Alston, MS, 1781

MS Natchetz Court Records, 1767-1805, by May Wilson McBee
Book A, Page 1, Appointment of Guardian, 29 July 1781

This one was long so I have condensed Slave owners:

... the late wife of John Alston, a fugitive rebel of the district of Natchez at present with the nation of Indians called "Chitts" Chittimaches where he has taken refuge with most of his property including slaves, money, cattle leaving his wife and children in the district the remaining slaves, furniture of little value, hogs .....for support. He appears to have left 6 children and removed with one.

The wife Elizabeth Alston dies, appointment of guardianship is awarded to Alexander McIntosh, list of slaves which remained:

Renter, native of NCaged 35$350
Jane, his wife, native of VAaged 22$300
Sarah, their daughteraged 11$288
Cruce, their sonaged 20 months$165
(3)Joseph, native of Jamaicaaged 28$350
Diana, native of Guineaaged 35$250
Sam, their sonaged 7$140
Susiana, their daughteraged 5$130
Ann, native of VAaged 25$300
Rose, her daughteraged 7$140
David, her sonaged 4$130
Phillip, her sonaged 20 months$75

The estate had 15 negro cabins.

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