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Re: Why Creek Clans?
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This will be a rather long message , please indulge me by taking the time to read it .

I know that I am in the bloodline of the creek nation . My problem is that after well over two years of searching I am not able to produce the required legal information that would satisfy the creek nation to where I would be accepted into the nation . My purpose for seeking admission is not to make any claims to the tribe or the federal government for any kind of compensation or personal gain .

Since I was a very young child I was told that I and my siblings were forth blood Indian . At the time this meant little to me but now as I grow older ( 72 ) it has become very important in that I would be very proud to be placed on the official rolls of the nation and more importantly to be able to pass this heritage and ancestry on to my children and grand children so that they will officially be able to carry on this noble blood line .

I have always had a unexplained, until recently ,a very kindred and close feeling toward all native Americans … as a youngster I spent most of my time roaming over the blue ridge and Allegheny mountains , living off the land as best I could and learning about nature .. This I attribute to my Indian heritage . I used as my guidelines the writings of “ Ellsworth Jeager “, a full blood member of the Delaware tribe who published a series of books entitled “ wild wood wisdom “. although my activities have slowed due to age I still hold a great love and respect for nature and the outdoors , I still hunt , fish and camp when ever possible .

While conducting my search I learned and believe it to be true that MARY JANE CHEOTAH, THE DAUGHTER OF RUBIN CHEOTAH was born around 1840 -- 1845 in GEORGIA . Rubin was killed when Mary Jane was very young . She was sold or traded to the family of Walter Hovis in Vernango county Pennsylvania where she adopted the hovis sur name and worked as a domestic servant .

She married another servant named Jessie who had also taken the Hovis name .

When they became freedmen they returned to the southern states , any further history of Jessie is long lost , however mary Jane was listed on the dawes rolls in 1906 and after several undocumented marriages died in 1918 probably in Oklahoma..
One of those marriages was supposedly to a Willis f. hovis who traces forward to my family tree however no further mention of mary Jane can be found which unfortunately has brought me to a inconclusive end to my long time search .

As happens very often internal family strife steps in which was the case in my family several generations back …. Any records that might have existed then have been lost leaving later generations without records of their roots

I have hired a private ancestry researcher to trace my family , the final report does in fact tie me to the creek nation ( attached )… I have also submitted to DNA testing that conclude that I am of American Indian blood lines ( attached ).

I have come to the end of the trail in my search for my creek nation connections , although I know in my heart that I am of your tribe I can not prove it and I must accept the fact that I probably never will be able to do so…. This to me is the ultimate disappointment of my life .

The greatest gift I could ever leave to my descendants is the knowledge that they carry the same bloodlines of the first Americans on the north American continent .

I will submit along with this letter the information I have gathered , I will respectfully ask that you read it and determine if there is any way that you can help me in my quest to become associated or affiliated with your great nation in any way no matter how minor .

my big problem is that I simply cant come up with the information that is required to even be considered for membership ,,, I have spoken with people who have far more data than I do and they have been rejected so I would say my chances are slim to none .

please don't view this as a complaint but I think it is very sad that persons like myself who are positive in their own hearts and minds that they are of Indian decent but cant meet the requirements that are set down by a tribe to be accepted .

I am fearful that the Indian heritage I have will forever be lost unless it is recorded in some archive , some where . if anyone should for what ever reason research my heritage after I have gone to another world there will be no record that I was in anyway attached to the native American culture , and that is very sad .

I believe that the spirit and soul of a person lives so long as at least one person remembers them , after that the spirit dies and the person never existed .

over thousands of years many races, civilizations and cultures have vanished without a trace , this could be the fate of the native American culture if steps are not taken to insure that the present civilization and those that follow will always know that we were here .

how long will it take for every living native American to pass on ? from what I read their are more dying than are being accepted , how long will it be before there is no more official written records of any living Indians ? I worry about that .

In my heart and mind I shall always consider myself a member of the GREAT CREEK NATION .



301 733 8561 ,,,,, HOVRON@AOL.COM .




I am 72 years of age now and as far back as I can remember I was told by my family that I was a 4th ( forth ) blood American Indian.

I can recall in my grandfathers house a picture of a women in Indian clothing with long braided hair .... I have no idea what happened to the photo or who she was .

I have been researching my family tree ( HOVIS ) and came across the following entry but can find on further information .

FYI Found Mary Jane Hovis was full Creek
Author: sadoo Date: 8 Nov 2000 6:49 PM GMT
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I have just been informed that Mary Jane Hovis
b.abt 1850 in N.C. OR ALABAMA, married to John Adams Wilson
was full blood Creek.
Found the name on the rolls.
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can you point me in the right direction where I might find out more about my Indian heritage if I should actually have one , if I do I will be very proud .

FYI Mary Hovis full blood Creek
Posted by: sandra Date: November 08, 2000 at 18:49:52

of 458

Just found out Mary Jane Hovis abt 1850
was full blood Creek
she married John Adams Wilson
They lived in N.C. ,Ga. Texas and GA.again

thank you in advance for your kind of attention and assistance .


301 733 8561


FYI Mary Hovis full blood Creek
Posted by: sandra Date: November 08, 2000 at 18:49:52

of 458

Just found out Mary Jane Hovis abt 1850
was full blood Creek
she married John Adams Wilson
They lived in N.C. ,Ga. Texas and GA.again
Found on rolls



After several years of searching I have gathered evidence that myself , my siblings , my children and grand children are in the blood line of the great CREEK NATION .

Our heritage relates Back to MARY JANE HOVIS , born around 1840 , was accepted onto the Dawes Rolls in 1906 and who died in 1918 in Oklahoma..

I would be very honored if my family could obtain a official card that would indicate that we are in fact descendants of the Creek Nation …….. We would never use the card to attempt to receive any kind of benefits or privileges based on our connection with the nation ..

It would serve only as a instrument of pride to be able to say and prove that we carry the blood line of our native American ancestors .

Can you direct me to a organization where I might obtain this card , it would mean more to me than I could ever put into words .

Thank you in advance for your kind attention and any assistance you might provide

301 733 8561 ,,,,, HOVRON@AOL.COM .


January 8, 2007
Mr. Ronald f. Hovis
19806 Scott Hill drive
Hagerstown , Maryland.

Dear Mr. Hovis.

Thank you so very much for your interest in the possibility of your having ancestors who are members of the great Creek nation .

From the volume of information you have forwarded to tribal chiefs and our research groups we are happy to inform you that we are 99% sure that you have creek Indian blood as also do your siblings , same generation cousins and all children of your generation . Our research tells us that you and all other members of your family of a like generation are forth blood creek descendants .

Each succeeding generation would genetically subtract each generation by two which means that your off spring are sixth blood , your grand children would be eighth blood and so on so long as there was no inbreeding or a spouse on either side were of full creek blood ,,,, this is not indicated in your family tree data you submitted to us .

We will be sending you a full report on the study we have conducted in the near future .

Regarding Mary Jane Hovis : we believe she was born Mary Jane Cheotah between 1840 and 1845, her father was Ruben Cheotah , there is no record of her mother .

They lived primarily in Georgia along the flint and Chattahoochee rivers , there were two separate bands of creeks who lived along the rivers , on band were called the upper band and the other the lower band , Mary Jane was part of the lower band .
These two bands were enemies and engaged in many wars and battles , in one of these battles Ruben was killed and Mary Jane was captured and became a slave , the dates of all this action is unclear ..

Mary Jane was then sold or traded as a domestic slave to the family estate of Walter Hovis in either Vernango or Franklin counties in Pennsylvania where she adopted the Hovis surname as was the practice .

She married another full blood creek slave who had taken the name of Jessie Hovis

After being declared freedmen they returned to North Carolina , Jessie who was a itinerate worker traveled where the work was , they lived in many locations .

No further records of Jessie hovis could be found but we can safely assume he died because records do show that Mary Jane hovis married Will F. Hovis in about 1906

Mary Jane shows up on the Dawes final rolls of the creek nation in 1906 where she received a monthly annuity from the U.S. government which verified that she was a full blood creek Indian .. She died in 1918 probably in Oklahoma at around 70 years of age .

We hope that you will find this information helpful and we believe that you are indeed a forth blood member of the great creek nation ..

Sincerely :

Pettie J . Dawson
Research staff ,

Idalou , Texas


January 11, 2007

Dear Mr. Ronald F. Hovis.

In my haste I failed to transmit the final entry in our Hovis study, please excuse my error.

Willis F. Hovis who married Mary Jane Hovis about 1906 traces to several other Hovis family members in that next generation .

Anna Mary, John A., and William Francis who we believe to be your grand father and the nephew of Mary Jane Hovis who we have determined is of full creek extraction .

This would complete and close the circle which would explain with 99.9% certainty that William Francis Hovis was at least one half creek Indian which would translate to your being at least of forth generation creek blood .

Again I apologize for the delay .


Pettie J . Dawson
Research staff ,

Idalou , Texas


JANUARY 21, 2007

Mr. Ronald Hovis
I9806 Scott Hill Drive
Hagerstown , Maryland 21742.

Dear Sir :

Thank you for choosing our testing labs to determine your D.N.A. profile , the tissue and blood samples you sent were adequate to perform our required test procedures .
We believe that the results of our tests are accurate to one ( 1 ) in 200 million .

We studied and compared your samples to 27 known D.N.A. markers and patterns , we compared those results to a data base of well over 200 million known historical markers using the test criteria you requested , that being your genetic relation to the native American Indian .

Although it is impossible to determine any specific tribe of native Americans , we can assure you that you are in fact the descendant of the American Indian .

We have also determined that you are endowed with between 15 % and 19 % native American blood .. Over the time period you describe we judge this to be a substantial percentage and could be of sufficient quantity to gain membership in various Indian nations depending on the tribe’s constitution and bylaws .

Anyone who was born into the same generation as yourself would have the same D.N.A. markers as you , any following generations would continue to carry the same markers and patterns but the blood percentages would be of a lesser amount .

We hope that this information has answered your inquiries to your satisfaction and we will be most happy to assist you in any other manner that we are able .

Once again , thank your for your patronage .





I am a 72 year old American citizen , since I was a young child I have been told by the elders in my family that myself and my siblings were of forth blood native Indian .

I can recall seeing pictures and Indian objects in my grand parents home that depicted a Indian nation …. At the time they were of little importance to me but now they have become very important since I am now trying to locate my Indian ancestry .

After two years of research I have found information that I am of the CREEK BLOODLINE .
The path has led me to MARY JANE HOVIS ,…..
we believe she was born Mary Jane Cheotah between 1840 and 1845, her father was Ruben Cheotah , there is no record of her mother . We also believe that Mary Jane was orphaned at a very early age and was sent to Pennsylvania as a domestic servant .

She returned to North Carolina where she married Jessie Wilson , later she married Willis F. Hovis who brought forth four off spring one of whom became my grand father, William Francis Hovis who then settled in Maryland .

Mary Jane was accepted into the Creek nation in 1906 as full blood creek and is listed in the Dawes rolls ., she died in 1918 in Oklahoma .

This might sound a little strange to you but as far back as I can recall I have always had a kindred love for the native American peoples …. When the opportunity presented itself I would visit historical Indian sites ……. I would always get the feeling that I belonged there and was a part of that history .
I have adopted the theory that the spirits and gods of the native American blood I carry is speaking to me and I am sure of it , no one could ever change my mind .

I firmly believe in god and his son Jesus , I also believe in guardian angels . I have been in life threatening situations three times in my life , once during the Korean war ... I was guided out of those by what I thought were my guardian angels ..... but now that I know that I am of native American heritage I must wonder if my survival was not due to the intervention of the great Indian spirits who watch over us .

Although I would be extremely honored I am sure that I could not provide the required information that would indicate that I were a proven member of the creek nation , however , I would be honored if I were to be able to obtain some sort of card , document or other means that would indicate that I and my children did in fact carry creek blood within our veins .we are 99.9 % sure this is the case...
We would be honored beyond words and description.

Could you , would you be able to direct me to a person or a organization where I might obtain this confirmation .

Thank you in advance for your kind attention and any assistance you might provide .


301 733 8561 ,,,,, HOVRON@AOL.COM .




301 733 8561 ,,,,, HOVRON@AOL.COM .

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