acres--whereon he now dwelleth.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Clement Arledge, a certain tractor parcel of land containing seventy five acres more or less being the upward part of this plantation ot tract of land whereon I now dwell, beginning at a hickory (tree) on the river, thence off to Joseph Arledge's line, thence down his line to a pine(tree) marked for a corner. This said line contains about three hundred & twenty yards in length. Thense from the said pine in a south course to the river.

Item, All the rest of my lands not yet given together with all the rest of my movable estate, I give to my beloved wife Anna Arledge during her Widowhood, excepting the following articles:

I give and bequeath to my daughter Huldah, one Sorrrel Horse and seven head of cattle.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Rachel, one black horse and five head of cattle.

I giveth and bequeath to my son Isaac, twelve head of cattle.

I give and bequeath to my son William, eight head of cattle.

These cattle belonging to Isaac and William, I desire may remain for and to the use of my wife until the boys comes of age. And after her widowhood is ended, I will that what is lent to her be sold at public sale and the money to be divided as follows:

Namely to my son Caleb, fifty Shillings Sterling, and my daughter Ann Bishop, fifty Shillings and to my daughter Sarah, fifty Shillings.

The remainer to be equally divided amongst Joseph, Clement, Amos,Rachel and Huldah excepting two negroes namely one wench named DOLLY and a child named LUCY to my son Isaac, and a negro boy named MARCH and a girl named PHILLIS to my son William, and a feather bed and furniture to fall to my son Isaac, and another bed and furniture to William, my youngest son. And the remainder of my lands not before given, I will that my son Amos Arledge shall inherit the same, him and his heirs forever.

And lastly I do constitute and appoint my two sons, namely Joseph and Clement, Executors to this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have thereunto set my Hand and Seal this Fifth Day of January in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety."

his Isaac (x) Arledge mark.
Witnesses: John Yarbrough, Thomas Hicks.
her Hannah (x) Arledge mark

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Fellows, SC, 1789

Will of Matthias Fellows, 26 July 1789, Fairfield County, SC
Will Book 1, Page 75

"Will of Mathias Fellows of Fairfield County, S.C., farmer.
To my wife Elizabeth Fellows all my lands and moveable estate during her life. After her decease I will that her son Moses Arledge shall receive the whole estate, except Isaac Arledge and Lydia Millar and the sd Moses Arledge shall divide equally my horses. Hugh Maner and Patience Ivey shall each have 1 cow and calf. My said wife Executrix. 26 July 1789. Moses Arledge also to receive one negro named PARIS and one young wench named EASTER after my wife's decease.

s/ Mathias (X) Felloes.
Wits: John Yarborough, George Peay, John Lucas.
NOTE: Matthias Fellows was the second husband of Elizabeth Thomas Arledge.

Arledge, NC, 1819

Rutherford County, NC, 5 November 1819
Will Book C, Page 148

Recorded October 1820: leaves estate to wife Sally, and upon her decease Levi Arlidge, son of Jonathan {NOTE: Jonathan was the son of Amos Arledge and husband of Isaac & Sally's foster daughter Harriett}, shall be "sole heir of all my lands and a negro boy named HARRY," and that personal property upon wife's death to be divided among Jonathan's children Levi, Isaac, Greenberry Mattison and the next child "of said Jonathan now born but is without name." Leaves a Negro woman named PENDER to his wife and to Harriet Arlidge after wife's death.

Arledge, SC, 1822

Clement Arledge, Fairfield County, 19 September 1821
Proved 23 January 1822

Two girls (LUCEY & MARIAH), a 14 year old boy (TOM), a girl (FILLIS, 13 years old)

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Isaac, a negroe boy named TOM, about fourteen years old in his possession and a certain parcel of land containing fifty acres more or less granted to Jesse Minton in a larger Survey also a young horse about three years old.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Cyrus,twenty five cents and what I have already given him before.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Ann and at her death to the lawful heirs of her body, all the land I own where I now live and joining being the land I bought of Nathaniel Durham containing by Wm Montgomery resurvey plat 118 1/2 acres more or less granted to Mitchell Stange in a larger survey also two negro girls named LUCEY and MARIAH and one Mair called Silvey.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Ely Arledge, one negroe girl named FILLIS about 13 years of age and Mair named Dolly...

Arledge, SC, 1827

Baltimore Arledge (born 1827 SC was Head of Household in the 1870 Fairfield County Census living near Joseph Arledge,57 & Jane Arledge,50.)

Will of Isaac Arledge Junior (Vol. 3, p. 10, Office of Probate Judge, Fairfield Co, SC 1847. The full text is in Franklin Rudolph Aldridge's Aldridge Records (Vol. II, p. 200).

1st item: 200 acres on which my dwelling house stands, to my beloved wife Lydia Arledge. Also to her the following negro slaves: JACK, SAM, DAVE, PHEBE and SOUVINIA; also all the household and kitchen furniture, 2 good horses or mules, 2 cows and calves, and all my hogs--also the blacksmith's tools, and as many of the plantation tools as may be necessary for her, and a plentiful supply of provisions for one year....

Aldrich, SC, 1870

CENSUS, Beaufort County, SC, 1870
ALDRICH, Ben25M/BFarmer
Sarah22F/BFarm Laborer
CENSUS, Barnwell County, SC, 1870
ALDRICH, Lewis28M/BFarmer on Lease
Lidie23F/BKeeps House
Kollis10M/BAt Home
Laura1F/BAt Home
CENSUS, Kershaw County, SC, 1870
Philip50M/BFarm Laborer
Clara30F/BKeeping House
Mary A.18F/BFarm Laborer
Wade N.17M/BFarm Laborer
Anderson3M/BAt Home
ARLEDGE, Willis D47M/M [W? Color hard to read]Farmer
Elisa J27F/M [W?]Keeping House
Margaret E3F/M [W?]At Home
Austin W.D1M/M [W?]At Home
ARLEDGE, Elizabeth65F/M [W?]Keeping House
ARLEDGE, Samuel33M/BFarm Laborer
Tenah34F/BKeeping House
Samuel2M/BAt Home
Jane2/12F/BAt Home
ARLEDGE, Maria57F/BKeeping House
ARLEDGE,Thomas W27M/MFarmer
Betsey29M/MKeeping House
Lottie5F/MAt Home
John W.1M/MAt Home
ARLEDGE, James T.51M/M [W? Color hard to read]Farmer
Elizabeth M.29F/M [W?]Keeping House
Rebecca15F/M [W?]At Home
William11M/M [W?]At Home
Louisa13F/M [W?]At Home
Moses10M/M [W?]At Home
Wiley8M/M [W?]At Home
Mary2F/M [W?]At Home
CENSUS, Fairfield County, SC, 1870
ARLEDGE, Baltimore43M/BFarm Laborer SC
Cruse40F/BFarm Laborer SC
Reuben19M/BFarm Laborer SC
Wade15M/BFarm Laborer SC
Dudley12M/BFarm Laborer SC
Adeline22F/BFarm Laborer
Susan A3F/B[At Home]
James1M/B[At Home]
Rachel60F/BDomestic Servant
Reeves, Marion [HOH]22M/B
Susan [HOH]20F/B
ARLEDGE, Martha16F/BFarm Laborer
Lilla1F/B[At Home]
Pleasant13M/BFarm Laborer
Turner [HOH]11M/B
Stewart, Emma [HOH]28F/B
Gibson, David [HOH]75M/B
Gibson, Bettie [HOH]75F/B
ARLEDGE, Munro24M/BFarm Laborer
ALDRICH, John26M/BFarm Laborer
Susan30F/BFarm Laborer


Arledge, NC, 1851

Polk County, NC
Slave Bill of Sale, 11 May 1848

Rec'd of Benjamin Hobert in Consideration for a negro boy named HARRY aged about one year old one hundred and fifty dollars with I inwarrant and defend from all rights titles and claims forever I in warrant to be a slave for life Also sound so far as I now this 11th of May 1848 Isaac Aldrge.

Attest G.B. Arlerge. State of NC Court of Plea & Quarter, Henderson County, March term 1851 the within bill of sale was duly proven in open court by the oath of G. B. Arlerdge a subscribing witness thereunto. Recorded and ordered to be registered

Witness. R. W. Allen CC Registered 1 April 1851.

Arledge, NC, 1860

Census, Polk County, 1860
(newly formed from Rutherford)

Arledge, John (30), Clem (35), G.B. (33), Levi (47) and Jonathan (with slave schedule).

1860 Slave Schedule for Jonathan Arledge in Cooper's Gap Twp

Eight Slaves: 1 MALE BLACK age 70, TWO MALES age 16, one FEMALE age 15, and FEMALES age 12, 9, 6 and 3.

CAROLINE ARLEDGE born about 1850 *Drue Cash m: April 18, 1869 in Polk Co, NC by John Jackson* ["Colored" is handwritten on side of license]

Arledge, NC, 1860

Jonathan Arledge-Cooper's Gap Township
Census-1860 Slave Schedule-Polk County

1 MALE BLACK age 70, two MALES age 16, one FEMALE age 15, and FEMALES age 12, 9, 6 and 3.

Census, 1870, Polk County, NC

ARLEDGE as heads of household: ELI (43) JONATHAN (82) LEVI (57) ULISSUS (26) BUTLER (24) JONATHAN (21) CLEMENT (46) GREEN B. (53);

Census, 1870

Free blacks (former slaves of Jonathan Arledge, I presume) living in household in between Ulissus and Butler in 1870 Census:

ALBERT ARLEDGEborn about 1850b. NC


Census, 1870, Polk County, NC

Listed as Free Blacks in 1870 Polk County, NC Census
[d: parents listed as unknown on marriage record.]

  • *MARY CASH born d/o EASTER CASH married on February 20, 1882 in Polk Co, NC;
       Rev. Robert Booker
  • HARRY ARLEDGE to Elizabeth ???
  • MARVIL/MERRILL ARLEDGE born about 1844 in South Carolina; listed as free black in 1870
       Polk Co, North Carolina Census
  • ROSANNA WILLIAMS married on October 17, 1872 in Polk Co, NC
  • PHYLLIS ARLEDGE born about 1854 listed as Free Black in 1870 Polk Co, North Carolina Census
  • JOSEPH CASH born may be sister of MARY CASH who married ALBERT ARLEDGE,
       January 31, 1871 in Silver Creek, Polk Co, NC
  • ROBERT GAITHER ARLEDGE born on June 30, 1898 of Polk Co, NC?? [mistake in SSDI: says
       Robert E.] d: September 1977 lived in Winston Salem, Forsyth Co, NC.
  • JEAN HARRIETT ARLEDGE born 1931 Tryon, NC
  • SCOTT KATRINE ARLEDGE born 1912 died October 11, 1975 age 63, widowed; died
       Greensboro, Guilford Co, NC.

  • -----------------------------------------


    1840, Slave Census, Franklin County, TN

    Clement Arledge 1 Male 5-10, 2 Males 10-15; 3 Males 20-30; 1 Male 60-70; 1 Female 15-20; 1 Female 40-50; 10 Male slaves, 14 Female slaves.

    1870 TN census index:

    Arlage, Henry W.52W-112
    Arledge, Henry24Ru-131
    Arledge, Mary35B, Fr-22
    Arledge, Thomas38B, FR-9
    Arledge, Tilman52Fr-20
    Arlege, Peter47B, Fr-19
    Arlege, Thomas22Fr-29
    Arlege, Trez29W-36
    Arlidge, Mary70FR-89
    Arlody, Clem44Fr-35

    Thomas Arledge born between 1832-1835 of Franklin Co, TN (1870 census); 1880 census listed age 45 w/ Bunny L. died 1918. Paulina ??? born 1822 listed in Franklin CO, TN 1870 census with Thomas: wife or sister?

    Peter Arledge born circa 1823 of Franklin Co, TN (1870 census). This may or may not be the same as Pete ALDREDGE age 74 who died in 1915 in Franklin Co, TN (record #227) according to the TN Death Index.


    Will of Matthew Bell, Limestone County, AL

    Know all men by these presents that I -- Matthew Bell of the County of Limestone and State of Alabama have this day for and in consideration of the sum of One Thousand and Fourteen Dollars and ninety seven cents to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged barganed & sold and by these presents doth bargan and sell unto Cyrus Arledge of the County & State a foresaid a certain Female Negro slave named GRACE supposed to be Forty years of age and her Two Female Children vis. SILVA aged six years and RODA aged Five years to have and to hold the above described Negro slaves together with their future increase to the only proper use and behoof of him the sd. Arledge his heirs Administrators or assigns forever and I the sd. Matthew Bell for my self heirs Administrators or assigns the sd. Negroe slaves to the sd. Arledge his heirs administrators or assigns forever and also against the claim or claims of any and every person or persons claiming the same will forever warrant & defend by these presents in witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 23rd November 1839.

    Matthew Bell (seal) Test:
    Joseph Arledge
    J.F. Arledge


    Clinton Arledge, born 1850,HOH in 1870, Bossier Parish, LA (age 20, F?B, born SC)

    Men with ARLEDGE surname who registered for the WWI Civilian Draft from Jasper Co, MS included:

    ANDREW ARLEDGE (born 1900)(B)
    Chester Harry Arledge(W)
    Harry Arledge (W)
    Isaac Arledge (W)
    Leon Brown Arledge(W)
    NED ARLEDGE (born 18 Nov 1898)(B)
    Vess Arledge (15 June 1880-Dec 1962)(B)

    (B) or (W) designates racial category.


    Florida Voter Registration Lists 1867-68, published by Tallahassee Genealogical Society, Inc., 1992

    1. Pg. 148 William Arledge Voter #815, Registered 23 Aug (1867), White, Time in State 11 yrs, Time in County 11 yrs.

    2. Pg. 148 ANDERSON ARLEDGE Voter # 817, Registered: 23 Aug (1867), Black, Time in State: 11 yrs, Time in County: 11 yrs.


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