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    1  Re: [HAITI] Haiti Sun Newspaper - Vicky Daviss Mitchell
    Thanks much Write Away!!..

    2  [HAITI] Haiti Sun Newspaper  - Write Away
    Salut La Famille AfriGeneas et Mes Amis: I found an important archive of the Haiti Sun Newspaper offered by Duke University. It covers the years 1950 to the early 1960's. It includes 255 issues. Pleas..

    3  Robinson Ward Byrd Goosby - YolandaRWS
    Hi. I am from Boston , MA looking to connect and learn more about my family. I am connected to the names of Robinson, Ward, Smith, Byrd and Goosby...

    4  finding info on my family - Daniel Smalls
    My grandfather name was Benjamin Smalls and he was married to a Elizabeth Lee, he should have lived in a city or town called Scosha South Carolina, and then lived in the Beaufort area, he became a Pul..

    5  Re: Blacks Placed on the 1893 Cherokee Intruder Ce - Angela Y. Walton-Raji
    Wow, I wonder how many additional people on the list were actually citizens! Quite interesting, indeed!..

    6  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement - Write Away
    Hi Art: You started this thread in 2002 and I remember it well. I remember writing or asking, “Who were the Free People of Color?” Your research and knowledge has expanded our thinking. The belief..

    7  Re: Blacks Placed on the 1893 Cherokee Intruder Ce - Ken Cooper
    Yep, my g-g grandfather is on the 1893 list of intruders. So too a son of his (not my ancestor). Other familiar names related to my family in Coo District. None ever left the CN...

    8  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement - Art Thomas
    Lori,. Nope, you are not mistaken. FPOC located in the counties of west central Ohio, the UGRR,& the Randolph Slaves, or Freedman, as I now call them are among my main areas of family history and gene..

    9  Creek Freedmen Novel - Ken Cooper
    I just finished reading Citizens Creek, Lalita Tademy's historical novel about Creek Freedman Cow Tom and his family. Good read. Others probably know this family much better than I, but I think Tademy..

    10  Re: Blacks Placed on the 1893 Cherokee Intruder Ce - Ken Cooper
    Thanks for posting this, Angela. I'll check it out. One of my ancestors was labelled an intruder in the 1870s, despite being born in the Cherokee Nation in the late 1840s. It'll be interesting if he w..

    11  Re: Sophia Sellers, the daughter of Adam Sellers - Lori Swaney Archey
    For those interested, I am in contact with Michael Sellers, 5th great grandson of Adam Sellers, regularly. I'm sure he will cooperate with DNA testing...

    12  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement - Lori Swaney Archey
    Art, I'm glad you like it and are passing it along! Should I happen across more, I'll forward. I also sent Randolph Slave news clippings to your Facebook In-Box. I believe I once saw where you were in..

    13  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement  - Art Thomas
    Lori, WOW & Thank You!!!! The Charles Andy in the photo was the father and namesake of one of my closest and dearest friends, Col. Charles Wilbur Andy, Jr. (deceased). In the AfriGeneas Precious Photo..

    14  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement - Lori Swaney Archey
    Please check Facebook's page on Longtown; Remembering Freedom: James Clemens and the Longtown Settlement. There are pictures of your grandmother and her siblings. Could have one of your grandfather. M..

    15  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement  - Lori Swaney Archey
    The Longtown Tigers circa 1940..

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