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    1  Petition to Add Long Term Unemployed to WOTC - Georgia Walker-Adams
    I started a petition and would like for as many of you who are willing, to sign it. And spread the word if you can. As of April 2014, there was an estimated 3.5 million people without jobs, identified..

    2  Re: Finding the slave owner - Aquaricorn
    Sabra, I found an interesting connection for your family. 1870—Ward 5, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana (Brashear City) WILLIAMS Robert, 30 BEAL Rosella, 47 BERNARD Lucinda, 30 Henry, 30 Violet, 15 (Viole..

    3  Re: Finding the slave owner - Aquaricorn
    Sabra, I found Violet Scott's death notice and it listed Pias Mathew (Pius Matthews) as her father. I found a 1873 marriage notice for Violet Mathew and Jamal Boyd in St. Mary Parish and another marri..

    4  Re: District Court Records - Norma
    Posters, a continuation of this post. Make sure you search "Judge Charles E. Watts Historical Collection." Also these are some of the pages for easy searching in the collection: 4, 5, 7, 10,..

    5  Re: DANIEL J SETTLE SR (abt 1830-after 1900) - Georgia Walker-Adams
    Chuck, I was referring to his profile page on our family tree on If you would like to view/share, please contact me at my personal email Good to hear from you. Ye..

    6  Re: DANIEL J SETTLE SR (abt 1830-after 1900) - Chuck P.
    Hello. Where is this "profile page" of Daniel Settle where Rodenbough left a comment? I have ancestors that were also owned by Thomas Settle of Rockingham Co., NC. They were also owned by th..

    7  Re: District Court Records - Norma
    Yes very interesting! This information can be found in Google and search "Charles E. Watts Historical collection, " then click on "University of Oklahoma Libraries." The following ..

    8  District Court Records - Madeline Pennington
    I recently found on the web the collection of Judge Charles G. Watts housed at the University of Oklahoma Library, Western History Collection. He served in Wagoner Co. in the early allotment years whi..

    9  Re: Rare black & white silent movies circa 1925 mo - Gina Ruffin Moore
    Wow. Thanks for sharing that video footage from Oklahoma...

    10  Rare black & white silent movies circa 1925 mostly  - Grant N Perryman
    Rare black and white silent movies circa 1925 taken mostly in Oklahoma. Beautiful footage of history. I was blessed to find a segment on my great X3 Uncle, George Davis. It showed his home, ranch and ..

    11  Slaves and Yancey surnames  - T. Fazzini
    Bob Yancey Why Confederate Uniform? Edit in process..

    12  Re: Save Tullahassee Oklahoma - Angela Y. Walton-Raji
    It was not stated clearly in the video how or why the expense was not paid. But the purpose of sharing the video was to share the current dilemma of this historic community. The sad part however is th..

    13  Re: Segregated History Day in Oklahoma - Angela Y. Walton-Raji
    Well since this is an event hosted by the state's historical society, which for several decades has written many interesting articles about African American history of the state and of the Territory, ..

    14  Re: Segregated History Day in Oklahoma - Brad Littlejohn
    I also see another issue in and of itself, which Angela alluded to, but needs to be taken a bit further. While it is great that we need to write about and share our history, the bigger issue here is r..

    15  Re: Save Tullahassee Oklahoma - Norma
    What I don't understand is why did the town wait so long to make a payment on their water bill before it rose to such an amount of $30,000? How can you pray for a miracle when the town neglected to do..

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