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    1  Re: Dabbs House - Vicky Daviss Mitchell
    Hi, I am not a Dabb researcher , but was wondering if you would post what info you had from your Dabbs line that would lead up to the slave holder you seek and of course where they may be located in w..

    2  Re: Cherokee Freedmen Win Their Case in Federal Co - Eli Grayson
    The descendants of Seminole freedmen are allowed citizenship within the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, though the Seminole nation is in violation of the treaty language pertaining to equal rights of the..

    3  Re: Dabbs House - blaqmorticia
    I wonder if anyone still responds to threads in here but I'll give it a try. I finally had the chance to do a DNA test in Ancestry and the results conclude my Dabbs family is related to the Josiah, Na..

    4  Sam Jefferson, Creek Freedmen - Norma
    Sam can be found in the family of Creek freedmen, cc#447. His mother was Phyllis and his father was Fee Jefferson (no roll number, dead). Fee Jefferson, the son of Manuel Jefferson, Creek by Blood, cc..

    5  Re: East Asian - Joyce Hodges
    I am the Turrentine Archivist and help anyone with a Turrentine connection with there family searches. A descendant of Gideon and Deliah Murphy, slaves of John Murphy and Cassandra Harpool tested the ..

    6  Re: Cherokee freedmen lawsuit WON - Norma
    I had no more to say since the explanation from Brad Littlejohn regarding the lawsuit. He was very helpful in explaining about the other four tribes and the 1866 treaty. I do thank you Marilyn for let..

    7  Ancestors Indian heritage - Angela Bryant Bell
    My Indian Ancestors did not registered as Indians, I knew my great great uncles and aunts. My grandfather used to talk about how they used to dance at the powwow in Alabama. Their are a few elderly fa..

    8  Re: Cherokee freedmen lawsuit WON - Robert Johnson
    Greetings Marilyn, and congratulations to you, Jon Velie and all the others who fought this fight for so long! As we who are wise have always known, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress..

    9  Re: Cherokee freedmen lawsuit WON - Angela Walton-Raji
    Thank you Marilyn, for your explanation about the recent case and for highlighting much of the work that went into this process. Like you, I have received questions as to whether the case included Fre..

    10  Cherokee freedmen lawsuit WON - Marilyn Vann
    Friends, I appreciate the many well wishers on the victory won in the DC Federal courtroom. The court battle began in 2003, and prior to that of course there had been cases which were dismissed on tec..

    11  Re: Forum Needs Fixing: Can You Help - Forum
    GREAT !!!..

    12  Re: Forum Needs Fixing: Can You Help - Tyronne A Foy
    OMG....It looks like it's working again to me. I can get to every forum without delays or fumbling for movement of the page from forum to forum. I think the last time I was on this site was March of t..

    13  Hey Lady In The Red Polka Dot Dress!  - Vicky Daviss Mitchell
    Who Are You Lady In The Red Polka Dot Dress? Here we go again, as I try to make sense of my dreams. Lady in the red polka dot dress why were you standing there talking to me with your back turned?..

    14  Freedmen Community Choctaw Freedmen Project - TerryLIGON
    Clearly all of these families migrated to this area and banded together out of need or based on their familial ties. It is quite possible that because of a single enslaver or a family of Choctaw ensla..

    15  Re: Cherokee Freedmen Win Their Case in Federal Co - Ken Cooper
    Here is an interview I did with WGBH, a NPR station in Bosgon, about the judge's decision. The radio show host wanted to focus on my own family.

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